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Thank you for those that wrote making pleasant comments for my submission a while ago. I ignored those that were less pleasant and downright offensive. If you having nothing good to say, keep it to yourself. Thank you.

Some complain about the Grammar and others about the writing style. Just because I don't share your fixed view of what is right or wrong about that as well doesn't make mine any less valid

I thank some recent correspondents in particular. They know who they are. There are those of us that Languish and others that do not and I suspect that we will never ever be understood by them as their position is not ours.

I wrote this 'Story' in a different context and some may understand it, others not at all. For those that do enjoy.


You could say it was the night before feeling that I was suffering from but I was sitting up in bed looking at my naked wife by the light of one of the bedside lights. Now men like and get off on watching pornographic films where women with whom they have no relationship at all have sex on camera. The women moan and groan and accept it and that is fine and acceptable. An Ordinary male thing it's said.

Now swing this around a little. You have sex with your own wife and you push yourself in her, fuck her and fill her cunt with your sperm. You are married and like it or not she has to do that for you because marriage entitles you to do that. During the day, she walks around with your sperm in her and do you care, do you even think about that. No, you don't bother for a second.

Now swing this around a little more. You watch another naked man with a raging hard on approach your very same wife who is naked and exposed in front of him. She has a choice whether she opens her legs and lets him in. You watch as he does and he pushes himself all the way inside her body and she now has his life giving sperm in her. Emotionally speaking its way, way beyond any emotion you get watching a film with which you have no connection.

With your wife willingly accepting and receiving sperm from another man you are all too connected. You know that afterwards she will be walking around all day with his sperm in her but that is apparently unacceptable even all she did was stand in the place of the nondescript woman on the film.

I had seen Pippa spread herself or allow herself to be bent over plenty of times by Richard an have his sperm inserted into her and on ever single occasion the emotion remained as high as before. All Pippa was doing was enjoying herself and I was just letting her do so. Why restrain her, why chide her, why deny her or cause her to do it behind my back.

But now, days or weeks, she and I would be moving to another level another plateau where things are were far less certain. Pippa was going to let Richard take the next really big step by doing as before but this time there would be no barrier and he would be making her pregnant and she would then in nine months time, have his baby. Almost every time he stepped up and entered Pippa that potential fact had crossed my mind and I had fantasised about it.

Within society as it stands today, I would be denigrated for doing this but I have hear women talking at a party where they were discussing a couple where the husband for whatever the reason could not make his wife pregnant. So wanted a family so according to what they said a male friend or relative stepped in and 'fixed' her for him and that was apparently quite all right. The conversation certainly made no mention of IVF so I think that the method of conception used was he standard one with a lot of ups and downs.

Then there is the widely accepted issue of what is termed female predatory sperm selection. Women do choose with whom they breed. They look for the best male sperm to fertilise their eggs. Most do this anyway but just keep quiet about it and deliberately deceive their partners.

Was I therefore doing anything other than letting Pippa choose for herself and was it wrong of me to do so or would it have been right of me to stop her.

Then I thought of Richard and his part in this deed. To date he had the benefit of having a much younger woman, my wife, available to him for pure sex. All he had to do was to ensure that she had a good time and therefore he'd be allowed back for more. If he didn't or she no longer enjoyed it she could simply close her legs and say no. Did that matter to him anyway? He had no emotional or financial stake in it. He had no real financial stake in breeding her, however the fact that she would breed for him in evolutionary theory would oblige him to be involved emotionally and require him to protect and nurture his off spring.

What of Pippa in all this, she was at least doing this honestly and openly. Whatever her motivation, she wasn't being dishonest with anyone or doing anything behind any ones back.

You could argue that in choosing to have to lovers Pippa was doubling her chances of breeding, that breeding being fruitful and her offspring being brought up. I wonder whether in those situations where humans have lived in hostile and inhospitable regions, whether that is the rule that has been applied out of pure necessity. In disaster films where most of the population has been wiped out that the convention of 'one man one woman' is thrown out of the window as soon as the disaster is over.

Perhaps what I thought was correct, perhaps I was trying to justify the matter to myself.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/22/18

Utterly crap

WHAT AN UTTERLY CRAP to say that "most women do this anyway but just keep quiet about it and deliberately deceive their partners"!THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!NO WOMAN WHO IS TRULY A WOMAN and not a slut EVERmore...

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