tagLoving WivesMarie Ch. 02

Marie Ch. 02


Ch.02 – Rehearsals Begin

This is the second part of our first attempt at erotica. It is in the Loving Wives section and is a fantasy that involves sex outside wedlock. If this type of thing offends you, stop reading! If you choose to read this, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Monday I got up and went into work, but not as normal. It's wasn't usual for me to go into work thinking about the kind of things that had happened over the weekend. The incredibly erotic scene I had witnessed between a 20 year old stud and my 39 year old wife, culminating with her being impaled on his 8" rod. I had a lot to think about because she had two weeks of rehearsals and then three to four weeks of the actual play (two shows, six nights a week) to think about.

What I had watched happen Saturday afternoon was only a snippet of the play itself. The director had alluded to that. He stated up front that there would be much more intimate contact with my wife throughout the play. As it was, in the ten to fifteen minutes I had seen, my wife had been fondled, suckled, fingered and rammed with a dick almost 3" bigger than mine.

I kept thinking this was a woman whose pleasure only I had known. My middle-aged housewife who had lost herself with her young co-star in front of me and the director she had just met. I still wasn't sure how I felt inside, but my cock wanted to be heard, every time I recalled the events.

I had resigned myself to get little done Monday. I wanted to get home before my wife left for her first night, so I was leaving early. I was asked not to attend the first couple rehearsals, so I would be home with nothing better to do than letting my mind wander and think of everything that could be happening.

Marie had agreed to review each night's goings on when she got home. She assured me, she'd do her best to behave and be truthful about all of it, no less so than Sunday. Sunday was the day she let me know someone else's cock had been inadvertently slammed inside her, causing an immediate earth shattering orgasm. She also said she'd try to be careful if similar scenes were practiced.

I got home about five minutes before Marie left. She was dressed casually, nice fitting jeans, a couple tanks, no bra and a nice pair of low-rise panties. She also wore tennis shoes as she was told to be comfortable because they would be putting in some long hours. She let me know the first night should not be overly late, done by 11pm, as it would involve some introductions of everyone, a read through and some publicity shots. She was told the actual working of the scenes would start Tuesday. I kissed her good-bye, wished her luck and out the door she went.

I spent the next seven hours trying to think of anything except my wife. I was less than successful. I had brought home work and made several vain attempts at completing any of it. I tried watching some TV and found myself drifting to the thoughts I was trying to avoid. As a last option, I decided I should try to get some sleep, but after an hour, realized that wasn't going to happen.

Finally about midnight I heard her come in the door. I was like a child on Christmas morning waiting for her to come into the bedroom. As she rounded the corner, she looked much as she did when she left and I breathed a sigh of relief. She looked nothing like she did after the audition.

I let her get cleaned up and changed before I just had to ask how things went. She smiled at me and said it began with the introductions. She had met the rest of her co-stars and understudies. There were six primary actors, two women and four men. There were also three male understudies and one for each woman.

The other woman in the play was young and so they needed a separate alternate for each, but with the men it was different. There was one older man, our age, playing her husband, so he needed his own replacement, but the other three guys were all in their late teens or early twenties, so only two additional actors were being used.

She continued that they also introduced the crew, some extras, the director and the producers to everyone. She hadn't remembered names other than her co-stars. The eleven actors making up the core of the production were all given scripts and seated around a table. The director and producer sat outside this along the wall. Some other crew and extras were also seated around the room, but that only amounted to about six others.

The director started out by explaining that he had written this play, but would take suggestions after they read through the first time. He also said that since there would be so much nudity and intimate contact between the principle actors, he wanted them nude through most rehearsals, including tonight. He wanted everyone to get comfortable, so no shyness or reservations would be evident on stage. With that, he asked all of them to please get undressed and stay standing when they were done. Without any fanfare, everybody stood up and removed there clothes, not fast, not slow, just casually.

As my wife looked around the room checking out her fellow actors, she realized that Brad's endowment was not unique with this group. Of the five young men, three of them were around Brad's size, but the fourth was a monster. She guessed it was bigger than the cock she experienced Saturday, even before it was hard. She laughed to herself at the irony when he was introduced as Max.

As they stood there looking at each other, all the cocks were getting hard and his looked to get nearly a foot. Prying her eyes away, she checked out the two older men. They were more my size, maybe a little under 6". They appeared even smaller only because of the company in the room.

She also checked out the competition as she called them. The other woman for her role, Erin, was a little younger and my wife admitted, better looking. She was about 5'7", 120#, blond, natural, with real 36C breasts and a great ass. She was trophy wife material. My wife found out later that she didn't get the starring job because she looked too good, maybe a little unbelievable.

The two younger girls were both blond although she couldn't tell if it was natural as they were both clean shaven. They looked a lot alike with slender builds; about 5'4", 105#, pretty faces, flat stomachs, great tans and the guys couldn't peel their eyes from their asses. As good as my wife looked; she felt a little self conscious with this group.

After they had a minute to look around, the director piped up. He felt that since there was to be a lot of touching, that they should also get used to that as well. He suggested that kissing and light petting be customary within this group, on and off stage. He wanted everyone with a scene together to spend time every night getting acquainted. He asked that we show good judgment and taste in doing so. He also asked if anyone had concerns, and with no objections, they were told to sit down and begin the read through.

Being the first time they had read it, they all got the same surprises. My wife found that she would be having sex of one form or another with all four men in the play. She would be wearing clothes occasionally, but hardly ever ended a scene without some nudity and/or sex. The other woman would only have sex with two, as she played the girlfriend of Brad.

Her other lover would be the husband, as they were both getting back at their cheating couple. The other two men would be in a threesome with my wife. She found that not only would there be simulated intercourse, but also simulated sucking. This was discussed and with her hair long, they thought she could have it cover enough to pull this off.

After the read through and discussion, they were all sent to make-up and then to a photo set. Publicity and brochure pictures were taken. She said that they also wanted some racier pictures for the financial backers. They did pictures with the women holding the men's organs and simulating sex. She said it was nothing I hadn't seen her do Saturday, but she quickly threw in this didn't mean she was screwed. It was all R-rated, she assured me.

During lulls in the photography, there was some petting and groping. She had almost all the men kissing her deeply and running their hands over her body. A couple of them went so far as to run their fingers through her labia, but none of them penetrated her. For her part, she said she felt up the men and couldn't believe how Max's cock (the huge one) felt. It was so heavy and she couldn't get her hand around it. It looked so big, it kind of scared her.

So with that, the first rehearsal ended. The next night, they would begin to act out the scenes and based on the "innocent" first night, I was even less comfortable about what would happen next.

I had let her sleep although all my daydreaming the day before had gotten me incredibly horny. I went to work Tuesday with a plan to work and keep my mind off the play. For the most part it paid off. I got a lot done and even stayed late, very late, to keep myself occupied.

I got home around midnight and Marie pulled in behind me. When she got out of her car, she looked beat. I gave her a hug and a short kiss. I then noticed a smell that made me want to get her inside and talking about the night's activities as quickly as possible.

I didn't even let her get cleaned up before I pressed her to dish. She started by saying, right away everyone got naked. There were some friendly kisses and gropes, but they had to get down to work. This night had been a walk-through and some work on the side. The walk through included some touching and humping and was repeated a couple times. Each of the understudies participated in at least one run through.

While my wife's understudy was performing, she was brought to the side with two of the men, Kevin and John. Kevin was the one she was giving the blow job, while John would be doing her doggy style. They were talked to, cautioned it was only simulated sex and then Marie got on her knees. John got behind her and moved his erect prick between her legs. He rubbed his cockhead along her slit a couple times, stopped and rested the head on her opening. As he did this, he reached around and began rubbing her clit and massaging her lips to get them wetter. She felt him pull his cock back and was then startled; as she was impaled on what she initially thought was his cock.

Marie quickly stopped her "blowjob", swung her head around and she was relieved to see it was his fingers, not his cock. She saw him smiling as he removed his fingers and slowly stroked her juices into his rather impressive dick. He then rubbed the head around her labia and again rested the head at the opening. She felt him apply a little pressure and could feel her pussy start to open up to him.

At that point, she pulled away enough to dislodge him and reminded him, this was only simulated sex. With that, he slid himself along her slit and stopped when his hips hit hers, his cock underneath her. Satisfied she was not going to be skewered, she returned her attention to the stiff organ in front of her.

Kevin's cock was near her mouth. She wrapped her hand around it, draped her hair over his crotch and had started bobbing her head while stroking his cock. She had her mouth open instinctively, but was holding the cock near her cheek. To the onlooker it did appear real. She still needed to get it wet, which she did by basically drooling on it.

As the scene progressed, John slid his penis across her pussy, hitting her clit with the help of Marie's hand pressure. She eventually reached an orgasm on John's cock and through it she kept stroking and bobbing on Kevin. All of a sudden, Kevin grabbed his dick, grunted and much to my wife's chagrin, he erupted, pointed directly at her mouth. The first shot was huge and landed at the back of her throat. She then closed her lips while he emptied his remaining cum all over her face and hair.

About the same time, John pulled his cock to between her ass cheeks and began shooting all over her back and ass. When all three of them came down from their orgasms, the boys helped her up and to the ladies room, so she could clean up.

When she came back, the director sat all three of them down and discussed what had happened. He tried to convey that although very erotic, more care was needed to prevent the production from looking like a full blown orgy. Also, directing his attention to the males, he told them Marie was not their pleasure toy, but was there for the play. He said everyone had to understand that the play was the thing, not the sex.

He additionally pointed out that there were several weeks to go and everyone needed to pace themselves, figuratively, or they might peak too early. After their scolding, the two actors apologized and my wife graciously accepted and said she understood how things could get out of hand.

The remainder of the rehearsal went fine, with only the occasional cumshot on a girl's ass or stomach occurring as a result of a scene. The only surprise she saw was in a scene being rehearsed by Max and Jane (one of the young girls). Marie actually saw Max fucking Jane for real. There was no mistaking the fact that he had stabbed her with his enormous staff. This was both visually and verbally apparent.

Marie couldn't believe someone so petite could fit such a massive cock. Jane appeared to be having multiple orgasms and when Max had his, he kept it inside her and you could tell she felt every blast. When he finally pulled out, Jane's cunt was gaping open and Marie saw a river of cum that made it appear Jane had been fucked by several men, not just Max.

Toward the end of the evening, she had approached Brad about this. She was told Max and Jane were dating and that only Max actually entered her. Everything that drained from Jane's pussy was from a single load of Max's. He was known for his big loads.

While she had been telling me all this, I had been slowing undressing her and lightly running my hands over her body. My dick had been hard the entire time she talked and since I had not relieved myself in the last two days, coupled with the constant thoughts of her and what had or might be done with her, I was ready to explode. As Marie finished telling me about Max, I had had all I could take.

Marie started to ask if I was still OK with her being part of the play. As an answer, I pushed her back and lined my cock up with her drenched opening. I looked in her eyes the entire time I was sliding into her. Both of us let out gentle moans as our hips came together.

She felt so velvety and looked so beautiful. It was like I was making love to her for the first time. I began to slowly move in long strokes in and out, in and out. We were still looking into each other's eyes, even while I began to pick up my pace. Soon I was feeling my impending climax and based on her breathing, she was fast approaching hers.

We reached our crescendos together and it was only then, I was unable to hold her gaze. I literally saw stars and was so caught up in the fantastic tingling throughout my body that I could only barely hear her screaming.

As I came to my senses, I kissed her softly, then more deeply. It felt so good holding her. She looked back into my eyes and I could see she was tearing up. As I wiped the moisture away and asked what was the matter, she said, "I love you."

She then started to sob in earnest and for several minutes, all I did was hold her. When she finally calmed down, we talked. She was feeling guilty about the extent of what she'd been doing. She was also very worried that it could damage our marriage and she never wanted that to happen.

I did my best to console her and explain that I had come to want her in this play as much as she wanted it herself. I had realized that it was incredibly erotic to me, seeing her have an effect on men half her age.

I had also come to understand that the only thing bothering me about Brad having his cock inside her during the audition was I didn't get a better view of him sliding into her. This last epiphany I kept to myself.

After an hour long discussion, I was able to get her to understand my side and that what she was doing pleased me. She wasn't to feel guilt and if something happened I didn't like, I'd let her know. The strongest point I made was that I was to hear about everything. The only things that could damage our marriage would be the ones she withheld.

Before we drifted off to a deep slumber, she promised that regardless of what happened when I wasn't there, she would recount it for me that night.

To be continued...

We would love to hear your comments and would appreciate if you rate the story (we would really appreciate five stars, if warranted). If you choose to leave a mean degrading comment, have the gonads to not be anonymous. We should be given the option of responding to the ranting of a guilt ridden forty year old, who lives with their mother and hangs out at elementary schools. If the story got you dick hard, give us a good rating, don't flame us!

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Excellent story

I agree with previous comments, Ch. 01 was hotter than Ch. 02. But both were quite hot.

I cannot say how real or fantasy this story is. I have written some stories which although not literally real, aremore...

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