tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMallika On The Sets Of Khawish

Mallika On The Sets Of Khawish


This incident happened on the sets of Khawish, Mallika Sherawat's flick. We all remember the bikini scene in which she and Himanshu get more than a little cosy.

During the shooting of that famous scene, Himanshu decided to play a practical prank on her. As they stood under the waterfall, he yanked off her bikini bottoms and exposed her buttocks and pussy for all to see. And what a trmendous sight it was! But that plan backfired on him.

You see, Mallika is a woman pround of her 36 C breasts and amazing bod. She did not bother to cover herself up but yanked off Himanshu's trunks, exposing for all his erect penis, which though fully erect was not more than five inches in size. Himanshu had not bargained for letting this secret of his out in the open. He felt embarassed and tried to cover up his genitals but Mallika stopped him.

"You have spent all this time grabbing my breasts and ass, and kissing me at every other opportunity available," she told him, "Now it is my turn to have some fun."

With that, she went down on him and enclosed her mouth around his prick. The unit was not really shocked as this was an occurrence in almost every movie. But, normally it involved established actresses or actors sexually exploiting their lesser known co-stars. This was a rare occasion in which new comer had done this. Normally, it was a power game where the lesser known actor was shown his/her place. So, the crew seldom got turned on by it. But, there was this raw animal passion in Mallika that riled them all up considerably. Very soon pants were unzipped and skirts were pulled down as they got busy masturbating themselves or each other.

Meanwhile, Mallika had manage to swallow Himanshu's cock whole. It was not really that difficult considering his small size. But she was hungry for a cock. She had fucked the director last night as part of her 'obligations' but the bastard did not even last five minutes. Himanshu was doing a better job, probably because he was slightly nervous due to his size and that prevented him from getting very charged up. Good, she thought. She undid her top, and put Himanshu's hands on her breasts - those milky white beauties! He massaged them slowly, pinching her nipples every once in a while. He looked around. It had become one wild orgy with everyone doing everyone else. The sex did not matter. In this industry, men and women swing both ways.

Slowly Mallika turned around and bent over, exposing to him her moist thatch. His cock easily slid in and they began their fucking. It was intense, both highly sexually charged up. Mallika could not stop screaming as she went into her orgasmic highs. Himanshu was humping her like a bull in heat. He was amazed by this woman's lust. He was certain if she was anyone else, her pussy would have been sore by his fucking. Such was his the intensity of their fucking.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!," Mallika egged him on. And he knew this was one woman who was letting up her pent up sexual frustration after a long time. He was getting close as she shuddered with one big orgasmic spasm. He quickly pulled his dick out of her cunt and shot his wad all over her beautiful ass cheeks.

But, Mallika was not done. She spread her legs wide and invited all the crew to come and give her a piece of their cock. They came in twos, one doing her cunt, the other her mouth. She timed her blowjobs so that both men came together in their respective holes. By the time she was done she had swallowed enough cum to give her indigestion, and enough had been discharged in her womb that when she got up, it trailed all the way down to her feet.

"Well, now that you are all done," said the director Govind Menon, "How about giving me some good shots?"

They both dressed, and passed each other a wink. They knew they were far from done with each other. The night had a lot more more them.

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