tagExhibitionist & VoyeurManipulating Jenny Ch. 05

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 05


SUMMARY: Jenny, the vivacious and sensuously adventurous 18 year-old office junior, discovers the inside revelations about having her pussy pierced.

In a week's time Jenny is to meet a young woman who wants to make love to her. It is something she has never done but is doing it to simply please her boss now she is promoted as his personal secretary.

She suddenly sees herself as some sort of teenage version of the sexpot star in Richard Gere's and Julia Roberts' film Pretty Woman -- if she plays her cards right she will do very well. The BMW is maybe just a start, she thinks.

She decides to get her genitals pierced after reading how much it can improve a woman's sex life and pleasure down below, not just during sex, but also just by crossing her legs! On her third and final visit to the old physiotherapist who looked after her injured knee in past weeks, she asks him for advice on whom to trust for such a personal thing.

The therapist tells her the most experienced man doing body piercing, and specialising in genital adornment, is his own younger brother. "He ought to retire now he's gone past 55 but gee he looks good for his age; a very masculine old bugger but ruggedly handsome in his way. He must be good because he gets lots of repeat business, eh." That satisfies her doubts and she decides she will go to him but first, the sex drive in Jenny takes her to a hot lingerie shop. She figures that if anyone is going to be looking at her down there she wants to make herself look really special.

She never cares about the age of any man she prick teases. All men, all ages, are pervs in her opinion and she likes to make them look weak. She makes her boss cave in. She thinks that sometimes the older they are the worse they area and, she reckons, it must be their way of trying to reclaim a part of their life they lost many years ago.

But for her stepdaddy he can't do anything wrong in Jenny's eyes. She still calls him daddy even though she's now 18 and very much a fine young woman despite her somewhat baby face He raised her on his own after her mother died 10 years earlier. It wasn't easy raising such a sprightly kid at the time and he gave her with all the care and affection she needed as if she were his own. Indeed, Jenny owes the very strength of her own convictions to him. Boys her own age, she figures, just don't appreciate the erotic aspects of female beauty the way older men do.

She purchases a stunning one-piece sheer skin coloured light cotton cat suit that snuggles into her every crevice and fits over her 34-inch hips and 38-inch bust and clings like transparent food plastic wrap. Not very comfortable, she thinks, but it's only for show, not for longevity.

It is raining when she leaves home so she dons a raincoat and soon finds the man's address tucked well back among trees down a long driveway on the western fringes of town. The door opens to a strikingly handsome man, but decidedly very much the veteran age like her boss. He is shirtless, showing a wide strong chest with a mass of silver black hair and stands there in black track pants. He is a wiry built man; only his face seems to give away the reality that he's older than his body looks. Sort of like her boss, only not as good looking, but about the same age. He ushers Jenny inside and takes her to his elaborate work studio. Jenny says she wants to have some very personal body piercing but not sure what is best for her.

"Well young lady, I have so many styles and sizes here, I have been doing this for many years," he assures her. "Here, let me take your coat while I get you a book of samples." Jenny pushes hack her ponytail and removes her raincoat, revealing her next-to-nothing undercover that doesn't cover much at all. She is wearing her high platform shoes which add two inches to her normal 5ft 8in. height. He surveys the sexually attractive figure standing there. "Now that is one outfit I don't get to see these days but I must say it suits you well," he teases. "Hmm, you seem to be in pretty good nick young lady, maybe the best figure I've come across in my 30 or so years doing this"

"Gee, you still do this after 30 years of it, don't you get sick and tired of looking at -- you know? Jenny asks clumsily. "Miss, they come in similar shapes and sizes but you know, every single one is different. Really, I never get tired of looking at a well shaped nicely looked after... er, figure. Too answer your question, when a man stops looking at a woman's body he is ready for the grave."

He plonks a large heavy bound A3 size book of colour photo samples on the bench for her to look through for ideas then sits back in a lounge chair side on to her admiring her vivacious figure; especially the way her breasts push the skintight outfit to its extreme resistance. Jenny sees the book labelled volume 20 contains more than 100 sheets of wide landscape pages with one client per page. Indeed, the variety of genital piercing surprises her. She notices that all the coloured photos carry a face picture of the client, a description of the type of piercing, a full figure picture of the client, and pictures of the genitals in a before and after sequence from front, side and rear angles. All have a close-up of the actual pierced body part.

"Why are there so many pictures from different angles," Jenny puts to him. "Why do you need to do that?"

"Simple, my lass, every girl or woman wants to know immediately how her adornment looks from someone else's perspective -- they like to see what their lover sees and not everyone likes to stand upside down in front of mirror when they get home to work it out so I can produce these images digitally by the time they are ready to go home from here. All the different angles are to satisfy every curiosity. It costs no more and for new customers like you, it's a way of seeing how things turn out when viewed from different positions."

"Makes sense, I guess," Jenny concedes.

"I keep this portfolio as a private record of my work. Some nights I roam through these archives and I can clearly remember them coming in and how each and every one reacted. This is my life"

He watches on as Jenny slowly turns the pages studying years of his work. After half an hour of looking she picks a more advanced sample he calls the triangle and horizontal hood piercing -- two separate jewellery placements that simultaneously can stimulate the clitoris front and back. He calls it the double whammy, as the rear stimulation of the clitoris can be mind blowing for some lucky women.

Jenny chooses this one because the pussy in the picture looks very similar to the size, contours and appearance of her own being perfectly bald with a prominent Mound of Venus leading down to wide, "puffy" outer labia lips, prominent vagina lips and with an above average sized clitoris "That's me, that girl's pinched my pussy," she jokes. Magnetised by this particular style of piercing in the glossy coloured photos, Jenny wants the same.

"This one looks interesting," she says to the piercer. "How does it go?" He explains the triangle version is a horizontal piercing at the base of where the hood tissue starts and the metal positions directly behind the nerve centre of the clitoris head so that it reverberates sensation against the female's most highly sensitive sexual organ. Then, the separate overhead hood piercing is positioned so the metal ball rests directly against clitoris thus giving the person a back and front simultaneous stimulation through body movement.

"Now there's a trap in this though," he says with concern. "This one doesn't suit every woman unless her pussy happens to be the right proportions in the right places. Sounds complicated? Well that's because all female genitals, while basically the same, they have variations in construction just as men differ the same way. The choice of jewellery adornment down there depends on all these factors to avoid problems. Near enough is not good enough in this business."

Jenny says she knows some women are happy to be mentally stimulated by the visual values of private parts piercing but most of them prefer the physical touch stimulation the rings and beads provide. She appreciates his advice. By now, she is keenly fascinated at all this discussion and props her bum up on the workbench facing him in her scanty see-through lingerie. She looks ravenous.

Her legs are slightly parted and accentuate the bold fullness of her cunt so explicitly contoured and tightly pressed upwards in front of him. She hopes he is admiring how fantastic she fits into such tight and sheer underwear. Seeing she is interested in his knowledge of the subject, he chirps up, "In the case of the style you are selecting here, the foster parents of a young woman your age came in only a month ago with their adopted daughter wearing a cute ponytail just like yours and wanted something special as a gift to her dad. Being a man, I think that's a wonderful expression of affection in both regards. The parents also wanted a suitable tiny ring in each of her nipples and were anxious to do this immediately.

"Why the rush," queried Jenny. "Surely you don't rush into these things."

"Well, it seems the following week they were all moving home some 150 miles away to a remote mountain area that's 30 miles from the nearest village and my kind of services can't be found in those places."

"Why did she bring her parents with her; I didn't have to do that and looking at her pictures she is about my age."

The piercer looks at Jenny. "I don't do gals under 18, but all you young women today make it difficult with the clever use of make-up and the way lots of you are developing so early. Makes my job harder, that's right but if there's any doubt I knock them back unless I get proof of age. On this occasion, even though this particular young lady was of consenting age, her parents were so protective they wanted to make sure I could be trusted with her. You know; those crushing, doting type of parents who never think their kids grow up and can be trusted unless they are there to supervise them."

Gee, sounds bad. Poor girl. Glad my stepdaddy is not like that and he loves me, too. So can I have the same type of piercing you did for her? "

"Like I told them, I make that decision not them.or their 19 year-old daughter. That's because I do a thorough genital probe that takes about 20 minutes to evaluate the thickness and elasticity of the clitoral area, the outer and inner labia lips and inside the vagina itself. Now to do this properly, I use special oils I get from South America, gently massaging it into all areas of the genitals first before I do what I call a skin gauge test. I like to generate intense arousal in the pussy so I can identify the exact size and precise position of the enlarged clit, and the orgasmic point status of the vagina lips and outer labia. It's all important like fitting a jigsaw puzzle."

Jenny suddenly sees the South American aphrodisiac oils connection with this man and his older physiotherapist brother who used such sexually stimulating oils when massaging her. She holds back mentioning it but remembers how it set her loins on fire.

Jenny leans back slightly as she notices the piercer looking at eye level directly at her thighs. She feels the tightness between her legs as the skintight one-piece body suit is stretched by her movement with the tip of her bum on the edge of the workbench in front of him.

"I thought it was just like getting my ear lobes done," says Jenny. "Ha, big mistake," he replies, "but it's one reason why many women experience orgasm during a genital piercing procedure -- in preparing and in the actual fitting of the jewellery."

"So what happened when you told that to those fuddy duddies?"

"They just looked at each other, nodded and told their daughter to undress so I could determine her suitability. They wouldn't leave until they felt sure there would be no problems, and they watched my every move, no doubt to make sure I wasn't acting improperly."

Jenny felt herself getting very turned on just thinking of the foster parents of the girl actually watching him probing her pussy in such a way.Jenny chips in: "Did she have an orgasm?"

"Oh yes, it happens a lot of the times in my work and can't be helped. They accepted that and left her in my hands for two hours to do the piercing while they went shopping. When they returned the man was so pleased he gave me a big tip.

"The mother wished she had something like it before she started dating boys. She was only concerned that the piercing could interfere with normal sex. Felt sorry for the daughter really; she was an extremely attractive kid of adult age and having foster parents who treated her like she was still at high school was pretty sad. The mother wouldn't leave until I could prove that my work was successful in helping, not hindering, the gal's sex life.

"So while they stood there watching me I had to demonstrate with a rather large vibrator that the piercings would not hinder normal sex, and could only make it better. This went on for about 10 minutes and damn me, the daughter had another orgasm.The old girl thanked me and said I had done a good job because, as she put it, her daughter's climax on this here bench was apparently much stronger than her daughter normally has at home. Now that made me think a bit, eh?"

By now Jenny's cunt is throbbing, but not from being touched. Her vivid imagination and erotic thoughts of what she just heard are making her wet inside the vagina. Her legs are close together now and her bulging pussy, squeezed high in the very thin skin tight one piece body suit, ranges up from between her legs like a roller coaster curve, the sheerness of it sucked into her vagina crack which the piercer can see is looking quite damp.

"Well, that's enough talking, let's see if you can make this triangle fit for you like the other girl's did," the piercer announces with a sound of authority in his voice. Jenny hops down and he beckons her to remove her clothing.

"Before I start I will do the pre-piercing photographs for my files, the way your pussy looks in its original state. He lays Jenny on her back and parts her legs about a foot for the frontal image. Already sensually stimulated by his conversation, her swollen outer labia lips lean outwards creating a gap each side of her thoroughly moist vagina lips as they lose their original crinkled look and take on a firm upright appearance. The inner vaginal lips widen out to touch the inside edges of the swollen outer lips. The inviting sight of the voluptuous teenager's wide-open vagina makes him smile. It is a scene repeated countless time in all his work, as Jenny couldn't help notice in his samples portfolio. He rolls Jenny to her side, moves her left leg back and tips her torso slightly away from him to make her pussy range up in clear view for his side-in angle pictures. Then he has her face down, legs apart and photographs her from behind with her backside slightly lifted off the bench.

"That's all the pre-job done; I will repeat the same procedure once we finish the piercing," he assures Jenny. "Right now, let's check you out down there for the right fit."

He gently smooths the aphrodisiac oil all over her pussy, working his oiled fingers up and down the length of the thick outer lips, squeezing them up from the base of her inner thigh and as he does that he applies the oil all around the clitoris, squeezing it, rubbing it and running his fingers up and down the crevice between inner and outer lips.

Jenny twitches as he works his experienced fingers around her wet sensitive parts and holds her clitoris between his index finger and thumb, rubbing it slowly, then with changing pace. A soft groan escapes her lips. She holds her head up to watch him, and is flushed with excitement at the sight of this man probing her pussy, deliberately getting it to a high state of arousal so he can decide the right place for the clitoral piercing.

He leans across her body and from under his track pants she's sure she can feel the weight of something thick pressing against her thigh. He circles his fingers around the inside edges of her open vagina before burying them deep inside her and stirring in a clockwise direction as the aphrodisiac oil is rubbed into the inner walls of the vagina.

"I do this to get all the sex organs running hot so I get a better idea of its most sexually prepared state then I finally do a finger feel of the thickness and elasticity of your sensitive parts" he tells Jenny who is already feeling she will lose self control if he doesn't stop soon.

Jenny is unable to lie still; the penetrating oils and his expert touches are unleashing a wave of deep sensations from inside her. Her mind is ablaze with thoughts of sex, any sex; she lifts her bare buttocks off the table time and time again, panting as the intensity between her shapely thighs mounts. The old piercer senses she is going to peak soon the way she is twitching on the bench, her arse shifting about and her tongue continually licking her glossed lips.

She is giving off constant low sighs and shuts her eyes and re-opens them constantly. He feels the thickness of her outer and inner lips in her highly aroused condition, feeling the full size of her enlarged clit and noticing its exact position as he flicks it faster and faster, faster and faster, the teenager losing control and starting to bounce about. He savagely brings her to an explosive climax by thrusting his thick bunched fingers in and out of her honey pot like a thrashing machine as her clit reels to the avalanche of his touch and the steaming innards of her vagina feels like a volcano erupting from the penetrating oil stimulants so deftly rubbed into it..

She lays back, eyes staring at the ceiling, feeling drained. "You are ready now. Your crowning glory is ready to receive the jewels," he whispers to her. Jenny's mind is in a spin. This old bastard is so erotic, he puts me on fire," she says under her breath.

"He rubs a numbing agent around the area where the needle will create the holes for the metal inserts. Jenny is wide-eyed watching him working so close between her legs. This is new to her, another sexual adventure and she wants to ride it all the way. How many girls are turned on having a man gain access to their private parts in the course of everyday business? Her pussy juices make her wet from excitement knowing what she is allowing him to do to her. "You have a strong clitoris here young lady; if ever you want me to pierce the very hot button itself, I will give you a 50% price cut for being a good customer.

"You realise of course your dear clit button is really a miniature penis head and if God had decided you were to be a boy in your mother's womb that magic instrument I am looking at would by now be a thumping big cock, nothing under eight inches. Anyway, the Lord gave you the best of both worlds Jenny, the opportunity as a young woman to enjoy a man and at the same time, get the same great feeling of a man when aroused down there. Maybe better I think."

Jenny is listening but not hearing. She has her head back lying face up at the ceiling as he prises around her genitals setting the needle points at the precise spots. It gives her an unusually strange feeling to be in this position legs apart, buttocks upraised, before a stranger who is examining and prising around her most private part. She feels a light sting and then another. One piercing is done already. Now for the other one.

Her sense of helplessness in such a submissive position somehow excites and for a moment she thinks about what kind of women like to be dominated in bondage and more advanced stuff where they are tied up and sexually stimulated until they are forced to have orgasm after orgasm. Jenny's only concern is that he gets it right.

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