Making The Best Of A Bad Experience


The boys having their cocks sucked also pulled out of the girl's mouths and sprayed the girl's faces with their loads. Stacy had to stifle a moan as she watched the two boys ejaculate onto the girl's face, hair and tits. Then the girls took the cocks back in their mouths and sucked them clean. The two girls then moved into a 69 position on their sides and ate each other's pussy. Stacy had never been with a woman and she wondered how a pussy would taste. As the girls ate each other's cunt the two boys who had received blow jobs moved behind them. Stacy watched as the two boys eased their cocks into the girl's assholes. The other two boys waded into the pond and Stacy ignored them as she watched the foursome engage in oral and anal sex. Her fingers were buried deep in her pussy as she rubbed her g-spot and clit simultaneously.


Stacy was so involved watching the foursome and fingering her pussy that she lost sight of the other two college boys. She never saw them leave the pond and she had no idea that she had been spotted. Stacy's fingers were frantically rubbing her pussy and she was close to an orgasm. She never heard the two boys approach her from behind. With one hand she covered her mouth to muffle her moans as she had a massive orgasm and drenched the other hand in her pussy.

Just then she felt someone grab her and she panicked when she saw the two boys. "Well what have we here?" the one said as they lifted her to her feet.

"It looks like we have a horny voyeur. I can smell her pussy," the other said.

"Come on let's introduce her to the others," one said as they dragged her toward the foursome.

"No please don't. I'll just leave. I won't tell anyone that I saw you," Stacy pleaded as she struggled to walk with her panties around her knees.

"You can leave after we have enjoyed your company and you have enjoyed ours," the one boy laughed.

"Hey look what we found?" one of them yelled to the others.

"Looks like she was having fun," the dark haired girl said with a sinister tone.

"Get those clothes off of her so we can see what she looks like. She shouldn't be the only one wearing clothes," the blonde added.

Stacy felt her dress pulled over her head and her panties pulled down so she could step out of them. "Nice," another boy said.

Stacy was led over to the blankets and placed on her back. Then one by one the boys took turns fucking her. As she was fucked by the boys the girls moved to either side of her and caressed her tits and kissed her face. Stacy's face was turned toward the blonde who French kissed her taking her breath away. Then the dark haired girl kissed her and drove her tongue deep into Stacy's mouth. The two girls alternated kissing her while they fondled Stacy's breasts and tweaked her nipples.

Stacy couldn't remember when she had been so turned on and she seemed to orgasm continuously as the boys took turns fucking her. As she was being fucked Stacy learned the names of the students. The boys were called Rick, Jack, Al and Sam. The blonde girl was named Cheryl and the dark haired girl was Jasmine. Stacy had her womb filled with four massive cum loads before she was allowed to rest briefly.

Then Jasmine was between Stacy's legs licking her pussy and sucking the seed out of it. Stacy was sexually drained and sated so she offered no resistance when Cheryl straddled Stacy's face and lowered her pussy to Stacy's mouth. Stacy had never eaten pussy but she had been eaten many times and because of that she knew what to do. Stacy knew that there was no escape so she ate Cheryl's pussy the best she could. Apparently she did a good job because she had Cheryl moaning and then her mouth received Cheryl's love juices. It was Stacy's first taste of pussy and it really wasn't that bad.

"My turn," Jasmine said as she changed places with Cheryl.

Jasmine lowered her pussy to Stacy's face and within minutes she too was juicing the author's mouth. Meanwhile as Cheryl was eating Stacy's pussy, she placed a moistened finger in Stacy's ass. Realizing that Stacy had had some anal experience, Cheryl added a second finger and called out to the guys.

"Hey guys, good news, this chick has been butt fucked before," Cheryl announced.

A few more licks and Cheryl had Stacy creaming her face. Cheryl sucked up all of Stacy's juices before moving away. Jasmine had also moved off of Stacy's face and Stacy could now see the four smiling college boys stroking their hard cocks. Stacy's limp body was lifted up and she was placed on all fours. A large cock was stuck in her mouth and Stacy decided to give him one of her first class blow jobs.

"Oh wow, this chick can suck cock," the boy named Sam said.

"Look at that ass. It was meant to have a cock in it," Rick said as he knelt behind Stacy.

Rick had been considerate to lubricate his cock before putting it in Stacy's ass. Even with the lube the fit was still tight as Rick was bigger than any cock Stacy ever had in her ass. Stacy adjusted quickly and soon Rick was sawing in and out of her ass. It didn't take the two boys long to cum and they filled Stacy's mouth and rectum with their creamy loads. Stacy instinctively swallowed Sam's load which Sam acknowledged.

"She's a swallower too," Sam announced excitedly.

Sam moved away after Stacy had sucked him dry and he was replaced by Jack. Stacy willingly took Jack's cock in her mouth and repeated her talents on him. Al had moved behind Stacy and once again her ass was stuffed with a cock. Both boys ejaculated quickly and drenched Stacy's mouth and rectum with their seed. They moved away from Stacy allowing her to collapse on the blankets. Stacy was not left alone very long and she felt herself being lifted up by the four boys. They carried her into the pond joined by Cheryl and Jasmine. Stacy screamed when she was dumped into the cold spring fed pond and all the others laughed.

They remained in the pond for several minutes letting the chilly water cool their heated bodies and then they returned to the blankets. They all sat naked on the blankets and Al spoke first.

"Let's get acquainted," he said and then introduced himself.

All the others introduced themselves to Stacy and then Stacy introduced herself. They exchanged pleasantries and Stacy became comfortable with her nudity. She explained why she had come to the farm and that she was staying at the guest house. The students liked Stacy and they explained that they were back packing and would be leaving in three days.

"Stacy visit us again tomorrow but don't try to hide this time," Jack told her.

"I'll see. This has been quite a day for me and I have to think about what I have done. It depends on how I feel tomorrow," Stacy admitted.

"Sure, we understand but just so that you know you are welcome here," Rick offered.

"I should be going," Stacy said as she stood and looked for her dress, panties and shoes.

She put on her panties, dress and shoes and then located her thermo. Stacy left the six students and made her way back to the guest house. As she walked, she knew before she arrived at the guest house that she would indeed visit the young virile students again. Stacy still couldn't believe her own behavior but once she got going she had been insatiable.

Stacy had lunch and then she decided to take a nap. The furthest thing from her mind at that point was her new book. She knew she would wait until the students left before she would resume work on it. As Stacy napped, Agnes Holloway made her way back to the main house. Stacy didn't know it but Agnes had witnessed the entire orgy with Stacy and the students.

Agnes had been watching the students for days but she received a real treat that day when Stacy joined in. Agnes had watched with envy as Stacy enjoyed the charm of the six students. Agnes wished that she had been in Stacy's place but she would never risk it as she would experience the wrath of Jonas if ever caught. Agnes had been content to frig her pussy as she watched the orgy through her binoculars. She would return to the same spot tomorrow and she hoped that Stacy would join the students again.


The next morning Stacy woke up and she take a long bath as her body ached from all the sex yesterday. Her anus and rectum still tingled from being stretched to a new dimension by the young men. Her tongue actually felt sore and she guessed it was from eating pussy, a new exercise for her tongue. In spite of her achy body and tenderness she looked forward to hooking up with the students again that day.

Following her bath and breakfast she dressed and made her way over to where the students were camped. They were still in their tents when she arrived so she waited patiently outside the tents until the students emerged. They were pleased to see Stacy and they wasted no time filling her holes with their cocks. Cheryl announced that she wanted to see Stacy take on three cocks at the same time.

Al lay on his back and Stacy straddled him allowing his big cock to fill her pussy. Next Jack slipped his impressive dick in her ass and Rick filled her mouth with his rod. It was the first time Stacy ever had three cocks in her at the same time. She knew each of the students were at least 8" long so she had over two feet of cock in her body. Al and Jack established a rhythm and it was obvious to Stacy that they had done this before. It was the boy's first action of the day so they didn't last long and within minutes they were ejaculating huge loads into Stacy's orifices.

Stacy swallowed Rick's cum as fast as it filled her mouth as the other two filled her pussy and rectum to overflowing. The three young men pulled out of Stacy and they were replaced by Cheryl, Jasmine and Sam. Cheryl slid under Stacy and pulled Stacy's pussy down to her mouth. Sam filled Stacy's mouth with his cock and Jasmine surprised Stacy when she inserted her tongue in Stacy's anus. Stacy went wild with Jasmine rimming her. It felt so naughty and yet so erotic at the same time. Stacy was then cumming in buckets and she drenched Cheryl's mouth.

Sam shot his wad into Stacy's mouth and it was a huge load. Stacy had all she could do to swallow Sam's cum as it poured into her mouth. Jasmine rimmed and sucked on Stacy's ass and Stacy was sure that Jasmine was sucking the guy's cum out of her. Stacy collapsed on the blanket but she was rolled over on her back and presented with Jasmine's pussy to eat. After Jasmine orgasmed on Stacy's face, Cheryl replaced jasmine and Stacy ate her pussy.

Everything had happened so fast but Stacy knew that it was going to be a long day with these virile and vibrant students. However it was time to cool their jets so they entered the pond to chill out. Stacy felt her skin tighten when she entered the cool water. Her breasts felt firm and her nipples stood out like little hard dicks. Stacy saw Cheryl staring at her. Cheryl then smiled and swam over to where Stacy was standing in the water.

"Stacy you have the greatest little nubs," Cheryl said and then she reached up and tweaked Stacy's nipples.

Stacy moaned as Cheryl twirled the hard nipples in her fingers. Jasmine saw them and then she swam over and said, "I'll take one and you take the other."

Jasmine dipped her head and took a nipple between her teeth and bit it gently emitting a groan from Stacy. Cheryl sucked on Stacy's other nipple and the two college students went to work on the author's tits. Stacy felt her loins stir again and she felt so excited to be with these free spirit college students. It was like she was born again at least sexually she was.

The guys watched the girls work over the mature blonde and then they swam over to the three women. "Time to dry off and have some more fun with our guest," Al said as he reached down a cupped Stacy's buttocks.

"Stacy your nipples are bigger and stiffer than our cocks in this cold water," Rick said causing everyone to laugh.

"Yeah but once they are back in their warm mouths we'll be back in business," Jack added referring to the talented mouths of Stacy and the two girls.

The seven of them made their way back to the blankets and let the warm sun dry off their bodies as they began to play again. Stacy welcomed Sam into her pussy as she lay on her back. Jasmine was fucked by Rick and Cheryl by Al. Rick stood by stroking his cock waiting for a hole to open up. Rick was the first to cum but Jasmine got up, straddled Stacy and lowered her pussy to Stacy's mouth. Stacy sensed that Jasmine had a cunt full of cum but that didn't deter her from eating the black haired beauty's pussy.

Stacy felt Sam stiffen and shoot a big load into her womb and minutes later she felt a mouth on her pussy. Stacy could tell by the tenderness that Cheryl was eating her. Rick moved behind Cheryl and pushed his cock into her blonde cunt and fucked her slowly as he played with her fabulous ass. Stacy and Jasmine were very close to another orgasm and then Stacy exploded drenching Cheryl's face. Jasmine followed with her climax and soaked Stacy's face with her juices.

Rick then moved his cock from Cheryl's pussy to her ass and pushed in gently. Cheryl used her sphincter to grasp the stiff cock and pull it into her recess. Rick groaned as Cheryl used her sphincter on him contracting and relaxing the muscle around his porker. Rick lost it and flooded Cheryl's rectum with another big load.

After that the sex was a blur to Stacy as she seemed to do everything possible sexually. The six college students were energetic and insatiable. Stacy and fucked every cock again and ate both pussies several times. The students loved having sex with the sexually charged mature blonde woman. The guys focused more on Stacy because they would only be with her until the next day and they could fuck the girls anytime.

From up on another bluff the day's activities were observed again by Agnes. She continued to spy on the group through her binoculars and rub her pussy under her skirt. Agnes had several orgasms rubbing her pussy and imagining that she was in Stacy's place. Then the unthinkable happened. Agnes spotted her husband across the field and he too was watching the orgy at the campsite. Agnes quickly moved away and then she hurried back to the house. Agnes knew that Jonas would go into a rage if he knew that she was spying on the students and Stacy. Agnes made it back to the house and she was relieved to do so undetected.

Back at his vantage point Jonas watched the sultry blonde author take on the college students. His coveralls pushed out as his big dick hardened and he thought what it might be like to fuck the pretty blonde woman. Jonas had never been with another woman other than Agnes but now he wondered what it might be like. As he watched the worldly blonde author handle everything that was thrown at her by the students, he wished that he could be with them. Jonas however moved away and dismissed the thoughts from his mind as he knew that a sophisticated woman like Stacy would not find him appealing. Jonas headed back to house in hopes of finding his wife and giving her the fuck of her life.

Later that afternoon Stacy was back at the guest house and she had just taken a hot bath. She put on a light lounge outfit and sat out on the porch with a glass of wine. She sipped the wine and thought about the past two days with the college students. Stacy felt naughty, wicked, shameless and erotically charged all at the same time. She never thought that she was capable of such behavior but she was pleased that the students brought it out in her. Stacy was also flattered that the students, 13 and 14 years her junior, found her so sexually desirable. Stacy then saw Agnes walking toward her.

Agnes had just recovered from the pounding that Jonas gave her. He came home, dropped his coveralls and without any foreplay he lifted her skirt, pulled down her bloomers and plunged his big dick into her pussy. Agnes was thankful that her pussy was still moist from her voyeuristic activities earlier otherwise Jonas might have injured her. Jonas was so charged and Agnes knew that it was because he had watched the students and Stacy. Jonas pounded her cunt and ejaculated two times in her filling her womb with his seed. As soon as he was done Jonas pulled up his coveralls and left the house without a word. He went back to working the farm and Agnes took a quick bath. Now refreshed she walked over to the guest house.

"Can I sit with you awhile?" Agnes asked.

"Of course, can I get you a glass of wine," Stacy offered.

"That would be nice," Agnes accepted.

Stacy went inside and poured a glass of wine for Agnes and she refreshed her own glass as well. Of course Stacy had no idea that Agnes had witnessed her lewd behavior with the students. Stacy returned with the wines and handed the glass to Agnes who sipped it and seemed surprised by the taste.

"What kind of wine is this?"

"It's a Claret do you like it?

"It's very different but I am only used to the homemade fruit wine."

"Sip it slowly and let it sit on your tongue for a short time. You can savor the taste that way," Stacy coached.

"I like it. It's not as sweet as the fruit wine but I like it."

"I'm glad."

The two women sipped the wine and chatted briefly before Agnes shocked Stacy. "I saw you with those college students today."

Stacy turned beet red and stammered a reply, "What do you mean?"

"I saw you having sex with the young men and girls."

"Oh my God Agnes, I'm sorry. It was just that once. I just let my emotions get out of control."

"No that's not true, I saw you yesterday and then you came back for more today."

Stacy knew that she was had. "Agnes it just happened, I saw them the day before and then I went back to spy on them again. They caught me watching them and then they forced me to join them. I tried to resist at first but then I gave in."

"But you seemed to enjoy it."

"I have to admit that once I got going I was seduced by their youth and virility. That's why I went back on my own today but they're leaving tomorrow so it won't happen again."

Agnes was disappointed that the students were leaving as they must have told Stacy. Agnes wished that she could have watched them some more. "What was it like?"

"Agnes I did things that I never thought myself capable of and I loved every minute of it. Until the past two days I had never been with more than one man at a time."

"I saw you with those three young men at the same time."

"Oh I know. It was an incredible feeling to have three vibrant cocks cumming in me at the same time. It is almost indescribable."

"I saw you with the girls too. What is it like with a woman?"

"I never thought that I would ever have sex with another woman but these two beautiful girls opened my eyes. They were so tender so gentle and such good lovers. The touch of another woman was very erotic."

Agnes thought about what Stacy said and she wondered what it would feel like to be with another woman. Agnes then wondered if she might experience that with Stacy sometime over the next several months. Agnes finished her wine and thanked Stacy.

"I should go now. Thank you for the wine," Agnes said as she stood to leave.

"You're welcome Agnes, anytime," Stacy replied.

Agnes walked back to the main house and Stacy watched her. Stacy found herself wondering what Agnes looked like under those baggy clothes. Stacy then returned to her wine and relaxed on the porch. That evening after dinner Stacy got out her laptop and began typing. She documented every detail of her past two days with the students as she decided that what she experienced might make for a steamy novel. Of course as Stacy wrote her story she used words that would be appropriate for readership. She was not writing a porn novel. Stacy worked well into the night until she could not keep her eyes open and then she retired.

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