Making the First Move


"God, you're sweet." Ryan's lips met hers again and their tongues delved and explored. His fingers dug into her buttocks, kneading her flesh. "Take off your top," he said. "Let me see you again."

She kissed him a while longer, grinding her pussy along his hardened length. His thrusts had denim abrading cotton and her panties riding up. Sophie flicked her tongue over his lower lip and leaned back, crossing her arms over her torso. She gripped the hem of her top and need surged inside her as she peeled it from her body.

Her long hair draped over one shoulder and the warm air caressed her bare breasts. She tossed her top aside, seconds ticking by as she watched him watching her.

"Come closer," he said. Sophie leaned forward and glanced down as his mouth closed in on her. His tongue flicked out and swiped the tip of her nipple. Before she could recover from the initial contact he drew the tingling nub into his mouth and gave it a firm suck.

"Oh." Her back arched and pleasure rushed through her. Ryan held her in place with one hand on her buttock, the other sliding over her ribcage to cover her breast. He alternated between suckling and licking, bringing her nipple to a taut, aching peak. His attention shifted to her other breast. Sophie sank her hands into his hair and sighed. With his mouth caressing her nipple and his hard cock beneath her, he'd pushed her to the point she wanted to explode.

Ryan tugged the front of her panties down and slipped his hand inside. He brushed his fingertips over her pussy, dipping into her warmth. He caressed her swollen clit, massaging her sensitive bud in slow circles. She let out a breathless moan as his mouth tilted to meet hers, his lips warm and damp from the attention he'd given her breast. She kissed him and fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, pulling the last one free so she could tug the two sides apart. Her palms swept over his broad chest, skimming his hardened nipples.

Ryan groaned and thrust his tongue into her mouth, slowly pushing two fingers inside her at the same time. Oh, God.How had he known she needed that? She gave an inward sigh of relief and sank down to meet the deliberate glide of his fingers.

Sophie leaned closer, her breasts brushing his bare chest while he teased and aroused her. Her hips moved in time with his hand. His pace increased, his pressure firmed. He seemed to know exactly what she needed before she did.

She broke their kiss and rested her forehead against his, drawing in quick breaths. "You're going to..." Overcome with sensations, she could barely think let alone form words. "You're going to make me-"

"Show me, sweetness." Ryan slid his fingers steadily in and out of her warmth, rubbing her clit with the heel of his palm.

She couldn't hold back any longer. Her eyes squeezed shut and a strangled moan tore from her. Her hips jerked against him, her belly tightened. She clenched her thighs, fisting her hands in his hair. Sophie rode his fingers and pressed her mouth to his. Their tongues tangled and she let out one long, throaty cry as her orgasm took hold. Her body shuddered against him and her world spun. She had to hold onto him to steady herself.

Her breath left her in a whimper and their kiss gentled. Ryan massaged her pussy with slow, languid strokes until she stopped trembling. He finally broke the connection, pulling his hand from between them. He dragged her against him and wrapped his arms around her. "Fuck," he whispered. His breathing sounded almost as shallow as hers.

"Is that good or bad?" Sophie laid her hand on his chest, feeling the thump of his heart while she waited for her own pulse to settle.

"I almost came in my pants."

She laughed and felt his arms tighten around her. She nuzzled his throat, pressing her lips to his warm skin. His erection nestled between her splayed legs and she wriggled against it, still wanting more. She doubted she'd ever be able to get enough of him. "The way you touched me," Sophie said. "The way you moved your fingers inside me with your cock all hard underneath made me want you so much."

Ryan tilted her chin and kissed her. "It made me want you, too," he said.

She lifted herself off him until there was enough space to slide her hand down his body and give his cock a firm rub. "I can tell," she said. Sophie caressed the bulge in his jeans and the surrender in his expression made her want him all the more. "You have the most beautiful body," she said, gently kissing his lips. "I want to touch every part of you with my hands and my mouth."

He groaned and shifted under her. "You can't say things like that and expect to keep your panties on."

The huskiness in his voice had her stomach filling with butterflies. Sophie sat back on her heels and raised her eyebrows. "My panties come off as soon as you lose your shirt," she said, "and your jeans."

He pushed himself up to a sitting position and flicked his tongue over her nipple. "Fine by me."

She didn't know whether to feel amused or turned on by his surprise attack. She always seemed to feel a combination of both in his presence. Sophie used her hands to shield her breasts and waited him out.

Ryan's eyes glimmered with humour. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" He slid his shirt from his shoulders, giving her an unobstructed view of the broad chest and lean muscles that had starred in many of her fantasies.

Her gaze roamed over him and she swallowed. He really did have an incredible body. "I'm not sure about anything around you."

He gave her a quick kiss, then tossed his shirt aside and lay back to work on his zipper. Sophie shuffled backwards on the bed. He lifted his hips to push at his jeans and she helped pull them off from her end. The more she tugged, the more she revealed of his navy blue boxer briefs and the erection hidden inside them.

She wanted so much to touch him, to press her lips to his hard flesh. She had to let out a long breath to regain control. Sophie flung his jeans off the mattress and rose to her knees, slipping her thumbs into the sides of her panties.

"Stand up while you take them off," he said. Ryan gave her a leisurely once over and his expression filled with warmth. "Make it nice and slow."

Her heart thumped hard and she gasped. Desire rushed through her, making her pulse skip and her skin flush. She somehow knew having him inside her would be the only way to satisfy the ache. Sophie rose from the bed and stood over him, one foot planted on the outside of his thigh and the other between his legs.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" She tried to keep her smile from wobbling.

He curved his palm around her ankle, smoothing it over her calf. "Yeah...I'm sure."

She held her breath and slipped her panties past her hips, pushing further until they dropped of their own accord. Sophie felt his eyes on her as she stepped from her underwear and kicked it aside. Her legs were slightly parted, her body completely on display. She couldn't hide from him. Despite the tremor running through her, she didn't want to hide. "You're turn now," she said.

"In a minute." He stroked her leg and watched her for a while. The tension in the room built to an unbearable level and her breaths left her in shallow little puffs. She'd never felt so charged with energy before, so filled with emotion.

"You're beautiful," he said. The look in his eyes made her feel like sinking to her knees and throwing her arms around him. Ryan pulled himself up to sit before her, bringing his mouth in line with her pussy. He kissed her there, a prolonged touch of warm lips to smooth skin that made her sigh deep in her throat.

Sophie parted her legs further and threaded her fingers in his tousled hair. He curled his hands around the backs of her thighs and drew her closer. His tongue made one long lick through her slick heat and a moan left her as she gazed down at him. His eyes closed and his mouth and tongue moved over her damp lips, pushing her arousal to its peak. It wouldn't take much to send her flying again. "Ryan, that...ahhh...that feels amazing."

He hummed his agreement against her pussy, flicking his tongue firmly over her clit. She almost doubled over at the pleasure and he gripped her thighs to steady her. Still sensitive from his earlier attention, it wasn't long before he had her clinging to him all over again.

One of his hands left her thigh to slip between her legs and stroke her there. Rather than dipping his fingers inside her as he had before, he teased her with feather-like touches that made her mouth drop open and her hips undulate.

The release came gently this time. Pulses of desire rippled through her. Sophie tightened her fingers in his hair and pressed her pussy against his mouth. Her orgasm moved through her at a languorous pace, swirling in her belly, jolting her limbs. Her head tipped back and she let out a drawn out "Ohh" as her body trembled above him.

It took her a few moments to come back down and when she did, Sophie realised the only sound in the room was the soft sobbing coming from her. Ryan pulled her onto his lap and his arms went around her. He hugged her to him and buried his face in her hair.

Sophie needed time to recover and curled against him while her breathing slowed. When she finally got her all her senses back, she pressed her lips to his throat. "You keep taking care of me but you're not letting me do anything for you," she said.

"You think this isn't doing anything for me?" He took her hand and guided it toward his erection.

She rubbed him slowly, trailing her fingertips over his hard length, curving her hand underneath to cup him. He let out a quiet groan and smoothed his palm up and down her spine. She stroked him, revelling in the sound of his deepening breaths, the feel of his taut thigh beneath her. "I want to do more for you," she said.

Sophie turned in his arms and kissed him, tasting her own muskiness on his lips. It reminded her of the intimate touch of his mouth between her thighs and further heightened her excitement. Her tongue slid against his and she flattened her palm on his chest, giving him a gentle push until he fell backward on the bed.

Sophie tumbled against his chest and straddled him, kissing him hard. The time for teasing and gentleness had passed. She wanted to know what it felt like to have him inside her. Ryan groaned and thrust his tongue into her mouth, reaching between them to pull down his boxer briefs. He raised his hips and shoved his underwear out of the way, the movement pressing him against her pussy. Sophie felt him without any barriers for the first time and her desire for him surged. "I want you so much," she said.

"Are you..." He kissed her and stroked her temple. "Do we need a condom?"

"No, I'm on the pill." She reached between them and touched his cock, trailing her fingers over him. His skin was so silky smooth, his shaft so unbelievably hard. Her thumb swiped the moisture gathered on the head. The urge came over her to touch him with her mouth, experience the taste of him on the tip of her tongue. "I want to kiss you there," she said.

He rolled her onto her back and kicked his boxer briefs all the way off. "Next time," he said, holding her face while his lips moved over hers. "God, next time. I won't last if you do that now."

Sophie parted her thighs and felt him settle further between them. His cock nudged the entrance to her body and his chest came to rest against her breasts. She curved her hands around the back of his neck and pulled him toward her. She kissed him deeply, her tongue venturing into his mouth as she shifted under him to get closer.

Ryan began guiding his cock into her. She knew the waiting must be torture for him, but despite all his efforts to ready her for this moment, it still didn't go easily. Her body tightened and shut him out of its own accord.

"Try to relax, Soph." Ryan kissed her throat, working his way up to her ear. He nibbled on her lobe, his husky voice reaching inside her. "I won't hurt you."

She drew a deep breath, releasing it slowly. Sophie reminded herself that she was with the man she loved and this moment had been a long time coming. Her nervousness would ruin it all if she didn't let it go. She slipped her arms around him and her thighs unclenched.

Ryan swept her hair from her eyes and gave her a quick kiss. He watched her expression as he eased inside her. She bit her lower lip and raised her hips to meet the slow glide of his cock. The further he penetrated, the fuller she became, her body stretching to accommodate him. She didn't think she could take him all, but he kept pushing, kissing her and whispering soothing words, until finally he was inside her completely. The sigh that came from him sounded like one of relief.

She moistened her lips and met his gaze. "All I can feel is you," she said. "We're a perfect fit."

"I know." He kissed her and withdrew partway before thrusting slowly back in.

Despite the lingering pain, Sophie arched her back and held onto him, pulling him closer. She wanted the weight of him pinning her down, wanted to feel every flex of his muscles. He nuzzled the space under her chin and plunged again. Her mouth opened and she let out a moan, still sensitive from the previous times he'd made her come.

Ryan rested on his elbow, slipping his other hand beneath her. He lifted her hips, his gaze moving over her as he filled her with one controlled thrust after another. She'd finally got used to the sensation of having him inside her when he dipped his head and made a sound against her throat that was somewhere between a laugh and a groan. "You're so tight," he said. "I don't want to hurt you but I can barely hold back."

Each time he pushed inside her he moved with greater ease, and with each retreat Sophie felt surprisingly empty. "I don't want you to hold back," she said, running her fingers through his hair. "I'm not fragile. You won't break me."

The sound he made this time was all groan. His restraint snapped and his lips met hers, his tongue thrusting into her mouth just as his cock thrust into her body. Sophie wrapped her legs around him, linking her ankles together. She gripped the underside of his straining biceps, loving that he let her see this side of him. He'd always been so relaxed and at ease. It made her stomach flutter to see him lose control.

He took over with his strength, overwhelming her with the heat in his kiss. He drove into her again and again, gaining momentum with each plunge. He pulled his mouth away to draw a deep breath. The force of his body made her close her eyes and tilt her head back in pleasure. The need for release built again despite having been there twice.

His pace increased and she jolted beneath him, gasping for breath. His chest rubbed her tingling nipples. He bent his head and moved his lips over her throat, leaving damp kisses on her skin. Sophie dug her fingertips into his shoulders, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. She felt his clenched stomach muscles against hers, his strong arms either side of her. She smelled the soap on his skin from his shower.

Her climax took her by surprise. Her thighs clamped around him and her body twisted. A husky cry tore from her and she thrummed with pleasure, quaking beneath him.

Ryan swore and gathered her into his arms, pressing his cheek to hers. He slammed inside her over and over, breathing hard against her flushed skin. His intensity thrilled her, his thrusts bringing on little aftershocks that trickled through her. He held her so close she felt the rumble move through his chest. He jerked against her and the rumble exploded into a loud groan as he came.

His belly tightened and his body shuddered with the effort. He collapsed against her, his heart thumping and his laboured breaths filling her ear. Sophie unhooked her ankles from around him and let her legs relax. She ran her hands over his back and let the quiet settle between them, basking in his closeness and the warmth of his body.

"Is it always like that?" she asked, stroking his damp hair.

He turned his head and kissed her, his lips soft and warm. "I'll let you know when I can think again."

Sophie smiled and moved beneath him to get more comfortable. He remained inside her and she wasn't in any hurry for him to go anywhere. "It wasn't...It wasn't what I expected."

He propped himself up on his elbows and a lazy smile hovered at his mouth as he looked her over. "Are you criticising my performance?"

"No." She laughed and then sobered when she thought back to everything he'd done for her. Her fingertip traced his collarbone, her eyes following the movement. "No, I'm just glad I waited and had my first time with you. You made it unforgettable."

Something in her expression must have given her away because he said, "I feel a 'but' coming on."

She couldn't look at him just yet. There were probably better times to have this conversation but if she put it off it would only make her more nervous. Her heart felt like it was pounding in her throat. "I feel something for you - more than something - and I don't want that to be my last time with you."

He placed his palms on either side of her face and kissed the tip of her nose. His mouth touched hers and his thumbs stroked her cheeks. "I don't either," he said.

She smiled and closed her eyes feeling a weight lift off her - figuratively. She could handle the literal one staying right where he was for as long as he wanted. "Don't feel too smug," she said. "It's only because of your impressive body."

"Uh huh." His kiss was slow and deep, a leisurely meeting of lips, a soft flicker of tongue. "I believe you."

The rasp in his deep voice had her drawing a steadying breath. She always seemed to feel lightheaded around him. "I already know you on the inside," she said. Her eyes opened again and her hands skimmed down his spine, curving over the bare ass that was hard and muscled like the rest of him. "Now I want to get to know you better on the outside."

"That's fine with me." Ryan pressed a lingering peck on her lips. "Stacey'll be back soon," he said, referring to her housemate. "Come back to my place. Stay with me tonight."

Sophie lifted her arms above her head and stretched. Her breasts squashed against his chest, making heat flash in his eyes. "On one condition," she said, pleased with the reaction she'd stirred in him.

"And what's that?" He lowered his head to nibble her neck.

"You let me give you that kiss I wanted to give you earlier." The groan that vibrated against her skin told her he appreciated her forwardness.

Ryan wrapped his arms around her and rolled onto his back, taking her with him. "I'm glad you made your desperate, drunken move on me last night," he said, curving his hands around her hips.

Sophie sat astride him and their eyes met. A smile played about her lips as happiness flowed through her. "And I'm glad you turned into a prude and made me wait until today."

He reached up to cup her breasts and she felt him grow hard inside her all over again. The connection, the feeling of intimacy between them, warmed her from the inside out. Her hips moved slowly back and forth, a sensation of lightness spreading through her as she watched him.

She held onto his forearms, feeling as if she was about to take the ride of her more ways than one.

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