tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMaking Scents Ch. 03

Making Scents Ch. 03


Previously on Making Scents:

"Ok, let me ask you this." Tyson continued. "Do you really think you can discover a magical formula that will make people irresistible?"

"It's the basic pheromone principle." Donald explained. "We know how they work and they are very powerful in the animal world. If you can just find the correct scent for a person at the right intensity you should get a proportionate response."


"Oh, I don't know," Carol replied. "I was just throwing it out there. I'm glad you caught it though. I'll call you," she said backing out. "Or you can call me . . .Or we can talk on Monday. You know, Whatever." She bumped into the door frame, smiled awkwardly and then let herself out.

This was the first time Donald had ever seen Carol flustered and he didn't know why. She was never flustered around him. It was always the other way around.


"You perfected your formula! It works like a charm!"

"You may be right. It would explain everything that happened today."


On to Chapter 3...

Carol's thoughts seemed to swirl around in her mind as she drove home. "What had just happened?" Sure, she had feelings for Donald. He was the sweetest, kindest man she knew. Sure he wasn't great looking, but he wasn't ugly either and if intelligence was sexy, well, then he was one of the sexiest. They had worked together for almost a year before his quiet manner, funny jokes and the cute way he knocked over things had won her over, but he never asked her out. He seemed interested at times but if he was, then what was he waiting for? She wanted to confront him about it, but if he wasn't interested then that would just make things awkward at work.

Carol had told her friends about Donald and they thought she was crazy. She had gorgeous men hitting on her every time they went out. What did she want with a science geek? She had to remind them that she was a science geek. She had dated gorgeous men all her life and, with only a few exceptions, the view deteriorated fairly quickly each time. You can only be attracted to an Adonis for so long before comments like "Oh, I thought a breathalyzer was a Cyborg " or "Wow, you use really big words a lot" really made him unappealing. Then there was the "Aren't-You-Amazed-That-You-Managed-To-Land-Someone- As-Sexy-As-Me" type; the "Steroids-Have-Made-His-Muscles-Inversely-Proportional-To-His- Penis" type; and the "Wear-That-Sexy-Blue-Dress-So-I-Can-Show-You-Off-To-My-Friends" type. Let us not forget the "One-Day-When-I-Make-It-Big-With-My-Music-I'll-Pay-You-Back- For-Everything" type. Then, she met Richard. Now, Richard was gorgeous. There was no arguing that. He stood 6'4" with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a face that resembled Heath Ledger. His body was solid muscle without being bulky. He wasn't stupid, but he was by no means a genius either. He HAD a good job, too. Still, Carol wouldn't have given him a second thought if it wasn't for the way he "introduced" himself.

Carol and her friends were at a club celebrating Sunita's birthday. Sunita was, of course, plastered and had decided to dance on one of the speakers by the side of the dance floor. She was in danger of falling off it, so Carol got up and danced with her. Sunita was East Indian with long, almost glowing, black hair that went down to her butt. She wore jean shorts and a tube top that accented the bouncing of her B Cup breasts. Her bellybutton ring glistened under the club's lights as did her nose stud. Whenever a cute guy caught her eye, she'd stick out her tongue at him too show the barbell piercing there. Needless to say there, was a crowd of guys around the speaker and not just for Sunita. Carol had he hair let out. She wore a short black dress that hugged her body, was cut low in the front to show off her 35 C's, and had almost no back to speak of. It also made her ass the most desirable object in the place, showing off its roundness, while revealing long toned tanned legs attached to it. Carol was almost a head taller than Sunita so when they danced, Sunita's face came in contact with Carol's breasts at times and this was emphasized by the contrast in skin colours. It was almost as good a show as at a stripper club. Guys tried to get up with them but the girls pushed them back down. Guys tried to touch them from below but got kicked. Then, someone put a drink on the speaker.

Carol looked down and saw Richard standing there, looking at the dance floor with his drink beside him.

"Excuse me," she hollered down. "We're dancing here."

Richard looked up at her. "So I see. Just be careful that you don't knock over my drink or I'll have to get violent on your ass."

Carol was floored. "You'll what?"

"Hey, drinks cost money," Richard replied, although his attention seemed to be more on the girls on the dance floor than on Carol. "Don't waste mine."

"Hey, we were here first." Carol argued.

"So were the natives. It didn't work out for them, either."

With that, Carol jumped down to face him. "Listen, my friend and I were enjoying ourselves up there and there are plenty of other places you can put your drink."

"There are plenty of other places you can dance, too," Richard smirked. "There was even room enough for you up there to dance while avoiding the 4 square inches of space that my drink is taking up."

Carol didn't know what was more frustrating: the guy's arrogant attitude or the fact that his arguments were sound.

"Why don't you just get on back up there and continue your show for the guys."

"My show?" Carol repeated. "I'm not putting on a show. I'm dancing with my friend."

"You're wearing a dress that accents every curve of your body and blatantly emphasizes your tits. You're dancing on a platform that allows men brief glimpses up your skirt. You're grinding with your friend and putting on a slightly lesbian demeanor. If it was just dancing, you'd be wearing something conservative, at ground level, with a little bit of distance between you and her. No, it's a show. Just admit it. You love knowing that guys are drooling over you."

"That is such a load of bull. You don't know me! The only reason I was up there was to keep my friend from falling off. She's too drunk!"

"Then why aren't you up there now?"

Carol's face flushed and she looked up to see Sunita between two guys, grinding away. Her other friends were nearby, some watching Sunita's performance, others watching Carol's argument.

Carol had been drinking, too. Ordinarily, she might have walked away at this point if she had been sober, but now, she was losing an argument which was something she really hated. She'd just been shown to have abandoned her friend to have that argument and her friends were watching to see the outcome. So, she attacked.

"Listen you pompous, self-righteous, piece of . . ."

"Pompous?" he interrupted. "Are you sure you know the meaning of the word or are you just throwing out random adjectives meant to insult me?"

Carol stopped unable to respond for a moment at that, so Richard continued.

"At no point have I made any claims about myself to indicate I am vain or self-important. We've just been talking about you, so I think you better come up with a more accurate word . . .And it would be better if you chose one that doesn't describe yourself. As for self-righteous, well, that may be accurate. I am assuming that I am right about everything I've said, but, you tell me, am I still self-righteous if I actually am right? Tell me what I'm wrong about."

Carol stared incredulously at him.

Richard smiled. "You think about it and I need another drink." With that, he walked away.

Carol stood exactly where she was. Her mind tried to figure out what had just happened. She tried to replay the scenario over where she won but the best argument she could come up with in her head was. "Fuck you."

She glanced over at her friends who were laughing. She looked over at Richard (whose name she didn't even know yet) and saw him chatting with a blonde at the bar. He didn't even glance over at her. It was like what had just happened was nothing and didn't require a second thought. "Oh no, it does not end there." she thought and marched over to him.

"Listen, you do not leave in the middle of an argument like that!" she yelled.

"It wasn't an argument," Richard stated. "An argument requires that we both had views we thought were correct. You had nothing to offer, unless you've suddenly come up with something and that's why you followed me?"

"Is this your girlfriend?" asked the blonde.

"He should be so lucky." Carol blurted out.

"Yes, having an overemotional woman who follows me around and yells at me simply because she lost an argument would make me lucky indeed."

"So you admit it was an argument!" Carol pointed out.

Richard sighed. "Fine. It was an argument, and you won. Feel better now?"

"Don't patronize me!" Carol yelled.

"Hey, you were pissed off that you lost the argument! So here, I concede it you, and you're even more upset," Richard shook his head. "And I'd be lucky to have you?"

"I'm a great person!" Carol insisted, feeling stupid as soon as the words came out of her mouth, but there was no turning back now. "I'm kind and funny and caring . . ."

". . .And loud and obnoxious." the blonde added.

"Shut up, bitch." Carol snapped.

"Yep, caring." Richard laughed.

Carol turned deep red. "I'm not normally like this. You've just managed to piss me off with your . . . your. . . "

"My concise, valid points?" Richard offered. "Excuse me." Richard placed his glass on the bar and walked off again, leaving Carol standing stunned yet again. She had never been so frustrated by a man before. She gathered herself and pursued again.

"Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot." she said catching up to him.

"Let me guess," Richard started. "Normally, you're very sweet and conservative, but tonight, since it's your friend's birthday you decided to get dressed up all slutty for a wild night out."

"This dress isn't slutty! It's sexy." Carol argued.

"Sexy doesn't require your breasts to almost fall out of your top." Richard said.

Carol looked down at her breasts, went red again, but then caught herself. She shouldn't be embarrassed to wear this dress. She loved this dress.

"But, hey," Richard continued, "Maybe this is you being adventurous. You seem the type that's more about show than action."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I think that wearing slutty . . .I mean sexy clothes is about as adventurous as you get. You've probably never had sex outside the bedroom. You probably only use 2 or 3 positions, and you've probably never fucked anyone who you hadn't dated at least a half dozen times."

"I've fucked in the living room! Once in the bathroom!" Carol yelled, making heads turn around them.

Richard feigned shock. "Oh! I stand corrected." He began to open a door and walk through but stopped Carol from following him. "Uh, you can't come in." He said pointing the word "Men" on the door. "Well, you shouldn't, but no one's stopping you. Of course, you're so adventurous you'll probably follow right behind me."

Richard disappeared into the washroom. Carol stood there, seething. "He doesn't know me!" She thought. "He can't tell me what I'm like. When he gets out I'm going To . . .To . . . Aw, fuck it!"

Carol burst into the bathroom. Richard was standing a short line, waiting to use the urinals. He and all the other guys, turned when she entered. "Don't tell me what I will and won't do! You think coming in here scares me? You still think I'm not adventurous?"

She stood right in front of him, breathing heavily.

"I think you came in here just to win one argument," Richard stated. "I don't think you'd normally ever do this and I know you're not adventurous enough to have done or ever do anything like this in your life."

Carol grabbed Richard by the front of his shirt. "You want to see how adventurous I am?" she asked, but she didn't wait for an answer. She dragged him into one of the stalls, shut and locked the door and pushed him up against the wall. Her tongue entered his mouth and he responded in kind.

Their hands were all over each other. Richard hiked her dress up so he could squeeze her bare ass. Carol reached down and massaged his cock through his pants. She wanted to show this man that she was an adventurous woman. She also wanted to show herself, too. This man, who did not know a thing about her, had insinuated that she was dull and her life was drab and she was going to make him believe he was mistaken, even though she knew he was not.

Richard knew what he was doing. His hands felt great on her ass and he was a great kisser. He spun her around and pushed her up against the stall as he pushed her top down and began sucking on her tits. Carol closed her eyes and moaned as her nipples hardened and her pussy got wet. She unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock and jacked him off in her hand. She soon felt his hand push her thong to the side and start rubbing against her clit. She was so wet. Being in the men's washroom - being naughty - was an amazing turn-on. She felt the heavy bass of the music outside and was vaguely aware of the music getting louder and softer each time the door opened.

Richard's fingers slipped into her pussy and she gasped. She knew he felt how wet she was. She thought it would be proof that she loved to do things like this. His fingers pumped in and out while his mouth surrounded one of her breasts and his hand squeezed the other. She pumped his cock hard and fast wanting to give him the intense pleasure he was giving her.

Suddenly he pulled her from the wall and pushed her down on the toilet. She opened her eyes to see his cock standing erect in front of her face. It was big, at least eight inches she guessed, but also quite thick. She held it in both hands for a little while and then took it in her mouth. Her head worked the tip and upper section while her hands pumped his shaft. Richard braced himself by pushing against the sides of the stall.

"Holy fuck!" he gasped as she sucked him. She smiled when she heard him. She'd show him just how great she was. She looked up at him to see the effect she was having and noticed several heads peering down from the stalls to either side.

"Shit!" she screamed as she let go of his cock and pulled her dress back over her tits.

Richard looked up to see what she was reacting to and chuckled. "Not totally adventurous." He observed.

"Get them out of here!" she cried.

"I can't . . ." he told her, ". . .but we can leave."

Richard opened the stall and yanked her out. They quickly left the washroom. Carol just managed to pull her dress back down over her ass as they entered the club. The beat of the music seemed to slam into her and the lights gave her a bit of a headache. Richard pulled her over to the VIP entrance and slipped the bouncer some cash. The bouncer smiled and let them through.

"Fuckin' hot one tonight." she heard him say as they went to the back rooms.

Richard brought her into a private room which was a ten foot cube with a cushioned bench on three sides and a table in the middle. A curtain in the doorway was all that separated them from the rest of the club. Richard undid the rope that held the curtain to one side and they had complete privacy.

"Fuckin' hot one tonight" echoed in Carol's mind. The shock of seeing all those men watching and brisk jog to this section had cleared some of the alcohol out of her mind.

Richard pulled her close to kiss her and she responded but reluctantly.

"Fuckin' hot one tonight."

The scientist in her took hold of that statement and ran the night backwards. His words, her statements; His actions, her reactions.

"Jesus Christ!" she yelled as she pushed him away. "It was all a scam!"

"Huh?" Richard said, wondering why her mood suddenly changed.

"From the moment you put that drink down, you had planned to fuck me." she accused.

"A couple minutes before, actually." he smiled as he tried to take her into his arms again. She pushed him away.

"Fuck this, I'm outta here!" she yelled, as she tried to push by him.

"Why? Because I thought you were so hot that I wanted to be with you? Because I tricked you into revealing a side of your self you didn't think was there?"

Carol stopped again but then realized he was just trying to do it to her again. "Tricked me is the important thing." she insisted. "You're not going to do it again."

"Did I trick your pussy into being that wet?" he asked. "Or did you really enjoy what we were doing?"

"That's not the point."

"That's exactly the point!" Richard yelled. "There's much more to you than this stuck up, prudish persona you're putting up. You just need to accept it."

"Fuck you. I'm leaving."

Richard grabbed her and spun her around. He yanked the curtain rope from the doorway and bound her wrists then pushed her down over the table.

"Stop it! This is rape!" she screamed.

"Only if you say 'No.'" he corrected.

"No!" she yelled but he ignored her, hiked up her dress and yanked her thong off. "NO!" she screamed, but her voice was drowned out by the club's music.

Carol braced herself for what she though was coming but was surprised to feel Richard's tongue on her instead. She realized his position and tried to get up but slammed her down and kicked her legs out so that she was suspended by the table. His tongue went back to work on her and she squirmed to get away from it. It was no good. She then felt his fingers probe her pussy, but not in a forceful way. She almost wished he had just forced himself on her. Then, she could hate him, but this was beginning to feel good, very good.

"No." she cried, but the fire had gone out of her voice. Richard's tongue moved up and down her labia and then circled her clit. He brushed against it and she moaned despite herself. His fingers moved slowly long the sides of her pussy and tingles shot through her body. One hand remained firmly on her back, to remind her he was in control. "No." she said, though this time it was barely a whisper.

Richard picked up speed with both his hands and his tongue. Carol began to move her hips to match him. She tried to muffle her moans so as not to give him the satisfaction. His actions became more intense and she felt an orgasm building in her. She tried to suppress it. She knew he wanted her to cum for him, but what he was doing just felt too damned good. She got closer and her body started to shake. Just a bit more and he'd have her. At this point, she didn't care. Then, he stopped.

"NO!" she screamed.

"No what?" she heard him ask smugly.

She was not about to answer. She tried to grind her pussy into the table to get herself off, but he lifted her hips. She hung there on the verge of orgasm and there was nothing she could do to have it.

"You bastard!" she yelled. "Don't do this to me!"

"I'm not doing anything to you anymore." he said calmly. "I stopped."

She lay there with her face on the table and her hips in the air held by his arm and she whimpered. The need to orgasm slowly faded and he lowered her back on the table.

"Are you happy now?" she asked. "Is that what you wanted?"

"No." he said and then his tongue was on her again.

"Oh God!" she gasped. He felt amazing. She didn't even try to deny she enjoyed it. She just ground herself into his face determined to get off this time. He stopped again just as she got close. "Noooooo!" she cried. "I'll kill you, you fucker!"

"What is it you want?" he asked.

She didn't reply. She lay there trying to will herself to orgasm and when that didn't work, she willed it to go away. She shouldn't have bothered. As soon as she calmed down, he was on her again. She moaned loudly now, but she tried to hide how close she was getting. She'd cum before he realized how close she actually was. She'd just relax herself when she felt it coming. There was a grin on her face as it built, but he stopped again. Just in time.

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