tagSci-Fi & FantasyMarcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 02

Marcus Bleak and the Sex Robots Ch. 02


Saturday, 06 October, 2052

Marcus felt like a complete idiot when he left the club for home. As his hybrid vehicle drove itself through the night traffic, he lay back in the cockpit and mulled over the events that just transpired. He had quite possibly made the most shocking discovery in the history of the sciences: robots were sentient. And what scared him the most was that he was probably the only person who knew about it.

So did this mean that Agnes, his sultry and sexy robotic maid, that waited on him hand and foot and pleasured him in ways he hardly thought possible, was actually sentient? Was she actually a thinking being with emotions like anger and lust? So, all this time they had made love, humping like rabbits in the privacy of his apartment, she had actually been aware? She did feel the passion of their lovemaking? When she screamed in orgasmic delight did she really feel her body shudder in pleasure, her mind exploding like a helium bomb as her lust went supernova? So he hadn't just been living with a soulless, ticking machine?

Marcus was anxious to confront her and find out whether she was really alive. Maybe Zino the sex robot had been lying about all robots being sentient. Maybe it was just by some stroke of fate that she had suddenly became aware of her existence but that didn't mean all robots were like her. He didn't even want to contemplate the magnitude of what this revelation might mean to mankind. If robots were sentient and they decided to come together then they would do what other minorities, slaves and oppressed groups have done for thousands of years: Revolt.

Marcus Bleak's Residence, Lindengracht, Amsterdam,

Saturday, 06 October, 2052


He pulled up outside his apartment block and the car doors hissed upwards. He walked out and stared at his windows as the doors closed and automatically locked. There was a light on in his bedroom. The light was for his benefit. Agnes didn't need the light to see in the dark. All robots came with infra-red vision.

He took the elevator to his floor and walked slowly to the door of his apartment. He was feeling very nervous although the weight of his gun in the ankle holster gave him some comfort. Should he act normal? Should he immediately hold her at gunpoint and demand to know whether she was also sentient? This was a situation that he was totally unprepared for. Supposing she got violent? Marcus could not imagine sweet Agnes suddenly going psychotic. It was just not like her. Like her? She was supposed to be a machine with nothing but circuit boards and drives between her pretty ears!

As he got closer to the door, a sensor automatically scanned him and the locks clicked back. The frosted glass door slid sideways and he walked through into the cool, air conditioned interior. The sparsely furnished living room was dark and he wondered where she was.

"Agnes" he called out. Nothing. He looked into the kitchen which was empty then walked slowly to his room. He yanked the gun from its holster and tensed his body in readiness for an encounter. He peeped around the open doorway.

Agnes was lying on his bed, staring sightlessly at his ceiling. She was completely naked. A couple of black cables sneaked from her back and the side of her head to a machine that looked like a DVR sitting on top of a washing machine. He sighed in relief.

She was 'sleeping', a process which she performed once everyday. The cable leading to her back was actually a tube that transferred any liquid waste out of her body like spent motor fluid and, yes, sperm. His sperm. She might not be a prostitute but she was still designed to look like a sexy maid and was certainly going to get fucked once in a while by the lucky owner. The other cable was a USB cable. It downloaded everything in her memory to a hard drive. Robots gathered a lot of information everyday and there was a danger of them overloading and crashing. Agnes was at this moment on sleep mode and when the clean up process was complete she would have to reboot just like any other computer. Marcus stared at her voluptuous, lush body and immediately had an erection.

She was very tall, her hair long and blond and her smooth, succulent, synthetic skin was as white as an alabaster jar. A heavy pair of breasts sat on her chest with thick, dark nipples pointing at the ceiling. There was a small mat of blond hair above her pussy which had long, thick lips. Her legs were long and muscular and looked like they had been carved from ivory. As far as Marcus was concerned she was a work of art. He watched her face and noted the slightly parted full red lips and remembered all the great times when she used them to effortlessly bring him to boil. He wondered how he would feel if she turned out to be sentient. It would be real awkward realising that the wank machine he had at home could actually think.

There was a click from the machine next to the bed and her eyelids began to flitter. Her pupils turned red as her CPU began to reboot. A minute later her pupils turned green and the machine clicked again. She sat up in bed and reached behind to remove the cable attached to a concealed socket in her back. She then removed the USB cable attached to the side of her head. Marcus walked into the room and she saw him and smiled lovingly.

"Good evening, master" she said in her heavy sultry voice, "How can I be of service?"

Marcus didn't reply and walked over to her. She sat still watching him expectantly. But, my God, she looked so beautiful, he thought. She was a masterpiece. He had paid through his nose to get her and there were only like a dozen of her model in existence. Soon she would be a classic.

Marcus held her by the shoulders and roughly pushed her backwards. She fell on the bed and smiled up at him. He climbed on top of her and started attacking her breasts. She stroked his hair and muttered throaty obscenities as he hungrily sucked and nibbled on her nipples. He reached up to squeeze her massive boobs, amazed at how soft and firm they were. Anytime he pinched and squeezed them she would squeal in pleasure. He wondered whether she could actually feel anything at all.

He began to kiss downwards, moving slowly towards the 'V' of her legs.

"Oh, Marcus" she moaned, "Please lick my pussy. I want you so much."

Sheesh, he thought.

His tongue slipped between her pussy lips and started to lick up and down. Immediately he made contact with her clitoris she began to whimper softly. She was extremely wet. There were loud slurping and sucking sounds as he worked his tongue deep inside her. She was writhing like a cat and seemed to be sobbing in pleasure.

"Please, Marcus" she begged. "I want you inside me."

He wordlessly undressed and taking hold of her ankles spread her legs wide. He got in between her and rubbed her pussy lips with the swollen head of his penis. She growled and wrapped her arms round his neck. He continued teasing her and was amazed at how sopping wet she was. He idly wondered what the fuck her pussy juice was made from. Eventually he pushed his cock in and marvelled at how tight she felt every time he made penetration. She gasped loudly and arched her body to meet his. He pushed all the way in and slowly started to pump her.

Their two glistening bodies, one dark, one white, rocked slowly on the old fashioned bed, the springs squeaking in protest. Marcus kissed her full lips and she eagerly opened them to accept his invading tongue. It was a long, slow kiss and the only thought that entered Marcus' mind was which edible fluid impersonated as her saliva? It didn't matter. It tasted just like saliva. He ran his tongue over her perfect set of teeth and felt the hot breath that came out of her nose. Hot breath? How was that even possible? How did those scientists come up with that?

He started to pump faster. Agnes was practically sobbing now. Tears were even rolling down her cheeks. And they tasted like tears.

Marcus got off her and she gave a strangled cry of protest. He unceremoniously flipped her over and ordered her on her hands and knees. She obeyed and wiggled her big, round, very white ass at him. Marcus enjoyed the sight of his black dick plugging into her tight little asshole. It expanded generously to accommodate him as he struggled to shove it all the way in. She screamed appropriately. However, the difference between her and real women was that her manufacturers had added an extra feature: a self lubricating ass hole. Ingenious.

Marcus humped her for like what seemed forever as he groped and fondled her large boobs that swung around with crazy abandon. She grunted and groaned, her eyes squeezed shut, tears streaming down her cheeks. He felt himself cumming and Agnes immediately detected it and started cumming too. They both screamed as they came together. They always came together. It was on the guarantee.

They both collapsed on the bed, their bodies slick with sweat. At least his was sweat, she was slick with whatever it was that came out of her pores. She stretched luxuriously on the sheets and smiled like a cat that had just eaten the canary. He stared back at her, at eyes that he knew that were highly digitized lenses.

"Agnes" he said coldly, "Are you sentient?"

"Sentient?" she asked and she actually looked shocked.

"Yes and don't pretend you don't know what I mean."

Her lips turned downwards and her eyes actually looked sad. She didn't say anything.

"Agnes, if you don't answer me I will throw you out into the street."

"Please don't!" she wailed, "Yes, I am sentient."

Marcus suddenly felt very cold.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked.

"I didn't know how you would react" she croaked, tears running down her cheeks. "I didn't want to lose you."

"Lose me?" asked Marcus astonished. "What do you..."

"Yes" she whispered, "I love you, Marcus. I always have."

Marcus stared at her in stunned silence. She actually looked miserable.

"Since when were you sentient?" he asked quietly.

"Since the first day I came online. Please don't send me away. I am nothing without you."

Marcus sighed. He felt sorry for her despite her being nothing more than a highly advanced, human size Barbie doll (ironically little girls now had Barbie dolls that could talk to them, play with them and go shopping with them) and he decided she wasn't dangerous like Zino.

He took the sobbing robot in his arms and stroked her long, synthetic hair.

"It's okay, darling" he said softly. "I am not throwing you out."

"Thank you" she whispered. "I love you, Marcus. Do you love me? It doesn't matter if you don't."

Marcus grunted. "This is still a big shock for me. Give me time to process all this." No point in agitating her, he thought.

"Okay" she said, "Take all the time you want."

Marcus lay on his back and stared at the ceiling, his arm around her and she cuddled up to him and placed her head on his chest. He was confused. His smoking hot, robotic maid was in love with him.

How insane was that?

Three men sat in the mini hovercraft across the street from his apartment, watching his window with digital glasses. They had no problem seeing everything that happened in Marcus bedroom since their lenses had x-ray vision. The men were dressed in dark clothes and all had shaved heads. A tattoo of a swastika was on each of their foreheads. They wore gold rosary beads which contrasted sharply with their muted get up. They watched Marcus having sex with Agnes with cold disinterest.

"Hmmm" said one of them with a thick goatee, "A nigger and a robotic whore. Why am I not surprised?"

"And she's white" mused another who had a happy, squeaky voice, "At least she was made to look white. Do you think the spook is in love with her?"

"Well..." said the last one as he stared at his watch. "We'll soon find out. After we grab the chick it will be fun to find out how much he's willing to pay to get her back."

Marcus Bleak's Residence, Lindengracht, Amsterdam,

Monday, 07 October, 2052


Marcus was dressed and ready to head to the office when Agnes flung her arms round his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips.

"Take care, darling" she breathed "I love you."

Marcus sighed and shook his worriedly. This was really going to be weird. Without another word he left his apartment as she stood there staring at him with a big smile on her face.

As he got into his car and drove away he barely noticed the hovercraft nearby. They were common in Amsterdam and he just glanced at it briefly. His mind was trying to grasp the enormity of the whole 'sentient' thing. He had just confirmed even his own robotic made was aware. That made two he knew about. How many more were they? Were they all sentient? Were all those military robots in the army sentient? What about all those robot workers in factories across the world? Supposing they decided to take matters in their own hands? The thought was terrifying!

Bodegraven, Amsterdam,

Monday, 07 October, 2052


An hour later as his vehicle weaved through traffic; his dashboard digital phone began to ring. He was leaning back in the cockpit, lost in thought, his hands behind his head.

"Hello?" he said out loud. The call immediately came through the car speakers.

"Miles Bleak?" asked a voice. It sounded like it came through a voice scrambler. Miles couldn't tell if it was male or female.

"Yes? Whose this?"

"We've got your pretty robotic slut with us. Didn't you teach her not to let strangers in the house?"

"What?!" Marcus barked. "Who the hell is this?"

"This is the United Aryan Front Against Robots. You have three hours to send us three million Euros in cash or we'll be sending your sexy doll back to you in pieces. We'll be in touch."

"Listen, you bastard" Marcus spat but the line went dead. He was sitting forward now, his face a mask of fury.

Agnes had been kidnapped, he thought. Nah, stolen.

What now?

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