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Tied in a humiliating kneeling position Nuzhah grunts in frustration. Stripped of weapons and amulets frustration leads into anger directed towards herself. Bound by magical rope she knows there was no use in trying to escape. She waited too long one miscalculation was the mistake that will cost her life. Every move was planned to the very second. Her timing was perfect, however, just as she was to escape the direction of the wind changed. Addicted to the nicotine sticks a guard took an early break catching her movement from the corner of his eye.

It is widely known why the gardens of this lord's castle were so beautiful. Her last remains mixed with the mulch did not sit well in her mind. Distracted while fighting off guards she was struck unconscious from behind. Head bowed a low growl of resentment escapes her as she watches him from beneath her lashes at the lord of the manor, Grand Wizard Kaif Biaste.

Sitting in an overstuffed chair he looks more like a queen than a wizard in his long velvet night robes. Possessing delicate porcelain skin thin lips and narrow nose he sits with the elegance of a nobleman as he absently drinks his tea. Dark smoldering eyes and long flowing hair enhance his effeminate features. She almost expected for him to snarl like a pussycat.

By the gods; he's draped in fucking bitch-ass yellow velvet! By his reputation alone he could at lest looks the part! Cutting her eyes she waits for her chance and make him pay for his insolence of existence.

Fuck, at least look like a man.

Calmly watching the woman he feels something is not right. Her eyes told him she is different from the others. Slyer than a fox, faster than a rabbit with the fighting fierceness of lioness, she would have escaped with his enchanted scrolls. It was only the change of fate that brought her here. In the morning he would have to punish the night guards. Her features are bland easily forgotten.

Square jaw-line, full lips, wide nose and dull brown eyes, short curly hair, slender neck and boyish body. Preferring his woman full figured with long hair, this wretched creature paled. Muttering her head turns away in disrespect and disgust.

His lips seem to disappear as he pressed them in anger catching her words "Bitch, am I?" "Disrespecting little cunt", a finger rises.

Uncoiling itself from a high bookcase a king cobra makes it way towards her. The movement catches the corner of her eye shifting to the source she can barely contain the panic in her eyes. Eyes widen in shock at the length and thickness of the massive creature, trembling beads of sweat dot her upper lip.

Watching in amusement he mistakes her trembling for fear he smiles as the snake begins to study her. Ruled as the most poisonous animal in the world Kaif crosses his legs in amusement. Skin flatting the hood on its head form, fangs bared it rocks side to side enchanted she also sways. The primitive thoughts of the serpent seep into her mind causing her blood to boil. "Food... warm soft flesh... fresh blood."

Her back to her capture he doesn't see the anticipation in her eyes nor her small pink tongue wetting her dry lips. Raising the second finger the snake stops, breaking the death gaze. Shoulders slumped she looks at the mage in annoyance as he questions her.

"What is your name?"

Rolling her eyes she sucks her teeth in defiance, "You are serious?"

Not surprised by her answer he weighs his options. She is defying him with such calm. Too calm focusing on her body he finds what he was looking for. A disguised illusion charm in the form of a tiny rose tattoo on her right shoulder. Concentrating he tests the walls of the spell. High quality worthy of a high court mage, she must have paid a fortune for it. It was old and deeply rooted with in her flesh; possibly created in her youth.

His interest was piqued; this one may be of some use. Watching him she could tell he found something. Triumph reflecting in his mud brown eyes a moment later she felt his probe dread filled her soul. Smirking he sits watching her, easily lifting her camouflage results with a very interesting surprise.

After the mist parts a beautiful, indignant dark half-ling kneels before him. Fine bone with dark flawless skin complimented by her blue-black hair and dark vicious brown eyes the prefect blend of dark eleven and human heritages.

The rules have now changed. She may have had some chance in surviving if he believed her to be just thieving human. Now he knew the truth, she is likely dead now.

Silently fighting desperation of the moment her eyes stray to the floor stilling her mind to pick up anything to help her escape. He probably already knows her employer. Pleading would be pointless. He will kill her now just on sheer principle. Racism between dark elves and mages still run deep in today's society.

His fingers sway lazily to the side; the snake starts to coil around her body. Falling back the reptile begins to warp itself around her cutting off her air and any means of escape. Flatting against her skin it borrows beneath her clothes, repeatedly expanding and contracting the material of her body suit falls to the ground in shreds with the rope.

Naked she whimpers as her scent fills the air. Licking his lips Kaif watches her struggle against his pet. Distractingly he can see her fluids on its skin. His eyes narrow in annoyance as his body responds to her torment. Her blood begins to simmer; watching the movements of the serpent her mind registers a familiar scent in the air.

Feeling the bony fingers of death Nuzhah uses her heighten emotions for an escape. Shifting her senses her body becomes sensitive to their surroundings. The pompous peacock is trying to contain his pleasure in her pain. Freak. Then she detects a faint odor inhaling deeply she could taste it. Only in certain circumstances could this spicy tang in the air be present. A demon. It is close a mere breath away. It is trying to surface as is trapped as within a deep well, surrounded by a soft living shell. Did this magician trap a demon? Then the rumors are true. His powers are impressive.

Where, in this room on in the house it self? Quickly looking about she sees nothing. Streaching her sense she finds nothing out of ordinary. Then slowly she focuses within the chamber. The snake was enhanced by magic but not born or infested by a demon soul. That left him, the posturing peacock in velvet. The predator plays with her giving her an opening to crawl away then wraps her up again with amazing speed. Each time she looks more terrified as she mumbles, some words he think he can decipher but then the look in her eyes of petrified panic distracts him. Her body told of hardship with callused hands and feet. Muscular thighs taper to a small waist and sweet plump ass for the taking. Her body twists almost ethereally in the black coils of his pet.

Such a tasty morsel! The sweet aroma fear rising off her skin makes his mouth water. Death would be messy and then he would have to call a Necromancer to resurrect her. Just to repeat the torture. Would she be able to quench such appetites? Bind her? No, her will, shall be sweet nectar to savor.

Surprised at his own thoughts he scowls. Knocking her down the beast threatens her with fangs. Rising he utters a command. Just as it moves for the killing strike it stops releasing his prey. Cornered against the wall she trembles trying to cover herself. His blood boils as his conquest cowers before him like so many others. She will cringe at the mere mention of his name if he permits her to live. Hovering over her a sneer of triumph lights his face.

"Your name!"

Her reaction to his changing human /demonic voice is instant. Gone is the soft aristocrat tremble cracking to the deep base of his beast. Jerking against the wall she curls tighter into a ball. Giving him a clear view of her dark thatch. Such fine skin on a retched creator, high breasts with large tempting dark nipples. Curls that wrap around her pointed ears enhance her exotic face. Stammering she confesses her name. Her full lips tremble as her eyes plead for mercy. His mind was spilt to be rid of her or just ride her. His body began to hum with the power over her. The irises of his eyes began to darken as his lips spread to a lecherous smile.

"Then proceed as your name dictates. If I am satisfied you may live another day."

Crawling on hands and knees toward him she grunts submissively parting his robe she gently handles his erection in her small hands. Licking his sack she works the engorged muscle into her small mouth. His fingers plow through her silky curls. The vibrations of her hums begin to further fracture his control over his beastly nature.

His soft artistic hands begin to harden into leathery pads and fingernails grow into menacing claws. Between the pleasure of her mouth and the pain of his transforming body he growls. Roughly grabbing her hair he drags her to the bed throwing her against the mattress. With the flick of his wrist the creature disappears.

"You shall submit to my every command half-ling."

Emotions war within him. His analytical side questions his actions as the beast within him roars for flesh. The situation was not what he expected. His hold on her hair tightens bring her face close to his, "I shall send you back a quiver mass of flesh to your employer."

His voice completed its transformation from human falsetto to the demonic bass. Moaning in surrender her body trembles further exciting him arching she bears her breasts as an offering. The stench of her fear and sex assaults his senses making him drunk. Just as his flesh begins to change to the full demon she takes advantage of the moment his body is vulnerable and head bunts him.

The fireplace is large and deep enough to roast two pigs. Looking at her clothes in disgust she searches through his drawers, finding interesting toys. Smiling, her mind begins to rethink this sad situation, the dark nature of her soul cackles in mirth. Caressing the silk shirts covering the toys she waits for her host to awaken.

Grunting from the pulsing pain from his left temple he slowly opens his eyes. Attempting to sit he finds his wrists and ankles securely bound. Looking up into the eyes of his prisoner he snarls finding his mouth full of rubber. Spells are cast by words or gestures; unable to do either the weight of the situation has changed to her favor.

Dressing in his white silk shirt she stands at his feet regarding his new form. A perfect red skin stocky built demon complete with black shiny horns. Her eyebrow arches, "So much power in cased in your human male bitch form. The demon body is indestructible. Slice, dice and explode it always reforms. I bet you're a bottom. Waiting so patiently on hands and knees ass high in the air whimpering." Disgusted she whispers a command "Kneel."

The man of rational and immense dark power is now replaced with a demon of wild emotions. Struggling against the bonds he curses, even with the combination of demonic strength and will he has no choice but to comply. Chuckling she watches him fall on his face from his struggles, his mind alive with revenge.

"This bitch will die painfully slow. Skinning her alive while playing with her entrails. Then dissection after her screams fade her corpse will dry in the sun."

Looking up his eyes glow with hellfire catching the heel of her foot as it came crashing down on his face. The crunch of broken cartilage fills the air, stunned flashes of light spark before his eyes. His muffled scream accompanies the crackling fire.

Tears stream down his cheeks, pulling his head up by his horns she counts to one hundred then applies pressure to the marred skin snapping the nose back into place. Shrieking his body spasms, pain shoots through his nasal passage into the brain. Through the haze of pain he sees her take a candlestick from the mantle inserting the lighted candle into her mouth.

Unconsciously his tongue caresses the ball from the gesture, "If I don't fuck her to death first."

Snarling he lunges, easily evading his strike she places her foot on the back of his throat. Face down his horns to gouge the rug as she grinds his face into the fiber cutting off his air. Looking around the spacious room she studies the bed. Classic four posted bed, enormous mattress draped in dark crush velvet offset with crisp white sheets.

"At least your bed is masculine."

Stepping on his neck she turns watching. His oxygen starved body jerks as his larynx is crushed from her weight. Blood dribbles on the floor from his mouth as his body convulse. Turning she sighs in boredom. Rolling on his back she watches the light fading from his eyes. Just as the darkness begins to cloud his vision, air rushes into his limp body. Wiping the blood on his chest a gaping hole in his neck heals. Shaking her head the scent of his blood stirs her. Slowly licking her lips she watches his eyes widen as she kneels before him.

Gracefully her hand sways as she utters a single word her, "Blade." She could read his emotions on his face as fear floods his weaken mind, in disgust by such a low threshold for pain she bellows "Damn, you are such a weakling." Licking the candle a malicious smile form. "Spread your legs wide."

Slowly his legs comply on bended knees she makes three cuts into his limp member. Spitting on the wax for good measure she slowly inserts it inside his tight red hole. There is no pain of the foreign object invading his body just discomfort. Against his will his body responded as she found his hidden erogenous zone.

Her eyes cut as she spoke "You were going to plummet me with your cock until I couldn't move; force your vile seed in me. Fuck me senseless until madness took my mind. And then drink my soul to enhance your power." His body hums with sexual tension. "Typical of your kind." Her eyelids slightly drop as she moves closer her sweet scent tantalize his nostrils. Her breaths fans his delicate pointed ears as she sweetly whispers, "If you please me then you will live another day."

Droplets of blood form moans fill the room as her pleasure heightens from the sight. Using his blood as a lubricate she messages him until his hips begin to pump against her hand. The smell of his blood was nauseating and yet delicious. Her womanly scent was driving him mad. Twisting the foreign object she strokes his firm penis. Soon between pleasure, humiliation and pain his rational becomes a distant dream as his body trembles uncontrollably. Bending she licks the mushroom shaped tip while applying pressure to his gland calculating his resistance.

Thrashing he struggles against her invasion, mentally clutching to his mantra "I am a man and not this mindless beast."

Through the pain he gains some rational then she bites him. Roaring his seed shoots into her warm lips and drips off her chin. For long moments his body releases leaving him exhausted. Laboring to breath he see her wicked smile. Faintly the corners of his mouth curve in approval. The sight of his seed glistening on her skin was perfection.

"Kneel beast with arms stretched."

Propelled by the magic manacles he faces her, cocking her head to the side she tosses an object. Gulping a breath he focuses on what she clutches in her hand. Seeing she has his full attention she reveals multiple set of rings. Licking her lips she chuckles "I am quite surprise you taste so good." Standing close she slowly licks his lips, over his chin and down his neck. "Hmmm, such a quaint taste." Pulling away "I going to improve on this masterpiece of a body."

Licking his ears and nipples she pierces them with gold hoops. Then kneels gorging herself with his taste. Squeezing the tip just as he is about to erupt for the second time she inserts three hoops into the fine skin between his sack and cock then calmly watch him loose control from the pain.

Lying spread eagle on the bed in blood, sweat and seed he grunts in defeat after a few hours degradation coursed through his blood as she continued to find discarded toys. Perched on his chest like a vulture she opens his shirt. His eyes glazed from exhaustion focus on her dark perk areolas. Caressing his chest she rubs his blood over them then continues as the shirt drifts to the floor. Groaning as she stains her body with his fluids, "Such a powerful wizard taken down by a dark child. Spawn of your people's games. Innocent lives twisted to your will. Lowly bastards. Not even half, no quarter of your strength."

Yearning so fierce grips him to shut her up and plunge into her small body as he feels her wetness against his skin. As if reading his mind she wipes her cream on his penis, instantly reacting. Straddling him she teasing the tip around her opening. Involuntarily jerking up almost entering. Suppressing her moan her anger takes control, "Wicked bitch be still!" slapping him to submission.

Fury mounts within him as she plays with herself. "Beaten and humiliated under me. You are nothing but shit a fly wouldn't eat and the cockroaches to piss on."

Pressing down, her nails dig into his sensitive skin trapping his hard ache between his stomach and her vaginal lips. "You aren't worthy of such power and fame." Panting her body trembles from the long wait of release. "Yes, you filthy arrogant bastard. I beat you within your home, your safe haven. An insignificant incest as myself made you, a grand master, beg for sweet release."

Grinding heavily against him she pulls a string from behind. Gasping a ball the size of a walnut eases from her tight hole then another and another. The walls of her pussy tremble at the beginning of her climax.

"Pathetic worm. It took a simple transformation spell to break you. You skuzzy bitch. Overrated dog."

Pinching her nipples while rotating her hips a long deep moan escapes her, her body begins to shudder violently as she climaxes. Groaning in frustration for his own release he watches her. Her sweet peaks strains towards him as she moans in delight. Leaning forward she lies on his chest as the echoes of her passions slowly come to a stop. Taut as a bow he arches underneath causing her to slide forward. Moaning in appreciation she lets him maneuver her body enough to penetrate her lips then eases forward repeating teasing his sensitive head. Easing just enough to make him see stars his body begins to quake.

Watching him sadistic joy fills her with a mere twist of her hips his engorged phallus falls between her cheeks then squeezes causing his seed to spill. Capturing his new nipple ring between her teeth she sucks on the metal pulling his tender skin. Hollowing his sweet torment the ball threaten to choke him. Reaching up she stretches it for him to breathe then replaces it. Climbing up she looks deep into his eyes. For a moment he thinks he see compassion then malicious mirth. Slowly she sucks on his bottom lip then gently bits it. Reaching behind her she strokes him until the last of his essence drips on her.

This is the last act of kindness given; she continually assaults him with deep bites and cuts on his body until exhaustion claims him.

To be continued..

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