tagRomanceMan of Her Dreams

Man of Her Dreams


Chapter 1

"Hey Amy, how are you doing today? You're usual?" I nod my head at her.

"I'll bring it to your table." Pat stated as she walked away.

"Thanks Pat." I replied, moving my attention around the cute little bookstore/coffee shop I loved so much, the people are so nice and it has a nice quiet atmosphere so that I can read or write, oh and the coffee isn't bad either.

I sat down in my favorite booth awaiting my coffee. Pat set down my piping hot Venti Caramel Macchiato with extra whipped cream and caramel. I moan in anticipation. I pick up my book and get lost in a story of murder and trickery. While sipping on my drink a man bumps into me sending it flying onto me and his blue cashmere sweater. He yells very loudly and curses like a sailor. I sit there trying to decide if I should laugh or apologize profusely when he looks down at me. His eyes, a bluish-green, ensnare me. I feel like I am drowning in the ocean. I lick my suddenly dry lips and I swear I taste salt as if I had really been in the ocean. He apologizes profusely and asks to buy me another cup of coffee. I hesitate slightly but I say yes. As he walks away I check him out. I hadn't before because his eyes had hypnotized me. He has short curly honey brown hair and a nice lean body. He is about 6'5 and has a nice tan. He has the softest looking lips. The bottom lip plump, just ripe for kissing.

I shake my head to clear it of those kinds of thoughts. He would never be into me so quit dreaming. He walks with confidence and authority. When he gets to the table I notice that everyone in the room is watching us. I ask him to join me and he accepts. I see looks of hatred and disappointment on all the female faces. We sat in silence for a moment then glanced at each other and chuckled. He tells me his name is Brody O'Brien and he is from a small village in Ireland. He describes his life growing up on a farm. I thought that was cool because I love animals. He tells me that his family raises purebred Andalusia horses. I nearly fell out of my chair. I have loved horses ever since I was a little girl.

"Well, my name is Amy Calhoun, and I was born and raised in Detroit. I moved to California two years ago for my job as a computer engineer." He looked at me surprised. "I never would have guessed that was what you did for a living. What made you go into that, if you don't mind me asking?"

"I love computers, taking them apart and rebuilding them was a hobby of mine so figured I should get paid for it. So I have been trying to figure out why you look so familiar to me?" And as I said it I looked up at the billboard outside and noticed he was a Calvin Kline model. I looked at him in shock.

"Why are you talking to me?"

"Why wouldn't I be talking to you? You're really beautiful and you were so into your book that you didn't even look up when I walked in even though everyone in here started to scream and mummer. I have never met anyone with that much concentration and I told myself that I had to meet you. So I "accidentally" bumped into you."

I blush and say, "I am flattered, but you ruined a really expensive cashmere sweater to talk to me when all you had to do was tap me on the shoulder?"

He blushed and I laughed. "I didn't think that far ahead. I just had to meet you. A little third degree burns pales in comparison to meeting you." He grinned and my heart sped up. We sat there and talked for what seemed like hours until he looked at his watch and said that he had to leave but he wanted to see me again. He seemed to get real nervous all of a sudden as he stuttered out, "A-Are you busy next Saturday? I know this really nice French restaurant. Or if you'd prefer maybe Italian or Japanese or-"

I place my finger tips on his lips, they were so soft, and say "French is fine with me. I have always wanted to try it."

He looked surprised and relieved that I had accepted and said, "I'll pick you up at 7:30 Saturday evening?"

"Ok that's fine." I start to pack up my stuff when he ask "Can I walk you to your car?" I say ok and we walk to my dark blue 2013 Range Rover. I pull my jacket closer to me due to the cooler August day. As I get to my car the wind kicks up and I brush my long light brown hair out of my face.

I was getting into my truck when he grabs my hand and kisses it saying, "Au revoir ma douce." When he speaks those foreign words, while looking into my chocolate brown eyes, I just melt.

"W-What does that mean?" I stutter.

"It means, till we meet again my sweet." And he gently places me into the car and closes the door. I finally get my senses back as the door closes and turn the car on and put it into gear. I look up to wave at him and he waves back. I start to giggle and drive home with a huge grin on my face. I walk into my Spanish colonial house and I jump up and down screaming.

My roommate Crystal runs out of her room with a baseball bat yelling "What is it? What's wrong?" I look at her and I start laughing. She is still looking around like there is someone after us.

I finally calmed down and say to her, "I got a date, Friday night at eight. Its gon' be so great. Great great great great great." I started dancing and twirling. She looked at me like I was crazy.

She grabbed me and shook me.


"NOW, slowly tell me what is going on before I beat you with this bat." I laugh but know that she is serious. So I tell her what transpired today and she jumped up and down and screamed with me.

"So you finally get to go on a date. What are you going to wear?" I thought about it and I had no clue. I ran to my room and threw open my closet door. After looking through all of my clothes I yell "We have to go shopping!!!!"

Chapter 2

Saturday comes and I am so nervous that I feel like I have a swarm of butterflies in my stomach. I spent all day getting ready, I went to the spa and got pampered then I went to the salon and got my hair and nails done. I had bought my outfit the day before. I was wearing a black above the knee length skirt that showed off my milk chocolate legs with a purple camisole and a sheer long sleeve black shirt and black knee length high heeled boots. I loved that purple cami because it showed my sculpted arms and the tops of my large size breast without it being porn star quality. I was putting the finishing touches on my make-up when the doorbell rang. I nearly jumped out of my skin. I slowly walk towards the door. My palms are sweaty and my knees are trembling. I open the door and he stood there in a charcoal gray Armani suit with a purple shirt and a charcoal gray tie with purple stripes with black Armani wingtips with purple stitching. I look at his outfit and then at mine. He looked at his outfit and then at mine. Then we look at each other's eyes and burst out laughing. Between grasps for breath I told him to come in. We collapsed on the couch still laughing.

After we've calmed down I tell him that I could change but he cut me off saying "NO, love, you look gorgeous." He asked if I was ready to go and I shook my head yes and grabbed my black and purple Coach purse and my black leather jacket. We headed towards a black stretch limo. The driver gets out and opens the door and I nervously get into the car. I look around noticing that we are from two very different worlds. He looks at me like he knows what I am feeling and says "I don't normally use a limo. I think that they are a bit overdone but it was all the rental service had left. It was either this or we reschedule and I really wanted to see you. I'm usually not so ostentatious."

Now it was my turn to be surprised. "Not all models are dumb." I flushed a dark purple.

I said that I was so sorry that I was being so stereotypical. Then I thought about something, "Wait why did you need a rental car, I thought that you lived here?"

"Yeah I do but I am getting my car fixed. It was supposed to be ready today but you know how repair people can be, they say it will be ready in two days and it takes them two weeks. I laugh and shake my head.

"I just went through that. My car was making this funky sound and I realized that the transmission was shot but I didn't have the tools I needed at the house so I had to take it to the shop. I get there and he treats me like a women that knows nothing about cars and says that I need a new transmission that cost over 400 dollars and when I corrected him he said 'don't worry your pretty little head about this little baby', I was offended and I wanted to take my car somewhere else but he's the only one that works on my model Range Rover." She noticed that was staring at her and she said "I'm talking to much aren't I? I'm sorry I didn't mean to monopolize the conversation."

"You're not I like listening to you talk and you surprised me. You know cars?"

"Yeah, it was something my dad and I did together. It was just him and I after my mom died when I was ten." I realized that the car had stopped so to change the subject I said "We're here already. Well let's go eat." He stared at me for a moment before he said yeah lets go. As he said that the driver opened the door and awaited our departure from the car. I scoot towards the opened door when Brody grabbed my arm and kissed me and said "Don't be nervous. It's ok. I didn't mean for this to happen but it comes with the territory." He let me go as the lights flashed before my eyes. For the next couple of minutes all I heard were people yelling, "Brody who is this new girl? Does this mean that it is really over with Giselle?" and all I saw were blue and red spots.

I held on to Brody for dear life. We stepped into the restaurant and stopped at the podium so that I could catch my bearings when I asked him, "Is this what you go through every day?" He shakes his head yes. I feel bad for him that he no longer has any privacy.

He looks at me and I swear he knows what I am thinking because he says to me "I really love what I do." I love what you do to. We were taken to our seats and as I sat down I noticed the decor.

"I never knew that red and purple went together" and that it did. The walls were a rich dark purple and the tables and chairs were a dark blood red. As I was admiring my surroundings he was ordering our food.

"Are you a vegetarian?" I looked at him and said no. With that he order a filet mignon medium rare, he looked at me for approval and I nodded, with mashed potatoes aligoté and minted zucchini salad and a Merlot. I was eager to try the wine so when it got to the table I promptly took a sip of the wine and grimaced. He noticed and said "You don't like the wine?"

"I've never had it before, but it doesn't taste like I thought it would." So instead he ordered two sweet teas.

"What is aligoté?"

He said that it is basically mashed potatoes with cheese in it. Our food arrived and we started eating. The filet mignon was very moist and it cut like butter. As I took a bite I sighed in pleasure and contentment. It felt like the meat had melted in my mouth. And the aligoté and minted zucchini salad was delicious. I love food but I am a picky eater but this food was amazing. For dessert he ordered us one piece of black forest cake that we fed each other while looking into each other eyes. The little girl in me sighed and said that this can't be true.

After we had finished eating and he had settled the bill he asked if I would like to take a walk on the beach. I said sure, I would love that. We left the restaurant and headed south. As we drove I reflected on the past few hours. I had had a wonderful first date and now I am about to go on a romantic moonlit stroll on the beach with an ultra hunky male model. I felt a warm glow spread throughout me and I start to grin.

"Why are you grinning?" I scoot closer to him and say "I'm just really happy." The car pulled up to this beautiful stretch of beach. The sand seemed to sparkle and the ocean looked calm with the occasional wave coming in. We took off our shoes and he rolled up his pants leg and we were off. The moon was full, the waves were magical and we walked in companionable silence. We stopped for a second to watch the wave's crash gently on the shore.

"So why was this your first date? You are a wonderful person and a beautiful woman."

I scoff and the beautiful comment and answer, "I guess it's because I have been so busy with school and my career, and my father that I never had the time to date."

"So what are you still doing single? You are a nice handsome man and wealthy to boot"

"I just broke up with my last girlfriend,"


"Yeah her."

"Can I ask why?"

"She... I... well I guess the easy answer is I got bored with the repetition of our relationship. We did the same thing all the time and she never wanted to change anything. She thought we were perfect. I just wasn't happy." We got quiet, just walking and thinking. I started to get quite disheartened. If a super babe like Giselle couldn't keep his attention, what chance did I, a plump, black computer/car repair person, have? I sighed heavily, and he looked down at me. I turn my face towards the moon to avoid his questioning glance and I started wiggling my toes in the surf and sand and promptly started giggling. He looks at me with a raised brow. I told him that the sand was tickling me.

He looked down at my purple toe nails and gasped "Your foot is bleeding!" I looked down and sure enough my right foot was bleeding badly. He gently picked me up and carried me towards a beach house not far from where we were.

"Where are we going?"

"My house is right over there." He saw the shock and uneasiness on my face and stopped and said "I'm only going to clean and bandage your foot." I bit my lip but I said ok and he headed up the beach again. I told him that I could walk just fine. I didn't want him to hurt himself cause I wasn't a Skinny Minnie.

"I like taking care of you." My heart skipped a beat. We entered the house and the scent of sandalwood hit me. We climb these wonderful cherry wood stairs to his bedroom. I started to get nervous again. He gently placed me on the bed and went into the bathroom to get the first aid kit I guessed. While he was in the bathroom he asked if I was ok and I told him that I was fine, just a little chilly. He told me to put on his jacket which was on the bed. I gratefully accept and slipped it on. It swallowed me. Felt like I was playing dress up in my daddy's clothes. I looked around the room and noticed that his home had a cozy homey feel to it. I looked back towards the bathroom and noticed that he was staring at me. He slowly walked towards me and I felt ensnared by his gaze. He kneeled in front of me. He used a damp washcloth to clean the sand and blood off my foot and from out of the wound. Then he put some peroxide on it and a band aid. He looked me straight in my eyes and kissed my foot and said in a low growl "All better." He takes my hand and guides me down the stairs. I was so glad that he had my hand because I think I would have fallen down the stairs, my legs were like jelly. We head to the living room. There was a fire in the fireplace and music playing softly in the background.

"Where did the fire and the music come from?"

"My driver set it up while we were upstairs."

"So you had this planned all along huh?" He blushed, "Well not the cut on your foot, but I was planning to ask you in for a nightcap."

"Would you like one?" I nod my head in the affirmative and he pours me a snifter of Scotch. I slowly sip my drink and looked around.

"You have a lovely home" I tell him.

"Thanks, my mother and sister decorated it for me." He grabs my drink and puts it on the glass side table. Then he pulls me to him and we sway to the sultry jazz sounds surrounding us. We look into each other's eyes. I knew that he was going to kiss me, my pulse was racing, and my mouth was dry. He slowly leans towards me. I lick my lips and lean forward till our lips met. The kiss he placed upon my lips was explosive. I saw the sun, the moon, the stars, and the heavens. It felt like I was floating on a cloud and I never wanted to come down. He eased away and there was a smile on his face; his cheeks and neck were flushed. He asked if I wanted to watch the waves some more.

I thought about it and said "I would love to but it's a little chilly outside for my taste."

"I thought that you were from Detroit? Doesn't it get colder then this?"

"Why do you think that I moved to California?" He chuckled as he thought for a minute and then snapped his finger like he had an idea. He put me in the kitchen out of his way. Then he opened the blinds and I realized what he was about to do. My eyes started to water and I felt so touched. He grabbed one end of the sofa and started to push it towards the window, his muscles bulging in his shirt. I sat and watched him work and admired his beautiful body then I asked if he needed my help but he said he got it. I saw that he didn't. So I went to the other end and helped him push it. He looked at me in surprise and admiration and soon the sofa was in front of his floor length windows. He grabbed a blanket and we sat on the sofa. We had a roaring fire on our left and moonlight and waves in front of us. We talked late into the morning. We fell asleep watching sunrise in each other's arms.

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