Marcia Goes Back to School


Marcia pulled the smarmy teacher close by his necktie and addressed him cold as steel, "Oh, you'll give me an 'A' for the year that I don't have to work for just to keep me from going to the Principal right now! If you want to fool around you gotta give me something I can give my Daddy, capiche? I keep it to a hundred!"

Mr. Gross deflated. He didn't have a hundred on him. "I don't suppose you could do something for seventy five?"

Marcia laughed out loud, took the money, and told him "That's a blowjob for you and a nice tip for me, Teacher! Now let me see that cock I am going to suck!" Just like that, there was no going back. Marcia was now officially a prostitute about to turn her first trick.

Mr. Gross pulled out his respectably sized uncircumcised cock, and Marcia took him in one swallow and brought him directly to the best climax he'd had in a long time. Marcia savored the taste of his well-seasoned cum, noting hints of bourbon and lemon juice. The mildly embarrassed teacher quickly put his penis back in his briefs, zipped up and thanked Marcia.

"If you bring a hundred tomorrow I'll let you fuck me and throw in another bj as a freebie!" Marcia said to the blushing teacher, blowing him a flirty little kiss.

"I'll bring a hundred every day from now on angel cakes!" the smitten Mr. Gross said in what he assumed was a seductive tone.

Marcia walked out of the classroom into DaShawn's waiting arms. He held her close and hard and growled into her ear, "You got my money, bitch?"

The blonde whore handed her pimp fifty dollars and said flatly, "The poor bastard only had enough for a blowjob".

DaShawn looked at Marcia with rage in his eyes and raised his hand to her. "Next time he better pay you a hundred or I'm taking the difference out of your hide. Understand me, ho?"

Big tears filled Marcia's brown eyes and she cried, "Yes, Daddy! I'll do better tomorrow. I promise!"

DaShawn touched Marcia's cheek in a tender way with the same hand he had threatened her with and gave her a loving kiss.

Vance was intercepted by DaShawn's right hand man Marcel and the rest of the gang in the park. It was getting to be sunset, and the boy had thought to evade the big brutes pursuing him among the evergreens. Now he realized his folly. He wasn't hidden from Marcel and his crew but all of them were hidden from onlookers.

"You got a choice to make, bitch!" Marcel said matter-of-factly. "We can beat your ass and rape you or you can take your clothes off and take us on willingly and then you'll be under our protection like Marcia."

Vance relaxed. This was going better than he could have possibly hoped. He knew the black jocks meant to fuck him, but he wasn't sure he'd be given the option of being treated like a sex partner rather than as a victim. The pretty long haired boy dropped his clothing revealing his erect penis and nipples and made his best approximation of a girly face. "Let's fuck!" the apple cheeked boy announced.

Marcel dropped trou and revealed a massive meat missile. "You can start by sucking on my 'lucky 13', bitch!"

Vance opened his fleshy lipped mouth and gleefully and hungrily slurped down the big black cock that was offered. Vance had been dreaming of this for a long time. The arousal of finally tasting the musk of Nubian manhood caused the effeminate boy to ejaculate spontaneously from his seven inch cock. "Yeah!" Marcel spoke seductively as he ran his strong fingers through Vance's lustrous long locks, "All you white boys just want to suck black cock all night long!"

Vance nodded eagerly and hummed, "Mmmmmhmmmmmmm!" with Marcel's massive cock in his mouth. The curly haired beautiful boy savored the salty sweet flavor of total masculinity on his eager tongue. He thrilled as he felt big fingers rub lube into his eager anus.

"My buddies are gonna all take turns fucking your pussy, bitch!" Marcel announced, mildly confusing Vance who wasn't used to having his ass referred to as a pussy. "All you need to think about is keeping my dick in your mouth."

"Mmmmmmph," Vance grunted in acknowledgement.

The first to fuck Vance's virgin hole was Jamal, who sported a caramel colored cock that was as fat as a soda can and half again as long. The pretty boy moaned in ecstasy around Marcel's gigantic cock and began to pour streams of cum from his stiff cock.

The virgin boy gained carnal knowledge having multiple orgasms like a woman thanks to the majestic power of these massive ebony sex gods. Cock after cock shot load after load into Vance's horny ass as he lovingly ministered to Marcel with his fast learning mouth.

Vance had orgasm after orgasm without end as the black studs used his holes. Finally Marcel withdrew from Vance's gullet. The beautiful black jock looked at the stunning white sissy and said, "It's my turn baby! We are gonna make love!"

Marcel gently laid Vance on his back on the cool grass. He pushed the long haired boy's legs over his shoulders and gently laid his massive black cock balls deep into the sweet sissy's cum filled ass. Vance's cock was hard as a rock as Marcel pumped his monster into the pretty boy.

The flexible and talented Marcel was able to get his full lips over the head of Vance's pretty prick. He sucked and licked at the boys cock head while filling him up with his massive meat. Marcel's cock suddenly swelled and his gooey cum flooded the inside of Vance's colon. Vance exploded into light and his stiff cock swelled in Marcel's big mouth and fed the stud a load of cum. Marcel swallowed Vance's cum and announced "Your pussy juice is gonna be sweet as cherries once Miss Carol takes those big ol' balls off!"

Vance was transfixed with fear and lust. This was it. He was going to become a girl, just like Marcia. He neither had nor wanted a choice in this matter. He spent the rest of the evening making love with Marcel. The gentle jock walked Vance home around midnight knowing it would result in a chain of events that would end with Vance disowned by his family and on a path that would make him Marcel's girlfriend and one of DaShawn's whores.

At the same time Vance was becoming Marcel's lover, Marcia and DaShawn were with the Carsons. Carol had determined that Jack was to beg DaShawn to give the lawyer the honor of sucking the young athlete's massive cock. DaShawn had determined to make some demands of his own of the couple.

"Go ahead Jack," Carol sneered at her wimpy husband, "ask DaShawn what we talked about!"

Jack swallowed hard and did what he had to do in order to save his marriage. "Please Sir, may I suck your cock and swallow your cum?"

"You can suck me off, but I get to come over here any time I want to. I can fuck your wife any time I want, I can fuck that thick ass Mexican bitch too and obviously my ho over here." DaShawn held Marcia close for emphasis, "In fact, if I want, I can come to your work and fuck you and your little secretary too!"

"Yes Sir!" Jack had to agree to DaShawn's terms or lose Carol forever, "anything you want, Sir! Please just let me suck your big beautiful cock." Jack responded exactly as Carol had coached.

DaShawn unzipped his pants and placed his huge cock into Jack's open mouth and fucked his face with no mercy. Carol had trained her husband to suppress his gag reflex in anticipation of this treatment. She pulled her husband's pants down and began to rub lube into his pucker. Jack found the smell of DaShawn's musky balls overpowering. He became aroused and his aversion to cock turned to hunger. He eagerly slurped at DaShawn's huge black cock while Carol drilled him with her eleven inch vibrator. "Who's a happy little cocksucker?" Carol taunted her husband.

Jack took the face fucking and the ass drilling for twenty minutes. He shot several loads as his wife violated him deeply while he was entranced by the massive cock sliding down his throat. His tongue darted around trying to milk the creamy delight from DaShawn's delicious sex. He was finally rewarded with a quart of salty spunk in his eager mouth. He loved the taste and when he was done swallowing he grinned widely at DaShawn, "Thank you Sir!" He shifted his gaze to his lovely hotwife, "Thank you too, Carol, I love sucking cock for my wife!"

Carol stroked her husband's head and cooed, "Good boy!" to him. Later she would let him make love to her all he wanted. For now she intended to get DaShawn's next load in her cunt.

"Carol, I know you want this good dick," DaShawn said in a level tone, "but if you ever want to ride this shit again you gotta get these balls off my bitch here!" The brutal black stud twisted poor Marcia's tiny scrotum eliciting a wail.

Carol had no choice. "I'm sorry, Marcia. We will have to do this tonight."

Marcia lit up like the Fourth of July and squealed like a real little girl, "Thank you, Mistress!" Marcia hugged Carol tightly, "Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!"

DaShawn produced a sharp knife, and placed the handle in Carol's hand. "I'm taking Irena here out for a ride and I'm gonna fuck her. If I come back and my ho still has balls, we done!"

"Yes Sir!" Carol said demurely. Her mind began planning how she would comply with her new Master's commands. She knew she could never again live without DaShawn's intoxicating lovemaking. She steeled herself and began the process by which she would tap into the darkest part of her psyche.

In business and in love Mrs. Carson had always been uncompromising until now. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Carol was a bitch. It would remain to be seen if she had the stomach to become the castrating bitch her dark young Master had demanded she become.

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