tagErotic CouplingsMaking Music with Nick Ch. 03

Making Music with Nick Ch. 03


Nick and I had been friends for a little while, initially meeting at music shows, then chatting in between times, talking about everything under the sun. We had so much in common. He was so nice, so funny, so gorgeous looking.

I had begun to have the hots for him, but he kept on saying he just wanted to be friends, resisted my attempts to move things further, no sign of feeling the same way -- until one day a few weeks ago when all that changed, and to my delight we had full, penetrative sex....standing up..... against a car.....in the street......where anyone could have come, and boy did we come! Both of us, surprised, shocked, delighted, excited!

I only saw him once in a while, and the number of times I got off on remembering that encounter, remembering seeing his body for the first time, seeing his hard cock wet with my juices, feeling his lips on my nipples as he sealed our love, hearing his heartfelt groans as he reached the heights of pleasure, seeing the ecstasy on his face as he spent himself into me. That had been his first time, and pure, hot instinct had ruled him, and pure, hot lust rose up in me in response.

The next time I saw him, he was ready for me. On a moonlit and starry summer's night he led me to a grassy woodland dell, laid me down and we gorged on each other, through clothes, naked, kissing, feeling, rubbing, licking, sucking, pleasuring, juices flowing, skin and hair thrilling to the touch, and finally penetrating, thrilling, moving, groaning, crying, climaxing under the night sky and the night sounds. We fell asleep, spent in our beautiful ecstasy, joined in our beautiful union. As the day dawned, so did a new dimension in our relationship.

A private man, in between our couplings he had behaved as if we were still just friends, still just colleagues at jazz club. He was still so shy, so cute, so endearing. Soon after that we went on holiday. I was surprised when he suggested touring together in a motorhome, as that would mean dressing, eating, sleeping together, and we weren't that kind of intimate yet.

He wanted me to turn my back when he dressed, politely went for a walk when I dressed, but as I wanted and desired him so much, I couldn't resist peeking sometimes. I saw his cock several times. I saw how it stuck out a little, even when flaccid, how the foreskin enveloped the head. I saw the darker skin around his balls, the black curly hair all round. I saw his morning erection. I saw how his cock stayed big after I was sure he had just worked on it in the sleeping bag.

Even when he had come back into the van after these polite walks, I made sure he saw me. I made sure he got an eyeful of my breast cleavage when I bent down in loose t-shirts. I made sure he got glimpses of my pretty lacy underwear, both around the van and on me. I made sure that even when I was in bed, my bottom, my breast, and even my pussy, were almost showing. Just a hint of pink nipple, just a tuft of brown hair. I pretended I didn't realise he would have seen these things. And most importantly, in the privacy of my sleeping bag at night I tweaked my own aroused nipples, rubbed my wet pussy quietly, climaxed silently and fell asleep in frustrated ecstasy at the thought of what might have been.

One day we went for a hike to the Coral Beach, so called because it was made of tiny shells. This was no tropical place, it was in our country, but the sun was out, the sky was blue and cloudless, and it was hot, hot, hot! The beach was a couple of miles from the nearest road, so we had to walk some way, and by the time we got there, other people were moving off home for their dinner, and we soon had the place to ourselves.

We sat down together on the beach, to have a drink and rest, and watched the sun sink in the sky, everything begin to turn golden in the evening light. His lovely dark tousled hair shone red in this light, my curls formed a halo round my head. I took off my jacket, as I was hot now I had stopped walking. He took the sweater from around his waist, where he had tied it when too warm. I lifted my t-shirt just to let the fresh air to my body, but he took it and pulled it off over my head, revealing my pretty lacy bra, full, round breasts half showing, shiny and damp in the heat, cleavage accentuated by my necklace, belly button with its piercing showing over the low waistband.

Not to be outdone, I playfully pulled his t-shirt off, revealing his gorgeous strong chest, muscular from his physical work, his fair skin, dark nipples, nice bit of curly black chest hair which I had often glimpsed before. Looking down, a trail of hair down his flat, hard stomach, towards his belly button, more hair below that, towards the lovely places I wanted to rediscover.

I knew where we were going now, and every bit of me thrilled at the idea. My heart somersaulted, my pussy lips twitched as I lubricated, and I went all gooseflesh. I wanted to be naked, and I wanted him to undress me. I wanted him to feel inside my underwear first, to feel softness, wetness, desire, arousal, and then to pull my clothing off and see how my parts ached for him, wanted him. I undid the button of my jeans and looked at him. He took the zip, undid me, gently pulled the jeans until they fell. He looked appreciatively at the lacy panties, so skimpy they covered practically nothing, like the bra so thin you could almost see everything anyway, hardly worth calling a covering, definitely not decent as my pussy hair showed at the sides, and my labia protruded underneath.

His fingertips touched my nipples through the lace of the bra, traced the pink aureoulae, pinched the nipple buttons, pulled and tweaked. With one breast in each hand, he cupped and squeezed them through the material, then let them go gently, felt behind my back and unfastened the bra, letting it fall. Turning me round, he stroked my bottom through my panties, and, pulling them down, gave each buttock a little pat. He then reached round the front, down the panties to my mound, and gave that a lingering squeeze too, and finished taking off my panties.

So there I stood, naked, proud, feminine and sexy. As the golden evening light shone on me, I shyly posed for him. I turned half to the side, so that the light fell on my breasts from behind, leaving them half in the golden glow, half in the shadow, erect nipples highlighted. The slight rise in my stomach, my round belly were etched in the evening light. My pubic hair protruded and showed slightly in the revealing light, and my rounded bottom and legs were silhouetted.

One thing I wanted to do for him was to share with him something precious and private. Something beautiful and natural. At an angle where I was neither in shadow nor full light, I squatted, opened my legs and started to stroke my pubic hair. I rubbed my labia, and moved my fingers down into my slit and back up again. I then held my pussy lips apart and let it come for him. A few drops, then just a little trickle, and I stopped. He looked, shy but interested. I massaged my mound, squeezing it between the fingers and my thumb above, then let a little bit more escape me. Sensing approval, I let my golden fountain tumble out of me. With one hand I held my labia open, but moved my fingers and thumb around my mound in a rhythmic, erotic motion, and with the other hand, fondled one of my breasts in similar manner, as I gently let my golden rivulet flow, catching the light and sparkling as it tumbled out like a new mountain stream and darkened the coral sand. I enjoyed this beautiful, sensuous, natural act, as the warm liquid slid past my clitoris and tumbled over my fingers. After a short while I was sated, and stepping nearer, I stood up, facing him once more.

Still bathed in the golden light he could see my intimate parts, my labia, engorged now with longing. I touched and rubbed them gently. Different juices were coming now, and I held my fingers out for him to taste. I ran the fingers over my mound, past my clitoris and into my pussy, bringing out my juices, and rubbing those juices onto my stomach. I went in again, and brought out even more juices, and spread them onto my nipples, my thighs, all over my crotch, making my pussy hair wet and curly.

Absorbed in my self-anointing, I had only vaguely noticed that he had taken his trousers and pants off, and was massaging his cock, groaning with pleasure at what he saw, and what he felt.

I was so excited that my rubbing on my clitoris started to get more frenzied, more urgent, and my little organ got harder and redder, and wetter. I was watching him pumping his cock harder, and he was watching me playing with myself faster, and we were both so excited he was having difficulty waiting. As he saw me slow and tense for my orgasm, he stood up and stepped closer to me, and as, with a cry, I rolled on my back and climaxed, he pulled the skin of his cock right back, and, letting out a groan of satisfaction, let his semen go all over my breasts and belly, the second and third bursts going on my groin and legs.

He fell next to me on the gritty surface, and put one arm round my waist, calling me darling, telling me he loved me. He took handfuls of the fine shells and rubbed them on my wet-streaked body, drying and cleansing. He did the same to himself.

After a while, he got up, and saying "Last one in is a cissy!", he ran into the sea, still naked, cock bobbing, splashing the once-turquoise water, now turning a deep blue-green in the fading light. I followed, my ample breasts jiggling as I scampered after him, kicking water all over him. He sat down in the water, and I landed on him and pretended to ride him, but actually squatting just above him.

Then I ran away again, and as I looked back, I noticed that his cock was hard again, and my pussy started to thrill at the sight of it. I took his hand, and led him to the edge of the surf, where it was shallow, and each wave ebbed and flowed. I laid him down on his back, and mounted him again, kneeling over him, facing him, lowering my wet pussy onto his willing member, gyrating, gripping, kneading. No playing this time, it was for real, and as each wave flowed past our mingled bodies, so waves of pleasure flowed inside us. This was exciting and urgent, our session was coming to its crescendo, and as a bigger wave broke over us, so a bigger wave broke inside me, and I screamed for joy. He made several upward thrusts right into me, and with a shout, reached his completion too. We rolled over, and started to come down to earth, doing what we needed to do to bring this exciting evening to a close, satisfied, exhausted, exhilarated, spent.

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