Mandy's "Ride" Home


"Perfect," she answered in a raspy voice.

Rick smiled, then started moving his finger in and out of her faster, applying a little more pressure. He curved his finger upwards, lightly stroking her from inside. Her pussy got wetter and wetter. Again, her juices were flowing down his fingers. He breathed deep, taking in her sweet scent. Looking down between her legs, he noticed a pool of her cum on the carpet of the SUV. Smiling, he began fucking her perfect, snug little cunt even harder and faster. She began lightly bucking her hips forward against his finger. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted...he could tell she was really getting into it. During the next thrust of his finger, he inserted a second finger, his middle one. Her eyes popped open and she looked down at him. "Keep thrusting," he told her. She did. She closed her eyes again, and continued rolling her hips into Rick's hand. "That's it, baby, that's it." He fucked her with his fingers harder and harder until he suddenly realized he was slamming into her hymen. He didn't want to break it, to take her virginity this way, so he backed off. He pulled his fingers out of her and said, "Relax, sweetie."

"But, I don't want you to stop."

"Did it both hurt and feel good as I told you it would?"


"Well, it's about to feel even better," he said with a smile. He reached down, and with one finger, he dragged her wetness up her slit. Reaching the top, he moved down slightly and pressed into her, finding her clit. She jumped. "Relax," he told her again.

"What did you do?"

"Did you like it?"

"Oh my god, yes. What did you do?"

Rick took his thumbs and parted her pussy lips gently. "That hard, wonderful little bean looking thing right there is your clit, baby. I'm gonna stroke it and make you cum."

"I didn't know where my clit was."

"Now you do," he told her as he let go of her lips. He took two fingers, the same two he'd used inside her, and began rubbing slow, soft circles over her clit, applying a bit of pressure. Mandy's mouth opened, but no sound escaped as she tossed her head back. Rick couldn't help but smile as he watched her enjoying his touches. Her hips began bucking forward again, so he circled a little harder on her clit, a little faster. He bent his head slightly, and took her right nipple into his mouth again, sucking and licking it in the same rhythm he was using on her clit. Hard, fast. Her hips were relentlessly fucking up against his hand now.

"Yes...yes...oh god, yes!!!" she cried. Rick excitedly worked her clit and began biting her nipple. He could feel her fingernails digging into his back hard as she moaned and cried.

He kissed up her chest, up her neck and began whispering in her ear. "That's it, baby, that's it. C'mon sweetie...cum for me. Cum all over my hand. I wanna lick your juice off of it. I want you to watch me taste you. C'mon baby, cum for me. Cum for me, Mandy. Now, baby...cum now!" he demanded.

And cum she did. Her hips thrust up one last time as she cried, "Oh fuck yessssssssssss!" Rick bent back down and suckled her nipple as she rode his hand to orgasm.

When she'd finally stilled, obviously exhausted, Rick stood up and looked at her. She'd layed back a little, her eyes closed, flushed, a little sweaty, her nipples red and raw with his teeth marks, and her perfect pussy wet and creamy from top to bottom. He'd never seen a more beautiful sight in all his life. "Mandy?"

"Yes?" she asked, opening her eyes and looking up at him. He slowly inserted his fingers into his mouth, licking her juices off them as he'd told her he would. "Mmmmm," she moaned, smiling.

Rick licked all her sweet nectar off, then asked, "So? What'd you think?"

"I think I want to do that again."

He laughed. "And you will, my dear, all in due time. For now, though, you need to get dressed so we can get you home."

"What about you?"

Rick was surprised by her question. He was prepared to head home and stroke himself off in the shower. Was she really offering to help him cum? "What about me?"

"Your cock is hard...I can see it against your pants. Don't you want to cum now?"

"I do, but it's late. You need to get home. I can get myself off later."

"No, I want to help."

"And just how do you plan to do that?" he asked with a smile. He expected her to offer to stroke his cock for him or maybe a blowjob, although it would probably be pretty bad judging by her experience. Hell, even a bad blow job from this girl would beat getting off alone in the shower, though. He didn't expect, however, what she said next.

"I want you to take me."

"Take you?"


"Take you how?"

"Fuck me."

"Fuck you? I can't fuck you."

"Why not?"

"Mandy, you're a virgin. You should save it to be with someone you really care about."

"I DO really care about you, Mr. G. You've always been a friend to me and I think you're gorgeous. I want this," she said as she scooted forward onto the tailgate. She let her legs dangle over the edge and stared up at him again with those innocent blue eyes as she undid his belt buckle. He wasn't prepared for this.

"Mandy, wait!"

"Please...." she said softly.

"I didn't expect things to go this far."

"I didn't either."

"Oh god, Mandy...I want you so badly."

"Please, Mr. G. Fuck me," she insisted again. "I need you to."

Rick didn't need any more time to think about it. This was his one shot...his one opportunity, and he wasn't about to miss it. He quickly undid his pants, and pulled them to his ankles along with his boxers. "Scoot forward," he demanded, using his gruff voice again. Mandy scooted onto the edge of the tailgate, her legs spread as wide as she could bare. She stared down at his cock and licked her lips. "Have you ever seen a cock before?"

"No," she said, smiling widely.

"Do you like mine?"

"Oh yes."

"Maybe next time I'll let you taste it," he said, lining his cock up with the opening to her vagina. "But right now, I'm dying to be inside that tight little cunt and fuck you 'til you can't take it anymore." Rick was a little more talk than action, though. Instead, he carefully pushed his way into her tight cunt, taking into consideration that she was a virgin, he didn't want to hurt her too badly. His cock was a bit above average...about 7 inches and thick. He knew it was a little much for someone so inexperienced, but he couldn't say no...he had to have her. He ever so slowly inched his way inside her, savoring her tightness. He'd never felt a cunt so perfectly tight, not to mention so wet. This little bitch was lucky she was so slick and wet...otherwise, he might've done some real damage. Once he was hitting her hymen, he stopped and asked, "How's that feel?"

"Good," she answered, but he could tell she was a little uncomfortable.

"I'm gonna go slow."


And he did. For the next few minutes, Rick went very much for himself as for her. He was busy savoring every inch of her. As he pushed his way inside, he bent down and sucked her neck. As he pulled out, he lifted one of her breasts and licked across her nipple. He breathed deeply, taking in her smell. She was lost in an endless array of moans and sighs. Suddenly, Rick pulled out of her and stood up. "Stand up and take off that skirt," he demanded. Mandy quickly hopped down from the tailgate and did as she was told. He, in turn, took a moment to study her amazing body once more. She was now naked from head to toe. He couldn't imagine a more perfect creature in his wildest dreams. "Lean forward against the tailgate and spread your legs." Again, she did as he said.

Rick came up behind her and slowly stroked his hand lightly down her arm. He brushed her hair to one side with the other hand and bent down to kiss her neck. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on, Mandy. I mean that."

"Thank you."

"I'm gonna fuck you hard, but I'm gonna make you cum again, too, so it's gonna hurt and feel good at the same time."

"I can't wait," she breathed.

Smiling, Rick pushed the small of her back forward a bit and positioned himself behind her. He reached around cupped her breasts in his hands. Her hands splayed out in front of her on the tailgate, he could feel her tense up. "Relax," he whispered. "I'll stop anytime you say so."

"Do you have a condom? I don't wanna know."

"We don't need one, baby. I've been fixed."


"Yes, love, after the twins."

"That's all I was worried about."

"Then stop worrying...I'm about to make you feel so good."

Rick squeezed her breasts, then brought his hands to the center of her chest and pinched her nipples. He could feel Mandy relaxing beneath him. He leaned his head down and began kissing her neck lightly. Moaning against her ear, breathing hot against her cool skin, he began to circle his hips against her ass. Mandy pushed her ass back against Rick's cock, practically begging for more. He was more than ready to fuck that tight little cunt of hers, but he knew he had to draw this out a bit. He wanted them both to remember this encounter as outstanding. Rick drew his hands away from her perky teenage breasts, and slowly massaged his way down her back as he thrust his cock forward against her ass. Upon reaching the small of her back, he ever so slowly moved his hands over her luscious hips and brought them around the front of her body, positioning his hand between her and the tailgate. Reaching down, he found her clit again and began circling it lightly...all the while, he kept pushing his cock against her round, firm ass. He rubbed her harder, faster, in tighter circles...beginning a rhythm, pulling her back against his cock with the hand that he was using to pleasure her.

"Please...." she whispered.

"Please what?" he whispered into her ear with his deep voice, not stopping the pleasure he was giving to her. He could feel her shake beneath him, her entire body shivering with eroticism.

"I...I want to feel you, Rick."

Something clicked in him...she'd never called him Rick before. For some reason, it turned him on to hear her call out his first name. To him, it meant that he was no longer just the father of the kids she babysat...he was her lover. Rick lined his cock up behind her vagina, and pushed his way inside her slowly as he squeezed her nipples hard. He moaned loudly in relief, still unable to believe his cock was inside the most perfect cunt there ever was. She threw her head back against his shoulder and arched her back a bit so her ass was pushing back against him. He started stroking himself into her...not too slowly, not too fast.

"Oh god, it hurts but feels so good, too," she moaned.

"You like me fuckin' you, baby?"

"Fuck yes, don't stop!"

So he fucked her harder. He pinched her nipples harder. He leaned down and bit her neck. Mandy pushed her ass back against him, silently demanding he fuck her harder.

"What do you want, Mandy?" he asked, fucking her in a steady rhythm.

"More!" she cried.

"More what?"

"Please, Rick, please!"

"Tell me what you want, baby, or I'm going to stop this right now," he said, knowing damn well he'd never do such a thing.

"Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Rick fucked her even harder. Now he could feel his cock pushing up against her hymen, demanding to enter her further. Only seconds later, entry was granted. As he broke through her hymen, she gasped. He knew it hurt her, but he also knew she was enjoying herself, so he ignored her cries and pushed himself further inside her. He rubbed her clit in violent little circles as he fucked the wettest, tightest little cunt he'd ever had his whole life. Rick was trying his best to keep himself from cumming too soon, but it felt like his cock was in a vice, for fuck's sake. Her little pussy squeezed and squeezed his thickness as he plowed his way through her. Suddenly, to his surprise, his next thrust yielded an even tighter squeeze on his cock. Mandy cried out as if in pain and pleasure both. He could feel her entire body shaking against his...she was already in the throes of orgasm. It was more than he could take. He let himself go...cumming and cumming, filling that perfect, tight little pussy with every ounce of cum he had to offer. He thrust against her several more times, hard but a little slower, until she collapsed onto the bed of the SUV. After he was drained, he still kept pumping slowly, holding her hips gently. "You okay?" he asked her.

"Yes," she said, suddenly sounding shy.

Rick finally pulled his cock out from within her, then lifted her up and turned her around to sit her on the tailgate facing him. He stood between her legs and took her face in his hands, forcing her to look up at him. "Did I hurt you, sweetie?"

"No. That was better than I could've ever imagined."

"You were amazing, baby," he told her, smiling down at her. She smiled back up at him. The streetlight was still shining down on them from above lighting her face...again, Rick noted how angelic she appeared. "Let's get you dressed," he told her, giving her a light kiss on her forehead.

She nodded then looked down and saw that her legs were covered in blood from her lost virginity. She looked a little shocked from the sight of it until Rick reassured her that it was perfectly normal and handed her a towel from the back seat of his SUV. "Thanks," she said, wiping off as much of it as she could before getting dressed. After dressing himself, Rick discarded the towel in a nearby trash can, then drove Mandy the rest of the way home.


Rick's drive home went by fast. He recounted every detail of what had happened between he and Mandy several times over. He thought about every inch of her body...every curve, every juicy bit...before he knew it, he was pulling into his driveway. He knew his wife had long since gotten the boys to bed and that she herself was already fast asleep. Arriving inside, he went immediately to the bathroom. He stripped his clothes and discarded them into the hamper. He started thinking about what Mandy had said upon dropping her off...that she wanted this to continue, she wanted them to keep fucking...that tonight had been the most pleasurable night of her life. Rick knew he could get into big time trouble if things went any further and that he should've given her a firm no, but he couldn't...he, too, wanted more.

Finally naked, he turned the shower onto HOT, and stepped inside. He bent his head a little, closing his eyes and letting the water run down his back. Upon opening them, he looked down and saw the water in the shower was running red. It was blood...Mandy's blood from her taken virginity. To Rick's surprise, the very thought of owning her virginity made him hard again. He couldn't help but stroke himself off...grabbing his cock as tight as his hand would grip it, picturing Mandy naked against the back wall of the shower, moaning her name as a mixture of blood and cum swirled down the shower drain. As he held his cock tightly in his hand, he realized it wasn't even a close substitute for the best pussy he'd ever hope to have. Moreover, he knew it wouldn't be long until he'd be dying to have her again. Rick sighed, knowing this was just the beginning....

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