tagLoving WivesMargaret is Unleashed Ch. 01

Margaret is Unleashed Ch. 01


From an idea by Mary


Margaret was the happy wife of Francis Galway. She remembered fondly the day of her wedding with their many guests and the marvellous gifts from all over the country. Francis had always been the rather pampered son of a wealthy baronet and had always had the best of all things without having to actually work for them. They had met and Francis had acted just as if her agreement was granted. She had felt proud by being proposed by someone from the gentry and she had agreed despite the advice of her best friends. Everything had worked fine in their planned marriage!

Margaret mainly remembered her embarrassment when she was called for the garter sale. They had French cousins and it was a tradition there. Margaret didn't want to participate to such pervert games but Francis booed and led her to the auction place against her will. The weak Francis desperately tried to show off and finally led her to the auction table against her will like a sacrifice lamb. The bride obediently climbed on top of a High stool and the action begun : each time a banknote was added, Margaret had to lift her wedding dress a bit higher. If the gift was sizable, her dress went just higher faster. The dress had been grazing the floor but the bidding was intense. Soon Margaret had to show her ankles then her knees to the leering crowd.

Francis had also the deplorable habit of drinking too much to make up for his weak personality and his lack of self-control. He quickly became inebriated. There had been a moment of respite for her as the amateurs had no small banknotes left but that was the moment uncle Charles who had always been a leering bastard made a major addition ; one hundred pounds straight out of his pocket! There were wild applauses and Margaret clapped her hands in unison but she knew there was a price to be paid for it and she would have to cover the expenses!

The sum added was rather high and Mark who acted as the auctioneer lifted the hem of Margaret's dress to her mid thighs! The bidding became soon restricted to a competition between Uncle Charles and cousin Andrew. Both of them were pretty rich. They owned several rented houses and had comfortable savings. Charles was a bachelor but Andrew had married Sara, Margaret closest friend Charles was known to live a sybaritic life, receiving some very beautiful girls alone in their houses. The general opinion was that these girls were probably tarts and nobody visited Charles when these creatures were around.... Cousin Andrew was quite similar to him with the difference that he was now married to a very hot girl : any man would have given an arm to put his hand under her knickers!

Cousin Andrew added fifty pounds to the pot and uncle Charles followed immediately. The auctioneer thought it had been enough fun and proposed Charles and Andrew to peel the garter from Margaret's thigh. It had all gone much further than Francis had intended it but he didn't want to back out in front of all his family so he applauded the idea. The poor bride was aghast at having her thigh touched by anyone but Francis! Charles had a last request to present : he offered to give one hundred pounds more if Francis allowed him to take the garter off with only his teeth. Margaret protested and said it was out of question but Francis applauded the idea. He had drunk already a bottle of sherry for which he had a special attraction and he had started the second bottle to boost his courage. He presently wanted to show he wore the pants in his couple.

The fact that Margaret was appalled at these actions was ignored and she felt helpless as her new husband actually ignored her as her Uncle fumbled under her wedding dress to find her garter. Margaret suspected that all the fumbling was just a ruse so that the old man could rub his nose into her panty crotch. The way everyone was cheering as she was being sniffed in front of everyone just confirmed her worst fears. Francis seemed to find the situation extremely funny. Finally Charles became more successful and emerged triumphantly with her garter between his teeth. Margaret noted he had placed his nose just where she had had her crotch but she assumed it had been a pure accident.

Francis had always been an attractive man and with all his money he had swept Margaret away during their courtship. Now here she was on her wedding day being mauled by his Uncle in front of all the cheering family. Margaret had started to detest her husband already.

To Margaret, this only showed up her husband's hypocrisy even more and he lost a good part of his remaining prestige that day.

Francis was profoundly ashamed of his behaviour on their wedding night and tried to apologise over and over. She never forgave him in her heart although she had during the next years a quiet and cosy life of a married wife with no children.

Francis made passable love to her on Mondays and Fridays always in the absolute dark. Margaret dutifully complied. She was his wife after all, but it was just out of duty. On Wednesdays they usually went to a grill and on Sundays they went to the mass in the local church. Margaret had gone to the church for Easter and Xmas only but Francis wanted to go there every Sunday. He was not very religious but the pub served nice ale and he needed to taste it twice whenever he entered there!

Life could have continued in the same way for them but Francis always wanted to offer his wife a better living and he seemed to have a flair for unsound investments. He invested ten thousand pounds in a Maddoff venture and the money completely disappeared. He then bought junk bonds from a Greek company that went bankrupt and his company laid him off. When he had trouble making ends meet, Margaret phoned her cousins to see if they had a job for her husband... it was Charles who made the most interesting proposal : he had a dozen rented houses in Bath but they were not occupied during winter. Some squatters had broken in during the last season and Charles thought it would be better if there were some presence there in winter. He had been looked for someone he could trust and who could do the necessary menial work. Francis would be perfect for the job.

Margaret was less interested : the town was deserted and windy at this time of the year, there were few open shops in this season and the winter gales kept chasing leaves against the doors and windows. She also feared to stay alone for months in her home far from the city centre. Uncle Charles waved away her fears.

- You could move in the cottage formerly used by my chauffeur and his little family. There was room enough for his son and his daughter. He repainted it completely before he left two years ago. It's still in pristine state. You could also prepare my food ; I wouldn't charge you anything for the rent and the food!

Margaret was tempted but hesitated :

- Would it be proper : a man and a woman alone in a secluded country mansion?

- Don't be stupid, Margaret! I am your uncle and nobody would find it weird if an aging uncle would put up his niece when her husband is away. You could really be of great help to me during the year and the cottage is big enough for you to accommodate occasionally your husband!

Margaret thought she had been stupid making such petty remarks Charles was so kind to provide her, free of charge, a shelter heated, with all the amenities. She had camped there two years before, just after uncle Charles's chauffeur had retired during Francis' courtship. She had worn for the occasion a bathing suit that allowed even not a square inch of skin to be seen but it was so improper to be seen with her fiancé in public with a modern swimming suit! There had been even a large bathroom with a bubble spa that Margaret had tested with Francis. God! It would change her from her narrow tub at home where her tits could never stay under the water level!

Margaret now couldn't wait to move into her new cottage. She kept aside the furniture needed for Francis, especially her own bed when she had been a maid! It was a pity it was so narrow : she couldn't visit her husband there as the nearest hotel was so far away! The rest of her furniture fit in the new space quite easily. She kissed Francis goodbye when he left but uncle Charles was there and she was not bold enough to kiss him on the lips : he had to be content with a chaste peck on the cheek.

Charles returned to his house and came back with several bags :

- It's a small gift to show you how much you are welcome in this house : you have brought here already a whiff of freshness and youth! Thank you for your much needed presence!

Margaret didn't know how to reply. She grabbed the fabric of her swirling dress and made a curtsey, bowing her head to her uncle. Okay he had grey hair but he seemed strong and healthy, the kind of man who would have made her head to turn before she married Francis but he didn't seem that old! Last time Francis had made a walk with uncle Charles, he had really walked while Charles had mostly run. Francis had arrived almost an hour later than Charles who had joked that if he had done the same thing in bed with some of Charles' girlfriends, they would have fallen asleep before he had started to take off his clothes...

Margaret found in the bags a red fancy dress that would have been adequate for a marriage but also a corset, a lacy suspender belt and fishnet stockings. A plunge push up bra and a strapless bra completed the outfit and Margaret thought that Uncle Charles had not divined the shape of her breasts! It was an outfit more suited for a tart than for a married woman but it was exactly her size. Uncle Charles had a very keen eye to be able to guess her size without actually measuring it.

Margaret went straight toward Charles, thanking him for his gift but explaining him she couldn't accept the undies that were too sexy for a married wife! Charles replied that the undies were a tribute to her beauty, that he had always thought that her clothes were always too demure for such a pin up figure. He wanted her to look really sexy and he had waited patiently for Francis' departure. He now wished Margaret to forget all these old maid's ideas and start being a girl ready to attract men's attention, starting with Charles'....

Margaret blushed and after being cajoled a long time, finally agreed to try the whole outfit. She first tried the push up bra : it was red, assorted to the dress and offered a nice view on her cleavage. Margaret had never worn anything so naughty. She paraded in front of the mirror, marvelling at the view in front of her eyes like a teenager trying her first ball dress? Then she decided to try the corset. It just cinched her waist and didn't cover her tits or her hips. With the red suspender belt, Margaret could imagine she was performing in an eighteenth century brothel for the rich people in London. Francis had never made her look so sexy and desirable! It was a feeling Margaret relished. She felt a strange heat forming in her loins, something she had totally forgotten since her marriage, at least she had tried to bury in the deepest recesses of her memory. She remembered its name : pure unadulterated lust! As the words formed in her mind, she could feel her pussy getting really wet as she felt more and more ready to enjoy chatting with Uncle Charles and probably doing much more than that!

Margaret put on her dress and found in the bottom of the bag brought by uncle Charles a pair of incredibly high-heeled plateau shoes. She had never worn anything like that although she had known what it was. She had decided to follow exactly his whimsies and not try to impose her own ideas. She couldn't recognize herself in the slender sophisticated sex bomb she could see in her mirror. She decided immediately to change her make up, to put on a more flashing lipstick and to add liner to her eyebrows. She changed also the colour of her nails until she was satisfied. When she presented the new Margaret to uncle Charles, his first reaction was to whistle appreciatively...

- God! Margaret, this outfit and your new make up imparts you much more allure! I could easily make a pass at you. Francis has been completely crazy to leave such a beautiful woman alone with me. I may be old but red blood is again boiling in my veins! Hold your chastity belt. We are going to paint the town red!

They went straight to one of the most renowned dance halls in the city. Charles had changed into an elegant alpaca suit Margaret had never known he had! When they entered the hall, the manager came to greet them to the surprise of Margaret who had just paid a visit to the place years before. Charles appeared not to be unknown there. The manager shook hands vigorously with him :

- Sir Charles! It's such a pleasure of paying us a visit after all these years! We have still bottles of your favourite champagne! And you have as usual a magnificent girl to escort you!

Margaret felt proud of the compliment and did not make a fuss about that she was just an escort girl for Charles! A waiter was coming with a cup of chilled Champagne on a silver plateau.

- It's a compliment from the direction for one of our must esteemed customer!

Margaret felt the waiter was extremely polite with a girl he took for a call girl. Margaret decided to play along. Today she would be a call girl for Uncle Charles and if he wanted to take advantage on his niece, she wouldn't oppose him in any way!

They weren't so many people on the dance floor and Margaret followed his lead and danced toward the disk jockey. Uncle Charles whispered to him a few words and called him Mike. The man nodded and announced in a loud voice :

- At the demand of a very dear customer; an old classic, something named Maureen's tango!

Uncle Charles whispered to Margaret's ear.

- Let me lead you for this dance ; a tango is not that difficult but it's old fashioned just like me!

Uncle Charles made her swirl in the air as if she was some elfin. She had never known she could dance in such elaborate figures. He found the strength to lift her in the air above his head then to throw her up to catch her in her flight. Margaret knew that in these aerial moves she showed to the other spectators a full view of her legs, of the curves of her tits but when she finished her exhibition, completely out of breath, safely nested in the crook of uncle Charles' arms, she just turned her head toward him, fluffing her eyebrows like a starlet in Hollywood and parting shyly her lips. She would have not understood if he hadn't covered her lips with his mouth.

When their kiss grew hotter, a thunder of applauses exploded in the dance hall ; there were the few customers there, the waiters, the disk jockey and even the cook who had left his pans for a moment to watch uncle Charles dancing with Margaret. She would have followed her uncle to hell, totally enthralled. He was the best dancer she had ever met, by far! He turned toward the director who had also come to watch their inspired dance :

- You had private lounges in the fourth floor. Does they still exist?

- Of course, Sir, but they are reserved to our most select customers like you, Sir Charles!

Margaret objected :

- I would prefer returning to your home and take a shower before leaving you total leeway with me. I am yours to fulfil all your desires!

Margaret took a bath in hot water, lathering her hair in a pungent cream before rearranging it in a bun that was probably as attractive as her perfect hairbrush when she had arrived on the dance floor. She had completely changed her outfit : she now wore the strapless half bra that Charles had offered her initially. She now wore a black silk negligee that was so sheer that it left nothing to Charles' imagination.

When she opened the door of the bathroom and met Charles again : he gasped in surprise once more.

- Margaret, you are surprising me deliciously. I thought you were a simple housewife of the kind Francis could choose and I wanted to show you other horizons but I discovered a very sexy dancer who troubled the disk jockey of the dance hall, a man I have known for forty years and who wouldn't lift an eye brow for any woman! I thought you would stumble pitifully on the floor and, to my complete surprise, you danced like a goddess and won the applauses of everyone on stage. Now you are wearing your undies like a queen of music hall and I look forward to discover you in the secrecy of my bedroom. If you surprise me once more there, I will feel reluctant to let you return to my wimpy Francis! Frankly, he is not worth of the attention of any woman! I could present you some true stallions that will be able to make you enjoy the time you will spend with, them to the maximum.

- I am sure you know such men but I happen to like Francis and wouldn't want to make him sad. I will leave you totally free to make me discover other men's habits but don't try to make us split up!

- I acknowledge the limits you are imposing me but outside of these limits, anything is OK?

- You are my Master and I won't disappoint you! Command and I will obey!

- My first order will then be to open this bed in which I am completely naked and ask you whether you like what you will see!

- Your wishes are my orders, Master... Good gracious!!!

Margaret couldn't keep her calm when she discovered the huge manhood that lay between Charles' legs. He had a mammoth cock and could probably satisfy on the same day a good dozen of the most demanding females from this hemisphere! Uncle Charles was certainly quite far from a decrepit, almost impotent old man! He placed an arm in the crook of her legs and one behind her elbows and lifted her as if she was weightless. Margaret put her arms around Charles' neck to steady herself. She squirmed in his grasp when she felt Charles' fingers looking for her bum hole but she never ordered him to set her free or leave her alone. She finally arched her back and stayed still : Charles' finger had found its target and had disappeared in her bowels : there were no more reason to squirm as she just enjoyed having two wriggling fingers in her tight hole!

When he gently deposited her on his bed, Margaret calmly opened the folds of her negligee and lifted her feet toward the ceiling. Charles needed no other proof of her willingness? Margaret had never had such an elderly lover but she discovered soon that he was also quite experienced. Her screams of ecstasy kept the few neighbours who had their windows open during the night awake until 5 AM with a new assault around 7 AM when Margaret had retrieved her strength because Charles could have continued for hours. Margaret was forced to beg for the pity of the old man!

Margaret kept massaging her belly in languid circular moves. She was amazed that Charles had proved he was a far better lover than Francis. She just thought of the various ways Charles could make her cum in the future, a nice perspective for a horny woman like Margaret... She had never before thought she was so but since she had met uncle Charles, he had reawakened her to sex. She could not think of anything but his cock gently drilling in any of her holes. Its exact destination was preposterous! Her only wish was to obtain Francis' approval as Charles was an incredibly better endowed lover, a superior lover. Francis had never been able to sire a baby in her womb but she felt ready to try again with Charles who she now always called in the secret of her mind with this simple word : Master!

They were in Charles' home. Margaret's was nearby less than fifty yards from there but she never found the courage to get there. She wanted to spend as much time as she could with her new lover. When he understood that Margaret intended to stay for the night with him, Charles opened a bag and pulled out a black lace nightie. It had no lining and was extremely thin and revealing. Charles could easily delineate the contour of her breasts or the curves of her belly. He caressed lengthily her body and Margaret knew she was falling in love with that man but somehow, her affection for Francis didn't seem to diminish.

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