tagInterracial LoveMaria's Interrogation Ch. 02

Maria's Interrogation Ch. 02

byStardog Champion©

Sometimes in life, you truly are the last to know. Spread eagle and stripped of more than just her clothing, Maria Lombardi's hands were cuffed to the shower curtain rod above in a clear and complete show of surrender to her 19 year old lover. She'd been in that position for nearly a half hour, but even though her arms were admittedly burning as they dangled limply above her head, the rush of euphoria sweeping through the rest of her body and soul made the discomfort more than worth it. So dazed and consumed by her current plight, Maria had no clue how long the boy's mother had been standing in the doorway, looking on with visceral reproach.

She'd made her way over to Shirley Dixon's apartment to meet up with Caleb 20 minutes after Shirley had left for work. Having called into the office sick herself, Maria knew they would have the place to themselves all day. When Caleb had made the hand-cuff suggestion a few days earlier, Maria found it nearly impossible to focus on anything else. Now that they were alone, the utter sense of submissive bliss that came when she allowed Caleb to string her up in the same bathroom where he first seduced her unleashed a lust so vile and potent that Maria could barely even stand still as her young stud waited to pounce.

Caleb had made the wait grueling once he'd locked the cuffs to the rod, making several trips through the apartment, smoking a few cigarettes, even calling several of his friends as she swayed there with her back to the bathroom door, desperate for release. What those friends must have thought when Caleb snapped off a series of pictures of Maria with her back turned and sent them, even clicking an especially lurid but poignant one between her outstretched thighs just to show his friends, in vivid detail, just how aroused she was.

If she was good, Caleb had told her, he might even invite a couple of those guys over to finish her off once he was done.

The energy Maria expended trying to maintain any sense of normalcy since she'd initiated the affair with Caleb had been draining. Working everyday with Shirley, trying to keep her poker face, knowing full well the implications if their indiscretions ever saw the light of day took a toll. The sneaking around undoubtedly added to the taboo of what they were doing. Whether it was a look they may have gotten from a motel clerk when she and Caleb checked into a room a few towns over, or the naughty tingle she got each time she made a clandestine meeting to pick him up, when Maria was finally alone with Caleb, all that pressure she'd put on herself 'to keep the secret' bled away in a blinding rush of sexual fury.

Maria thought she'd crossed every 'T' and dotted every 'I' along the way to keep those two distinct worlds she'd created from ever muddying the other. Any concern she had about anything had drifted away that fateful morning in the Dixon bathroom. Naked and handcuffed to the rod, Caleb was in total control. Once he finally quit his teasing and penetrated her from behind, Maria could finally let go and lose herself in the whirlpool of her own wanton depravity. On and on Caleb fucked her in that vulnerable position for nearly a half hour, pulling back each time he made her cum to grab a drink or take a few drags of his cigarette, allowing his seed to continue boiling inside his loins until he was good and ready to fire it inside her.

The third time Caleb pulled back, Maria hung there with her back turned, feeling as if the barometric pressure inside the room had suddenly changed.

"Hurry up Caleb... please... finish me off," Maria cried with weakened but very real desperation.

While she could still feel his presence perched behind her, Maria gradually sensed something was wrong when he didn't come back with a snarky remark or a good, hard smack to her pale, fleshy ass.

As difficult as it was given her shackled state, Maria craned her head around and saw Shirley Dixon standing in the doorway.

"... oh... no... ," Maria's voice trailed away like parched wind when she saw her best friend staring back.

The metal of her cuffs scraping against the rod the only sound in the ultra cramped space, Maria turned her head back towards the shower stall and bowed it in defeat.

"You must be delirious Maria... this can't be happening... its just your imagination... ," she tried convincing herself, but before she could turn again and confirm her aimless denial, Shirley's voice, dry and measured, brought goosebumps to Maria's shoulders and back.

"Caleb... go to your room," she heard Shirley tell her son.

Listening to the cadence of Caleb's heavy breathing behind her, half from the excursion of what he'd been doing to her, and half certainly from the shock he too must be feeling, Maria burned even more when she heard his footsteps trailing towards the door. Before he could pass his mother and disappear down the hall to his room, Shirley Dixon stopped Caleb in mid stride.

"Where the keys?" Shirley asked.

"Over there on the sink," Maria heard Caleb reply with the sheepish tone a son would telling his mother the car keys he borrowed without permission were on the kitchen counter.

"Thank God... hurry up," Maria wanted to cry when she heard Shirley pick them up, but she sensed it was still best to keep her words to a minimum.

Tilting her gaze backwards, purposefully keeping it low and away from Shirley's morbid stare, Maria's face went blank when she watched Shirley tuck the tiny set of keys into the back pocket of her navy blue slacks.

Her shins quivering against the edge of the tub, Maria's primal instinct was to kick her feet backwards to defend herself when she felt Shirley's full focus settle upon her.

"This isn't what it looks like... ," Maria wanted to beg but stopped herself, knowing it would only infuriate Shirley further if she tried pretending it was anything other than exactly how it appeared.

Now Maria could hear Shirley's footsteps shuffling across the floor, but unlike Caleb's, these were headed directly towards her.

As much as Maria dreaded hearing Shirley's voice, the silence hanging between them was crushing.

"Please say something," Maria croaked before she could stop herself, shivering as she hung there as her friend's exhales slithered across the left side of her neck.

"I don't really think there's anything for me to say," Shirley replied with taciturn succinctness. "All this pretty much speaks for itself."

"What do you have to say?" Shirley drew in a deep breath and asked.

"I'm sorry," was the first phrase to pop into Maria's mind, but she couldn't quite bring herself to say it.

"Probably isn't a good time to lie," she told herself, knowing deep down in the haunted depths of her soul, the only thing she was sorry for was that she got caught.

"I love him," was the next thing Maria contemplated blurting, but that would have been a lie as well. Whatever it was she and Caleb shared over the previous few months, it wasn't love.

"... I just couldn't help it Shirley... it just... it just happened," the words finally left Maria's throat like a dislodged logs.

"With my son," Shirley gathered herself before giving an indignant hiss.

Maria simply shook her head and went limp as Shirley's disgust vibrated down her spine, knowing exactly how she'd feel if she discovered a trusted confidante had crossed that line with one of her children.

Twisting her hands in the cuffs to keep them from falling asleep, Maria patted her feet on the slick floor as the heat of Shirley's glare radiated through her pores.

"When did it start?" Shirley finally asked.

"... last summer... ," Maria sighed dryly, balling her hands into fists then flexing her fingers trying to get feeling back into them.

"It was one night we... I mean... you and I came home from a bar... Caleb came home in the middle of the night... we sort of... it just kind of... ," Maria grasped for verbal straws, waiting for Shirley to interject.

Instead, Shirley simply took a step back and watched as her friend wallowed in her juices.

"So you're saying you and him... did it in my house... while I was sleeping right down the hall?" Shirley folded her arms and scolded with clear derision.

Remembering back to that fateful night, and how she'd stolen more than a few peeks into the mirror to make sure Shirley's bedroom door remained closed, all Maria could do was nod her head in admission.

Once again, a thick silence coagulated between the two.

"Don't be mad at him," Maria eventually blurted out. "I was the one who should have stopped things Shirley... it was all me."

"Oh girl... Caleb's a big boy... don't worry... I'll deal with him. Right now this is between us," Shirley eased up behind her friend and whispered cryptically.

If possible, Maria felt like she might melt into a puddle right then and there on the bathroom floor.

"Probably the only way you'll ever get out of these cuffs," that same inner voice she'd grown painfully accustomed to mocked.

So engrossed in her own self pity, it took a few seconds for Maria to recognize the sound of Shirley unlooping her belt behind her.

"What... are... you... doing?" she wanted to moan, but her tongue wouldn't cooperate.

Holding her breath as Shirley pulled the belt free, Maria tensed and bit her lower lip hard, fully expecting she was about to get whipped.

"You think I'm going to spank you?" she heard Shirley say with a wry little laugh. "Maybe I oughtta. How many lashes do you think you deserve?"

Maria, wisely, kept silent.

Unsettled already by Shirley removing her belt, Maria was further confused when it sounded as if her friend was stepping out of her shoes behind her. While part of her felt a desperate urge to peer over her shoulder and absorb Shirley's intent, Maria kept her head tucked forward.

"All the men in this town Maria... all the bars... all the websites out there... Hell... even all the guys at work who were trying to get in your pants after Patrick died... and you somehow get sucked into things with my son. For the life of me... I don't understand," Shirley scolded as she stepped forward.

"What was so special about Caleb that you just couldn't control... this," she put her lips up to Maria's ear then snaked her right hand around her friend's waist, clamping her palm down on Maria's pussy and giving it a healthy squeeze just as she uttered the word, 'this'.

"GUUUUUHHHHH," Maria shuddered, a lightning bolt jolting through her as Shirley Dixon's fingers scoured through the same superheated folds her son had just fucked raw.

Maria's exhales suddenly seeped out in spastic contractions as the squishy sounds of Shirley's swirling digits echoed through the bathroom.

"If this pussy of yours needed a little attention Maria... you've got two good hands... I know you've told me about some of the toys you have... there's a million dicks in this town... yet you had to fuck Caleb... and apparently kept fucking him... ," Shirley continued with her scathing analysis.

"MMMUUHHH... MUUUHHH... MUUHHHHH," Maria gurgled and spat, her legs becoming nothing more than overcooked spaghetti when Shirley pinched her fingers down on her clitoris with the cool defiance of an executioner.

Twisting the tips of her fingers around Maria's throbbing little nub, Shirley glided her lips down the back of her friend's neck like a demonic feather until the sparkle of a tear showed in Maria's eyes.

Pulling her hand back for the moment, savoring the way the convulsions rippling through Maria gradually ebbed, Shirley once again squeezed her fingers back down on her clit until a yelp belted from Maria's throat that carried all the way down to Caleb's room, if not through the walls to the neighboring apartment.

Her fingers now greasy with Maria's vaginal froth, Shirley raised her shiny hand up, painting a clear musky line across the naked woman's belly, straight to Maria's sagging bosom. Snaking her free hand around her friend's waist, Shirley used it to pillage Maria's swollen cunt as she fondled her breasts.

"He really opened you up, baby," Shirley peppered Maria's ear. "I bet I could stick my whole hand inside you if I tried!"

Whatever it was in Caleb Dixon's DNA that made his seductive power over Maria so strong, she now understood exactly where he'd inherited it from. All the years she'd known Shirley, she'd never given this side to her long time friend and co-worker a second thought. Looking down to see Shirley's arms now encircling her like two dark tentacles, Maria gritted her teeth as her head swooned, knowing if Shirley pushed the fingers she'd just balled up at the gates of her pussy any farther, she may just pass out.

The "what are you doing?" she was going to cry moments earlier finally seeped like thin wisps of smoke from Maria's throat when she felt the full pressure of Shirley's balled up knuckles nuzzle into the flared pulp of her vagina.

"You saying it don't feel good?" she heard Shirley grin behind her, sounding eerily like her own son when she said it.

Swimming in and out of consciousness, Maria's eyes opened just in time to see the bulk of Shirley's balled up hand disappear between her legs.

"UUHHHH... UHHHH... GGRRUUUHHHHHHH," those same eyes bulged when Shirley's fist took root inside her womb.

Shirley's face was now directly beside Maria's, looking like some sort of drill sergeant aggressively coaching a winded private through basic training.

"From the looks of things, my wrist is about as thick as Caleb's cock... you shouldn't have the least bit trouble taking it if you've been fucking him as much as I think you have," Shirley continued to chide.

Maria suddenly longed for Caleb to come running back in, like some sort of black knight in shining armor to save her from his mother taking her pound of flesh. As much as she outwardly recoiled from the unnatural penetration however, there was something within Maria that seemingly tried pulling her friend's fist in deeper. Much the same way her vaginal canal magically expanded all those years ago during child birth, now those muscles were doing the exact same thing as something living and vital inched itself inside her.

A blinding white light exploded behind Maria's pupils when Shirley anchored her full hand home, all the way to her wrist. Crumpling to her left as Shirley wrapped her free hand around her waist, Maria whimpered and heaved as she submitted to her friend's unholy advances.

"Fuck me back with that cunt of your's Maria... you took it all... lets see how deep it'll go," Shirley taunts echoed through Maria's tortured head. "Come on... I've got ya... raise that left foot of yours up on the edge of the tub. You're handcuffed Baby... you aint gonna fall... give me a clear alley and lets see how much you can take!"

As if on auto-pilot, Maria did just that. Raising her left foot and angling it towards the tub, Maria arms tightening in their restraints as she dangled there skewered on Shirley's buried hand. Once she'd tapped the arch of her foot down, Shirley somehow swooped with magical ease in front of her and took a seat on the edge of the tub between her outstretched legs, the entire time keeping her fist anchored inside Maria's bulging vaginal canal.

Looking down with a dizzied shock, the veins in Maria's neck popped when her friend wasted no time corkscrewing her hand in deeper. The friction of the cuffs screeching on the rod, along with the pounding of Maria's heart, provided the soundtrack in the room until something pre-historic began to rumble from the deepest recesses of her quaking loins.

"FFUUU... FFUUU... GOD... GOD... GOD... OHHHHHGGAAAWWDDD... FUUCCKKK... FFFUUCCKKKKK... SHIRLEYFUCCCKKKKKKKK," one long spasming fit belched from Maria's throat when the black woman below began to piston that entrenched fist forward, causing the spittle of the Maria's slick arousal to splash in all directions with each sawing motion.

If Shirley had continued her present course, grinding her wrecking ball of a left hand in and out of the hapless woman before her, Maria would have had a debilitating orgasm in very short order. When Shirley extended those clenched fingers however, and began tracing them across the lining of the spastic woman's burning chasm, the result was positively frightening.

Looking directly up at Maria as her pale titties flopped like two quivering melons before her eyes, Shirley turned her index and middle fingers into tiny little grappling hooks and honed them in on the secret, hidden sliver of Maria's g-spot. The look that exploded across her long time friend's face was unlike anything Shirley had ever seen.

"SSHHAA... SSHHHAAA... SSSHHHAAA... SSSHHIIITTTTTTTTTT... UUHHH... UUHHHH... UUGGRRHHUUHHHHHGGGAAWWDDDDDSHIRRRLLLEEEYYYYY," Maria's very core seemed to crack as Shirley's digits flexed and darted through the catacombs of her overwhelmed womb.

"You want me to stop... huh... you want me to pull it out?" Shirley brazenly taunted.

Any response on Maria's part would have been futile. What amounted to the Hand of God had suddenly taken hold to her pussy, and given the ferocious way her coital muscles were embracing it, Shirley left arm would be occupied for quite awhile longer.


Hanging exhausted and cuffed to the shower rod, as if displayed in sexual effigy, Maria looked down through the vibrating slits of her eyelids at the glistening carnage coating Shirley's left hand. Feeling like a freight train had plowed straight through her cunt, one long shallow breath after another wheezed from her lungs as she watched her friend begin unbuttoning her shirt.

Dropping the foot she'd perched up on the tub's edge back down to the floor with a dull thud, Maria tensed then dragged her feet backwards slightly when Shirley stood up in front of her. Before her next breath could filter free, Shirley pressed her lips flush against Maria's.

Unable to stop herself, Maria kissed her back.

"She just nearly shoved her entire hand through you... now she's rolling her tongue across yours like its a tender, ripe cherry," what was left of Maria's rational thought swooned, goosebumps sprouting from her head down to her toes as Shirley's bosom nuzzled softly against her's.

Swearing she could hear the air whistling through the gouged entrance to her vagina as Shirley worked her hands over Maria's breasts, Maria wobbled on weary knees as she mashed her lips fervently against her friend's.

"I'm going to ask you a question?" Shirley Dixon said with sober, foreboding intent when she finally pulled back.

Never before had a feeling of such dread swept through Maria as she held her breath, waiting for the next few words to flutter from Shirley's lips.

"Are you going to fool around with Caleb any more?" Shirley asked matter-of-factly.

Maria wouldn't have been able to answer, even if she'd been able to force her voice box to fire. Sensing the answer Shirley wanted was, 'no', Maria couldn't bring herself to utter it knowing Shirley probably wasn't in the mood to hear a fib either. The silence that ensued only thickened the stew surrounding them.

"Do you want to keep seeing Caleb?" Shirley changed her query slightly.

"Yes... ," Maria replied before she could stop herself, her eyes rolling back in their sockets when Shirley proceeded to twist each of Maria's erect nipples between her black fingers like the dials of an old radio.

Her head jerking to the side as a jolt of electricity ripped through her body, when Maria was finally able to steady her gaze back to Shirley, she was unsettled to no end by the look of cocksure focus on her co-worker's face. The mixture of amusement, power and motherly concern sparkling in Shirley's eyes made every breath Maria tried taking nearly impossible.

She knew if her indiscretions with Caleb ever became public, there would be Hell to pay. Frankly, that fear only added to the illicit intrigue each time she gave herself to the young man. Never in her wildest dreams however, did she ever imagine a punishment like this.

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