Mandy and Gary


"Actually its more like twice or even sometimes three times daily" Carl corrected her.

Mandy and Carl laughed and ended up going to sleep not too long after, spent from a busy day.

The next morning Carl dropped Mandy off over Rachel's, where she explained what had happened to her. When Mandy's parent came to pick her up, Rachel tried to help cover for her and Mandy ended up avoiding getting in any serious trouble.

As time passed Hank had approached Mandy and apologized for the whole incident, saying he was drunk and it wasn't really him. As hurt as Mandy had been, Mandy remembered what Carl had to her about big dicks, and as shallow as it seemed, she knew Hank was packing.

Mandy and Hank ended up dating somewhat. It was an on and off relationship in which they broke up several times, due to Hank beating her, or because he was constantly cheating on her. But she couldn't bring herself to leave him.

It was the time right before the prom. Mandy and Hank were again somewhat broken up. A fellow senior, a kind of nerdy kid named Gary asked Mandy to the prom. Wanting to try and get back at Hank, she agreed to go to the prom with him. However the day before the prom Hank once again tried apologizing to Mandy in which she once again took him back and agreed to go to the prom with him instead.

When Mandy called Gary the night before the prom, he was devastated. He had finally had some luck with a very pretty girl, and as usual things came crashing down for him. He was very nice to Mandy about it though, and left Mandy feeling really bad about what she had done to him.

It was the night of the prom. Mandy rode with Hank and his best friend Ryan. When they got there Mandy saw Gary there by himself and tried to apologize for the whole thing . Gary as usual was very nice about the whole thing. She gave him a hug and went about her night with Hank.

After not too much dancing Hank's cock was getting hard. Mandy knew what that meant so she started leading him to the bathroom. Hank signaled for his friend Ryan to come with him.

When they got into the bathroom Ryan swiftly locked the door. "Gangbang?"

Hank laughed "You know it bro!"

Mandy just kind of smiled "I don't suppose you eat pussy do you Ryan? Hank never eats my pussy..."

Hank shoved Mandy down "No. No one eats pussy. That's what bitches do. Now suck my dick."

Mandy giggled at Hank "Well excuse me. Not let me get some of that cock."

Hank quickly whipped his dick out and shoved into Mandy's throat. Not wanting to leave Ryan hanging for long his pulled his dick back out and grabbed Mandy and moved her into the stall. Hank pulled Mandy's dress up over her ass and told her to bend over. Mandy grabbed the toilet seat and stuck her pussy out for Hank, who shoved his dick right inside of her.

Ryan moved over to her head and she took his now exposed dick into her mouth. She started wincing as Hank started to really thrust into her, his massive dick stretching to confines of her soaked cunt. Mandy could barely keep her mouth around Ryan's dick because of all the euphoric waves of pleasure being pounded into her pussy.

Ryan started cumming into Mandy's mouth, quickly pulling out and busting all over her face and hair. Ryan started to howl with laughter "Remind you of something you fucking whore?"

Mandy swallowed what was in her mouth and smiled "Yeah just about every day of my life with Hank."

Hank grunted "Oh fuck yeah bitch, I'm going to nut all inside of you. You stupid fucking slut!"

Mandy just smiled to herself as she felt her beaten up pussy being rewarded with spurt after spurt of Hank's cum.

"Mmmmm you know how to fill me up baby." Mandy gasped.

Hanked smiled pulling out of her "Oh yeah, by the way, I'm leaving you, thanks for the fuck you retarded bitch."

Hank and Ryan walked out of the bathroom laughing and high fiving each other. Mandy was in total shock. She didn't do anything wrong. How could this be happening to her? She felt tears swelling up in her eyes, sitting on the bathroom floor, when suddenly the door swung back open. Mandy thought maybe Hank had changed his mind, but rather it was a very concerned Gary.

"I saw the three of you come in here, and only the two of them leave. I just wanted to make sure your okay." Gary said very openly concerned.

Mandy tried to smile, wiping tears from her eyes "Yeah, I'm okay. I guess I just make a lot of stupid decisions."

Gary leaned down and gave her a hug. He helped her to her feet and they washed the cum off her face. They agreed that it would be best to leave. Mandy and Gary went out into the parking lot and Gary let her into his car.

Mandy now feeling much better started feeling a little playful "Gary can I ask you something?"

Gary seeming rather uncomfortable responded "Umm sure!"

Mandy giggled "I know this is straight forward, but do you eat pussy?"

Gary was totally caught off guard. Regaining his composure he responded "Yeah, actually I do."

Mandy looked to his backseat and nodded towards it at Gary. "So what do you say?"

Gary had a huge smile on his face "I'd love to."

As they climbed into the back seat, Gary laid down on his back and Mandy laid on top of him in a 69 position. Gary hiked up Mandy's skirt and smelt the strong musky scent of her getting fucked.

Mandy looked back at him "Can you eat my cunt for me, please? I don't even remember the last time I've gotten any head."

Gary just nodded in agreement, and with that Mandy slid her sopping wet cunt onto his face. Mandy slid Gary's dick from his pants and began jerking it off for him. Mandy was slightly disappointed at his dick that probably topped out at about 5 inches. She still continued stroking it out of gratitude for him. As Gary's tongue delved deep into Mandy's mangled pussy he was greeted to thick gobs of Hank's cum draining down into his mouth.

Mandy had a huge smile on her face. "Hank fucked me in the bathroom and dumped a pretty big load inside of me. If you ate all his cum out of me, swallowing every bit of it, I totally think that'd be hot."

After hearing that Mandy felt Gary begin sucking on her cunt wildly. Hank had fucked her pussy nice and proper leaving it so loose she felt like Gary could almost slide his face inside. Mandy began to ride his face, feeling the last of Hank's load being slurped out of her. Suddenly however they heard a knock on the window. It was Hank and Ryan.

Hank shouted "Hey buddy how's my dick taste?"

Mandy turned her head around around still fucking Gary's face "Ignore them Gary, just keep sucking my pussy."

Before long, Ryan and hank walked away laughing and joking with each other. Mandy could care less, all she wanted was to bust all over Gary's face. She felt her orgasm coming on and she started to scream at the top of her lungs.

"Ohhh god Gary! Don't stop, please don't stop oooo keep eating my cunt....Oh god fuck YES!!!!!!!" Mandy scream.

All Mandy could hear was Gary's muffled screams as she let loose her hot cunt juices all over his face and into his mouth. She saw Gary start cumming into her hand she quickly cupped her hand and made sure to capture it all in her hand.

Mandy quickly slid oh his face and turned around and let cum in her hand run into his mouth. "Oh God Gary that is so hot! Drink it all for me baby. Do it for me"

Gary swallowed ever last drop of it for her. Gary then took her home afterwards. They ended up dating each other and a few years later he even proposed to her. But that is not how the story ends.

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