Mandy Ch. 01


Abu's body was still jerking as his seed shot into her and Mandy locked her legs around his ass keeping him locked inside her as he slowed down and stopped keeping himself buried deep inside her pussy for several moments.

Abu slowly pulled himself out and the head of his cock popped out of her pussy followed by a thick glob of his cum. Abu placed the head back into her pussy and shoved himself back inside her including the glob of cum that was beginning to form at the entrance of her pussy.

Abu gently kissed her lips as he held himself deep inside her for what seemed like minutes until he finally backed himself out of her and laid down on the bed next to her.

Abu placed the palm of his hand on her belly and whispered. "Abu's baby will be growing inside your belly very soon." Abu moved his hand up to her tits and began to massage them as he continued to say. "The baby will have plenty of fresh milk from its Mother."

Abu's hand slid back down to her belly where he rested it near her navel as she took her own hand and placed it on top of his as they fell asleep.

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