tagIncest/TabooMandy Blows Her Dad

Mandy Blows Her Dad

byThe Needler©

It was very, very strange waking up like that. I'll fall asleep in front of the TV late at night, that happens a lot, but it was 7 AM and broad daylight on a hot August morning, and I was still in front of the TV. I'd gotten off work about midnight, came straight home and thought I'd settle in to watch SportsCenter before going to bed, maybe an old movie on one of the satellite movie channels. Now my favorite way to watch TV is laying on my stomach on the plush carpet I put into this house we bought 3 years ago, and I love to stretch out naked. We designed the house so the TV room was only accessible from the master bedroom: it's like a theater where I can be comfortable and there's an overstuffed chair in back for my wife JoAnn to sit and knit.

JoAnn was gone, off to be with our older daughter and her newborn twins in Arizona. Damn, I just had such a dream: she was sucking my cock like she'd never done in her life and that's saying a lot. We've been married for 35 years, ran off when we were 20, and still couldn't get enough of each other. When we set up the living room, she wanted to sit behind me as I sprawled out because she said my ass was the most beautiful thing in the world. In that dream, she made me cum harder than I've ever cum in my life, and swallowed every drop, like she always does.

Oh, by the way, my name is Steve McAdams. I work the maintenance twilight shift at a small university in Missouri, usually get home around midnight or one. JoAnn and I have seven kids, all grown, and twelve grandchildren as of now. If our kids have the same sex drive we do, that second number will keep going up. I'm just an average looking guy, a little salt coming into my dark hair, strong enough to do what I want and smart enough to use the right tool when I need to. I fish and hunt, watch stock cars and spend time with my wife, even when I'm not fucking her.

So I'm laying naked on my stomach on my TV room floor, and I realize my dick is hanging through a hole in the floor, dangling into the basement. I'm worried that I can't pull it out through the hole in the carpet, it'll burn my skin when I pull it back through, but when I rolled over it comes up easily. Looking down, I see there's a couple of cuts that exposed all my junk. How did that get there?

When we converted this house, purchased for a song from drug dealers who liked to live a safe distance from their work, the rooms were laid out strangely, and one reason I wanted to set the TV room where I did was there was a hole in the floor big enough to put my wrist in. Why didn't I fill it? Well, I'm not spectacularly endowed, but when I lie on my stomach, my junk gets mashed, and this hole was a perfect place to put it when I lay down. Just laid the carpet in one piece, and had that little indentation as a cozy place for my cock and balls.

The basement was an apartment where someone else lived. It was my daughter Mandy's place.

It was three weeks before JoAnn and I were in Arizona, to be with Jenny when she had her babies. Thirty year old Jenny and her husband had given up on having kids, and like usual, giving up is a great way to ensure you get pregnant. We'd taken a hotel room to make sure we had some privacy: they'd adopted a couple of kids from Russia, and although we love them, they're a handful and we didn't think we'd be comfortable staying with them.. Now I know JoAnn doesn't look exactly the same as she did as a teenager, her lovely short blonde hair melding gracefully to grey and her pure ivory white skin showing wrinkles, neither do I, but even after 35 years and 7 kids, my cock and her pussy still hunger for each other, and Grandma and Grandpa need a place to fuck unmolested.

I was riding her hard in the hotel room, watching her slightly sagging boobs do a chaotic dance and getting off on her lovely nipples weaving around randomly as I pounded her. She put her finger up my ass, and like Pavlov's dog, I shot my load in her pulsating cunt as she came hard on my cock. We stayed plugged in a few moments, then shifted to hold each other sideways as we came back to normal.

"I'm going to stay a while," she said out of the blue.


"I'm going to stay, Jenny needs the help. Jeff has to work two jobs, and they don't have any family around here to help them. She's got two kids under five to cope with as well as two newborns; she needs help."

"Makes sense to me, Sweetheart, but I can't stay, I've got to go back to work next week."

"You can go home, honey. It'll be all right."

I swallowed hard, worried. "All right? We haven't spent more than three days apart since we got married. Yeah, I know I'm gone on hunting trips with the boys for a couple of nights from time to time, but no more than that. Babe, I need your loving."

She stroked my chest and smiled. "I'll miss your big boy, too. But it'll be all right. Mandy will cook for you and take care of the house. You'll be able to watch all the baseball games and drink beer you want without me griping at you. It's time we took a break."

I shook my head. "Mandy's a mess, and undependable. Ever since she started hanging out with her two old high school friends, she does nothing but get high when she's off work. It's been five years since she's graduated, and has no ambitions past that night shift at the nursing home. I don't think she'll ever get out of our basement."

"Honey, Mandy's a good girl and she'll surprise you," she replied, giving me a peck on the lips. "We may need her to take care of us when we're old and decrepit."

"Shit. I don't like this."

"I know, and I'm sorry, honey. Jenny needs the help and I can't say no. Mandy'll take care of you."

I grabbed her ass and started squeezing it, which I knew turned her on. "You'll have to be ready to make it up to me when you get back."

She laughed, and darted into the bathroom.

It was three weeks later, and I was still naked on my TV room floor wondering what happened. I'd had a few beers when I got home, there were a couple empty cans next to my spot. I'am a deep sleeper when I drop off; the kids used to play all kinds of pranks on me while I was asleep. Things felt a bit different down below as well, like my balls had just been drained. My cock was a little slick, and when I touched it, it was a little oily. I sniffed my fingers: vanilla.

A quick look at the clock: 7:09. Mandy wouldn't be home for a couple of hours from her overnight shift at the nursing home. I wandered through the house, moving through the master bedroom, the front room, the kitchen and down the back stairs to the basement. We'd created a three room apartment for her down there with its own entrance in the back. It was rather spartan, but she'd fixed it up a little. It was a mirror image of the layout upstairs: her living room was in the back, featuring a pool table, a bedroom, bathroom and small kitchenette were at the front. I looked up at the hole in the ceiling: it was cut very carefully and had been taped shut, but the tape had been pulled back to let it gape open. Getting up on the pool table, I almost hit my head on the ceiling, but a close look at the hole showed nothing more. I squatted down and noticed a little bottle on the railing: it was a vanilla lubricant.

Suddenly, I needed a shower and as the water started, I thought about Mandy. She was the baby of the family, just turned 22. We had two girls out of seven, but Jenny and Mandy were 11 years apart and although they're extremely loyal to each other, Jenny was Mommy's girl and Mandy was Daddy's princess. The boys teased their sisters relentlessly at home and protected them ferociously away. Mandy is four years younger than her next older brother, I'd be out with the boys a lot, hunting, fishing, going to games, working in the garage, but when I got back to the house at night, Mandy would always want to be in Daddy's lap. When I tinkered in the garage, she played with her dolls in the corner. It was different when she became a teenager, but she seemed to find reasons to stick her head in and see what I was doing from time to time.

I finished my daily steaming, and as I toweled off, I thought of one day in particular. Jack and Jenny were off at college, but the other five decided it would be fun to skip school and spend the day by the creek. The boys got drunk on some cheap beer Harry bought with Jack's old ID, and Mandy played in the water and mud, ruining her clothes. When I got home, JoAnn and I lined them all up in the family room of the big old house we raised them in, and I took a belt to their bare asses. The boys cried and whimpered, hurt and humiliated by the unprecedented butt whipping, but Mandy took her punishment stoically, not moving or making a sound even though tears streamed down her face. After that, any reference to the Day We Got Our Asses Whipped would be enough to rein in the boys, but Mandy kept provoking us and trying to find pranks to pull for which we'd spank her for months afterward. After a couple of times, we noticed she seemed to like getting spanked, and switched to removing privileges, which cured her of misbehavior permanently.

Throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, I went back to the TV room to sit and watch the headlines. The hole in the floor was telling me a story I wasn't sure I wanted to hear.

Around 8:30 I heard the basement door open and slam shut. The smell of cigarette smoke wafted up through the floor; Mandy was the only member of the family who smoked. A tinkle told me her keys hit the counter and shortly after the shower started. About ten minutes later, footsteps came up the back stairs and she found her way to where I was. She stood in the bedroom doorway: average height and a little more than average weight. Her reddish hair was a bit chaotic after the quick wash and towel dry; it was waved and hung down to her shoulders. Mandy's skin wasn't like anybody else in the family: it was fair but held a galaxy of freckles, witness to some stray Irish genes in the family. The blue eyes were a little bloodshot and weary, but she gave me a smile as she always did. She wore a plain white t-shirt and red shorts, no shoes, wore light pink fingernail and toenail polish, and I could see her unencumbered breasts through the material of the shirt.

Her voice was husky: "Hi Daddy. Ya want some eggs or somethin'?"

"Yes, baby. You can fix me some bacon and eggs if you want."

"M'kay." A couple of moments after she trooped out of the room, I heard the slam of the refrigerator door and the clatter of pans. I felt awkward and very alone. After a bit, I went into the kitchen to find her hunched over the stove. She'd put on an apron, and like everything she did, she turned a laser focus on her task of cooking.

"How's it going at work, Mandy?"

She sighed. "Okay, I guess. Not a lot new. Missus Fredericks died last night, so we had the guys from the coroner over. They're creeps, everybody says so. Lucy's gettin' a new cat after hers got run over last month, it's a calico and just precious. Wish I wasn't allergic so I could have one. Fran's making a new quilt for her nephew Jason." She stopped as she spooned the eggs on a couple of plates for us, then got a hotpad to fetch a tray of bacon from the oven. As she bent over, I could see the curve of her ass, a little bigger than her sister's and mother's, and a side view of her tits, also a little fuller than her closest relatives. Some toast popped up, and she had everything on the table quickly.

We started eating, and I noticed she went a bit farther than usual. There were some onions in the eggs, just as I like them, and some melted parmesan over the top. JoAnn usually fries the bacon, which makes it a little greasier than I like, but Mandy got hers crispy without grease. The toast was perfect.

"Did ya sleep all right last night, Daddy?" I took a gulp of coffee to hide my surprise, partly because Mandy almost never starts a new subject in a conversation, and partly because of my discoveries a little while back. "Seemed like you were pretty zoned out when I looked in."

"Yeah, I slept all right, baby." After taking a bite of toast to clear my mouth, I started the topic I didn't want to: "Need to ask you about something."

She continued eating without pause for a few seconds before answering: "Uh huh?"

"There's a hole in the TV room floor."

A short pause. "Yes, I know, Daddy. It was there when we bought the house."

"No, there's a hole in the carpet that wasn't there when I laid it down." A long pause. She looked straight ahead, in a world of her own. "It's right above your pool table, and it was taped shut for a while, but it wasn't when I woke up."

A small voice asked: "Did you get stuck in the hole, Daddy?"

I shook my head. "No, baby, I didn't, but I thought I was. But I'd like to know why that hole is there, and what happened through it last night."

Mandy looked at me desperately. "I'm sorry 'bout the hole, Daddy. I'll fix it when you're at work tonight."

"What did you do?"

Her eyes got big and started to swell up. "I was just trying ta take care of ya, make you feel better, since Mommy's gone."

"What did you do, Amanda Joy?"

She sniffed and looked down. "You been so lonely since ya got back from Arizona, so I wanted ta make ya feel better. So I pulled your dick down through the hole I made and stroked it till ya came. Do ya feel better?"

"Yeah, of course I do, but it doesn't explain everything. It was oily when I woke up."

"Well, I wanted to use some lube so it wouldn't hurt ya, make you all slick and excited. Didn't want ta wake you up."

"Vanilla?" That question stopped her: vanilla was her favorite flavor.

She choked back a sob. "Daddy, I always wanted to suck your dick. You didn't know, but there was a coupla times in the old house when I caught you by yourself takin' a nap. It felt so good in my mouth and I didn't want it to stop. And when Mommy stayed in Arizona, I thought I'd cut a hole in the floor and do it a few times so you would balls wouldn't swell up an' you wouldn't feel so lonely."

I waited, thinking. "How many times have you done this?"

"Three, over here. I'm sorry I left you hangin' like that; I was late for work and I had to run out the door. Usually I had time to clean you up 'n put your dick back 'n tape the hole so's you didn't notice." Tears came out of her eyes and we looked at each other for a few moments. "You went downstairs, didn't ya?"

"Yeah. You said you didn't have time to clean up. What happened to the. . .?"

She blushed. "I caught it in my mouth. I love the taste of your cum, Daddy, I gotta have it. I love the way your big dick fills my mouth and how it pulses when I suck on it. When I stroked you off, I put my open mouth right underneath ta catch every drop, Daddy."

I put my cup down, and looked at her. Taking her face in my hands, I kissed her cheeks and held them: "That's OK, little girl. You mean well. I appreciate the thought."

She looked at me and sniffed. "I could do more for you, Daddy. I'm on the Pill and I'm not a virgin. Aunt Jess took care of Grandma and Grandpa her whole life, and my friend Lucy's gonna to that for her folks. Jenny and the boys is married and got plenty of kids, I don't need my own. Ya already got eight, nine, ten grandkids an' ya don't need me to give ya more. I love you, Daddy, I'd do anythin' for you. No guy could ever be better than you, Daddy."

It took a few moments before I could collect myself to answer. Mandy was the kid I always had a hard time reading, and her testimonial of affection caught me quite by surprise. "We'll see, little girl, we'll see. I gotta go run some errands and take a nap before I go to work later."

"I'm takin' care of Harry's kids this afternoon. I could bring you a sandwich tonight."

"Aren't you working?"

"Naw, I took the weekend so Fran could go to her brother's weddin' in Kirksville. Got tonight and tomorrow night off."

"Well, you need to sleep, too, so don't forget that. Okay, you bring me a sandwich tonight about 10."

"Okay, Daddy. See you later." She left the room without looking back and I cleared up the dishes.

It was tough to sort through my thoughts: JoAnn and I have been hot for each other ever since we were dating, and when Jenny was a teen, she was a carbon copy of her mother and it was all I could do to hold myself away. I'd never thought of Mandy as appealing before, she was my little girl and I wanted to protect her, disappointed her life didn't turn out better that it had so far. I did my errands and got back for a nap; the house was empty and I felt safe as I laid down.

Got into work at 4, and had a usual summer day. I'm the evening maintenance supervisor for the local college, the regular crew and student employees went home at 5, and I made my rounds making sure nothing was going wrong. All the buildings were locked at 9, and I locked myself in to take care of my paperwork. It was tough to focus, and I went back and forth in my mind what I'd ask her to do.

Mandy came to the door closest to my office at 10:15, and I let her in. She was wearing a college shirt, black shorts and flip flops. The look in her eyes was strange, she must have been smoking weed with her friends before coming over. When she got into the AC, her nipples hardened right away from the cold air.

When we got to my office, she sat on my desk next to the blotter, her legs swinging, as I pulled out the food. She'd made me my favorite sandwich: ham salad and provolone on rye with a touch of mustard. Her sandals dropped to the floor and her toes wiggled with excitement. My eyes traveled up her leg, logging every freckle for the first time, and they stopped when the reached the line of her shorts. "How was your afternoon with the kids?" I asked to get her talking while I ate.

"Justin and Patrick behaved pretty well. We played cowboys and indians most of the afternoon, then colored for while until Trisha came home. Took a nap after that, and visited Lucy's house."

"Did Harry say anything about his new job?"

"I think he likes it so far." I was looking down at her toes and she knew it, wiggling them to tease me as I ate. "He doesn't like driving to Springfield every day, but after a coupla months they'll send him back up here. Frankie's decided to go to Bennett Springs next week and wants to know if you wanna go with him."

"I think I can swing it. I'll give him a call."

"Bobby's free then, too, so you all can be the Three Muscatels."

I looked up at her incredulously: Mandy almost never tried to make a joke or witticism. "Three Muscatels?"

She giggled, looking away and putting her hand to her mouth when she was embarrassed. "Yeah, I thought that would be funny. Three Muscatels. You know, instead of. . ."

"I know, Baby," I cut in. "Instead of Three Mousekateers. It was funny."

"Mousekateers?" It confused her, then she got it. "Oh Daddy," she shrieked, slapping my shoulder.

Finishing my sandwich, I pulled a soda from a little fridge and asked: "What's for dessert, Baby?"

She sat up proudly, thrusting back her shoulders and pushing out her tits: "Me."

I put a hand up. "Slow down, Baby. For starters, there's security cameras here, in the hallways and most of the classrooms. You'll have to wait 'til I get home. When I get there, when I'm in front of the TV and you're downstairs, I don't want you to say a word. Nothing. I don't want to see you or hear you, I think it's the only way I can handle this. Got it?"

"Okay, Daddy," she pouted. She started to play with the bottom of her t-shirt, but I shook my head and looked at the camera above. So, she pouted, took the paper bag and flounced out the door. As she walked down the hallway, I could see her deliberately switching her hips to tease me as she made her way to the exit.

I got home a little after midnight, and this time I didn't get a beer. My fingers trembled as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled down my pants; as it came free, my dick popped almost straight up in readiness. I settled in my favorite spot in the TV room on my side and turned on the weather, because sports might put me to sleep and this time I wanted to be awake. Being out of sight would help, I just couldn't imagine her doing anything to me. Laying on my side, I could see a faint light downstairs through the floor.

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