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Man of the House


It has been so long since I wrote anything that I decide to crank something out quickly.

It is also my first story written completely in the third person.

It also deals with an idea I have had about certain spinoff sects of a very well known religion, located in Utah. Got to love those spinoffs.


I was brought up in a religious sect where the concept of 'Man of the house' was take very seriously. My father died and it was in the car coming back from the funeral that my mother explained to me how important this was.

She told me that there was only a limited time, perhaps only a few hours, for me to claim my inheritance. If I did not establish my claim quickly, my dad's brother would have a right to claim my father's property and both my mother and my sister would belong to him.

She told me that both my sister and her wanted to be owned by me but that church law required that I stake my claim. She said that by becoming a 'Man of the house' I would be recognized as a full male member of the faith, just like dad had been and that would be a wonderful thing. Women could only be property.

She said that I must 'plow the land' of both her and my sister as soon as possible when we got home.

I asked her what 'plow the land' meant since we lived in a suburban tract house and she told me that it was an old phrase left over from when the faithful came west and established the promised land. Most were farmers then and the church still used the phrase.

I asked her how I could 'plow the land' and she took my hand and placed it in her lap. She said that this was the land and it was the place that had to be plowed.

I know that it is hard to believe that I had grown up to be a 18 year old man in my faith and had never heard about this but mom explained that it was one of the most closely guarded secrets of the faith and that it had to be never spoken about or the outside world would come and destroy us and the wonderful life we had made for ourselves and all the others in our community.

Then she opened a small pill box and gave me a pill. She told me to swallow it. I asked her what it was and she told me it was one of my fathers Viagra pills and that it would help me fulfill my duty in the next few hours. I told her that I did not think that that would be necessary but the truth is that this was all such a new idea to me that I was worried about how well I would do. She smiled and said it would not hurt and then asked my if I had masturbated that morning. I was surprised that she would ask that but I told her the truth that I had been more interested in getting ready for the funeral and that I had not done that this morning. She smiled and said that that was good.

We reached home and parked the car. My mother and sister asked me to wait in the car for a few minutes while they got ready. She said that they had to assume the initial position approved by the church for this ritual. I did not know what that meant.

I heard my mother calling from the house and went in. The sight before me was more impressive than I had ever seen, and I have seen the Grand Canyon. Both mom and sis were laying on their backs on the dining room table. Each had their legs in the air and were holding their legs up by interlocking their hands under their legs. They were still dressed but had removed their pantyhose, panties and shoes. Their cunts were on display and I could see that they were very aroused.

Mom asked me to put my finger into each of their cunts to prove that God was blessing this 'seeding of the land'. I felt them both and they were wet. Mom said that this was proof that God had chosen me to claim these fields and that I should now take what was mine. I should 'stake my claim' before my uncle came to stake his.

Mom said not to worry about doing other things with her and sis, that would all come later as I took my rightful place as 'Head of household'. She said that after I had become a man in the view of the church, I could ride them like two rented mules. I had a little trouble with that image. She told me that I had to fulfill my duty now and plow the fields that God had placed before me.

I got undressed quickly and pushed slowly up between my mother's beautiful cunt lips. She moaned and began to rock back and forth on her back. It was incredibly arousing. I pushed all the way in and she said 'Praise the lord' and told me to move in and out until I seeded the land.

My sister looked a little disappointed so I played with her a little with my right hand, just to keep the field moist you understand.

It wasn't very long before I planted my seed and mom wrapped her arms and legs around me and screamed 'Thank you Jesus!' as she shook all over. She kissed me and told me that I had done a wonderful job and that she was now my property, my slave, my mother-cunt for life.

Then she said I had to stake my claim on my sister. Sis was still on her back on the dining room table with her beautiful cunt fully in view. Mom said that I had to hurry since uncle Bill might be on his way over right now and that sis couldn't stand the idea of being claimed by him.

I had to admit to mom that I needed a little time before I could do my holy duty again. Both mom and sis looked concerned. Mom slid off the table and began to suck me frantically. Sis got down and started to kiss my ass. I was in heaven but still limp.

I told both my loves to get naked. I thought that might help. They quickly got out of their clothes and began to rub up against me. Mom still played with my dick and sis jammed her finger into my ass. Still no go. The Viagra did not seem to be working.

Mom told sis to run and get dad's vacuum pump. She ran to my parent's bedroom, her ass swinging from side to side, and came back with something I had never seen. Mom quickly shoved it over my dick and started pumping frantically. Both began to rub my legs with their tits and squeeze my ass frantically.

Lord be praise, that did it. Sis got back on the table and mom whipped the tube off me. With a final kiss on my dick she guided me into my sister, got behind me and pushed me all the way in. She knelt behind me and started squeezing my balls. She kissed my ass again and again and told me to do what God was telling me to do. I was certainly trying and in only a few seconds more I flooded sister's field and claimed her as my property. Hallelujah.

Both mom and sis thanked me for my sacrifice and told me that they would do all that the Lord required to please the new 'Man of the house'.

It was then that a car drove up to the house and stopped. I looked out the window and could see my uncle and his wife, my aunt, get out of the car.

Mom said that we all had to get dressed quickly because it would be shameful for my uncle to see my new property naked. We dressed quickly and stepped out on to the porch. Mom was on my right and sis was on my left.

My uncle asked if he could come in and I said no. I told him that I had just staked my claim for both my mother and sister and that he was not welcome in my house. I could see that he was mad. He asked me if my aunt could be allowed to verify that and I was about to say no but mom said that that was traditional and both she and sis turned to face the house. The raised their skirts and held them at waist height. My aunt came around and put her finger into my mother and then raised her finger to her nose. She did the same to my sister and then announced to her husband that I had staked my claim and was now ready to be proclaimed a 'Head of household' at the next public meeting. My uncle turned away and wrenched the car door open. He was obviously angry. My aunt stood before me, I had turned to watch what she was doing, and secretly licked her finger. She smiled and said I was a good boy and that I should come by anytime.

My uncle and aunt drove away and my girls and I went in to lunch.

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Demented great story

Can’t wait for you to continue this story

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Next chapter.

Bring it on.:)

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