tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 01

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 01


Dear reader: This story starts a series of real life erotic adventures of a superbly attractive 18 year-old prick teasing office girl in a big city. Jenny actually existed in such a job some years back, but in different name and the exciting adventures ahead happened as described, only with various embellishments to enhance your satisfaction. The author knows the main character intimately well and can assure you this is one good long series read you will enjoy. Stay!


Office flirt Jenny, 18, doesn't mind being thought of as a prick teaser by other women in the big city office where she works nine to five. After all, she takes after her mother, a vivacious siren now 50, right down to her long jet-black hair.

Like her mother Jenny oozes sexiness, is fastidiously clean and treats her lithe body as a prize from God. Tight buttocks and all the curves in the right places, and always, always she keeps her pussy scrupulously free of hair with daily creams to keep it smooth as satin. Jenny dreams that one day she can be a first class photographic model if only the right shutterbug can discover her!

The Latino teen, six months off her 19th birthday, attracts more than casual glances wherever she goes in her provocative mini skirts, her long slender olive complexion legs and 38-inch firm breasts with slightly upturned big puffy nipples two inches wide and peaking one and a three quarter inches out. Her female associates, less endowed, hate her for wearing not just a bum freezer skirt but also such a thin nylon bra that fails to hide the way her puffies outrageously stand out like beacons yet are completely covered. Jenny's boss notices too, and he often calls her into his office to discuss her work even when it seems to Jenny that he just wants to perv on her body.

This Friday she wears her new plaited micro mini and favourite g-string under the pantihose as the g-string is so temptingly sheer it is almost clear as glass. Jenny bought the g-string at a sex shop for her own pleasure in an erotic moment, making sure it was one size too small and totally transparent. She likes to relish the fantasy of her boss finding her irresistible when she sits in the visitor chair opposite his giant executive desk to discuss work, as she knows he always does on a Friday and he likes to look at her legs. But it is another man that quite unexpectedly gets the best view.

Leaving work late after 5 Jenny decides to bypass the elevator rather than wait, ducking down the second floor stairwell. Unfortunately she slips and tumbles down several steps lucky not to hit her head but landing awkwardly on her left knee. It pains bad and Jenny curses aloud.

She hobbles back to the office and finds only her boss still there. Puffing from the fright she shows him her kinked knee. "Jenny you cold suffer some real damage to your knee," he said. "Lucky there is a good physiotherapist up on level 15 who doesn't close until 6 on week days."

The boss picks up the phone and rings the physio's number. "Bill, this is Raymond on level 2, one of my girls has hurt her knee and needs you to look at it right now Can you spend some time on it and I'll pay your hourly rate if you flick me an invoice on Monday as this young lady is one of my best and needs to be in good hands right away." Jenny sighs with relief. Thank goodness not everyone shuts their door at 5 o'clock, she croaks.

"Jenny, this therapist, old Bill I call him, is a real expert. Just trust him to know what he is doing. He's an older man, must be getting well into his 60s and looks a fat old fart but you can rely on him like he's your own grandfather. He really knows what affects the body."

But Jenny, so used to being in control and choosing her teasing moment, is horrified at the prospect of seeing a total stranger, especially a grandfather age man while wearing such provocative underwear, ultra short skirt and see-through bra. It is an unscheduled moment of her life she isn't prepared for. "What if he looks up my skirt; it is short you know," she says limply to her boss, not game to tell him she may as well be wearing crotchless panties.

"Jenny, this man is a professional who is used to -- you know, seeing people in situations. They don't take any notice of what they see; it is all professional care." With her boss's reassurance, Jenny hobbles to the elevator and finds the therapist's door on level 15 after limping past every other tenant's darkened offices. When the somewhat fat old man sees Jenny his pulse jumps into overdrive.

Looking at his watch as though he is late, he hears her problem and promptly orders her to take off her pantihose so he can massage her knee. Old Bill looks at Jenny's superb bust line. "I don't want to ruin that lovely blouse you are wearing as I need you to lie flat back on the massage table so better take that off too, and those high- heel shoes." Jenny obliges, remembering her boss's endorsement of the man. She strips off her blouse, revealing up close and personal her very low cut skin coloured see-through bra holding a big set of youthfully pointed breasts. The old man smiles sweetly at her upraised puffy nipples straining tightly against the sheer nylon material and says, "it's just as well your boss sent you to me. This can't wait until after the weekend."

"Here, I will lift you onto the massage table," he proffers and quickly scoops her up, one hand behind her back and the other hand held flat under her mini-skirt, not realising until then of her daring underwear situation. As the burly built man picks her up in his strong arms his hands are feeling a surprising amount of bare supple skin under her mini skirt. He realises this cute gal is next to naked under her teeny bopper mini skirt, glimpsing the tiny g-string whale tale material disappearing between her well rounded cheeks .as he swings her up to the massage bench. This isn't happening, Jenny thinks, as she feels the palm of his hand sliding across her tight butt as he lays her down carefully.

"Good," he says, not surprisingly almost short of breath. "Now your boss says to take a good look at you and see what the problem is, Stay flat with your head against bench and bring both knees right up and pull your feet back as far back towards your butt." Jenny does as she is told and her mini-skirt crumples up to a point just higher than her pubic bone. The upskirt position Jenny finds herself in exposes her silky smooth high risen mound above a bulging pussy now thrust upwards in full view of the old man's gaze.

He can hardly believe his luck as he stares at the tantalising sight of a superb teenage cameltoe crease Jenny now unwittingly displays to his unexpected pleasure. The paper-thin stitching of the undersize g-string clings so tight around the base of her outer vulva lips that it squeezes her pussy into a tightly curved "presentation box" with such clarity that the old man could swear she isn't wearing anything at all.

Jenny notices him staring between her legs and realises this old man will never have it so good as now. "My boss swears by you as an expert and says I must take your advice and instructions; I hope you can fix me up," she stutters with a hint of being conquered.

"Yes" he replies, I am spreading your legs wide apart to see if there is any resistance from your accident. Tell me if it hurts. Then I lift one leg at a time up as high and without bending the knee, push it as far back as possible to compare the flexibility of both knees. Next I hold each leg up high and move it in a circular motion. I must know if there is a problem with your agility. Old Bill continues to do these stretching movements for 20 minutes, always focusing his gaze directly between her revealing thighs. As this continues, her legs swinging left and right, up and back and around and around Jenny feels her g-string slipping across to one side.

"Lie on your side now as I lift your legs in turn straight up high, no bending the knee, and hold it there for a minute like before". The old man gawks eagerly as these stretching movements finally slides the unsuspecting girl's flimsy g-string completely across to one side, exposing entirely her smooth hairless pussy. The close-up sight of her teenage honeypot stirs him like nothing before. Her crinkled vagina lips are sensually prominent forming a wide crack between both sides of her fat outer vulva lips. It's all so satin smooth without even the hint of hair stubble anywhere. Unlike some girls, her pencil-thick clitoris is quite large and is instantly noticeable at the tip of its protective sheath, probably already stimulated to some extent by his workout, he thinks.

"My goodness," he chokes, "you have the most perfectly shaped legs and bum I've seen in a long time and I've seen many." These words make Jenny feel like she is now conquering him. His heart beat races as he feasts on the supposedly innocent result of his expertly manipulative leg stretches and the multi-directional views he wins of her full-on genitals. He suddenly splutters, "Take off your bra," salivatating at the thrill of this young sexpot taking orders from him without question.

Jenny does as she is told as he sits her up topless and just stares at her upstanding, yet fullsome breasts, mesmerised for a moment by the starkness of her deep pink outreaching puffy nipples. "My God, what a body," he thought to himself.

"Now turn over and lie on your tummy while I check your leg movements from behind. Jenny feels him moving her long legs wider apart and lifting each leg up high and outwards, then holding both legs in each hand and holding them up, out and around and around in such a way her vagina lips become firmer and start opening and closing, opening and closing, opening and closing and opening wider the longer he manipulates pressure on the region. He sees they appear very moist. This delights the old man as he keeps doing this for some time to the erotically picturesque office girl.

"Okay that's good Jenny," he says, "now turn over on your back while I massage this special healing oil into your knees. Now to get the best results I must massage it towards your heart by going to the very top of your legs". He does not tell her the special oil is based on an ancient aphrodisiac that penetrates deeply and stimulates sexually sensitive areas of the body. She notices he only slides his palms along her inner thighs but she feels the heat working already. "Ooh, I think it's already working as that feels oh, really penetrating," she sings.

"Best we slip you out of your skirt young lady so we don't get it soiled," he says and Jenny helps him pull it down and over her feet to the floor. Lying on her back again she is now virtually naked. The only clothing left on her body is her tiny g-string that rests to one side of her fat pussy. Jenny looks helplessly at the old man's eyes getting an uninterrupted full frontal view of her sexual delights as he keeps massaging the sensual oil from the knee right up to the inside top of her thighs to meet her most private part.

This is taking a long time and he apologises for going over the hour since she arrived. Inwardly though, Jenny is so psychologically stimulated knowing the old man is transfixed at her natural beauty that her pussy lips are feeling so moist she fears he must surely notice this. Every time he reaches the top inner thigh Jenny feels his knuckles lean on her exposed clitoris in a slow circular manner that seems so natural and unintended.

The excitement of this makes her already upraised puffy nipples stand erect so that the tips seem begging to be sucked. This catches the old man's eye as he continues for another 15 minutes with Jenny starting to squirm and lift her buttocks up a few inches above the massage table every time he brush strokes her bared Lolita-like pussy.

He moves her legs wider apart in a sexually exploited fashion and now Jenny, head back and unable to see, feels his fingers sliding around her clitoris in a dancing motion while his other hand caresses her sensitive inner thighs. The oil feels warm to hot, penetrating and somehow is making her feel like her loins are on fire. Her aroused clitoris responds to his sensitive butterfly-like caresses he disguises as accidental massage and, engorged from the inner flush of sexual intensity deep within her, Jenny's clitoris is now his sole fascination to touch again and again. The sensations his hands are working on her makes her growing passion unstoppable despite trying to stay in control of herself.

Jenny feels an almighty orgasm is rising in her if this continues. Suddenly though, the old man too, sensing the moment is close, knows he has prepared the girl for something better on another day.

"That's it for today, my girl, I have put one and a half hours into you tonight but I want you to come back at the same time after work next Friday and each Friday for a month so we can make sure that knee is responding. Can you do that? "

Getting dressed, she replies with a flirtatious nod, "Oh yes sir, I will be back." Jenny smiled at the man, thinking to herself, "You dirty old perv I bet you wish you could fuck someone as beautiful as me but in your dreams mate. Even funnier, she thinks, her boss pays the bill. If only her randy boss could see as much as the "fat old fart" upstairs did behind closed doors!

When Jenny left, old Bill pulls out his nine-inch schlong and jerks off a load of cum on to the massage table, imagining it is Jenny's pretty face. "Prick teasing bitch," he shouts as he squeezes his penis dry. Then he goes to his diary and puts her name down for 5.30pm the following Friday.


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