Maria's Tuition


I looked at Maria. Most of her bravado was gone. In its place was a scared and angry kid. I grabbed her by the arm and jerked her off my desk. Then I pushed her into my chair. The chair almost swallowed her up. "I should slap the living shit out your ass! You were going to threaten me? You don't know whom you're fuckin with sugar! Yes, I fucked you mother. I ate her cunt, fucked it and shoved my dick up her ass. I taught her how to take my dick so far down her throat; the little eyehole saw her lungs. And I paid her good money to do it too. I did that to stop her from trying to make porno movies to get extra money. Extra money to send your stupid ass to a good college. And I'll tell you something else. I liked it so much, I even had one of my friends offer you a half scholarship at a very good school. My way of saying thanks for all your mother gave me trying to help you."

Maria glared at me. Her hopes of making me pay were dashed. She knew that if her mother ever found out what she had attempted to do, she would get the whipping of her life. "What's the matter missy? Too smart for your own pussy?" my words stung her. But the best was yet to come. I flipped a switch and the TV came on. Another switch and a picture of Maria sitting in a chair could be seen. I backed up the tape until she was climbing the ladder. It showed me looking up under her dress. And then it showed her getting down. Maria's words and actions came back at her with a vengeance.

"Did you forget to put on panties on purpose?" Maria looked at me and then scampered down the ladder. She couldn't help but see my hardon. She even brushed up against it as she walked pass me. Then she did something that her mother would never had the nerve to do. She went and sat her ass on my desk. She sat facing me. Her legs were slightly parted and I could get a good look at her pussy lips. "Mr. Harley! My mom is a very good woman. And she has made many sacrifices to insure I get a good education. But she also drinks sometimes. And when she does she talks too much. My cousin hates the fact that it was my mother that got paid to fuck you and not her. That's why she didn't show up. She told me if my mother was good enough to whore for you for money, I should come and finish the job. I didn't know what she meant but she wanted revenge bad enough to tell me everything. Is there a hole in momma's body that you didn't fuck?"

Maria's face grew white. Then she began to cry. But not before her lower lips trembled. I had seen the same look on Lucinda's face the first time I told her exactly how I was going to fuck her up the ass. "Mr. Harley, you can't show that to mom. If she saw that, if she heard me say those things, she'd kill Cousin Linda and me too. Please don't show that to her?" I smiled. This time I had the upper hand. "Well young lady that all depends on you. If you were real nice to me, then maybe this will always stay in my private collection and your mother will never see it. But if you're not nice, then I think she would like to know what her daughter is capable of."

Maria spewed out a string of curses in Spanish that even I couldn't follow. "This is fuckin great! I come here to blackmail you and you blackmail me!" I went over to Maria. I reached out and caressed her big tit. "I'm not blackmailing you. I'm giving you a choice. Besides, I eat little girls like you for breakfast. Did you think I would fall for you throwing your young tender pussy at me? If you were one of my porn stars I'd throw you off the set with such shit acting." I unzipped my pants. The sound of the zipper was loud in the room. I took out my already hard dick. "Time to decide Maria?"

I had her and she knew it. Just like I did to her mother, I let her need for something make the choice for her. When she reached out and wrapped her hands around my dick, I knew she had chose wisely. The sound of her loud slurping and sucking as she worked her mouth up and down my dick was the only sound in the room. I found out that unlike her mother. Maria was well acquainted with feeling a hard dick being shoved up her tender ass. It was the words she screamed as I fucked her ass that brought a big smile to my face. "IEEEE POPPI! IEEEE POPPI! IEEEE POPPI!

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