Mama Likes It Dirty


"OHHHH, GOD!" she screamed.

She released him at last and lay halfway on the couch, halfway on the floor, panting, hair soaked, tits shining in the candlelight.

"Holy fuck, Daddy," she said at last. "That was fucking incredible."

Daddy smiled and crawled on the couch beside her.

She kissed him and sucked his lips.

"You taste like pussy juice," she said. "That is so fuckin' hot."

Daddy's hard cock throbbed against her thigh. She reached down and slowly began jacking him up and down.

"So, big boy," she said, softly. "How you gonna fuck me?"

Daddy closed his eyes for an instant and lay still, enjoying the feel of her hand on his dick.

"If I said you were the hottest, sexiest bitch I had ever laid eyes on, would you take that as a compliment?" he asked.

"Of course," she said. "How else could it be taken?"

"Then you'll let me fuck you like the dirty little bitch you are?"

"Oh, Daddy," she said. "Let's go into the bedroom. I think I'm gonna like this!"

He walked behind her, enjoying the jiggle of her voluptuous ass. She had somehow kept her heels on, and she looked hot as hell in stockings. She climbed onto the big bed on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at him.

He could see the reflection of her pretty face and big tits in a mirror across the room. She looked over her shoulder and gave him a smile.

"Come on, Big Daddy," she said. "Come fuck me doggie-style."

She spread her knees farther apart on the mattress and Daddy enjoyed the sight of her big white ass and wet hairy bush opening up for him.

He held his dick up to her cunt and slowly pushed forward.

"Oh, yeah," she said in a loud whisper. "Oh, Daddy, I can't wait to get fucked!"

Her sopping hole made a soft wet noise as he pushed into her.

"That's just my pussy saying hello, Daddy," she said. "Now get your rocks off in me."

He grabbed the bountiful cheeks of her ass and went at it, enjoying the sight of her big flopping tits in the mirror, slapping his balls against her clit.

She looked at the reflection of their faces – eyes half closed, mouths panting. We're fuckin' animals, she thought.

"Oh, bang my cunt harder, Daddy!"

He loved the feel of her big soft ass in his hands and against his groin. Her fleshy curves did more to turn him on than any skinny uber model.

"Oh, god, Mama," he said. "I'm so close!"

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!" she cried.

Their eyes met in the mirror, a look of lust on her face, strawberry blonde hair, wet and tangled. His arms and chest flexed from his efforts. Sweat glistened on his skin.

They gave in to the moment.

"Oh, FUCK!" he yelled.

She closed her eyes and cried and threw herself into him. They lost each other for a moment as their orgasms rocketed them each into a different world. A world where sound, smell, sight and touch melted together.

He heard a loud rushing in his ears as his cock spurted again and again in Mama's hot pussy. She felt her legs tremble and her nipples ache as her orgasm rose and crashed like so many waves.

They collapsed into each other, spent, wet and tired. Daddy pulled her close and they lay there -- eyes closed, totally removed from their physical selves. Souls talking in a language no one could hear.

He kissed her softly on the forehead and brushed a tear off her cheek.

"Fancy finding you here," he joked, quietly.

"Do I know you?" she answered, smiling.

He kissed her again and wrapped his arms around her. She looked beautiful in a different way now -- naked and open, no secrets between them.

"It's ok, isn't it?" she asked. "Being bad, I mean. We'll always love each other, but we can play like this sometimes, right?"

He smiled into her eyes.

"That was incredible," he said at last. "Who knew that being bad could be so good?"

She snuggled into his chest.

"I see a lot of misbehaving in the years ahead of us, Daddy. Hope you bought us a long-term contract on those phones."

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