Marcia Goes Back to School


"Carol please, just because I am not gay doesn't mean I'm homophobic," the lawyer argued, "and you know I don't like to suck dick. Have you forgotten how much I threw up on our honeymoon?"

"You are whatever I say you are asshole and I say you are a conflicted bisexual who wants me to cut the balls off my sissy before she's ready for her sex change so you feel like less of a homo for being in lust with her!" Carol was livid. She had had it with her husband's evasiveness. She wanted a husband who sucked as much cock as she did and Jack was going to learn starting immediately.

"Carol, what the fuck..." Jack started but Carol immediately cut him off.

"Jack if you do not shut your mouth now and do exactly as I say you will never see my pussy again. As it is I have decided you are sleeping on the chaise tonight and Marcia will sleep in the big bed with me," Carol dictated as the head of household. "You can watch her take the creampie I was going to give you and then I'm going to take off her chastity for a little while and suck her pretty little dickie!"

Carol turned her back on Jack, "Tomorrow night one of my lovers will come over. You'll either convince him to let you suck him off and then do it or I'll never have sex with you again."

"As you like it," Jack had tears in his blue eyes as he spoke, "my Wife."

Jack was sad and humiliated as he made his resting place in the master bedroom on the chaise lounge. His naked wife and the naked sissy maid were preparing to give Mr. Carson a show calculated to make him jealous and frustrated. He was not in his device. He'd been given permission to pleasure himself on the grounds that tomorrow night he would either win his way back into Carol's bed with his obedience or his sex life with Carol would be over. If this were the case he would be free to take up with Sanya who he enjoyed sexually but for whom he felt very little affection. If Jack were unwilling or unable to go through with Carol's demand that he convince one of her lovers to allow him to suck his cock to completion he would be deprived all sexual contact with his hotwife, her housewife or her maid.

Carol really knew how to manipulate the heartstrings that connected the people in her life to get what she wanted from them and Jack both revered and resented her for it. Carol wanted her husband to become flexible enough about sex with other men and with pre-operative trannies that Carol could have the kind of loving omnisexual orgies her body, mind and spirit ached for. She also wanted Jack more docile and humble. She wanted Jack to become submissive to her new favorite; a dominant young bull who would be Marcia's new Master at school tomorrow. Carol pondered the many reasons she felt all men needed to be forced to suck each other off from time to time while she prepared to deliver the hot creamy manna inside her womb into Marcia's waiting mouth.

Carol positioned her pelvis above Marcia's darting tongue. The pretty blonde maid delicately snaked her serpentine tongue into Carol's hot snatch and coaxed the semen inside to pour into her waiting mouth. Carol held Marcia's head in her hand lovingly as she fed her the comingled spunk of the twelve men she'd spent two hours with after leaving work early. Marcia eagerly lapped all the cream up and kept her attention up even after Carol's pussy was clean. Marcia loved giving Mistress Carol orgasm after orgasm with her talented mouth.

Jack cried a little bit. The evening creampie was a comforting ritual after twenty years. He'd do anything to win back Carol's favor. He knew all he could do to keep from making matters worse was keep his place and watch his wife cuckold him with the sissy maid he'd been screwing proudly less than an hour earlier. Jack felt aroused and began to masturbate. This pleased his hotwife.

Marcia's oral attention gave Carol a series of orgasms so deep and profound that Carol began to approach the place where words failed to follow thought. The crashing waves of color and bliss then carried Carol into world of raw inspiration where only music could begin to detail her periphery thoughts.

Carols spirit surfed on a crash of reverberating sound. Her clitoris beat out a tattoo with bright, high pitched chimes sounding an f sharp minor ninth chord as her vaginal walls thrummed a deep bassline. Her pounding heart was a drum driving the woman deep into a trance where she was guided only by her own will and her hearts deepest, darkest desires.

Carol produced a golden key and unlocked Marcia's cage. She engulfed the tiny prick and small balls in her deep red painted mouth. Marcia's miniscule cock reached erection at once. Carol sucked at the petite penis like a hungry calf nursing. It took mere seconds to get her reward, a mouthful of Marcia's thin, girly cum. The hormones in Marcia's body were withering her already tiny balls. Marcia's ejaculate was nearly void of sperm already. The taste was exquisite. Carol pondered how sweet it might be if Marcia had no balls at all.

When Marcia was through with her orgasm it was time for Carol to enjoy herself. Carol took the sissy's tiny scrotum in her mouth and bit down. She was delighted by Marcia's squeals of pain and found herself having to fight a strong temptation to just bite the poor girl's balls right off. The green eyed Domina reluctantly released the ball sack from her mouth and growled a question, "Can my sissy cum again?"

Marcia's cooed "Yes Mistress! Please may I cum again?" and inspired Carol to treat the blonde waif to a second blowjob. This time Marcia lasted a full thirty seconds. As Carol savored Marcia's thin, clear, estrogen rich semen Jack spunked his last load of the night and fell asleep. Carol and Marcia cuddled close in the bed and joined the exiled husband in slumber. Tomorrow was a big day. Tomorrow Marcia would return to school for the first time as a girl.

Marcia awoke early and was prettied up by Irena. The sissy maid was bathed in water infused with rose petals and her legs and pubes carefully shaved by the glowing Latina. It was too early to tell, but the presumption was that Irena was pregnant from her boxing-day breeding party. Irena hummed a sweet melody as she plucked Marcia's eyebrows and painted her face like the working girls on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

The clothing laid out for Marcia was barely worthy of the title; more closely resembling lingerie. Marcia would be attending classes in a red satin bustier, a black mini skirt that almost qualified as a belt, red satin panties and thigh high black pleather boots. Because she needed to keep a smoother line, Marcia was out of her chastity device and was instructed how to tuck her little dick and balls creating an illusion of total femininity.

Carol had her driver drop Marcia off in front of St. John's Academy. Thanks to Jack's legal threats and a substantial donation from Carol the school would allow Marcia to attend school as a pre-operative transsexual. As there was no formal dress code for female student body, Marcia would be allowed to dress however she saw fit, in principle anyway. In practice Marcia would attend school wearing whatever DaShawn wanted Carol to dress her in.

Carol's instructions to Marcia was that she was to report to DaShawn in the gym locker room immediately after home room and to stay by his side except when in class until the huge black athlete walked her home. Carol stepped nervously out of the black limousine and checked her appearance in the side mirror. She looked like a whore. The thought made her happier than she wanted to admit. Marcia was giddy with anticipation of her first day as DaShawn's campus bitch.

Marcia was greeted with a special reception in her homeroom. The pencil necked, clown haired English teacher Mr. Gross was Marcia's homeroom teacher. The awkward academe was sweating as he stumbled through a half assed explanation of Marcia's status that had been drafted by Jack to cover everyone legally. The gangly teacher couldn't keep his eyes off of the stunning blonde tart; nor could he hide the shocking erection in his tan chinos. Marcia was embarrassed and more than a little "grossed out" by the whole ordeal.

Thankfully the bell rang and Marcia left quickly and made her way to the gym walking as fast as she could in her high heeled boots. She was not ready to answer questions so she broke into a trot to avoid her friend Vance. She'd talk to him later, if DaShawn would allow.

When Marcia entered the locker room it was occupied only by DaShawn and his immediate crew. Marcia's schedule had been re-arranged so that she would have P.E. first period with no other students than DaShawn and his closest friends. DaShawn had brought the school what glory it had. He could write his own ticket.

"Damn girl, you went all out didn't you!" DaShawn licked his fleshy lips and praised his new on campus girlfriend's appearance. He grabbed Marcia roughly and planted a deep soul kiss on her pouting mouth. Marcia's tiny cock became seriously hard and sprung out from its tucked away position. DaShawn squeezed Marcia's tits and her little dick dripped pre-cum.

DaShawn turned Marcia around and ripped off her panties. In anticipation of just such an event the girl had packed two extra pairs "just in case" as Carol had counseled with a wink. She felt massive fingers coated with slick lube opening her more than willing asshole as all the boys removed their trunks revealing seven massive black cocks pointing erectly right at her watering mouth.

Marcia couldn't stay a mute participant. Her heat was even greater than that of her spunk laden lover and his equally horny friends. "Please fuck me!" the lust drunk blonde begged.

"Not until you call me 'Daddy' you trick ass bitch!" DaShawn boomed at the awestricken tranny. He was breaking Marcia down; turning her out as his little whore. The big man on campus had a big plan to make bitches of all the nerdy little white boys on campus for the fun and profit of himself and his crew. Marcia was being groomed as his bottom bitch. "Please fuck me Daddy!" Marcia cooed. She was desperate for the fucking and sucking to begin. Her tiny clit of a cock was a fully erect two inches and dripping thin, estrogen rich semen. Her nipples were poking out of her bustier and hard enough to cut glass. Marcia's desire was not quantifiable. The blonde felt her options were to feel cocks and cum all over her soft skin or wither away completely.

"Say my cock gives you life, bitch!" DaShawn harshly demanded, snarling and grapping the girls asscheeks hard with his massive hands.

"Your cock gives me life, Daddy, Please fuck this little bitch!" Marcia pleaded with the massive ebony stud.

Marcia saw stars as her pink rosebud was rent apart by DaShawn's leviathan of a penis. Well over a foot long, the monster was so dark it practically absorbed all visible light and was as thick as a liter soda bottle. Marcia was an experienced anal slut by now and yet she screamed like it was her first time as DaShawn invaded her with his huge cock. Soon the pain was replaced with pleasure as her tiny cock squirted a long spurt of nearly clear juice.

Marcia moaned with delight as she was penetrated gently and lovingly by a man who was speaking to her as if she were property. She instinctively began to yield to the strong man inside her body and obeyed his command that she suck off all of his friends in succession as he owned her with his loving copulations.

Marcia opened her mouth and took the manna of big black cock into her gullet over and over. DaShawn's buddies took turns filling Marcia's mouth with cock and cum while DaShawn lovingly plowed the girl. Marcia shot at least ten loads and swallowed at least fourteen before she felt DaShawn erupt deep in her guts. Marcia moaned and came repeatedly as the huge black hose filled her anal cunt with what felt like a gallon of spew.

DaShawn stroked Marcia's short, soft blonde hair. "You love that black cock, don't you ho?" the athletic young stud asked.

"Yesssssssssssss!" moaned the satisfied young slattern. "You are MY bitch now!" the swaggering DaShawn said, "You ain't nothin' but a trick ass ho now!"

"Yes Daddy, I'm your little whore!" Marcia affirmed in a love-struck tone.

"You gonna make my money ain't you bitch?" DaShawn demanded of the swooning tranny.

"Yes Daddy, I'm your whore. I'll do whatever you want, just promise you'll fuck me good every day," Marcia bargained.

"You'll do what I want because I own your ass!" DaShawn corrected her, "I'll fuck you good as long as you stay fine!"

"Yes Daddy, you own me. I'll stay fine for you," Marcia cooed, "I love you, Daddy!"

DaShawn grabbed Marcia's tiny balls and squeezed hard. "I'm fitting to have Miss Carol cut these off, bitch!"

"Oh please Daddy, please make Mistress take my balls!" Marcia wailed in a mixture of pain and enthusiasm.

DaShawn grunted his satisfaction with Marcia. The bell rang. Marcia had to get to Calculus class. DaShawn instructed her to try to turn all her teachers on and to meet him immediately in the quad when the bell rang for lunch. They kissed deeply and parted ways.

Marcia's day was largely uneventful. The other students were too concerned with graduating with honors to court detention by harassing the only girl in the school. Despite the girls best efforts none of her teachers gave her much of a reaction. About three very boring hours later she was greeted with the sweet sound of the bell directing her to DaShawn in the quad. Marcia approached DaShawn gleefully and he greeted her with a big hug and a kiss. They sat together like any other teenage couple with the main difference being that they were the only couple on campus. They were surrounded by DaShawn's crew. She'd swallowed so much of their cum that Marcia wasn't at all hungry. DaShawn happily munched his meatball sub with his girl by his side doting on him.

Vance screwed up all of his nerve. He and Marcus had been friends since they were in pre-school. He had no idea that his friend had been hiding a secret desire to be a girl. He wasn't sure he bought it either. Marcus...Marcia was now hanging out with the jock bullies who had been tormenting the two for years. Something felt wrong to the long haired young man and he had to talk to his best friend.

Vance's long, curly, chestnut colored hair blew in the breeze as he made his way to the table where his friend was dressed as a prostitute and acting as doting girlfriend to the worst bully in the school. He felt as if he were in slow motion. The illusion ended when he reached the table and nervously squeaked, "Marcus, what...what's the,"

"You did NOT just talk call my girlfriend 'Marcus'!" bellowed DaShawn, who stood up abruptly and picked up skinny Vance by the front of his shirt and pressed him up against a brick wall with a satisfying thud.

Vance peed his pants but managed to stutter out, "W w w w we are b buh buh beh best f f f f fuh friends!"

"Are you a girl?" DaShawn demanded.

"W w w w whu whu whu what?" stammered the long haired boy.

"Say what again, I dare you! I double dare you, motherfucker!" DaShawn roared, not realizing he'd quoted from a popular movie until the words left his mouth and his friends exploded in approving laughter.

"I I I'm I'm I'ma buh buh buh boy!" Vance answered. At this, Marcia joined DaShawn and his buddies in a giggling fit. So help her, Vance's predicament amused Marcia to no end. The blonde slut also envied Vance's long locks and long eyelashes. Maybe she'd have her friend back without drawing the anger of her pimp.

"If you're a boy then you can't be friends with my bitch!" DaShawn informed Vance. "If you're a boy it ain't safe to talk to my girl unless you ready to pay for her time! You understand me, cracker?"

"Yuh yaya yeh yeh yesss suh suh suh Sir!" Vance replied in a tremulous voice.

DaShawn threw Vance down and glowered at him, "Unless you are fitting to put on some panties and makeup and suck my dick I suggest you run and hide little boy!"

Vance's above average sized cock was harder than it had ever been as he ran away and hid in the bathroom. He smoked a skinny joint and stroked and stroked at his bone; not sure if he were horny for Marcia or for her black lover. The teenage hippie plastered the door to the stall with thick loads of fresh cum and passed the time until the bell called him back to classes.

Marcia instead went off with DaShawn to the gym and the two fucked again in the locker room. They were alone in there, but could hear students playing volleyball nearby. Soon they would return to change into their street clothes and would be greeted to a live sex show featuring massive DaShawn and the closest thing to a naked girl many of the boys would have ever seen. DaShawn assured Marcia this was to generate interest in her services as a prostitute and to send a message to "whitey."

Marcia lost it and began a series of powerful orgasms as soon as their audience arrived. Her tiny cock secreted its girly juices all over the locker room floor as the pretty blonde wailed and milked her lover's cock of all of its spunk. DaShawn and Marcia dressed quickly and made their way to their next classes.

Marcia's next class was Physics and she sat next to poor, piss stained, shaken up, confused and horny as hell Vance. Her bloodshot eyed former best friend had a pained look on his face when he passed the blonde girl a note.

Marcia opened the note and saw it read simply, "Why?"

Marcia wrote under the question, "My Mistress told me it was better to be a girl. She was right!" She passed the note back to Vance with a wink and a friendly smile.

Vance passed Marcia a second note reading, "How?"

Marcia grinned and handed Vance Mistress Carol's personal calling card. Carol had sent Marcia with a stack, "Just in case any of your friends want to join you in your path of self-improvement." Marcia hoped that Vance would choose to become beautiful like she had; it seemed a safer course of action than continuing to be slight of build, bookish, and male.

Vance blushed and put the card in his shirt pocket. He felt his nipples stiffen against the fabric and both his cock and anus twitched pleasantly. The long haired lad was high as a kite and a world of new sexual options flooded his imagination. He wasn't sure where things were going but he knew his virginity was going to come to a pleasing end one way or another very soon.

After Physics, Marcia went to her Art class. This one was fun for her as she was asked to model. Marcia took a pose known as a "fertility curve". This pose was an arching of the back tilting the buttocks upward that Mistress Carol had taught the girl would cause most men who saw her to have an erection. Based on the reaction of the boys in her class Marcia was doing it right. She had gone from unpopular nerd to sex symbol in one day. Marcia was a happy girl.

Marcia's last class of the day was English with Mr. Gross; her awkward homeroom teacher with the clown hair and the big erection aimed right at her. The gangly English teacher taught the entire class directly to Marcia with his hard cock visible to all. By some outrageous twist of fortune Mr. Gross was unaware his erection was visible or that his students were laughing uncontrollably at this fact. Mr. Gross was only aware of the teenaged Venus in his classroom.

When the bell rang the students left campus with the exception of Marcia, DaShawn and his crew. When they spied Vance DaShawn's buddies followed him. They disappeared off into the horizon chasing the frightened yet excited Vance. When they caught him they intended to give him a seeing to that would leave him ready to become Carol's next experiment out of fear, lust or a mixture of the two. Marcia remained after class with Mr. Gross and DaShawn was waiting to collect his bitch and his money. Mr. Gross' heart was pounding as he propositioned Marcia, "Marcia, I'll be blunt; I have to have sex with you. I will give you an 'A' for the year right now and you won't even have to do any work."

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