Making My Mother Pregnant


That's all it took... seeing that big ass flinging back at me... waves of raw powerful sex, rippling across her heaps.

With a finishing thrust, I cried for mom over and over as I hurled what felt like a gallon of cumm inside the deepest recesses of her plundered bowels. Mother's only response was screaming her astonishment into the sheets, angrily tugging at the fabric. It wasn't a painful or torturous scream, but one of gracious contentment and profound orgasm. Millions of exploding stars crossed my eyes as I cried out for her syrupy ass. Both hands squeezed each orb, shoving myself recklessly as far into her as I could. Rope after rope of hot seed erupted... paralyzed by the awesome reality that I was cumming inside mother's rectum. I became light headed; swaying back and forth as I came crashing down on mother's dampened back.

Moments later...

Beneath me, mom was still enduring the aftershocks of her climax, her body still shaking as if cold. Each twitch of my organ sparked another tremor, causing her asshole to spasm around my still hard cock. Back and forth we spiraled down, the death throes of her orgasm triggering weakening spurts from my cock as the bursts triggered twitches of her internal muscles.

I had done it... I had tasted, fucked, and came inside my mother's ass. I had dreamed, fantasized, and jerked off to this accomplishment for so long. Now, below me catching her breath, mom let me suckle her shoulder as I lapped my tongue across her smooth, moist skin. Afterglow was settling in as both of us whispered our vows of our undying love for each other as I stayed rooted... deep inside her warm colon.

"Stay inside me, just like this." mom spoke with a promising whisper.

"I'm not going anywhere." I reassured her, kissing her ear and neckline.

We remained joined... cock tucked deep in ass, together as one.

"That was incredible," she said after a long, deep kiss. "I've always wanted to do that."

"I can't believe no man ever wanted this," I replied, still trying to grasp the meaning of my accomplishment. "I don't see how with an ass like yours."

"I loved how you talked about it like it was food," she replied. "God that was so fucking sexy."

"Did you like when I licked you-- had my tongue inside you?"

"Fuck yeah, God that just... wow." She exclaimed with a long sigh of wonder. "You were so into it. I never thought anyone could do that."

"You have no idea." I lovingly told her. "You're the sexiest woman I ever hope to have."

Mother purred below me, snuggling against the sheets and squirming below me, feeling my semi-hard cock still tucked safely away in her tranquil depths.


Mom woke me up around 1am, dying for some pizza and beer. I too was kind of hungry, so we went out and found a local watering hole to enjoy the lush Hawaiian scene. She threw on one of her sexy mini dresses, black and VERY revealing. I was so damn proud in taking my woman out on the town as we wolfed down some pizza and found an all-night dance club.

It was remarkable to have such fun with her, taking my appreciation to an all new depth as we couldn't keep our hands off each other all night. I could tell we were the envy of the crowds as we openly made out. I felt like a heroic King showing off his honored Matriarch to his forbidden kingdom. Both of us loved how covert our romance was, and how people would gasp if they actually knew we were mother and son.

Around 3am, mom had another great idea... to make love on the beach. I had never done that, so it didn't take much convincing as we quickly ran a few blocks to the dark, moonlit seashore. Hand in hand, mom and I hurriedly looked for a private spot, loving the liveliness in mom's step. She ran and giggled like a teenager would, playfully chasing me as my heart overflowed with so much love for my beloved woman. Mom found the perfect place as she threw herself at me, furiously yanking my shorts to my ankles. Unsurprisingly, my hands went for her wide hips, pulling up the black dress like it was the grand prize... in so many ways, it was.

"You're gonna make me pregnant tonight," mother lovingly urged into my ear. "Tonight's it... tell me I'm gonna be a mother again."

I shuddered, trying to grasp the surreal implication of her outspoken vocabulary. This was our definitive triumph.

We wasted no time as we fell to the sand, struggling about as I put mother on her back. Solid as pure granite, my reproductive organ found its way back home once more as mother and I pirouetted to the immoral ballet in our lustful hearts. It felt like a mountain's landslide as I tucked my cock inside her, reveling in the glorious success of winning over my dear sweet mother.

This time, we were animals... we were strong, forceful, and eloquent for we knew EXACTLY why we were sharing in the depraved celebration.

As I sawed in and out of mother's buttery cunt, parts of everlasting phrases echoed in my mind...



My beautiful mother...



She gave birth to me...

Inside her...

That smooth caramel skin-- thick thighs...

I wanted this ALL my life...

Knock her up...

Mark mother as mine...

The first time I looked at her AS a woman, not as my mother...



So warm inside...

How can society say THIS is wrong?

My own mother is going to make me cumm...

I'm going to cumm. God, this is gonna happen...


My dear sweet mother...

Her deep blue eyes...

Inside her...

Soooooooooo fucking sexy...

Pregnant... make her pregnant.

Her stomach, swollen with my child... MY baby...

I did this to her...

Get deeper...


As you could probably guess, all of my hopes and dreams were confirmed after a visit to mother's OB-GYN. Actually, mom already had a strong hunch after our carnal tryst at the beach. We got back to the hotel around 7 that morning after watching the sunrise arm in arm. I'll never forget when I laid down to sleep, she whispered in my ear "Sweetie, you made your mother pregnant. I feel it inside... you did it."

Naturally, I immediately woke up and celebrated the wonderful news. I trusted my mother's instincts more than anyone else's, and that visit to the doctor only validated my deepest ambition in life.

Leaving Hawaii was a bittersweet departure. Both of us were sad to leave the place where so many good things happened. But it was a couple of weeks after we found out that mom started hinting at a possible move... a fresh start where we could live openly as man and wife... a new family without the scornful eye of our peers and friends. With a referral from mom's law partner, and my transfer of my college credits to the University of Hawaii, our move was pretty easy as we bought our first home on the island Oahu. Saying goodbye to all of our friends and family wasn't as hard as we thought as we settled in to our newfound life together as husband and wife. Believe me, the amazing sensations of making pure love to my mother nearly every night more than made up for that tenfold.

Watching my mother's belly swell with our child became the wind beneath my wings... I had an incredible season with the Warriors football program as mom came to every game we had, home AND away. I honestly felt like mom had gotten younger with her pregnancy... she glowed with a maternal radiance I found so damn sexy... her hair grew longer and her already deep tan just got darker and sexier. The feeling I would get in my stomach, looking at the woman who gave me life, all knocked up and pregnant was something few words can describe. I did this to her... ME. It's a pride I wish more men could understand, but perhaps most if it was just because she is my flesh and blood mother. Making love to her was an out of body experience... I never rushed our moments together, forever treasuring the beauty of actually being inside Marilyn... that she gave her heart and soul to me freely and without coercion is the single greatest triumph of my life.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/20/18

Impregnation by oral or anal intercourse

Is the son's fetish about impregnating his mother or merely about loving and marrying her? Their sexual activity seems quite normal, aside from the incest, but wouldn,t someone with an fetish for impregnationmore...

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by Anonymous02/28/18

Superb Story

This, truly, is the best erotic, incestuous, taboo story I have ever read. The writer employed the most sensual manner in describing intimate acts, rather than the usual harsh, typical macho way of describingmore...

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by Anonymous02/07/18

I wish I too have

You r soo lucky to have your mom in bed but not every one is lucky as you love your story

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by Anonymous01/02/18


I don't mind that you used a thesaurus. I just wish you read the entries more carefully before picking the words. 'Tepid breasts', really? Look up 'tepid' please.

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by Anonymous12/26/17

Standard but slightly unusual fantasy.

The whole fertility goddess and earth mother thing works great as a fantasy but so many guys who write on here take their worship of the curvy buttocks shape in the direction of rectal intercourse. It'smore...

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