tagBDSMMaria Ch. 01

Maria Ch. 01


Dewey's on Eighth Avenue, a place where most drinks do quick touch and go landings, die quickly deposed down someone's throat. One of the burley bartenders in a green plaid too tight vest, punched up sleeves, one of the waitresses in the short black skirt, the stunning legs, puffy white Victorian blouse notched by wide open v to give their tits a once over to earn more in tips, set drinks down; customers, quickly pluck the drinks up, guzzle them down, lick their lips and ask for refills.

The establishment entered through a Tiffany glass maple framed door resembled a Victorian tea room big enough to support quite a crowd. One wall covered with a mirror to make the room look even bigger, the other walls painted robin's egg blue and wainscoted in white bead board. In keeping with the Victorian motif several pictures, the profiles of hunting dogs in gilded frames, hang on the several walls. The oak bar molded with carved medallions and florets, brass cornices and a brass foot rail along its length.

My name is Steve. My lover's name is Maria. We sat at a small square table covered in a creased vivid white linen cloth. A small round clear glass ashtray and a candle sit in the middle of the table. The candle gutters under its burgundy glass cover; cast a ruby glow on Maria's beautiful face, painted an iridescent patina across her shoulder length dried honey tresses. She leaned forward on her elbows looked me straight in the eye. The dancing candle flame trapped inside its tall slender container shined across Maria's heavy breasts; her cleavage engulfed in shadow. I peered down her dress; if the light was better I could see her navel and possibly the garter belt below the mounds of her full 36D breasts.

"Waitress, give her a rum and coke heavy on the rum and me a whiskey straight." I said when we sat down.

We drained our drinks; I felt mine burn my insides down, Maria's soaked in Coke less fiery going down. I ordered two more. That is our limit.

Maria in this red cocktail number with its plunging neckline does not take an undue amount of imagination seeing her naked in the dungeon of our making.

Her body glows. Torch lights in wall sconces provide illumination in our stone walled room, the sanctum where this particular fetish of ours flourishes. It does resemble a medieval dungeon, a comfy habitat for Tomas de Torquemada, his corps of inquisitors. We own quite a few accoutrements used lovingly by BDSM aficionados.

Shackled with chains, slim round ankles wrapped in a heavy braided white cord, Maria is trapped against the wall. Her cleft is shaved. I shaved it with a freshly sharpened straight razor. First I used a brush to stir up the soap in a moustache cup, dabbed the whipped up concoction on her pubis. Then I fucked her.

God Almighty, her pussy always drips in these circumstances; her thighs shine wetly like fresh paint when I am getting set to spank her. Barefoot, firmly planted on the floor's uneven surface; the hardened nipples on Maria's heavy, spectacular breasts, her woman's sodden camel toe, nudge the pattern of mortised concrete blocks. She turns her head, looks back over her right shoulder and aims a grin or something like a smirk, at me. An angel's beatific innocent smile bonded to an expression excited by lust, animated by hunger, yearning for my cock, pining for a good hard spanking first. I know that licentious grin well. Both wrists bound in brass clamps hooked to the wall with the chains. Each chain link collides, clinks with its connected mate makes a musical noise of tinkling metal. The cord is wrapped four times about her pink ankles and Maria's range of motion is extremely limited. Poking her ass out toward me, she signals her desire with the simplest of body language. Firm globes enveloped in shadow and cleaved by a dark crack appear smooth as cultured pearl. I love spanking Maria's butt, the way she responds to my whacks, never tires of my striking her. We are perfectly bonded by the seamless joint of her submission, my dominance.

Infliction of pain does not drive me on. My intent is not to thrash Maria within an inch of her life like a sadistic boatswain on Captain Bligh's Bounty. My wish, my method is to pleasure her, make Maria giddy, grateful, and sated by a solid whack, the light lick of the lash, to condition her, make her eager for my cock in her anus, the other portal near that chute and of course her ravenous mouth.

Sexuality in all its permutations makes me tingle with giddiness. Maria bends to my will, a malleable toy, a live doll, a real woman fronted by sumptuous breasts, flattened belly, flaring hips and long sculpted legs. Giving fully of any part of her body, she finds bliss and fulfillment in her submission, a paradise found in the regimen of my dominance.

Maria's dark hair with its light tints flows down to her back as a brightly dark feathery cloud. Her lustrous locks are the cloak of a chameleon. In natural light, it appears lighter, airier; dense, darker in this flickering light.

I stand behind her, naked myself, my ass not half as fine as Maria's but my cock is thick, heavy, straight as an arrow rod pointing directly at her bottom. A wooden scull, nothing but a ping pong paddle is clutched in my South Paw. Maybe a cat o nine tails with its black strands of leather dangling down is held in my grasp. Or I use nothing but my bare hand to strike her ass. I could come at this moment. Maria too I am sure.

Returning from my flight of fantasy, I find myself back at the table across my Maria. This time of night in the dimly lit upscale place well dressed bar flies hovered along the bar across the room three deep. Other drinkers, good looking men in suits and great looking ladies in sexy sheaths sat at small wooden tables around us conversing, occasionally working their elbows as they slammed back shots of booze or nursed drinks.

A few minutes earlier we entered the hubbub of Dewey's, sat down. I wore a dark blue sports jacket, a closely matched pair of blue slacks, a pale blue shirt open at the collar, polished black soft leather loafers.

Maria's flaxen hair shined with the luster of polished dark gemstones, smelled of lemons. Her mouth has a sexy pout; her face is thin but not the emaciated face of an anorexic model. I detested spanking such bony, gaunt women. Maria's lineaments are narrow though as is nose above her full lips. Her cheeks tend to pucker in. She wears a red cocktail dress ending well above her knees, v cut in the front, five tenths of her breasts free. Three inch closed toed red heels on her feet. No panties, no bra, a red garter belt holding up her sheer red hose.

Maria's hunting togs, the outfit I ordered her to dress in for tonight's trip. She has a black dress just as sexy, a green garment just as bold, and a blue outfit showing even more of her tits. Maria has all sorts of clothes guaranteed to sate my fetish for women in sexy clothing.

Some might say I was insane, letting Maria dress this way. You are absolutely bonkers Steven others said. I sit at this table; watch Maria's eyes lock on a man of her choosing. I am not insane unless such gluttony of unbridled sexual fulfillment is considered a form of madness. She stands, pushes her dress down over her hips, winks at me, and strolls across the room, hips arcing back and forth, stands next to a man leaning against the bar or sitting alone at a table.

I watch her slink and slide across the crowded floor. Eyes locked on her. Glazed over peepers take in her magnificent cleavage, the way her hips sway under the dress, her slender, shapely legs balancing in high heels. Some of these men imagine her thighs wrapped around them. Others see her sucking their cock. One or two want to slip their tongues into the sea of liquid surely there between her legs. I personally like to have her wear this outfit; crawl on her knees up the beige carpeted stairs to the second floor's landing where she takes me in her mouth.

These spectators, silent, supercharged with want, bowled over by this sex pot's languor, stunned by such overt sexuality, the fluid motion of her swaying hips, the covetous glint radiating from her blistering hot eyes.

I get off watching men and women laid waste by Maria. She is such a bad girl.

Maria stands confidently next to a man or sits down without permission. She leans over, shifts her weight toward the gentleman. In a whisper she taunts and thrills this unfortunate man. Using colorful language, a harlot's argot, she describes the doing of something ribald, of having something delicious done to her by him. She strokes his arm or touches the front of his trousers, feel his hardness. She backs off, stops cold, looks him in his eyes, and sees eagerness, his amazed look the visage of a smirking victor covered in laurels. I imagine a man like this stumbling out of a fetid swamp his clothing in tatters, the look of surprise on his face seeing Maria covered in sweat, wearing this dress, her fingers fucking her twat as she lolls under a leaning tropical tree.

At this moment no pope, no prince, no president musters Maria's puppet master's power, she revels in it. With all her power my dominance remains supreme.

I sit at the table, my cock unfurled to its longest length watching Maria play her part in our private and occasionally dangerous game. God, I want to reach under the table, unzip my trousers, stroke my cock watching Maria tease this unfortunate man.

The man Maria toys with not lucky as he thinks. Not this night or any night will she fuck him suck him or jerk him off. He is a plaything, a means to an end, to show her naughtiness, her need to be spanked by me for being a bad girl, a wanton wench who needs to be brought to heel with other means too.

Eventually, we leave Dewey's, return to the comfort of somewhere else. I sit down in the midst of the three cushions covering the sofa; jerk her wrist, fling Maria down over my knees, her body falling across my stiffened cock. I pull the dress well above her waist, spank her. My flattened palm makes red splotches resembling sunburn on both ass cheeks.

Maria lifts her ass.

In the lifting my cock springs against her and I nearly come.

"More, spank me more."

"You are such a naughty girl Maria. I need to wallop you for being such a bad girl. You wanted to suck that guy's cock, you nasty bitch. You know this cock under you is the only you are going to suck don't you?"

"Yes, I will suck your cock; I am such a bad girl. I am a bad girl who cannot get enough of your cock."

"Does my hand sting lover, do you feel its burn?"

"Yes, it feels wonderful."

"Stand up. Take that sexy red dress off. Do it slowly. Leave the garter belt on, the hosiery, the pumps too and then get down on your knees. Quickly now but slow down when you get to your tits. God, I love your big boobs, you busty wench. I am going to fuck your tits, wrap them around my cock, and pinch your tits. Remember when I clamped my Momma's clothes pins on your nipples when we visited her last year. She was sitting in the living room watching Oprah; I was in the bedroom hanging those pins on your nipples."

Maria nodded.

I waited, put off removing my clothes but I slid down my zipper, extracted my hard cock careful not to let the zipper's teeth bite down on my shaft and stroked it watching Maria strip. She climbed off my lap, stood in front of me, her legs spread. Slowly, tentatively, teasingly she undresses. As I commanded she pauses when the material is bunched about her rack, then in a final flurry of movement she pulls the whorish costume over her head, damps her hair back down and drops the dress unceremoniously on the floor.

Maria stands in front of me wearing the red cum fuck me pumps, the red hose attached with silver clips to the red garter belt. No whore on Honolulu's Hotel Street, a harlot confined in a crib in New Orleans, a vixen in an Amsterdam store front looked any better in preparation for a fucking.

Maria squatted down on her stocking covered knees, took my cock into her mouth. I pushed her back.

"Not yet lover, you do not get my cock yet."

Quickly, I stripped from clothes. My delay getting her mouth around my member a pretense, a slacking back to let her remember I was fully in control.

Naked, my balls hung off the front edge of the divan, my cock projected out.

"Now, you can get busy sucking my cock Maria. You know I want some good hard suction, give me that sucking a golf ball through a garden hose action. Suck my cock, you sweet little cocksucker."


"Yes what?"

"Yes master, I will suck your cock just like you demand."

Back on her knees, Maria took me in her mouth, bolted to lips around my shaft, sucked, a veritable vacuum working on my cock.

Bending forward, she sucked; I spanked her ass with renewed fury.

"Maria groaned. The sound of that groan, the noise of her mouth thrilled me no end.

"Suck harder slut, suck like you mean it. Give me some of that good head and I will reward you with some pussy eating. You want that don't you?"

Maria worked on my cock, nodded her head up and down.Her huge tits hung down, bumped against the divan's front. I played with them as she sucked. My fingertips tweaked her nipples, pinched then soundly.

Maria squealed.

"Baby you are a phenomenal cocksucker. Linda Lovelace, Houston, Jenna Jameson could take lessons from you."

Maria sucked, blew me, and tried to smile her mouth full of my cock. Her mouth licked my shaft, kissed its gleaming helmet. Using her teeth she raked the tender flesh of my prong.

"Damn baby, do that again."

She did. It felt like I stuck my cock in heaven and a famous dead cock sucker went down on me.

Finally, I could take no more, my semen shot into Maria's mouth.

"Fuck that was so good. No one gives head better then you Maria. Now it is your turn."

I lifted Maria off the floor using my hands like spades, dropped her on the sofa like a burlap bag of Idaho potatoes. In doing so her left heel came off her foot. I found it tangled in my pants, before I jammed it back on her foot, I drew a line across her lips with the shoe's slender heel, touched the lips between her legs. Then I planted her feet on the floor, spread her legs and craned my body toward the slit between her legs, inserted one of my index and middle digits in her vault, finger fucked her, the sides of my fingers sliding into her with the ease of something lubed with grease.

"Maybe instead of my fingers, I will get a big, thick waxed cucumber, fuck you with that way or maybe your black dido, Mr. Friendly, and use him. You would like that my little slut?"

"No master, use your fingers; fuck me with your fingers. Fist me if you want to."

"I love fist fucking you my slutty minx. You are a bad, naughty girl needing a whipping."

"Finger fuck me then whip me, please."

"Who is master here, my delicious cock hungry slut?"

"You are master."

"That is right. I am going to finger fuck you some more then I break out the cat o nine tails, then eat you.

"First, I am going to fuck you, me the man on top, you the slut on the bottom for a face to face fuck. Lie back on the sofa, get comfortable, put your legs in the air, I will pound the holy shit out of you."

"Just like that my slut." I lunged into Maria.

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