tagInterracial LoveMandy and Gary

Mandy and Gary


Mandy and Gary were soon to be newly weds. However they were not always so close. In fact you could go back only about 3 years and find them in completely different life styles as different from one another as you could imagine.

Mandy was an 18 year old junior in high school. She was a very pretty girl, with shimmering shoulder length, light blonde hair, and beautiful light brown eyes. She was about 5'6 and 125 lbs. She did a lot of exercising to keep herself in good shape. She had a nice fit small waist, and a nice 36C breasts. Below the waste she was actually a little thick with large thighs and a bit of a fat butt that really stuck out, catching a lot of attention form the guys. And did she ever catch the attention of the guys, having slept around with around 30 of them.

Mandy was a good girl. She didn't sleep around to be a slut, she just wasn't exactly the brightest of girls. People could easily tell she was just a little ditzy and airheaded. And much like most girls her age she was boy crazy, and was easily persuaded into giving herself up to guys way to fast.

Gary on the other hand was a bit of a nerd. Not the most athletic or attractive guy in school, Gary found it very hard to get the attention of girls. He had a solid core of friends that he hung out with, but when it came to girls he just had no luck at all. He was the typical nice guy, that girls in high school just weren't looking for.

The story of how Mandy and Gary eventually did find each other starts with Mandy's previous boyfriend of sorts Hank. Hank was a big muscular Tight End on the football team. He had a very nice tan skin, buzzed blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. On top of that he had his on heavy Rock Band that played locally with pretty good turn out.

The day Mandy and Hank would meet was the day of one of his concerts. It was a Saturday, and Mandy really could care less about homework, she was just interested in going to see dream Hank playing his music. She put on her tightest jeans, and her cute little red short sleeve shirt. She got a phone call from her friend Rachel, saying that her and her boyfriend Carl would be over to pick her up soon.

Rachel was one of Mandy's best friends. She was very pretty in the face, and had the most gorgeous green eyes. She had long brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades. Her boyfriend Carl was a very good looking black man. He wasn't in school anymore, and spent a lot of his spare time working out. He was a lot older then Rachel and Mandy, at 26 years old, just another reason Rachel worked very hard to keep their relationship a secret from her parents. He had a very nice build to him, and Rachel always raved to Mandy about how great the sex was. This had caused Mandy some degree of interest in Carl and other black guys, because she had had many a black smack her on her ass as she walked through the halls, and she definitely had heard about the "black dick". Even so Mandy was scared of the idea, her parents would through her out of the house if they found out about her being with a black man.

Before long there was a knock on Mandy's door. Mandy hurried up and slipped on her black 4 inch heeled shoes. Mandy loved tall shoes, because she loved feeling tall. Mandy opened the door to her smiling friend.

"Oh my god Mandy, you look so pretty tonight!" Rachel exclaimed giving Mandy a hug.

"Awww, thank you Rachel your looking great yourself tonight." Mandy complemented back.

"Yeah I think so." Rachel said smiling and breaking away from the hug. She pointed over to the car "Carl think's this whole seeing a Rock band is retarded so I wanted to look my best for him hoping he'd forget about how much he hates it."

Mandy started squeeling "Oh my god! We are totally going to see Hank playing tonight, that guy is so totally hot."

Rachel smiled back at her "If I were him, I'd definitely do you."

Mandy giggled back at her, but their conversation was cut a little short to the sound of Carl laying on the horn of his SUV.

Rachel looked over to Carl's Lincoln Navigator "Hmmm, guess we better get going, we don't want to be late.

Mandy smiled and walked with Rachel over to the SUV. She could hear Carl's loud thumping bumping from the street all the way to her front door. Carl may hate rock music, but Mandy really didn't care much for loud thumping rap music. Rachel slipped on front, and Mandy squeezed up front with her.

Carl looked over at Mandy "Aw damn, hey girl, you looking fine as hell tonight, sure you don't just wanna blow this whole thing off and have a threesome back at my place."

Mandy giggled at Carl "Sounds like a lot of fun, but I wouldn't want to cut in on Rachel's fun, maybe some other time."

Carl chuckled and pulled the car out onto the road and headed them on their way. Before long Carl looked over at Rachel "It's cool that you friend is here and all, but we still got road rules baby!"

Rachel smiled back at him rubbing her hands on the quickly forming bulge in his pants. "Of course, I know your going to the concert for me, so it's the least I can do for you." Rachel turned over to Mandy "You don't mind do you?"

Carl quickly blurted out "The girl doesn't mind, now get to it!"

Rachel gave him a big smile and started to unzip his pants. Mandy just gave her little giggle "I certainly don't mind at all, god speed Rachel, if you don't make it I want your car." Mandy then broke out laughing.

Rachel laughed a little and turned around a smacked Mandy playfully on the thigh, then turned back around and pulled Carl's cock out from his pants. Mandy's eyes locked out to the newly released cock and her mouth dropped. Rachel on the other hand seemed to just gleefully lean over and engulf what had to be a 9 inch monster into her throat.

Mandy was still in a little shock. "Ummm wow Carl, didn't know you were packing like that, maybe I should of taken you up on that threesome offer after all." Mandy joked.

Carl slid his massive hand onto the back of Rachel's head and began forcefully pushing Rachel's head up and down. He grinned over at Mandy "It's cool baby, maybe next time. I can tell ya'll are best friend because you both had the same exact expression on your face the first time you saw my dick." He then looked down at Rachel sucking his dick "And I haven't been able to keep her lips off my dick ever since, must be some kinda white girl thing, and that right girl?"

Rachel was able to muster out a "Mmmmm-hmmm" between her loud slurping sounds.

Mandy was also surprised by Carl's stamina. They were just now arriving to their destination, a good half an hour drive at least, and Rachel was still sucking on his dick. Mandy never had had anyone last longer then maybe 10 minutes before they busted in her mouth.

Carl parked the car and put both hands on the back of Rachel's head. "Awww fuck here it comes you stupid fucking white girl, aww SHIITTT!"

Mandy gasped as Carl grunted out. Rachel took burst after burst of Carl's hot cum into her mouth. But the biggest surprise for Mandy was how long he had been coming for.

Mandy remarked to Carl "Damn Carl your going drown her if you keep that up."

Carl slipped into a euphoric smiled as he finished busting into Rachel's mouth "It cool girl, you white girls are good at that kind of thing."

Mandy giggled a little bit "Yeah I guess your right." Her attention quickly turned to Rachel as she finally slid her mouth of Carl's dick. "You still alive down there, I thought I'd lost you." Mandy joked.

Rachel sat up breathing really heavy and checking her make up in the rear view mirror. "Yeah I'm good, I feel a lot better now though, thanks to you Carl. You really know how to get me my daily protein" Rachel giggled.

Carl put his massive weapon away and zipped himself up "Yeah, well let's do the damn thing, and get this over with."

Mandy looked over to Carl "Thanks for the ride Carl!"

Carl smirked back "Maybe next time you can give me the ride"

Mandy smiled at him "Sounds like a plan!" she said jokingly.

The concert was at some Rich boy's house from school. His parents had a huge house out on a couple acres of land. They were away so decided to have a party out there away from the cops, and got Hank's band to play as the main attraction.

Rachel, Carl and Mandy made their way over to the makeshift stage where Hank and his band were playing. Carl was visibly unhappy about being there, but Rachel kept rubbing on him and trying to make him feel better about it. Mandy was in absolute ecstasy watching Hank playing. He looked so good, he had no shirt on and all his muscles were dripping with sweat. Mandy wanted nothing more then to just suck him off right then and there. After a little while Hank and the band broke for an intermission. Rachel told Mandy that her and Carl were going to head back to his SUV so she could tend him a little better. Mandy agreed and said that she would just fine someone else to give her a ride back.

Mandy took advantage of this opportunity to go and talk to Hank. He was behind the stage by himself drinking some water. He looked so good Mandy was feeling weak at the knees. Hank looked over and caught a glimpse of Mandy.

"Hey come over here." Hank called over to her.

Mandy was a little bit shocked but quickly caught herself and trotted on over to him.

Hank eyed her up and down "Hey I know you, your that ditzy girl from school."

Mandy jumbled her words "Im-a wha-?"

Hank smiled reassuringly "It's cool though, cuz your hot. You know that your hot right?"

Mandy started blushing "Ummm well yeah I guess..."

Hank interrupted "Of course you think your hot, or else you wouldn't of tried approaching me. But I get a lot of hot girls. They fuck me, suck me, but their nothing more then groupies. What makes you different?"

Mandy stuttered "Ummm...well....I ummm....I guess"

Hank again interrupted "You want to my girl right? Okay. You're a sexy girl, and I know you sure as hell won't cross me. But you got to prove yourself. I got to go back up on stage. I want you to suck me off while I play."

Mandy blurted out "WHAT???"

Hank smiled "I mean it's all good you want to be my girl don't you, I barely know you, I want you to show me that you care about me, and your not afraid to show it in front of other people.

Mandy thought it over and it actually sounded pretty reasonable to her "I guess so, but there has got to be like, I don't know, like a thousand people out there or something."

Hank reassured her "All the more reason to show me you care."

Mandy agreed with him "Well if I do it do you think you could give me a ride home?"

Hank starting laughing "Yeah, if you do it I'll give you a ride alright!"

Mandy shook her head "Okay then it sounds good to me."

As the intermission broke Hank and his band made his way back out on stage. Mandy went back out into the crowd waiting for her cue. After they started their second song he pointed out to Mandy. She slowly walked her way back over towards the stage, with a massive amount of butterflies in her stomach. She kept repeating to herself she was just showing the world she loved Hank.

As she walked across stage people didn't really seem to pay her much mind, but as she got close to Hank and then got onto her knees the crowd erupted in cheering. She fiddled with his pants and yanked his dick out from his trousers. Mandy we pretty amazed. It was almost the size of Carl's. She was relieved to know there were white guys out there too that were as hung as Carl. She wasted little time sliding his dick into her throat, now being extremely eager to prove herself to Hank.

The crowd continued to roar as Hank played on. Mandy could see hundreds of camera flashes out of her peripheral vision. She knew that everyone would probably remember her for this, and that she probably would never live it down. But right now she didn't care. She was doing this for her and Hank and they were going to be happy together, and he was all she needed anyway. All she wanted right now was for Hank to let his magnificent sperm flow into her mouth.

After awhile she started to realize that she had been up there for almost 45 minutes, even longer then what it had taken Carl. In mid song Hank threw down his guitar and yanked his dick from the confines of Mandy's throat. He began rapidly jerking off his dick until he started to blast his hot thick wad across Mandy's face. The crowd went insane, hundreds of camera flashes raining upon them as spurt after spurt of Hank's cum went across Mandy's face, all over her hair, and some dripping onto her shirt.

Mandy did her best to smile for him, completely drenched in cum. He looked down at her and spit right onto her face "Get the fuck off the stage!"

Mandy was horrified and quickly ran off the stage, feeling tears swelling up in her eyes. Why had he done that to her. All she wanted was to make him happy. She ran off somewhere where she could be alone and cry to herself. She kept running until she ran into some woods, she curled up behind a tree and started to cry.

It started getting really late, when Mandy realized she was going to need to get a ride home soon. She reached down for her cell phone when she realized it wasn't there. God only knew where it may have fallen off at. Mandy laid there out in the woods and just curled up into a ball, covered in dried cum and dirt, she knew she looked a wreck, and certainly couldn't go home looking like this. She did the only thing she could, she curled up and fell asleep.

After awhile she awoke to the sound of someone calling her name. She recognized it as Carl's voice. She got up as quickly as she could and came running towards the direction his voice was coming from. When she spotted him she practically leapt at him giving him a huge hug.

Mandy was sobbing "Oh Carl it was horrible."

Carl rubbed her "It's okay, I came back cuz I realized you left you phone in my car, your parents have been blowing it up all night looking for you."

Mandy looked at him all teary eyed "I can't go home looking like this, my parent's would kill me."

Carl sighed "Alright look, you can stay at my place tonight, then I'll drop you off at Rachel's in the morning. Just make up some excuse why you had to stay the night there and you'll be good."

Mandy smiled and rubs the tears from her eyes. "Thanks a lot Carl."

As Mandy slid into Carl's Navigator she looked over him slightly panicked "Ummmm...I don't suppose you want me to follow the road rules looking like this do you?"

Carl chuckled "Hah, nah it's cool girl, you need to go him and take a shower you look like shit right now."

Mandy laughed a little "Thanks Carl I really owe you."

With that they headed back to Carl's place. Mandy explained the whole situation to Carl and what happened. Mandy thought he seemed really nice about the whole ordeal and even turned his music down some so he could listen to what she was saying.

When they got back to his place Mandy gave Carl another big hug then agreed to go in and take a shower. As Mandy stood in the shower getting cleaned up she reflected on the days events. She had been hurt quite a bit by the whole ordeal, but at the same time thinking about it made her very excited. Then she started thinking of Carl, and the idea she was naked and alone with him at his house. She started getting herself all hot thinking about it, but then she thought about Rachel. She couldn't do something like that to Rachel. As she stepped out of the shower she promised herself she wouldn't let anything happen between her and Carl tonight for Rachel's sake. She poked her head out the door and called for Carl. She asked him if he happened to have any clothes she could wear. He disappeared for about 10 minutes but he came back with a very small pair of shorts and a tank top. Apparently these were his younger sisters clothes that she had left over here. Mandy slipped back into the bathroom to try and put them on. The tank to paws kind of snug, but it fit. The shorts were way tight however and she really had to fight to pull them up. When she finally got them up she realized her butt was way to big for the shorts, they had wedged themselves up into her butt, letting her butt cheeks hang out.

As Mandy walked out of the bathroom she called over to Carl he was sitting on the couch watching TV "Carl, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you gave me these clothes on purpose."

Carl smiled "Nah baby, it's all I had. Why don't you come over here and watch for TV with me."

Mandy plopped over on the couch next to him "Sure, what are we watching." Then Mandy grunted looking up at the TV. "Rap videos, uggg, what is it with you and rap."

Carl put his arm around Mandy "It good. Listen to it, let yourself get into it a little."

Mandy was going to protest but she stopped for a moment. As she listened to it she realized she really was feeling horny as hell. All alone with a black man, wearing clothes that barely fit, she felt a wet spot forming in her shorts.

Carl continued "Come on now honey, how about a little dome for the hero. I saw how you were checkin me out earlier."

Mandy quietly responded "But what about Rachel?"

Carl slid his hand down to Mandy's exposed ass cheeks and began to rub on them. "It's okay baby, it's just a little head for a friend. Do you think Rachel would have preferred I left you out in the woods all night?"

Mandy quickly slid her hair back into a ponytail. She then pulled her legs up under her and kneeled up on the couch next to him moving her head down towards his crotch. "No she wouldn't...but could you do me a favor?"

Carl nodded as Mandy slid Carl's shorts down springing out his now fully erect black dick. "Sure, just as long as you don't ask me to eat your pussy."

Mandy playfully balked at him "Excuse me what wrong with eating pussy?"

Carl "Well it's okay if your some white dude with a tiny dick that is desperate to please his girl's pussy. But when your hung like this you can afford to skip out on putting your mouth on dirty pussies that have been beaten up by some other dudes dick. Trust me girls come back to me for my dick!"

Mandy spit on her hand and started stroking Carl's and smiled at him "Hmmm, kind of makes sense. I guess I wouldn't need any head if I had a man with a dick this big either."

Carl laughed "Damn real white girl, now what were you gonna ask me?"

Mandy quickly remember "Oh yeah, when you bust, can you please bust in my mouth. Facials are nice every once in awhile but I love to swallow."

Carl pushed Mandy's head down, forcing his dick into her mouth "Alright but you better not miss a drop."

Mandy simply moaned in agreement. Carl grabbed the remote and turned up the rap music on the TV really loud. "Now you can do it like a real white slut."

Mandy moaned each time her head slid up and down Carl's shaft. It felt so strong and powerful in her mouth and throat. She felt secure. She felt like such a total pussy before him.

Carl's hand slid around her pony tail as he forcefully slid her head up and down his shaft. "Aww......yeah. Now that is some good white girl brain. I'm gonna bust. Is that what you want? Is that what your slutty fat assed white girl mouth wants?"

Mandy began bobbing her head furiously "Mmmm-hmmm, MMM-HMMM"

Before she could make another sound her whole mouth was filled with Carl's thick cum. Of all the dick's she'd sucked, never had anyone came some much, so thick, and so deliciously.

Mandy's mouth formed a vacuum around Carl's giant black dick. As his cum subsided she slid her mouth off for a moment "Please don't stop, please! I want more, I NEED more!"

Mandy quickly slid Carl's cock back into her mouth trying to suck the last bits of cum out of it. Carl chuckled "Man you white girl's go crazy for sucking black dick."

Mandy, satisfied she had gotten all of Carl's cum slid his dick out of her mouth once more. "God Carl, I had no idea it could be so good. Rachel is one lucky bitch if she gets that on the daily."

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