tagIncest/TabooMaking Their Baby

Making Their Baby


Jake sat at the dinner table looking at his son and daughter-in-law. They seemed such a happy couple and the love that Jake felt for both of them was obvious. It was Wednesday night and they were at Taylor's house having dinner. This had become a regular event.

Taylor got up to help his wife Shannon clear the table. They never allowed Jake to help even though he always offered. When they came back, it was with a steaming pot of coffee and the sweet rolls that Jake loved so much.

They watched as he took a bite. Then his eyes rolled up in his head and he gave a satisfying moan of pleasure. "Taylor! This girl cooks almost as good as your mother used to. If you ever treat her wrong, I'm gonna steal her and chain her to my kitchen."

That had been his phrase each and every time they sat to dinner and Shannon would bring out one of her fabulous deserts. They young couple looked at each other and laughed.

Jake finished the roll and was taking another from the pan. He knew that she had made the entire pan for him. Neither of them really liked the rolls the way he did. Picking up his coffee, he looked at the two of them as they watched him.

"Ok! Now what was this big secret that you both needed to take with me about?"

Shannon looked at Taylor, and Jake could see that there was suddenly a heavy tension in the air. Taylor placed his hand over his wife's and squeezed it softly.

"Dad, you know that Shannon and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now? And you know that everything that we have tried hasn't worked."

Jake looked from Taylor to Shannon. Yes he knew that they had been trying to get her pregnant. He also knew that nothing that they tried, not artificial insemination or anything else had worked. He felt sorry for them and wanted to help do anything that he could to be presented with a grandchild.

"Taylor. Shannon. I know that it's been hard on both of you. I know that you have tried almost everything that there is to try. I have been thinking about this for a long time and I guess now is the time to bring it up. I wouldn't be opposed to you two adopting a child. I would love it like you had produced it from your own union. You both know that."

Shannon squeezed her husband's hand as she looked at her father-in-law. "But it wouldn't be ours Dad. It would be someone else's that we took in. it would always remind us that we couldn't have kids of our own."

Taylor got up and refilled his dad's cup. "Dad, Shannon and I have been talking and we came up with a plan. Now I don't want you to say anything until I have finished. Can you do that for us?"

Jake looked up at his son's face. The strain and tension seemed to have grown a lot more. He took the cup and took a sip from it savoring the taste. Like her deserts, Shannon knew how to make a good cup of coffee. Nodding his head, he set his cup down.

Taylor walked back to his seat and sitting down, took his wife's hand in his own. They both looked at each other and gave a weak smile, and then they turned to him.

"Dad. I want a child that will look like me. That will have my genes. I want to know that he came from the same line of good looking men that I did. We found out that I just don't have the sperm count to father a child. Shannon is fully capable of fertilizing an egg and carrying a child to full term. Shannon and I have talked and if you are willing, we want you to get her pregnant."

Jake almost spit his coffee across the table. Grabbing up a napkin, he began to wipe up the drops of coffee that had sprayed from his mouth. Neither Taylor nor Shannon had moved or said a word.

"Taylor! Surely you're not asking me to make love to your wife? I would never... I could never..."

Taylor looked at his father. "Dad! Both Shannon and I have seen you watch her with more than just a fatherly smile on your face. But we both know that you love her like a daughter. We are both ok with the idea. And believe me, we have talked long and hard about how we would approach you with it. This way, when she does get pregnant, no one will be the wiser that it isn't mine."

Jake looked from Taylor to Shannon. He had to admit to himself that at times he did look at his daughter-in-law with more than fatherly thoughts in his head. But he always tried to push them from his mind.

"Shannon. How do you feel about all this? I'm your father-in-law and I would never wish to do anything to ever have you look at me with anything but the love that you have shown me since meeting my Taylor."

Shannon smiled. "Dad, you have been like a father to me. You have treated me better than my own father ever treated me. I have nothing but love for you and you know that my love for Taylor could never be shaken. The idea of letting you make love to me to get me pregnant felt strange at first. Almost dirty!

But then I began to think about it. No one has ever loved me the way you do except Taylor. You have always been so caring and such a gentleman at all times. Even when you look at me you never leer. And as soon as you think that I can feel you looking you go off and do something else.

Dad. We want a baby! I want the union between Taylor and me to be complete. I know that he would not feel as if I had betrayed him. And it was his idea that we make you the real father of the baby. That way, we keep it in the family and we know that you would never reveal the truth to him or her."

Yes, Jake did know how much they wanted to have a child. And he knew that his son would never think badly of him for being the father of his child. But how could he do this without allowing his own true feelings for Shannon to come out.

Jake had felt so strongly for his son's wife, that he purposely kept his distance. She reminded him so much of the love that he had shared with his wife. He would only be around them when his son was present and would never allow himself to show any emotions about his true feeling for her. He was sincere about telling his son that he would steal the girl if Taylor ever fucked up.

Taylor's voice brought him back to the reality of the conversation. "I have to go to London, to help complete a project. I will be gone for about a month and a half. We felt that during that time, if you and Shannon got to know each other better, you could do it then. That way dad, Shannon would have you to keep her company, and I would be away so you both would not feel so guilty about it."

Jake sat there not really knowing just what to say. He looked from his son to his daughter-in-law. Then shaking his head, he got up from the table. "Let me think on it Taylor. I will let you know if a few days. But it will definitely be before you have to leave for your trip.

That night, as he lay in bed, his mind turned to the idea of making love to his daughter-in-law. Jake couldn't help the way he was feeling. She was so beautiful, so sweet. She was small just like his wife had been. She didn't have a big chest and her hips were small and round.

Taylor was big like his dad. And the idea of having her small frame beneath him as he stroked his thick dick in and out of her pussy was making him grow hard. But unlike other times, he let his mind continue to think about her as he stroked his dick.

Jake imagined her small mouth and delicate lips wrapped around his thick dick. He groaned, thinking about her moving her head up and down his shaft. He could almost feel her small titties in his mouth. Would her nipples be sensitive?

Jake knew that he was slightly bigger than his son's 8 inches. Would she be able to take all of him in her tight pussy? Would she thrash beneath him as she slowly plowed in and out of her dripping cunt? Damn but the idea had him almost ready to cum.

Jake gasped, as a thought hit him. She had such a small tight looking ass. It had nothing to do with getting her pregnant, but would she allow him to fuck her there? His wife was small and loved to feel his big dick stretching her tight asshole. That thought was all it took. Calling out her name, Jake shot his load into the air as he stroked his dick hard and fast.

The next afternoon, Jake was surprised to hear Taylor coming into his house. Taylor had a key, but he was supposed to be at work. "Dad? They moved up my departure. I decided to come over and talk with you. Did you think about what we asked you? I know that it's a bit strange, but we don't have any other options."

Jake looked at his son. There was no denying the love and respect that each one had for the other. Jake decided to tell his son the truth. "Yes Taylor I did think about it. And I have to be completely honest with you. The idea is exciting. But son, I would be afraid that you would feel that I betrayed your trust. I mean we are talking about me making love to your wife while you are away."


aylor put his hand on his father's shoulder and looked him right in the eye. "No dad. We are talking about a father making his son and daughter-in-law the happiest people in the world. We both love you and respect you.

I know that you would rather die, than treat Shannon with any disrespect. And I know that she trust you to be the gentleman that she has always seen you to be. I know it's weird for me to ask this of you. But I am. Please dad? While I am away, make my wife pregnant with our baby. And it will be ours. Shannon's! Mine! And YOURS!"

Jake pulled Taylor to him. "I love you son! And I know that if your mother were alive, she would agree to this also. Yes, I will do this for all of us. And I hope that it will make a baby even more handsome then you or more beautiful than your darling wife."

Taylor left for London two days later. Both father and wife stood at the airport and watched as his plane took off. The ride home was quiet, and after Jake dropped Shannon off at her house, he went to a bar and had a few drinks. The next day, she was sitting in his living room. It was a strange scene, daughter-n-law and father-in-law sitting in a quiet house. Both were almost afraid to break the silence.

Shannon got up and walked to the kitchen. She came back with two drinks in her hands. Handing Jake a glass, she sat down beside him. "Taylor and I talked about this for the last two nights. We both agreed that the time that you and I spend together will be just between us. He promised that he would never ask me to tell him any of the details. Are you ok with that dad?"

Jake took a big swig from his glass. He turned to look at his daughter-in-law. "Shannon! If we are gonna go thru with this, do you think that you should call me Jake instead of dad?"

Shannon smiled. Damn but she was a pretty girl. And she was even prettier when she gave him one of her face-lighting smiles. "Calling you dad will remind both of us that we are doing this for Taylor and I. You are a real man Jake! Just like your son is. I wouldn't want to get lost in the feelings and start to think that this is anything else but our attempt to get me pregnant."

Jake looked at her. Damn! He was starting to grow hard at the thought of removing her clothes. "So am I supposed to act like a robot? Should I show feelings while we do it? Or should I just make it all mechanical? That would be hard Shannon because I do have feelings for you."

Shannon took the glass from his hand. "I know you do Jake. And so does Taylor. We both see how hard you try to hide them. That was one of the reasons why we both agreed to try it this way. Taylor knew that you would treat me with the same love and respect that he does. Like he said that you had always treated Carol, your wife and his mother."

Jake looked at Shannon and smiled. "See! You really don't know me at all. Yes I always treated Carol with love and respect. She was my wife, my whole life and I wanted the whole world to know what a lucky man I was to have her.

But in the bedroom, we were very different people. We loved sex. And we would often allow ourselves to indulge in our fantasies. Sometimes we were anything but gentle to each other."

Shannon began to laugh. "So Taylor didn't lie to me. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Don't let my small frame give you the wrong idea. Taylor and I get pretty wild in bed. And sometimes he gets really rough. And I love it. He said he got it from listening to you and his mom so many nights."

Shannon let her hand rest on Jake's leg. He looked at the hand and then looked back up into her face. "Ever since Taylor brought up the idea of you making me pregnant, I have thought about you. Wondered if you were as big as he is? Wondered if you like doing the same kinds of things that he does to me."

Jake didn't move as her hand began to slowly slide back and forth on his leg. And with each upward movement, she came closer to touching his growing bulge. When the tips of her fingers finally stroked the tip of his hard dick, Jake groaned.

Shannon looked up at Jake and smiled. Then she leaned in and let her lips touch his. Her lips were so soft and gentle that Jake was almost afraid to kiss her back. But when he felt her tongue tip pressing between his lips he opened his mouth and they melted into each other in a long slow passionate kiss.

As he kissed her, Jake let his hand slide around her back and drew her closer to him. She was small enough that his hand slid around and cupped her tit. His thumb began to stroke her hard nipple and Shannon moaned in response. Jake's other hand went to her knee. Shannon had worn a skirt that came to her knees. She never wore anything provocative unless Taylor was taking her out somewhere.

As soon as Jake's hand touched her knee, Shannon gave a soft moan and opened her legs wider, giving him the go ahead to explore her further. Shannon broke the kiss and leaning into the crook of his neck, whispered into his ear. "I didn't wear any panties. Do you think that I'm a bad girl?"

Jake could only groan, as his hand slipped all the way up her thigh and found her hairy cunt. "Taylor likes me with a lot of hair on my pussy. I hope that doesn't turn you off?"

Jake had to smile. "No! In fact, I like a woman that keeps her pussy covered in hair. It lets the scent and juices collect better." As his fingertips began to slowly stroke up and down her already wet slit, Shannon moaned. Her fingers had outlined the bulge in Jake's pants and she was slowly stroking the length of his hard dick.

"Damn Jake! I think that you're even fatter and longer than Taylor is. I'm sure that you will go in so deep, I won't be able to help getting pregnant."


ake, his finger now stroking in and out of Shannon's juicy cunt was enjoying the hell of out himself. Her cunt was indeed tight. And the thought of his long fat dick pushing deep into it was making him even harder.

"I have to warn you girl, I like to talk dirty when I fuck!"

Shannon gave a soft laugh, as she slowly unzipped his pants and drew his big thick dick from the confines within. "Will you call me a dirty little slut, as you force me to take this big dick in my mouth Daddy? Will I be your nasty whore, as you are pounding my pussy making me scream and beg for more? Will you spank my tiny ass Daddy? Make me stay still as you force this big dick up my tight asshole?

I told you Jake, Taylor doesn't treat me like I'm some priceless porcelain princess when he fucks me! My body belongs to him. And he is allowed to do anything that he wants to me. Just, as I am allowed to do whatever I wish to him. Will you let me do what I wish to you too Daddy?"

Her words were enflaming his lust even more than her dripping pussy was. And as weird and perverted as it sounded, have her call him Daddy, pushed him even further into lust mode. He pulled her up on the couch so that she was curled up facing him with her head in his lap. His hand was still between her thighs and his fingers were slowly stroking her cunt. Looking up at him, Shannon opened her mouth and took the head of his dick between her lips.

Jake groaned at the touch of her lips. "Suck it! Suck Daddy's dick you tiny little slut! I've wanted to fuck you from the moment that Taylor brought you home. Watching you walk around with your small tits and that tight round ass. I imagined forcing you to take it. I even fantasized about raping you; forcing you to take Daddy's big dick up your tight asshole."

Shannon let her lips slide all the way down Jake's dick until she felt it hit the back of her throat. Yes! He was definitely bigger than Taylor was. She slipped her mouth off his hard dick and slipped from the couch. Thinking that he had gone too far, Jake began to apologize.

"Shannon! I'm so sorry baby. I didn't mean..."

Shannon looked at him, as she climbed up on his lap. Her knees were on either side of his legs and her skirt hid his dick from view. But she reached down and found it, pressing it against her dripping cunt. "Shut up and fuck me Daddy! Fuck me, you big dick bastard! Shove that fat Daddy dick up my little girl's cunt! Fuck me deep Daddy! Fuck me hard Daddy! Make me cry out!"

Shannon pressed down until almost Jake's whole dick was buried in her pussy. Damn! She was so fuckin' tight! "Oh Daddy! You've got such a big fat dick! Do you like feeling it stuff your little girl's tight pussy? Will you make me your little girl whore? I'll do anything for you Daddy! Anything!"

Jake looked directly into her eyes. She was looking at him with such an intense look on her face. Her hips began to slowly work back and forth as she began to ride him.

"You like calling me Daddy don't you little girl? You want Daddy to fuck your tight pussy and make you his woman. Say it!"

Shannon lifted herself up and slowly pressed her pussy back down until she had captured every last inch. Her eyes grew wide as Jake felt the tip of his dick pressed hard against her cervix.

"Yes Daddy! I want you to fuck me! I want to feel Daddy taking his little girl's tight pussy. I want to feel Daddy stretch her cunt! I want to be Daddy's nasty little girl! Oh Daddy! I'm gonna cum! Fuck me harder Daddy! Faster!"

Jake grabbed her by her hips and began to jerk her up and down on his lap. A few times Shannon cried out as he got even rougher while fucking her. But his dick was controlling his actions, and the sound of her cries and whimpers only spurred him on.

"You nasty, little whore! Daddy's gonna fuck the shit out of you! Daddy's gonna fuck every hole you have. Can you feel it baby? Do you feel Daddy's big dick fucking your tight pussy? Do you want him to stop?"

Shannon was breathing like she had run a race. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Don't stop Jake! Fuck me! Fuck me Daddy! Make me cum! Cum in my pussy! I want your baby! Daddy! I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming Daddy!"

Jake felt her fingernails digging into his shoulder, as she hung on for dear life. He was jerking up into her as he pulled her down on his dick. "Yes baby! Daddy's gonna fuck you good! Damn but you have a tight pussy! I'm gonna cum too baby! Daddy's gonna make his little girl have his baby!"

to each other, the orgasm that took them both was almost earth shattering. They both screamed out their pleasure as they shivered and shook against each other. Shannon felt her father-in-law's cum fill her as he shot deep in her cunt. And Jake felt Shannon's cum drench his dick and pants.

They held each other, gulping in air as if they had been plunged underwater for a long time. Then suddenly Shannon began to shake all over again. Her eyes grew wide. "Daddy! Oh Daddy! I'm Cumming again! I'm gonna squirt! Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!"

Suddenly, her cunt gripped Jake's dick so hard, it felt like she was trying to squeeze it off. Then with a loud scream, Shannon began to jerk her hips. She screamed again, and Jake felt her begin to squirt over and over as she came, milking his cock over and over.

They held each other as they began to calm down. Jake had never felt anything so intense. He held her tight and began to kiss her with a passion that he had not shown since his wife had died. And Shannon kissed him back with just as much passion.

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