tagNonHumanMaria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 01

Maria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 01


Chapter 1: A special time in a special place

Maria smiled happily as she emerged from the hidden path through the thick woodlands, the sunlight was warm upon her fair cream colored skin and the air was alive with the wonderful scents of spring flowers. Beautiful golden eyes were lively with anticipation as Maria flipped some of her long blonde hair over her shoulder, barely able to contain her excitement as her destination came into view. It was as beautiful as the first time she had wandered here when she got lost all those weeks ago, the flowers were still blooming brightly even under the canopy of trees, streaks of sunlight illuminating them through the emerald colored forest tree tops. Moving over to a small mound of raised earth covered in a thick patch of soft pink flowers, Maria sat her simple dress made of a silkly soft white material pressing to her skin outlining Maria's full figured body. Her breasts pressed softly agains the thin cloth, nipples hard already as she grew more excited just thinking of what was coming and in her chest she could feel the sexual desire blooming.

"Amira, are you here my dearest?" Maria's voice echoed slightly through the woods, so soft and dripping with lustful tension, her heart racing as she awaited an answer. She strained her smooth human ears, yet for nearly a minute she only heard the sounds of the birds and the wind running through the leaves above her only making her yearn for what she wanted more.

"I am here my precious Maria." The voice was so soft and subtle Maria was startled for a moment and she turned to find herself gazing upon a slender tendril of shimmering thick red slime, sunlight reflecting off its slippery slimmy surface. It began to rapidly grow right before Maria's eyes, swelling and throbbing as more slime erupted from the gorund, several tentacles wrapping and squirming around one another until they formed a large red slime mass.

"I am so happy you came!" Maria instantly wrapped her arms around that mass, the warm yet slick feeling of the slime going through her thin dress which she wore just for that reason as her hands dipped into the mass. A cooeing noise came from it, the slime shaking slightly with pleasure as Maria stroked her hands upon the mass then into it, rubbing it lovingly. The cooes became soft moaning as the red slime began to morph once again, the mass Maria was rubbing pushing her hands out as they became a set of well shaped full breasts. A head appeared from the top of the formless blob which was now taking a more feminine shape even as the now developed humanlike mouth gasped in pleasure, golden red eyes opening above it.

"Yes, so good, please rub them more Maria!" Amira the red slime moaned and gasped as her newly formed arms wrapped around her beloved Maria, her slime slipping through the open areas of the dress as she drew Maria closer into her tight embrace. Maria moaned happily feeling the wonderfully slick and warm slime make its way under her dress, beginning to remove it. Still stroking those thick jelly like breasts, feeling them begin to firm up and even form hard nipples, Maria moaned with joy as she felt her dress finally removed and her naked gorgeous body now pressed to a nearly perfect copy of it formed out of red slime.

Some of the red slime from Amira rippled along Maria's breasts, acting like a new pair of hands as Maria felt her breasts sucked into her red slime lover's body, the warmth growing as magic tingled through her hard nipples doubling the aching pleasure surging through them. The same began to happen between her legs as the red slime giggled while turning one of her arms into a long tentacle which slid down Maria's back until it slithered between her ass cheeks seeking that sweet honey already dripping from Maria's folds. "Oh my, it seems you are very hungry today my darling Amira. Please put it in me, I want to feel you inside me again, I want to give you all of my sweet nectar!"

"As you wish, I have been ravenous with hunger and lust for you Maria!" A loud gasp of pleasure could be heard from them both as the magic binding what each of them was feeling became amplified through the intimate joining of their bodies, each of them shaking in near orgasmic bliss. Maria could feel Amira within her, pumping, wriggling, seeking to taste that cream already leaking from within her, eager to absorb the pent up sexual power deep within her. Amira could sense it, Maria was not like any other human woman she had ever encountered, that first day they had met here, that moment she had tasted the sweet juice coming from Maria, the rich potent energy within it. If it weren't for the lovely body, perfect breasts, and dazzling beauty, Amira would have sworn Maria was a male with how strong the sexual power radiating from Maria was and how wonderful her female juices tasted.

"My turn for some fun too my dear Amira." Pressing her hands harder into those swollen, slimmy thick breasts, Maria felt them slowly glide down through Amira's body, the red slime convulsing into a small orgasm as the hands moved down through her. Amira's newly formed legs spread open as she formed a clearly defined pussy between and Maria smiled seductively while guiding her hands right down through the warm slime towards it. At the same time she felt both her own pussy and clit being stimulated, making her tighten around that slimy wonderfully thick tentacle being thrust into her and coating it with more of her juices, the red slime happily absorbing them. Through all her hot moaning, Maria finally managed to get her fingers down into Amira's red slime pussy, stroking her from within and she was rewarded with even more intense moans from Amira.

For nearly an hour the pair writhed together, enjoying orgasm after orgasm together, Maria loving the way her red slime lover Amira cuddled her body, stroking it all over with her slime like dozens of hands touching her at once. Her voice echoed loudly with each soul shaking orgasm, the same happening with Amira as the magic flowing through her body allowed her to experiance the same orgasms Maria felt. Eventually their movements slowed and finally Maria laid her head tiredly against the thick jiggling breasts of her red slime twin Amira, the two of them staring lovingly into one another's eyes.

"That was even more intense then the last time, are you sure you got enough energy from me Amira?" Maria lazily stroked her hands along then through Amira's slimy breasts, nipples made of a thicker darker red slime pressing against her hands each time.

"Yes, I do believe I am addicted to it more than the few times I have tasted human male cum. I feel so lucky that we found each other Maria." Giggling softly, Amira stroked her own hands along Maria's back, while two tentacles slithered along the blonde human girl's legs, as the red slime her breasts rested in continued stroking her nipples softly. Maria gasped softly as the feelings of pleasure running through her body seemed to never end when she was with Amira, her mind wandering back to the time when the two of them had met...

To be Continued...

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