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Marcie Says Thanks



A 'stroke' story in the Incest style with anal. Came to me one morning as I lay in bed. It's short (ish)!!!!!!!!

Before you begin an apology to those of you who have asked for more Kate, Miranda, and Caroline. Time is a problem for me just now. Opportunity to write the stories that are in my head is hard to come by. This story has been sitting on the PC almost finished for a while so I thought I ought to finish it. Because it's fairly simple it didn't take long. Unfortunately, or otherwise I suppose, those three long stories are complicated with lots of 'actors' and thus more difficult to write.

I anyone is interested I have the outlines of where the stories will go on the PC and will send them if you mail me.

Thanks for your support and sorry for the wait.


Thursday lunchtime I'm sitting there at my desk when the phone rings. "Hi Uncle Mike, it's Marcie." She didn't sound herself.

"Hi Marcie, you sound upset!"

"Oh heck Uncle Mike I'm in trouble!" Trouble?

"What sort of trouble Marcie?" I imagined all sorts of things because I knew my sister and her husband were on holiday in the States.

"My project!" Aaahhh, the project. Why wasn't I surprised?

"Yes Marcie, I'm sure you are. When's it due?"

"Tomorrow afternoon and I have to present it tomorrow night!"

"Marcie, Marcie! How much is done?"

"Well most of the research is on the PC but I don't know how to put it together, you know, and the presentation. Uncle Mike – can you help?" she ended desperately. Well, of course I would. Marcie was my favourite niece. Well she had to be she was my only one! Nineteen now and a lovely, usually confident, young woman but, like most young people she seemed to find better things to do than her 'homework'

I'd watched her grow from a gangling child into a stubborn teenager then into the intelligent, elfin young woman she now was. 5'3" tall in her bare feet, she had short blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. She wasn't beautiful but her button nose and blue eyes made her attractive. Her interest in sports, particularly gymnastics, had given her a lithe and shapely figure. Not that I'd ever thought of her like that, I just knew she was a pretty little thing.

So, "OK Marcie love, I'll take the afternoon off work and come over. Get as much printed out as you can."

"Oh thanks uncle Mike. Thanks a lot. I don't know what I would have done!"

I laughed down the phone, "Don't worry Marcie, we'll get it done." So I left work and got to her house about 2 pm. She was in a bit of a state really. This meant a lot to her and now she was realising how silly she was to have left it all so late. This project and its presentation could seal her a very prestigious scholarship to an American university. She had done well at school because she was a very intelligent and resourceful girl – usually!

"Oh uncle," she said with a pout and somewhat contritely as I arrived, "I've left it a bit late!"

I laughed, "Yes Marcie, maybe you have, but let's get to it. Now – explain it all to me!" So she did and we spent the next hour or so discussing the project. It was to do with how employees saw their bosses and how loyal they were to the ideas of the company. She'd done lots of interviews which were all typed up on the PC but she couldn't get a handle on how to approach the final product. Well, my job as the Training Manager for a large company meant that this sort of thing was pretty ordinary for me so it didn't take more than another couple of hours to sort out how it would look.

Time for dinner now so I sent out for an Indian take-away and we enjoyed the meal together. She was calmer now that I was in control but we still had to print it all out and go over the presentation.

"I'll take tomorrow off Marcie," I said after dinner. "That'll give us time to put it together and you can practice the presentation."

"Practice?" she said surprised.

"Mmm," I said with a smile. "Have you given a presentation like this before?"

"Well I did a few things at college."

"Yes but this is a professional, full bloodied, presentation of your whole project and the findings. I've just read the resume of the task."

"Oh gosh! Uncle I never . . ." Now she was concerned.

"You've got 20 minutes . . ."

"20 minutes!!!! I can't go on for that long!"

I laughed, "Marcie love, you'll be pushed to cram everything in this project into 20 minutes I can assure you. We'll have to be very precise." And so the rest of the evening was spent talking about her 20 minutes of fame.

We ended quite late and as I got up to leave Marcie said, "Why don't you stay uncle. The spare bed's made up?" I often stayed if I came on a visit, my brother-in-law's wine cellar is rather good.

"Good idea," I said with a smile, "we can get an early start in the morning." With that I drifted off to bed leaving Marcie playing games on the PC – well I thought that was what she was doing!

I'd arranged to take the Friday off to continue helping Marcie so, in the morning, we got down to putting the finishing touches to the project. It came together quite well and, by the time I'd popped into town to get the copies properly bound, it turned into a pretty impressive document. After some lunch at the local pub back home to work on the presentation. This was probably the hardest for Marcie and, I suspected, probably the most important part of the assessment procedure.

"I've never done anything like this uncle. I'm scared. All those professors and people."

I smiled, "Now Marcie you have done something like this before. You gave the end of term speech when you left school. You played Juliet in the school production of Romeo and Juliet and you read at the funeral of the old headmaster. Oh, not quite the same I admit but you can do it love. What we're going to do this afternoon is 'hone your skills'." She raised her eyebrows.

"You've got 20 minutes to present your project and the findings," I said quietly. "It's a good project with lots of data and some pretty erudite findings; you need to build on those and," I said quietly, "you need to both use all the 20 minutes and not go over."

"Oh god uncle, how will I do that?"

"Practice love, practice and good notes. That's what we do this afternoon!" So we did and all afternoon was spent practising. By half five she had it pat. A light meal then getting her ready. She left looking every inch the practical, intelligent, lively, entertaining young woman she was. I drove her to the hall where the event was taking place and, with a final peck on the cheek and good luck wish, watched her walk to her fate.

Back to her house then to await the phone call to pick her up. It wouldn't finish till about 10:30 and there was no way I was going to let an attractive young woman like Marcie come home on her own at that time of night.

Well the phone call came and she sounded pretty happy, "I've done it uncle. They said yes and it's all thanks to you!"

I laughed, "No Marcie love, you did it. I'll be there in about 10 minutes." So I picked her up and she was bubbly and full of it all the way home. I'd prepared a late supper for us both and we celebrated with a glass of wine. I was staying again so, at about midnight, I excused myself, showered and slipped into bed.

It had been a fairly long day so I went off to sleep quite quickly and I must have slipped into an erotic dream. I had them quite often. My wife had left me a couple of years before, found another guy, and I mostly got my kicks from erotic web sites. Because I was pretty fond of anal sex most of them, and my dreams, were that way inclined. I loved the idea of fucking a beautiful woman in the arse. I'd managed it a few times before I got married and occasionally with my wife but she never really let go in bed so it wasn't as good as it could have been.

I must have dreamed I awoke because I could feel the soft warmth of a female body pressed against mine. I turned and my cock, erect now, touched against warm skin. My hands slid down a shapely back and a curvaceous arse. SHIT!! I suddenly realised I was awake!

"FUCK!!" I said as I sat up taking the duvet with me. It was dark so I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp. The light revealed a naked minx laying in bed next to me.

"Marcie, oh shit Marcie . . . . what . . . .?"

She knelt up and pushed me back down, "I've come to say thank you uncle, thank you for helping me." I struggled to take in her or what was happening.

"Marcie, Marcie love . . . you don't . . . heck Marcie we - you can't do this!"

She smiled her pixie smile. "I'm 19 uncle and I can." I made to protest again. "No, listen uncle, listen." She was serious now – god she was lovely like this! I'd always thought she was lovely, even as a child, and she grew lovelier as she reached her mid-teens but, and this is the honest truth, I'd never thought of her like that, sexually, despite her obvious attractiveness. Of course I knew, as she hit 18, that she was very desirable but I didn't, repeat didn't, desire her myself. Blonde neck length hair with silver highlights, blue eyes and a cute button nose gave her an elfin look. She was trim, slim and shapely without being skinny. Being a devout 'bottom man' I also noted that hers would give Jennifer Lopez a run for her money! But she was little Marcie, my Marcie – well my sister's actually but you know what I mean.

"Listen uncle, please," she said as I made to interject once more. Well I got hold of myself and nodded. I could let her speak then send her back to bed – couldn't I?

"I want to uncle," she said earnestly, "I've wanted to since I was 12!"


She let out a girlish giggle which seemed strange from such a nubile young body. "I did," she giggled, "almost as soon as I, you know, found out about it. Mum told me when I started my periods. I got the awful hots for you."

"Marcie, surely not!" I was surprised. She never showed it although we had always been very close, probably closer than her and her father.

"I got really, really jealous of aunt Mary," my ex wife. "I got over it though but, well . . ."

"Marcie this can't happen!"

She smiled and this wasn't a girlish smile, this was the sensuous smile of a willing, sexy, young woman. "It can, and it will," she said firmly. "I want you to be the first uncle, the first . . . everywhere!"

I made to rise again, "Marcie, no. It can't happen," but as I said it I wondered. What did she mean. She was a virgin? Everywhere? "Marcie, you're my niece. It's against the law."

"Piffle," she said, "sod the law. It got bad again after Aunt Mary left. I knew you were on your own and, well I wanted you so much. I wanted you to be the first. I haven't done it you know!"

"Oh heck Marcie, Marcie." Look I'm a man and she was getting through to me. God she was so lovely. So soft and vulnerable. And so biddable.

"I know what you like you know. All of it," she said with a smile.

WHAT? I thought, "You know what I like?"

"Mmm. I put a spy program on your computer."

Oh heck! "Marcie!"

She giggled again, not so girlish this time. Throatier, sexier, adult. "I got all your passwords!"

Well no matter what she obviously knew what made me tick. Since Mary had left I'd looked at many an adult web site and I had a large collection of my favourite girls on my computer taking it up the arse. If she had all my passwords, and I didn't doubt she did have, she would have seen all that. Amongst all her other talents, she was a wiz on the computer.

"Marcie!" Stupid I know but all I could think to say was her name. I was losing this argument but did I want to actually win it?

She smiled down at my confusion. "I've been practising!"

"Practising?" Again it was all I could think to say.

"Mmm," she smiled, "with mum's toys."

"Marcie, Marcie love I really don't know what's going on!"

"Silly," she said seriously. "I want you I said. I want you to be the first. The first everywhere because I know you like – well you like seeing girls," she hesitated then, "seeing girls get fucked in the arse and I want that, want you to do that as well, so I've been practising." The pictures flashing through my mind were too much and my cock, which had deflated completely at finding Marcie naked next to me, was beginning to take notice of what she was implying.

I smiled up at her because I knew I was going to lose this particular argument. I should have been stronger but, shit, I'm a man. A man who hadn't been with a woman for a long time and she was, well, lovely!

A deep breath, "Practising?" I asked quietly.

"Mmm, practising. Mum's got a box of toys in her wardrobe. She and dad don't do it very much now and she uses them quite a lot."

Well that got my cock going as well and it bloody shouldn't have! I loved my sister and I knew how attractive she was at 43. I couldn't understand Tom not being that interested in her but he was a bit of a wimp anyway. It was just the idea of her using 'toys' on herself.

"I can get quite a big one in my bottom you know," Marcie carried on matter of factly, "and is doesn't hurt at all!"

Well, of course by this time I had lost it completely. My cock was rock hard as I imagined a butt plug jammed up Marcie's arse. That set my mind to wandering over my cock jammed up there. Now that brought me back to earth. One final attempt to regain control.

"Marcie I'm your uncle. You're my niece. We can't, shouldn't, do this."

"I don't care about that uncle. You're a man and a very attractive one as well," I didn't actually think so but she apparently did, "and I'm old enough to know my own mind and to have sex. Nobody will know will they?" God forbid it was a powerful argument, especially with a cock that was almost bursting between my legs!

"Marcie . . ." She smiled down at me then looked at my groin. My cock was tenting my pyjamas, almost poking through the fly and I knew I was lost!

"It looks like you want to as well uncle!"

A deep sigh, "God Marcie, of course I do! Christ you're bloody attractive." I laughed, "Especially with nothing on – but Marcie . . ."

She just ignored me. "Can I look at it uncle?" she asked nodding down towards my erection, "I've never seen one," she added with a soft smile, "in the flesh!"

"God forgive me Marcie," I said and crossed my Rubicon, "Yes Marcie, yes you can!"

She smiled, turned slightly, and reached down to flick my pyjamas away. 8 inches of hard cock slipped free. "Oh my word!" she exclaimed, "I didn't . . . Ooohhh it's so big!" Well it's not really but to someone who'd never seen and erect cock in the flesh I suppose it was pretty impressive. It stood almost upright and it was very, very hard. It had been an age since I'd had a woman and here was a very beautiful young one telling me she wanted 'everything'.

"Can I touch it? Please?" That was too much.

A very deep breath, "Oh yes Marcie, yes you can but stop when I tell you."

"Why?" she asked innocently.

"Because I'll cum Marcie darling. It's been a long time for me and you are very, very, shit Marcie, you are fuckable!" She smiled, seemingly happy that I'd paid her that complement, then her hands crept down to my cock.

"Aaaggghh," I managed as her small hands closed around my erection. "Oh god Marcie," was about all I could manage.

"It's very big and very hard," she said with a smile. Then, "It's nicer than all those ones in your videos," and her hands delved deeper and cupped my balls. "Ooohhh, so big and round." I'm not sure she wasn't doing a bit of playacting her, she couldn't have been that naïve if she'd watched my videos!

She began to stroke my cock and balls. One hand wanking my cock the other cradling my balls. "I hope I've practised enough," she said demurely and now I was sure she was playing a game.

"Marcie, Marcie you minx," I said laughing. There was no going back now, "Come here!" I reached for her and pulled her close rolling her onto her back. I looked down on her, "By god you're a sexy minx," I said then, "You said I was the first?"

She looked even more demure. "I wanted it to be you uncle. Mum always said that older men are more considerate. Then I saw all your videos," she laughed, "and I knew it had to be you – especially THERE!" She was a virgin. Heck! I knew now I had to be gentle, caring. I wanted to make this wonderful for her because she was my Marcie. It was difficult because part of me thought of her as an available woman to be used but I was going to put that to one side.

"Are you sure Marcie, really sure?"

"I've never been surer of anything uncle. I want you so bad, I want your cum everywhere." I raised my eyebrows at her language. She smiled, "I know all the words," she said throatily. "I want you to fuck me! Fuck my cunt, fill me with your spunk. I want you in my arse. Deep in my arse. I want to feel your spunk hitting my insides and then running out like in the videos." She must have known what she was doing to me. If anything my cock got even harder and it was all I could do not to ravish her completely.

"God Marcie, you'll have to stop." She raised her eyebrows. I laughed down at her, "I'm only human Marcie. If you carry on like that you will get fucked but you might not enjoy it!"

"I would, I know I would because it would be you."

"No Marcie it wouldn't. It would be a man. If I'm going to do this," deep breath and I knew I was – whatever the consequences, "and I am, then it's gentle, loving, and caring. You'll enjoy it more."

She smiled knowingly. "I knew you'd be like this," she said quietly, "and that's how I want you to be." I held her tightly then eased her onto her back. My eyes swept her body taking in the soft curves of her breasts and the fulsome flare of her hips atop her shapely thighs. That she was beautiful and desirable there was no doubt and I was going to ensure that this evening, and whatever might follow, would be in her memory for a long, long time.

I bent my head and kissed her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, then her neck. My hands roamed tenderly over the small, firm, hillocks rising from her chest with pert nipples, erect now, atop. My hand almost covered her breast, the space between ring and middle finger capturing the nipple in a sensuous trap. I could see the effect on her face. Surprise then pleasure as I caressed her, stroking, gently squeezing, then running my fingers around her nipples.

A long sigh followed as my mouth reached her there. I covered the nipple and gripped with my lips then dragged teeth tenderly along the length. She shuddered and moaned, "Oh, oh, oh, uncle." Then a long, "Ooooooohhhhhhh!!" which must have been an orgasm of sorts. I continued to suck and bite her then, first one then the other. At the same time my hand crept lower on her body until my fingers found the soft hair of her mound. Another long sigh and a shudder as I explored further and touched her sex.

"Oh god uncle, oh god that's so . . . . oooohhhh!"

I looked up and smiled, "Nice?"

"Oh god yes. Don't stop . . . please!"

"I won't," I smiled back down then continued my worship of her pert young breasts whilst my hand explored her pussy. Three fingers covered her there, one each side of her entrance the middle one softy floating over the outer lips. I wanted to be slow and gentle to bring her to another orgasm before my lips found her pussy.

My fingers stroked back and forth along her sex, not pushing, not entering, just gently arousing her. Soft moans emanated from her lips and she was 'attacked' on two fronts - my lips on her nipples and my fingers on her pussy. Soon there was a longer sigh and a low moan. Her legs closed and gripped my hand and her hands came up and held my head tightly to her breast.

"Oh GOD . . . " she moaned, "Oh uncle . . . oooohhhh!" I felt her liquids flow over my fingers and her lips open for the middle one to intrude slightly. If anything this increased her pleasure as, by now, the base of my fingers was resting on her clitoris. Lifting my head I looked down on her. Her eyes were closed, her pretty little mouth was open, and her tongue licking her full lips in that sensuous manner. It was wonderful to see her in the grip of her orgasm like this. So young, so innocent in her pleasure. I hoped she could capture that feeling and retain it for the future.

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