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Mama Says


When I walk in the door you hear me and order me to go to the bedroom and put on what is laid out on the bed. Following your orders I immediately go to the bedroom and put on the G-string and bring to you the whip, nail polish and butt toy.

Once in front of you I kneel and give you the items you asked for. You tell me that you are displeased with the time it took to get here and take the whip from me and smack me very hard on the back several times. The pain is immense and I scream OHHHHH. You command me to turn around and for some reason tell me to watch the TV. You turn on the tape and say, "watch and listen slave, you may learn something."

You stand in front of me and take off the robe you are wearing. Underneath is the most sexy outfit you have ever worn, at the same time the camera in the film pulls back and you have on the same outfit, a black leather corset with thigh high stockings, long black gloves and high heeled shoes. You have on black nail polish and lipstick and are carrying the whip. You tell me you have found a special place with very special people and now paint your MAMA'S toes.

I cannot believe it; you are ordering me from the tape. I turn and see you on the couch, whip in hand pointing to your toes. I am not reacting fast enough and you whip me on the back again. The pain is awful, my back feels like it is on fire I have tears in my eyes and you start to laugh and call me" my baby slave." You have now stopped the tape and tell me to paint your toes.

I kneel in front of you and take off your stockings, massaging your legs and feet until the stockings are removed. You look at me and say, "Well they look dirty to me." I start licking your feet and hear you start to moan. I am starting to get hot and take your foot in hand and put your big toe in my mouth and suck it as if it was a cock. You are moaning, "yes, yes, suck it, suck it." I now take all of your foot in my mouth and feel you moving back and forth. Suddenly you start bucking up over and over and moan, "OH, OHH, OHHH, YES, YESSSSS, SUCK ME, SUCK ME, YESSSSSSS," and then you cum in waves. "OOOOOOHHHHHH, YESSSSS!" I stop and wait until you settle down and then ask you if I can paint your toe nails now. You smile and say, "Yes slave boy." When finished I ask you " Mistress are you pleased?" You look at me, lift the whip up and crack it saying, "You are to call me Big Mama, not Mistress. Do you understand?" I nod yes but do not understand.

You then turn on the tape again and say " Kneel in front of ME." You make me bend over the table and reach for something that I now realize is a lubricating jelly. You ram one finger into my ass and then a second finger. My ass is now fully lubricated and you stick the butt toy in slowly making me feel every inch of it. It starts to hurt and I moan in pain but as you keep pushing the pain lessen.

I look up and on the screen I hear you say this place is for Masters and Mistresses to bring their slaves and someday I will be allowed here. I can see men and women enjoying their slaves as they worship and arouse them. You go over to a Master named Ed and his slave girl and say, "slave boy watch and learn."

I can't believe my eyes as he starts kissing you and running his hands over your body and you start to moan, " Oh that feels good. Are you watching slave?" You reach for his prick and start to massage it, making it get larger. While you do this, his slave girl is at your knees kissing you feet and working up to your cunt. You moan and say, "that's it put that tongue in my pussy and suck the clit." You start to move faster and faster and are getting hotter and hotter and scream " harder you slut harder" and then cry out loudly as you cum hard.

Master Ed then moves you to the table, pushes you down and tells his slave girl to put on the special equipment. As she leaves, you grab his prick and bring it toward your mouth saying " I've wanted this for a long time, bring it to MAMA." You put your mouth around it slowly savoring every inch of it. I cannot believe my eyes. It keeps getting bigger and bigger and you keep looking up as if to say, "Is that all you have?" The slave girl reenters the room, turns toward the camera, she's' only wearing a strap-on dildo and a smile. Master Ed then commands, "Get her ready slut and make it fast or else." She immediately falls to her knees in front of you. You pull away from his prick, which is enormous at least 8 inches long with a large reddish, purple head, and look down to see what the slave girl is doing. You smile and say, "That's it, get me wet. I want that dildo NOW!"

She starts licking you harder and faster, you moan "more tongue, deeper, deeper, that's it YES I'M READY, STICK THAT THING IN ME NOW."

You moan and turn back to his prick and say " OH HAS MAMA NEGLECTED YOU." You take his prick and pull it to your mouth and just attack it as if it was something you have always wanted but could not have. Master Ed starts to moan and says " Yes that's it. Suck me bitch, suck me fast and hard! I want my prick harder then this to take you to the next step."

I am getting hotter than I have ever been, my prick now throbbing and wanting release. I turn around as I hear you start to moan. You have your fingers in your cunt playing with your clit but at a slow building pace. Your head is back mouth open and moaning "OHHHH, OHHHHH." You look down and see me staring at you and again crack me with the whip saying, "Turn around and learn."

I turn back to the tape. The slave is now over you, fucking you as fast as any man could, not missing a beat, as you lay there sucking Master Ed faster and faster. Just then he pulls his prick from your mouth and says" turn over bitch I'm going to fuck you harder than that slave boy could ever do." His slave girl stops and pulls out and you say "FUUUCK, FUUUCK I WANT MORE OF THAT DILDO." You finally turn over and say to Master Ed " are you worthy of this cunt?" He nods yes and you grab him and guide his throbbing prick to your cunt. He puts it in slowly and your cunt quivers with excitement, as it reaches bottom his slave girl starts to caress your body. You start screaming"fuck me harder and faster or I will go back to the slave girl!!" He picks up the pace and you grab him by the hair and start hitting him with the whip. He is getting hotter and hotter and you scream at him "deeper I want that cum in me now." He groans "ahhhhhh, ahhhh, I'm cumming" and then cums and cums, it runs from your cunt and you can see on the screen your body pulsating and pulsating as you cum at the same time.

You push him away and pull the slave girl by the hair and yell at her "LICK ME BITCH, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN." She cleans you with her tongue and you again start screaming, "THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT" and pull her face to your cunt as you cum. The tape ends with you sitting up and saying "I hope you are hot slave boy, you're going to be busy taking care of me all weekend. GET READY." I know I better not cum until YOU are satisfied and then, if you are satisfied I will be allowed to jerk off on your feet and lick them clean.

I turn to you and you start that evil laugh and turn the butt plug on. The pain shoots thru my ass causing me to groan. I know I am in for a whipping and if I'm good will get to enjoy your juices from your orgasms. You pull me to your cunt and say "make me cum or else." I start to lick you and you whip me harder. The more I moan from the whipping the hotter you get until you explode in my face covering it with your sweet cum. You turn the controls on the butt plug to high and start laughing again as I scream in pain. I know I am your slave boy and must worship you over and over again.

The doorbell rings and you ask me"well slave are you going to answer the door?" You whip me across my ass and say "make it fast." I open the door and there stands Master Ed, I look at him and from the grin on his face I realize I am in for a long weekend.

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