tagMatureMammary Mansion Ch. 07

Mammary Mansion Ch. 07


I settled in the chair in front of the terminal and logged on. Within minutes, and right on the appointed time, the screen flickered and there was Monica, smiling gently, her marvellous blue eyes twinkling. “Morning Michael. Hope I didn’t disturb you. I see you drank your milk like a good boy.” She laughed showing her beautiful teeth as I wiped the remains of Maria’s breast milk from around my mouth. “Maria’s a good chef, then. Look after you did she?”

“Erm, yeah. Great eggs benedict.”

She smiled again. “Riiiiight! So, after a couple of days, what’s the verdict Michael? Stay or go?” For some reason, I got the impression that the answer was important to her even though she tried to look serene. I gave the situation some thought. Did I really want to stay in a luxurious mansion, surrounded by women whose main attributes seemed to be enormous tits and an endless need for fucking? Did I really need to be waited on hand and foot, fed with fabulous food, and fucked silly every day and night? Did I? Fucking hell, I did. As I gazed at her, giving her some sombre seconds before replying, I realised that I also wanted to get to know her better. She intrigued me. Was losing my independence worth it?

“Stay.” No explanations, no chattering. A straight forward answer.

Monica smiled broadly. “I hoped you would say that. Now to business.” She put on her business look. “I have need of your services,” she said and I detected a hint of blush on her lovely cheeks, “your financial investigation services, that is. There’s a company buying shares in one of our major subsidiaries. I think I know who it is but I’m not sure. The buying is well disguised and our in house experts can’t find any pattern. I can see it because I’ve seen it before. We nearly lost one of our tourist resort chains a while back but saved it when we hired you and you discovered enough for us to pull up the drawbridge. I’m happy to pay whatever you want to do the work.”

“Hell, Monica, consider it a freebie. Least I could do.” I smiled. So did she.

“I know you will need some stuff from your old digs so I’ve arranged for Sonia to take you and collect whatever you need. She’ll have the Rolls outside in twenty minutes.” She had been confident that I would agree to stay, cunning bitch. “See you tonight, Michael,” said Monica smiling. The screen went blank. Time for a quick shower and off.


Sonia manoeuvred the huge Rolls Royce through the mid morning traffic with ease of an expert. She wore a grey suit, grey peaked chauffeur’s hat, her blonde in a tight french roll and aviator glasses. We arrived at the digs in the fairly respectable down town and I went in to my downstairs flat and collected what I needed in the way of cd’s.

The landlady lived on the fourth floor and owned the building. She was a nice old stick whom I’d not really paid attention too before. I went upstairs to tell her I would be away a while and to pay some rent. She peered around the door after I knocked, looking up at me from her sub five foot height. Amy Ervine was mid to late sixties with a smooth rounded face, gray eyes behind round specs.

“Oh Michael, there you are,” she exclaimed smiling broadly. “I didn’t know where you had got to and was becoming a little concerned. A couple of your floozies came round but I shooed them off.” She grinned at that and so did I. She knew what I got up to and who I got up. She missed nothing being very bright for her age. As I grinned down at her, I noticed that she had her arms folded under quite an impressive chest. The stance caused the upper slopes of her more than ample boobs to be pushed up from the top of her square cut dress, wrinkling rather delightfully not far from her double chin.

Amy saw me looking. “Michael, you’re a dirty boy. Come on in and have a cup of coffee and tell me what you’ve been up to. I’ve missed our morning teas, and your tales of conquest.” We had been in the habit of taking morning tea together in her cosy sun filled kitchen, and over time she had pressed me for more and more lurid tales of my erotic interludes, urging me on with wide eyed gasps as she heard the salacious details. I had looked on her like a doting grandmother and she had reciprocated by doing my laundry and cleaning my flat, a service none of the other tenants received.

As she busied herself making the coffee, I noticed for the first time that she had quite a curvy figure on her. She was round top and bottom but those areas were bisected by a nipped in waist. The sight of her large round arse moving about in her dress started my cock twitching. It had become educated over the last few days and now appreciated the sexiness of an older figure, something that had never crossed my mind after years of a diet of endless stick figures. My eyes travelled down, noting the dress tight against meaty thighs, then to the dimples on the back of her knees, down to her daintly ankles. Amy set the cups down and a plate of biscuits, and sat, folding her arms again under her bosom, she leant forward.

“Tell all Michael,” she said looking at me intently.

So I told her and watched as her eyes widened. She gasped a few times, her hand covering her mouth. Mostly she shook her head, astounded by what she heard. When she looked away from time to time, my eyes were drawn to the deep line of her cleavage, and she caught me looking a couple of times. After I finished telling her about Maria and our table ender this morning, Amy sighed and muttered something like “lucky bitch” under her breath. She got up to make another cup but leant on the counter and I saw her shoulders shaking, her head down.

“What are you laughing about,Amy?” I asked. I heard a snuffle and realised that she wasn’t laughing. I got up and put my arm around her shoulders and raised her chin with my finger just in time to see a fat tear roll down her cheek. “What’s the matter, honey?” I whispered, wiping it away.

She sunk into my arms and continued to snuffle against my chest. “I don’t know,” she sobbed. She looked up at me with swimming eyes. “I guess I’m upset because you’re leaving and I’ll never get what they got.”

I tightened my arms around her. “Firstly, I’m not leaving permanently. Secondly, I’ve had a horn on for you since you opened the door. What do you think that is pressing against your tummy?”

Amy leaned back and rubbed her tummy around and over my unruly tumescent cock.

“Oh Michael, please say you’re not having me on.”

“Well.....I rather think you’ll be having me on, and it had better be soon if you keep that up.”

Turning, she dragged me to her bedroom. She started ripping her dress off and almost snarled at me. “Get your duds off, Michael; let me see you. You’ve always been my gorgeous guy.”

I shucked.

She ducked.

And sucked.

“Bloody things,” she muttered and pulled her false teeth out. What an experience as she sucked like a vacuum cleaner, the feel of her gums sliding over my cock was unreal. Within seconds I exploded into her mouth. Her action of swallowing and gulping my spume made my pulsing cock tingle in erotic agony causing my knees to buckle.

“Christ! That was fantastic, Amy, darling. Your husband must have been a bloody lucky bastard.” Her tongue scampered to flick all of the drool from my dong.

“ He loved it, and so did I. You were very tasty, tangy. Almost like caviar.” I had told her what I had for breakfast. My dick was still hardish.

I raised her up and she slipped her teeth back in as I cuddled her, feelling her large sagging tits against my rib cage as I gently pushed her back onto the bed. I raised her knees and sank to mine. “Now for you darling. I just love to eat before I fuck.”

“Oh goody,” she panted, and let her knees fall sideways, giving me a good look at her hairy gray gash. It parted like the Red Sea revealing burgeoning pussy lips that were moistened by her patent excitement.

I leaned forward and licked up the length of it, like a big ice cream. She mewled and shuddered. I bent to my extremely enjoyable task, occasionally thrusting my rigid tongue into her steamy depths. Suddenly her clit popped from its hood and I pounced on it like a rabid dog, sucking an flicking. Without warning, her soft meaty thighs thumped against my ears as she came, clutching my head as she wailed, “oooooohhhhhhhh ggaaawwwwwd, oooooohhhhhhhh ggaaawwwwwd” over and over. I kept licking, sucking and poking until I felt her shudder again. I stood and put her fat dimpled knees over my shoulder. Gathering her big soft udders, I gazed with rapt appreciation at their blue vein striated creaminess surmounted by crinkled brown hazel nut nipples, and rammed by big cock straight up her juicy cunt. She went off again “oooooohhhhhhhh ggaaawwwwwd, fuck me Michael, it’s gorgeous, oh, Oooooh,” as I rammed into her, bottoming out on every stroke.

It was a glorious fuck. More than once, I wished I had been doing this for the last two years. She shunted her hips up and down with me as I leant forward and chewed on her fat nipples. It was too good to last. She shuddered and wailed again, her aged pussy clamping on my turgid dick that responded by firing bullets of sperm into her boiling depths. I fell onto her cushiony body, absolutely fucked. Amy murmured against my ear. “So good, so good, my lovely boy”.

After a rest, she got me up again by titfucking me and knobbing me with her gummy mouth. And then climbed aboard, riding me, her big soft tits rolling and swaying. As she sped up she leaned forward, swatting me with them as I attempted to catch her delightful nipples with my mouth. We came again, she for the fourth time since climbing into the saddle.

The Rolls was waiting outside as I bent down and gently kissed my landlady, her arms about me. “Come back, soon, Michael. I haven’t got so long to live, to enjoy what we did.”

“I’ll be back. That’s a promise.”

I gathered my bags and went down the stairs and into the back seat with Sonia holding the door. As I passed her, Sonia gave a half smile and said, “enjoyable morning, eh stud?” and pinched my arse!! I looked at her but could see nothing behind the aviator glasses. I fell onto the capacious back seat, and promptly fell asleep.


I awoke when the big purring engine stopped. I sat up and looked around. We were in the middle of the pine forest and it was late afternoon. Sonia wasn’t behind the wheel. She had doffed the glasses and opened one of the rear doors. She reached up and unpinned her hair and shook it out. It was that glorious blonde that only Scandanavians have and it rippled and flowed around her face. Her eyes were an icy blue. She started to undo the buttons of her jacket and for the first time, I saw that she had nothing on underneath. One by one, she slipped the buttons out of their holes, her eyes fixed on me. After the last one, she slowly pulled the lapels apart, exposing her breasts.

I stifled a groan and I’m sure my eyes popped out my head. They were very large and extremely firm, conical and tipped with pale nipples on top of velvety areolae. They pointed out and up. I’m positive my tongue fell out of my head.

“Everybody else is getting it. Now is my turn.” She shrugged out of the jacket causing her magnificent tits to jiggle slightly, and thrust her thumbs into the top of her uniform trousers.

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