tagLoving WivesMargo, an Old Submissive Wife

Margo, an Old Submissive Wife


Please read my other stories, A Wife To Be Used and A Wife To Be Used Ch. 02,to know how I started and where I am now with my life.

I am now 54 years of age and have taken my role as a submissive wife seriously. My husband (Ted) shares me with many of his friends and some strangers too.

My name is Margo, the following happened late last year, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

My husband has a successful chain of retail stores and last August he was informed that one of his star young salesman was getting married in October. Ted and I were invited to the wedding even though I have never met his staff, as I tend to stay away from his business dealings.

As the event got closer, Ted was invited to Jim's bachelor party which was to be your typical young mans porn and prawn night. They had organised a stripper at a private house and were expecting around 30 males to attend.

The night of the bachelor party, Ted told me to stay home and masturbate till he returned. I knew that he would be very worked up when he got back so I was excited to do this.

Around 9.30 that evening Ted rang me and told me to quickly shower and put on my cutaway bra, suspenders, black stockings and cover myself with my raincoat and to come over to the party immediately. Ted gave me the address and told me to call his cell when I was outside of the house.

I knew this could get weird but I do not question my orders, I only act on them. I showered, dressed, applied my make up and jumped in my car and drove to the party. 20 minutes later I was parked outside the house and could hear the boys inside yahooing and generally having a good time. I called Teds cell and he answered. He told me to wait and he would come outside.

Ted came to my car window and explained what was going on, the stripper was a real dud and the boys were upset that she would not let anyone touch her or she wouldn't remove all of her cloths so she left.

Ted gave me instructions to enter the back door and to go into the lounge room and strip for the boys.

I was also told that whatever they wanted I was to comply with.

Now I was very nervous, I'm 54 years old and carry a little extra weight and here I am about to strip for a bunch of 20 year olds, what would happen if they didn't like me? Well I plucked up my courage with the knowledge that they did not know who I was and entered the back door.

When I entered the dimly lit lounge area, their were at least 20 guys watching porn movies on the big screen TV, so I just stood in the middle of the room and began to dance slowly. The guys started cat calling and whistling at me. Chants of take it off mum and sexy old fucker resinated around the already crowded room. More guys from outside came in to see what was happening. I was flushed with excitement and then removed my raincoat to the cheers of the whole room. My large breasts swayed out of my cutaway bra and my trimmed bush was very easily seen between my suspenders.

Jim, the young man getting married was pushed to the centre of the room next to me, he was at least 6'2" with a solid well built body. I danced around him like a trollop begging for sex and he knew it. He reached out and grabbed one of my breasts and told his mates how big and fat they were. The boys were all calling out for him to do more. He looked into my eyes and told me I was an old tart and I should kneel down and suck his cock. I instantly dropped to my knees and reached for his zipper. He stood there and told me to go ahead. I eased his zip down over his growing manhood and fished inside his pants for his cock. He was large and fat at least 7" maybe a little more and I just opened my mouth and sucked it in. Everyone was yelling, clapping and whistling at the sight of this old lady sucking his cock like a pro.

Jim grabbed me by the head and dug his fingers into my hair and began to fuck my face slowly at first, then he increased the tempo until he was drilling my mouth and throat hard. Saliva was oozing from the corners of my full mouth, as I remained on my knees allowing this young bull to brutalise my mouth in front of his friends. I felt his cock tense up and his fingers grip harder and then Jim began to yell "fuck, fuck" as he unloaded his cum into my mouth and down my throat, gagging me with his fat cock until he had emptied his balls. Satisfied he released my hair and told the room to use this slut up.

I was dragged off to the bedroom and bent over the bed as another young man pushed his cock deep into my wet pussy and began to fuck me. A cock was pressed against my lips and a voice told me to open. My breasts were being pinched and squeezed, my pussy pounded and my mouth violated by these young bucks. I realised that I was just a fuck and suck bag for them as they pleasured themselves.

The young cock in my mouth exploded with a flood of young cum. The cum dribbling out of my mouth because I couldn't swallow it all, then the cock in my pussy erupted leaving me on fire and wanting more.

Some young guy lay on the bed and had me mount him, as I did another hard cock was forced into my bum and they developed a rhythm with the double penetration. I was concentrating on the two cocks in my holes when my hair was grabbed and a big fat cock was pushed into my mouth, it was enormous and stretched my mouth and lips to almost breaking point. He then began to force his monster into my throat making me gag and spit. This did not deter him, it only excited him and he grabbed my head and slammed his cock all the way down my throat. I tried to push him off with my hands but someone grabbed them and tied my hands behind my back with a tie, so I could not fight him off. I was now at the mercy of these testosterone and cum filled young men.

The young man with the big cock changed places with his mate who was fucking me in the bum. I felt his huge cock stretch my poor anus before he began to fuck it hard. The cock from my bum was now being pushed into my mouth, now I could taste myself as he fucked my mouth. The cock in my pussy erupted and the young man slid out. This was followed by the cock cumming in my mouth. Then the big cock was pulled out of my bum and he forced it back into my throat gagging me again as he filled me with cum. I was choking and getting feint when he pulled out and rubbed the excess of his cum on my face. He looked down at me and called me an old slag and spat on my face, this brought about another climax for me as I love to be used and degraded.

The boys continued to violate me in the bedroom over the next 3 hours. Big cocks, little cocks, medium cocks, smelly cocks, hard cocks, soft cocks, over 30 young men fucking every hole but most of them wanting to empty their loads in my mouth, filling my belly full of more cum than I could imagine. Throughout all this I had not seen my husband but knew he would be watching somewhere.

I was now laying on the bed, my hands untied, covered in cum just resting when the young man with the enormous cock came in and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me on my hands and knees to the toilet. He stood over me as I knelt next to the toilet bowl and told me to hold his cock while he pissed. I wrapped my hand around his softened cock, which was still larger than most hard cocks I had seen and he began to piss.

When he had finished urinating, he pushed my face into the bowl and ordered me to drink it. It was disgusting but still exciting and then he withdrew my face covered in his urine and again brutally assaulted my mouth.

He called me a fat old slag, a cum bucked and a piss whore all the while forcing his cock deep and hard into my throat. I had fluid leaking from my nose, my eyes were tearing up, saliva drooled from my mouth and I looked up at him and saw that sadistic smile. "You will be my whore anytime I want" he said and I knew that I could not resist him, then he held my head still and rammed his cock as deep as it would go and filled me with his cum.

He withdrew his spent cock from my used mouth and spat on me again, this time hitting me in the eye and told me we would meet again. I collapsed on the floor of the toilet, totally wasted but happy and I fell into a deep satisfied submissive slumber.

To be continued

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