tagBDSMMaria's Adventure in the Dark

Maria's Adventure in the Dark


She was becoming frightened. She had been in the room for almost an hour. At least it felt as though an hour had passed. Her hands were behind her, and her head was bowed. A thick eyeless mask had been placed onto her head, covering her eyes. She was in the dark, yet she could hear sounds around her.

"Take off your dress," boomed a voice. She thought the voice was behind her. "Take it off, NOW."

"All right Maria, what have you gotten yourself into," she thought. She had only met Bob & Erica a little over a month ago. The couple seemed so nice, and she liked them right away. They told her that they were looking for a woman like her, and they began to date pretty frequently. They did not have sex with her, something she would have liked, but they did play some touchy feely games with her. She really liked that, as she liked to be teased and fondled by men and women.

While she unzipped the back of her dress, she remembered that one night she helped Bob tease Erica by tying her arms to the headboard, and her feet to the footboard. The two of them tickled her, and petted her, until she could take no more. She was amazed when Erica squirted all over the bed in a fierce climax.

She let the dress slide from her body, and thought about what was going on. She had joined her friends, when they invited her to a party. They had told her that she would be the "hit of the party," and as always she was excited to be with them.

They had been met at the door by a woman in a black leather dress. She noticed that her boobs were pushed up so high, that they over flowed the bodice. She could see half of her areolas, and even barely see the crest of the nipples. The woman invited them in and they were served cold drinks, while visiting. They were the only four people there, and she asked if there were other guests arriving. She was told that they were delayed, but would be there without fail.

"You have a nice dress," said the hostess. "It shows off your curves very nicely." She was proud of her curves. She had chosen a skimpy strapless dress, which was cut to the just below her breasts, specifically to put her breasts on display.

"You look very interesting in your dress as well," she replied.

Bob & Erica asked if it was time for her to go into, "the room," as they called it. She looked at them with a question on her face, but they said it was just so that she could get ready for the party. The hostess nodded ok, and before entering the room, the mask was placed over her eyes.

"Hold my hand, dear," said the hostess. "There, you go. Now we are in the room, so could you please just stay here for a couple of minutes?"

"Sure," she replied. She was nervous, but she thought her friends were in the room with her, and was comfortable.

"As part of getting ready, would you please place your hands behind your back? Also, please lower your head to your chest." The hostess' voice was so soothing that she complied right away. "One last thing, do not take the mask off, until I tell you to. Ok?"

She said it was and then, she had heard the door close. She just assumed that someone had entered the room.

"Now, remove your panties," boomed the faceless voice.

She was startled by the forceful tone the voice had, and hesitated for just a heartbeat.

"Get them off, immediately."

She reacted by sliding the panties down her legs and stepped out of them immediately.

"That is much better. Now, hold your hands away from your butt."

She felt something slither around her wrists, and almost pulled away. The thing slithered around the other wrist and then, they were pulled tightly together. She stepped forward slightly.

Whack. She felt a sharp sting on her butt cheeks. "Stand still. Do not move, or that will happen again," commanded the voice.

She froze in position, not daring to move. She heard some whispering to one side and recognized it as Erica's voice. She felt a light soothing touch to her butt, where she had been swatted. "Does that feel better?" asked the voice.

"Yes, it felt kind of nice actually."

She felt herself being pulled backwards by her wrists. She was moving slowly enough to not trip, so she let the person guide her. She was backed into an object, causing her to sit on it.

She felt hands on her body, and she twitched to avoid the contact. As before, she felt a whack on her butt, right where it met the object.

"I warned you. Do not move unless you are moved, or told to move," she heard the voice saying. She nodded her head in acknowledgment, but again, she felt the sting on her behind. It hurt, but this time she did not move.

She sensed a light touch on her behind, but there was also a hand dragging across her right breast. The hand moved across to her left one, causing her to shiver.

"You are allowed to react in that manner," said the voice. Those reactions are encouraged, and rewarded.

She felt two hands on her breasts, lightly caressing them, while she noticed a third hand on her back. Again she shivered with pleasure. One hand circled a nipple then, tweaked it very hard. Her whole body shook in response to that.

"Stand up."

She did so instantly. "Bend down, onto your knees," which she did quickly. She felt something go around her neck and was clasped, tightly. She struggled, but her butt was instantly whacked. When she stopped moving, soothing caresses were applied to her back.

"Remove her mask now," said the voice. "But you keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them."

She felt the mask slide off her head, and her hair fall back into place, but she kept her eyes shut as commanded. She could not tell what was going on, or how many people were in the room.

"Open them, now."

She did, but she could still not see anything. It was dark, pitch dark in fact. Now she was getting scared. What was happening to her? Where did everyone go?

Suddenly a bright spot light hit her in the face, and it was almost blinding. She could not see around her, but she knew what was around her neck. It was a black collar with a leash attached to it. She could not see who, or what was on the other side of the leash. She felt her hands being unbound, and she was told to move her arms in front of her.

Hands that were almost invisible, clasped handcuffs around her wrists. Then, she was told to stand up. She did so instantly and was led by the leash around in the dark. The only light there was, was the tight light in her face. She could barely discern that there were other people, but they were hidden by the dark.

As she was led around, she felt hands glide across her body, as she went past the bodies hidden by the darkness. Now and then, her butt was whacked by an open palm, or lightly grazed by cat-o-nine tails. Each touch caused her flesh to shiver, and rise up in goose bumps.

After being walked in circles in the dark, for a few minutes, her leader was told to stop. Her arms were lifted upward and she heard a clicking sound. When her arms were well above her head, she heard a loud click above her. She could not move her arms, and they were straight up and slightly behind her.

"Now," commanded the disembodied voice. "Lower your head." She did as commanded, afraid not to.

The light went out and she was very frightened. She felt very alone, as there was nothing but darkness and silence. She felt her feet being spread wider, by two hands. This caused a painful sensation in her arms and back, because they could not move, as her body lowered slightly.

For what seemed like an eternity she was left in that position. She could not move at all, without causing herself pain. All of a sudden she felt many hands on her body. Some were on her breasts, some were on her butt, and one was sliding up one of her extended legs. She shivered with the sensations, as the hands roamed all over her flesh.

One hand slid up her leg and reached her pussy. It caressed her mound, and brushed the slight fur that was there. Two fingers extended and stroked her outer lips, making her moan with pleasure. A third finger split her lips, grazing across her clit. Finally, her pussy lips were spread open and she could feel a finger being inserted into it.

She could feel a hand rubbing and caressing her butt, then two hands spread her butt cheeks open. A third hand ran along the smooth inner curves of her butt, along the crack. That hand reached under her butt and joined the one with the finger in her pussy. She wriggled with pleasure when another finger was inserted into her.

Then she felt that hand moving upward to her tightest hole. A finger swirled around that area, then she felt a heavy liquid dripping down her crack. Suddenly, the finger violated her hole. It slid in easily, due to the slippery liquid. Her muscles clamped down on the invader's finger, tightly, stopping its forward progress.

Whack. Whack. "Stop that," demanded the voice. "You are to allow this." With that there was a third whack on her butt.

She whimpered, but relaxed her muscles. The finger resumed its exploration of her. The other finger was gliding in and out of her pussy, causing her to almost lose control. Moaning with pleasure, she felt a hot breath near her face. Light kisses crossed her lips and she tried to return them.

At that instant, the lights flared on with a blinding flash. She could see, even though her head was lowered, that she was in a brick room. She saw that there were 11 people in various stages of dress in the room. Most wore black leather. Several were next to her with their hands on her body.

She saw that one, who was between her legs, was a woman. She was enjoying her finger going in and out of her pussy. She turned slightly to see that a man was the one with his finger probing her ass. Two women were latched onto her nipples, and sucking them very hard. The person who kissed her was her hostess. She could not see Bob or Erica at all, but she could hear Erica moaning.

The room she was a brick room, and she was in the middle of it. From one wall there was a wooden arm which extended out to the middle, just below the ceiling. A chain dropped from that arm and her hands were attached to that chain. She could see shiny chains all around the room, hung on the wall like trophies. There were pegs with handcuffs, whips and other things connected to them.

Off to one side, was a bench covered with a soft material. It was short in length, but stood about waist high, with two legs that extended upward about the cushion. She guessed that was what she had sat on earlier. In a corner was a bed. It had very ornate head and footboards, made of cast iron.

The woman below her, removed her finger from her pussy, but replaced it with her tongue. "Ohhh," she moaned. "I love that."

The woman sucked and licked her clit, with a very skilled touch. She could feel a climax was nearing, but she did not know if she could announce that. She decided to keep silent, as she did not want to be spanked.

The finger in her ass was annoying. It was fucking her ass, and it was almost painful, but in concert with the tongue on her pussy the entire sensation was almost more than she could take. Then the woman grazed across her clit with her teeth. That opened the flood gates.

"GOD," she cried out. "Oh GOD!!!!" Her muscles tightened up around the finger in her ass, but her pussy opened wide. She squirted. In fact she squirted a stream of her cum with such a force that it splattered on to the floor and bounced up getting her feet wet. The clear liquid was being forcefully expelled from her pussy, so hard that her legs buckled, causing her to crumple.

Her arms were still in the raised position and she felt a shooting pain in her back. The pain, combined with the climax, was so intense, that she squirted again. This time many hands were there to catch the liquid. They rubbed it all over her legs, mound, pussy and torso. Even the man who's finger was in her ass, removed it to catch the love juices.

The hostess commanded them to stop, and stepped in front of her. She lowered the front of her dress, exposing her breasts, and rubbed them on her cum covered body. One man and one woman, were commanded to suckle her, when she stepped back. Maria wished that they were sucking on her nipples, while she watched.

Suddenly, the lights went out. She felt her hands being unhooked from the chain. Her arms were allowed to fall loose at her side, then she was led forward. She was told to sit, and she could tell she was sitting on the bed. She was made to lay back and then moved to the middle of the bed. She could feel her arms and legs spread eagled, then tied to the corners of the bed.

"You have had enough for a while and you may rest for now, if you wish," said the hostess, who flipped the lights back on. "What do you wish?"

"I would like to rest for a few minutes," she replied, breathing heavily from the after effects of her orgasm.

"Very well, but from this point forward, while in this room, you must address me as 'Mistress.' Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Although tied to the bed, she was able to raise her head and look around. She saw Erica laying on the bench. Her eyes were blindfolded, and her legs were resting on the extended legs. She understood the purpose immediately of that, as her pussy was at the exact perfect height for fucking. She saw that Bob was not the one fucking her, however. One of the women had a dildo strapped to herself and was plunging it in and out of Erica's pussy, with abandon.

Erica's head was turned and her mouth was engulfing Bob's very hard cock. He was fucking her mouth as if he would never be in it again. One man was suckling one of her breasts, and a woman was doing the same to the other one. She could see that Erica's legs were strapped to the bench's legs, and her hands were tied below it. She was at the mercy of anyone who wanted to use her body.

Another man was kneeling, bent over his knees, while a woman was using a paddle on his ass. He had a collar around his neck and a leash was being held by another woman.

Where she had been earlier, a man was standing with his arms out stretched, and his legs splayed open. She could see that his cock was rock hard, and had a leather thong tied around it. Someone was using a riding crop on his ass and another person was flicking a whip across his chest. This was all very strange, she thought to herself. Strange, but kind of interesting, and sexy too.

"Do you like what you are seeing?" asked Mistress.

"I don't know," she replied, honestly.

Whack, right across the side of her butt.

"Wrong answer."

"I'm sorry, Mistress," she whimpered. "I forgot for a moment. This is all so new to me, Mistress."

Mistress lowered her head and suckled on one nipple, while palming the other breast. "See? Being good is rewarded."

Her body wiggled and squirmed while the Mistress was licking and caressing it. "Oh that feels wonderful, Mistress."

Mistress' fingers began to caress her pussy and outer lips. She began to moan with pleasure. When she inserted two fingers into the warm folds, she purred.

"Would you like something hard in there?"

"Oh yes, Mistress."

The hostess turned her riding crop, and inserted the hard, thick end of it into the wet orifice. Instead of pushing it in and out, she twirled it around and around, while keeping a thumb on her clit.

"Unnnh," she cried out. "Mistress that feels wonderful."

"Would you like a cock in there?"

"Yes, Mistress. Please let me have a cock in there."

She turned to Bob, and called him over. He took his cock from Erica's mouth and it was replaced by another man's cock. "You may do anything you want with this body," she commanded. "But you may not cum inside her. You must cum on this sluts face, for all of us to see."

"Yes, Mistress," replied Bob.

"You must do as he tells you, but you may not speak to him at all. Do you understand?"

After responding correctly, the hostess left them to check on the others. Bob lowered his mouth to her nipple and suckled on it very hard. She loved the feeling, and when he moved to the other one, she purred loudly.

His hands mauled her boobs completely out of shape, nibbling and gnawing on them too. He sucked hard on the flesh, leaving marks as he explored her breasts.

He licked his way down her body and split open the folds of her pussy with his tongue. It flicked across her clit and she came instantly. Her body shook and thrashed in its climax.

He got off the bed and moved up to her head. He put his cock to her mouth and ran it along her lips. Her tongue slithered out and tried to touch the head. He squeezed it and out dripped a drop of clear liquid. He commanded her to lick it off, and she did so. He asked if she liked the taste and she nodded yes, while swirling her tongue around the head.

He shoved his rock hard cock into her mouth and she licked it as he thrust it in and out. He fucked her mouth fiercely, going as deep as he could. She gagged slightly and he pulled out. He whacked her leg with his hand, then reinserted it into her mouth. He took his cock out and she licked up and down the shaft which was covered with clear pre-cum. When she had licked that all off, he placed his balls over her mouth and she lapped at them with abandon.

Next, he moved down the bed, between her legs. He took his cock in hand, and slid it up and down her pussy lips. They opened quickly, as if to invite him in. He banged the head of his cock, on and across her clit, causing pain and pleasure at the same time. She looked pleadingly at him, to enter her.

He positioned himself at her entrance. "Is this what you want," he growled?" She nodded yes, so he shoved, hard. She was so wet that he went in as far as he could go, with the first push. His pelvic mound bounced off of her clit and she moaned in surprise. He let her get used to the foreign invader, then began to fuck her in earnest.

She lost count of how many time she came on his cock. Twice she squirted, which just added to the already wet and sloppy mess on the bed under her. Each time she squirted, he thrust harder and deeper. The bed was beginning to bounce with the force of his thrusts. She felt like his cock was reaching up into her, deeper than anyone had ever been before.

When he could hold out no longer, he exited her. Her body continued to hump up and down, still fucking the missing the cock that had just left it. He moved to her face and with cock in hand, began to stroke it. Faster and faster he stroked the log of flesh.

With a groan, he finally released. White hot cum, flew from the tip and landed on her cheek, nose, chin and tongue. He was panting and panting, but his cock continued to pulsate, forcing his love juices out the end. Stream after stream escaped and landed on her face, so much so that it began to run down to her neck.

Finally Bob's cock had been emptied, and he rubbed the head across her face. He forced it into her mouth and she licked it clean for him. He staggered back and she kept reaching with her tongue for his cock. When she could no longer reach it, she sighed.

She finally noticed that everyone else was now standing around the bed, with Mistress at the foot. "She needs a massage," she commanded. Everyone's hands began to rub her body and rub in his and her cum into her flesh. It was rubbed onto her breasts, her mound, and into her pussy.

Finally, she was released and was allowed to get up. Erica & Bob sat next to her on the bed. She rolled her head and cuddled it in Erica's lap. The hostess announced that the evening's activities were completed, and that everyone could return to normal behavior. "Everyone but her, however," pointing to Maria

"You will remain here, until called for," she said. You are not to clean up, but you may get re-dressed if you wish."

She nodded and as the others left the room. She was hot, sticky from cum, and smelled of sex. She wished she could take a shower, but since she had been forbidden to do so, she got up to find her clothes.

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