tagBDSMMandy's Morning

Mandy's Morning


7:27am - Darlington Marketing Services, the boss's office

I like to be in the office early, sit at my desk and sip my first coffee of the morning uninterrupted by the usual comings and goings of the office. Today I'm the first in so I fire up the espresso machine and flick on the screens beside my computer to see what today will have in store. I know I'm not due for any meetings with clients - either at their sites or at ours. It looks like it is going to mostly be telephone conferences, including a couple of late ones with West Coast USA. As the coffee machine whirs and the aroma of the freshly ground beans fills the office I open up one of the client files - a social media marketing strategy for a mobile phone customer and start to make some revisions to the text that one of the junior team had written late last night.

8:42am - The office is buzzing now and just about all of the staff are here and getting on with their day. It's generally a relaxed environment but the teams know that as a boss I can crank up the pressure when we have deadlines to meet or need some creative ideas to impress a potential new client. In fact, there is only one empty desk in the open plan area of the office that I can see from my own office, it belongs to my personal assistant, Mandy O. I hired her a couple of months ago and she has been doing a fine job of helping me keep the office running smoothly. Oh, and of course there is also the added bonus that she is training to become my submissive. I was a little apprehensive at first about hiring someone who displayed the subtle cues of a submissive personality, especially one who I was so physically attracted to. But so far we have been doing a fine job of balancing work and fun. And I have to admit, I can't think of a better stress reliever than having her nimble tongue and lips giving me a slow and attentive blow-job as she kneels discretely under my desk. Today I've asked Mandy to see to some administrative jobs at our solicitors in town before she comes into the office so I'm not concerned that she hasn't made an appearance yet.

9:11am - The level of buzz in the office hushes to a very quiet murmur, and for a moment I think that an important client must have turned up unannounced. I get up from my chair and reflexively straighten my tie. As I walk to my office door I notice that our IT guy's jaw has dropped, and a couple of the female creatives on the junior team are sharing a huddled whisper. My curiosity is piqued and I walk out into the office to see what is going on and greet whoever has just arrived. As I turn the corner the sight that greets me is not what I expected and I am momentarily taken aback but pleasantly surprised. My PA Mandy has strolled into the office in a pair of bright red shiny patent leather heels, a short skirt and an almost-sheer white blouse clearly showing the deep crimson plunge bra beneath. I lean against the door-frame and take in the view. She smiles pleasantly and exchanges hellos with colleagues. As Mandy looks towards me her eyes are cast downwards compliantly, I'm pleased that she remembers her place. My cock twitches as she turns to take her seat at the desk nearest to my office. Un-noticeable to the rest of the office Mandy slowly leans forwards to turn on her PC, lifting one foot from her shoe momentarily. The killer heels and the posture accentuate the fine legs. I see that there is a bright red seam running up the back of each leg, and as my eyes follow the lines I am drawn to the slit at the rear of the skirt revealing lacy stocking tops.

9:24am - The outfit my PA has chosen today is an incredible turn on for me, she knows my weakness for stockings and heels. But it is probably a little too out-there. The reaction when she walked into the office today proves that. In fact, I think Liam the IT guy has already been to the gents for a wank once this morning since copping an eye full of those lovely breasts through her shirt. I'm quite happy for the staff to *suspect* that the Boss is fucking his PA, but anything more than that is probably not good for business. I'll have to speak to her later about this.

10:28 - I've been working on reports and a large Illustrator file this morning, punctuated frequently with glimpses of bright red heels, stockings and that delicious slit at the back of her skirt as my PA goes about her work. I'm sure that she is doing this on purpose to tease,as every time Mandy departs her desk or returns there is a little show of smoothing out the fabric of her skirt, straightening the stockings or subtly adjusting the bra. I continue to enjoy these little demonstrations and push on with work... for now. I have to admit that it is getting a little hard to concentrate.

11:27 - A message on the internal IM system from Mandy

"I hope your day is going well Sir, please let me know if there is anything I can do."

My mind races with images of things I'd take great delight in commanding her to submit to right now. I think back to the meeting I sent her to last week with a purple jewelled anal plug inserted into her perfectly rounded bottom. Her knickers were drenched by the time she returned, and I denied her the orgasm she so craved. In fact, I think to myself, if she has behaved herself then she will not have cum for some days now. Perhaps her unexpectedly slutty outfit in the office today is an attempt to curry some favour with the boss and hopefully earn herself a climax. I can't help but smile at that thought.

11:57 - The last little display has pushed my libido over the edge, Mandy had lifted her skirt just high enough to adjust one of the straps on her suspender that was holding up the red-seamed stocking. I send an IM to her screen

"miss o - you're needed in my office."

She stands on the other side of my desk, eyes cast downwards, slight pinkness in her cheeks, her hands lightly clasped together behind her back.

"Yes Sir"?

Considering that we have only been working together for a few short weeks I'm very pleased with how Mandy's 'on the job' training is going. She is taking to her role as my submissive very naturally and it has been a pleasure so far to train her to obey me.

"Mandy, I'd like your input on the formatting for the report we are sending out today".

I gesture for her to join me on this side of the desk. She walks around to get a good view of the screen. I've positioned my chair and the screen so that this will require her to bend forwards, her skirt riding up a little showing the stocking tops, but her behind is hidden from view from the rest of the office.

My hand strokes her bottom over the short skirt and I notice her smile as she continues to examine the screen carefully. I run my hand down her leg feeling the sensual material of the stockings over her thighs and calves and down to her shoes. My hand makes the return journey upwards on the inside of Mandy's leg and as I reach the hem of her skirt I slowly peel it upwards exposing the red knickers for the first time. I see that the deep crimson matches the bra. The material is shiny satin and as her legs instinctively part for my hand I notice that there is a very visible damp spot starting to spread.

My fingers start to massage her pussy through the knickers, focusing on the wetness, pushing slightly against her. The satin gives under my fingers and starts to enter her wet hole, soaking up more of the juices. Mandy gives a little gasp at this intrusion and opens her legs wider to give me easier access.

My fingers slide the knickers to one side and I probe more deeply into her pussy, the wetness making my fingers slick. My thumb rubs on her clit and I feel it swell and stiffen from the attention.

"Mandy, you're very clearly sexually aroused today". She bites her lip and nods in agreement. A breathy "yes Sir" escapes her lips. I notice for the first time that the lipstick she is wearing almost perfectly matches the redness of her heels and knickers, her pussy is starting to take on the same bright colour as I continue to slide my fingers in and out and rub her clitoris more quickly now.

12:22 - several minutes have passed since I started fingering my PA here in the office and she is doing her best to concentrate on the task I've set her on the computer screen, but her hands are quivering now and I can see that her eyes close for seconds at a time as her body starts to build to its orgasm. The climax that she has been craving for days now.

I slow my fingers to a more leisurely massage and rest my thumb over the top of her clit, just exerting a slight pressure, but not rubbing. Her wetness is dripping down her thighs and starting to moisten the tops of her stockings.

"Do you know why I've asked you to come into the office Mandy?" She turns her head to look into my eyes and tries to innocently mutter something about formatting and then looks down to the floor and shakes her head slowly.

"Mandy, when you started this job we discussed the dress code, I want you to dress professionally. Sexy is OK, sexy is important, but today you've strayed beyond what is acceptable office attire, and we'll have to do something about that. This underwear, the sheer blouse, these heels, the stockings - it's all designed to tease me isn't it?".

She tries again to protest but before the "o" from "no Sir" has escaped her lips I press down hard onto her clit and cause the word to come out as a high pitched "noooooooooo".

"I'll ask again Mandy - you wanted me to notice you, you wanted me to get hard looking at you from my office and you wanted me to bring you in here and fuck you until you came. Didn't you!?"

Mandy's head nods slowly and she whispers a quiet "yes Sir"

12:32 - "Mandy, I admire your enterprising spirit. But I am in charge and I will decide when you will cum, how you will cum and who will make you cum - do you understand?".

This time the answer is louder "Yes Sir, you're in charge". I hook my fingers under the waist of the sopping red knickers and slide them half way down her legs, they are held above her her knees because her legs are spread just wide enough to allow my fingers access into the warm tight pussy that I have been teasing for the last half an hour or so.

I lean close into her ear and speak softly "Please step out of your knickers Mandy, you won't be needing those for the rest of the day."

I'm pleased with how compliantly she follows my instruction. She then crosses her legs at the calves and bending at the waist picks up the damp underwear from the floor and hands it to me without making eye contact.

I give her one final instruction "You may return to your desk now Mandy, when you sit down at your chair I want you to ensure that your skirt is pulled up so that your pussy is in contact with the seat and not your clothes - I'd hate for that skirt to have a damp patch".

With a confident "Yes Sir" she calmly walks from my office and returns to her desk. I'm pleased to see her do as I asked as she sits down. I take the wet red knickers still in my hand, fold them carefully and place them into my suit's jacket pocket.

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