Making the Grade


Shirley said "My God; how did you know I dreamed that?"

She looked at her son and knew in an instant he had been in her room while she slept and that he may have touched her in her sleep.

Chris stood and quickly unzipped his jeans he was naked under this jeans. Shirley watched as a man size cock sprang forth. He took his cock in his hand and slowly milked it bring a drop of creamy fluid to the tip.

Chris said "Touch me like you did in your dreams. Feel how hard my cock is. Feel the heat of my cock. Squeeze it and jerk it. Play with my cock and when you get me really hard I want to fuck you and watch as you suck the life out of my cock."

Shirley was blinded by the thoughts she was having and the deep warmth of her needs. She felt herself getting so very wet. She wanted to touch her son. But somewhere deep inside she knew it was wrong and this was incest of the worst kind. Then she blurted out "Tell me who the woman is you've been with?"

Chris said "I'll tell you if you take my cock in your mouth."

Shirley some how rationalized this to be a trade off bargain so without thinking she moved to his side of the table and knelt down grabbing his cock as she went.

Chris cried out "Holy fuck." As he watched the head of his cock disappear. He said "I first fucked old lady Grimes when I mowed her lawn last year and here lately I've been fucking my math teacher. Oh God all might I'm going to cum. Oh fuck. Suck my cock Mom Suck my god damn cum. Suck it all and swallowed it too. Christ. Fuck. Ohooo shit."

Shirley tasted the pungent thick fluid spurt across her tongue. She savored and taste and the strong smell filled her nostrils. She loved this so much. If had been so long. She thought "Oh God no. I'm sucking my own sons' cock and he is coming in her mouth. God no this could not be happening."

Shirley jerked back her head ripping his cock free from her mouth. The next large spurt of semen hit her on her upper lip. Chris grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to his cock.

Shirley opened her mouth letting the pulsating cock throb unimpeded until it slowed then stopped.

Chris watched as his mother pulled back letting his cock slip from her mouth. He watched as she flicked her tongue over her upper lip wiping away the last drop of his cum.

Chris crashed to the floor taking his mother in his arms. They hugged clinging together for a long time before either moved. Each had their own thoughts and dreams of the future. They were different dreams but not that different. Mother and son had reached an impasse and were now forever locked together in love, passion and a lustful incestuous relationship.

They moved to the bedroom and were locked in each other arms. Both naked, both grabbing and feeling each other with the intensity of new lovers.

"Mom lay back I want to lick your pussy. I want to make you climax with my tongue. You did such a great job of sucking my cock I want to lick you to a climax. I want to fuck you with my tongue. Would you like that?"

Shirley grunted and pulled her son's head down between her legs. Mother and son locked in the throws of passion. Chris did in deed brig his mother to a full and earth shaking climax time and time again. Shirley cried out wanting her son to give her more. Finely exhausted the pair rested breathing deeply falling asleep side by side.

It was dusk when Shirley woke. She sat up looked at her son resting peacefully on his back with his cock falling between his thighs. Shirley shook her head to clear the thoughts from it. What had she done? What would she do next? What would she do if Chris wanted sex again?

So many questions she was feeling sick. She had to get away and have some time to think. But how?

Chris would graduate in just three more weeks. Shirley thought of Linda his math teacher having sex with her son. Linda was nearly her age. What was that woman thinking about? Shirley paused and thought what was she thinking about. Linda was no worse than she was maybe not as bad since Linda was not a close relative a very close relative. Shirley slipped out of bed and went down to the kitchen.

There on the cork board was Linda's phone number. Should she call this person? What would she say? Maybe they had some thing in common. Yes; maybe they were both crazy, two sex crazed old women wanting the body of a younger man.

Shirley grabbed the phone.

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