tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMarie's Webcam Ch. 01

Marie's Webcam Ch. 01


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My wife Marie loved her job, working as a software developer for a small startup company. The company only had ten employees and half of them were programmers or project managers directly involved in coding. With such a small company, the work atmosphere was fantastic. The president and vice president were in their 30s, and everyone else in their 20s. She could probably make more money working for a larger company, but she had already done that right out of college and appreciated the importance of a good environment.

The only real problem with her job was the commute. It typically took her 1.5 hours each way. Having to spend fifteen hours every week sitting in a traffic jam or packed like a sardine on a train was exhausting. But she liked her job well enough to tolerate the commute. We even talked about moving to cut down on the commute, but financially it wasn't a good time to do so.

One day Marie came home from work and told me that she was discussing the commuting problem with her project manager Jim. In the course of the discussion, she asked about the possibility of working from home one day a week. While he was sympathetic towards her commuting difficulties, it didn't sound like he was in favor of the idea because of the effect that it would have on the team development process. But he did say that he would think about it and discuss the issue with the powers that be.

I expected the proposal to go nowhere. But the following week Marie came home and cheerily informed me that they told her that she could work from home one day a week. She was pretty excited about it and proceeded to give me the details.

"I had a meeting with Jim and Marcus, the VP. Marcus started by explaining the importance of company morale. From the way he was talking it sounded like it was a definite 'no.' But then he began talking about how important I was to the company and how he was disappointed to hear that my long commute was becoming a problem. He said that they were willing to consider it, but wanted to hear my ideas on how it would work.

"We'll I hadn't really thought about details, I figured I could just remote desktop in and work normally. But he wanted to make sure that my work-from-home time would actually be productive. He asked about what my 'home office' was like, what kind of distractions there would be during a typical day, and how I'd communicate with the development team during the day. I told them about our office and that nobody else would be here during the day besides our dog, and that we could talk on the phone whenever we needed to.

"Marcus said that communication was their biggest concern. He explained that if there are delays in communication or if communication isn't effective it could really have a detrimental impact on development. As I listened it sure sounded again like a 'no.' I was hoping it could just not be a big deal to work one day a week from home, but instead it was turning into this big production. Then Marcus said that they had come up with a solution if I was okay with it."

Marie then explained their idea. They would install webcams on the developers' personal computers in the office and one in the conference room, and they wanted Marie to install one in her home office. She could still virtually attend meetings in the conference room and chat face-to-face with any of the developers at any time.

This new policy was only on a trial basis and it didn't just apply to her. To be fair, they had to let all of the developers get the same deal. They each had one specific day when they could work from home. Marie's lucky day was Wednesday. The other programmers, Justin, Frank, and Wayne each had their own assigned days too.

A few days later Marie installed a webcam and attached it to a shelf above her monitor. Her desk was against a wall near the entrance to the small office. As such, the webcam was fairly non-intrusive. I've always been guarded of my privacy so I was happy that the webcam wasn't pointing into a hallway or any commonly used areas. All that people would see would be her if she were sitting at her desk, and the remainder of the office, which contained a bookshelf, a closet and little else.

The following Wednesday Marie was able to sleep in a bit and enjoy the commute-free work day. When I came home that evening it sounded like it was a big success. The other developers left their cams on all day so that communication was seamless. The developers even ate together in the conference room so they could all share lunch. Most importantly, Marie looked less exhausted having cut out the commute from her day.

Before long, it was just the standard routine for us. On Wednesdays Marie still had to shower and dress for work to remain professional, but around 8:30 she would go into her office and turn on the cam and microphone and begin working. Of course by that time I was long gone for work myself, but that's what she told me. At the end of the work day she'd turn the camera and mic off.

Outside of normal work hours all of the developers would periodically sign in to chat. Sometimes it was to do legitimate work, but often it seemed like they were just using the setup to socialize. Marie would often turn on the camera for an hour or so at night, and for several hours on the weekend. She never used the microphone outside of normal work hours to avoid it being too intrusive or accidentally picking up our private conversation. But just being able to see her work buddies and interact with them in real time was something that I could tell she enjoyed.

One night, Marie and I were reading in bed when Marie got up to get a different book. She went into her office and a minute later was back in bed reading. I didn't think anything of it. A couple minutes later I got up to get a drink and Marie handed me her book, told me she changed her mind about reading it and asked if I'd return it for her.

So I went to the office and put the book back on the shelf. But as I turned around I noticed that the red light on the cam was on. I didn't think too much of it until I got into the hall, when I remembered that Marie was just in there. I then considered what she was wearing: just a t-shirt and panties. She had gotten rid of her bra and pants when she got into bed.

"Honey, " I said as I re-entered the bedroom. "did you realize that you left the cam on?"

"Oh, no, I'm sorry. Did you turn it off for me?" she asked.

"No, but do you realize that you were just in there? " I asked, as I deliberately glared at her bare legs.

I could see the light go on in her head as she understood what I was saying. Her jaw dropped and she just sat there for a moment with her mouth agape as she considered what somebody might have seen. As she closed her mouth she was smiling and looked slightly embarrassed. Finally she said, "Oops. Well, it's late. Nobody was probably watching anyway."

She was trying to dismiss it. But I rather liked seeing her embarrassed so I pressed on and responded, "Yeah, but what if they were?"

"Well, then they would have seen me standing there for a moment in my panties. It's not the end of the world."

"I know. But you're going to have to be more careful about turning it off when you're done. You could have just as easily gone in there tonight without panties, or topless, or even completely naked. Would you have said 'oops' then?"

From the tone in my voice she knew that I wasn't mad and that I was just joking around with her. She smiled and then said with her innocent voice, "You mean if I accidentally walked in there topless to get a book and let them all get a glimpse of my boobs? Oops!"

She was teasing me back and it was working. I was suddenly hard and I wasn't quite sure why. Something about them accidentally seeing her wearing little or less was striking a nerve. She picked up on my reaction and pulled down my shorts and started grazing her hand across my balls and cock. And she continued talking in an innocent voice.

"I might be standing there for several minutes with my boobs out, not knowing that anyone is watching me. Meanwhile Wayne, and Justin, and Frank would all be staring at them, gawking at your wife's tits."

She momentarily took her hand off my member and pulled off her t-shirt. She returned to rubbing my cock while modeling her naked tits for me.

"They would all be seeing my boobs and my nipples. Just staring at them and memorizing every curve. And I might accidentally drop a book on the floor and I wouldn't even know that they were watching my boobs sway back and forth as I bent over to pick it up. And I would be completely unaware as they took screen snapshots of me. They would all have pictures of my boobies to show their friends and jack off to."

That was it. I lost it and came hard.

About a week later I was in bed reading and she came in to join me. I was casually aware of her getting undressed for bed. I then noticed her crawling up between my legs from the foot of the bed and knew that she was in the mood. I put my book down and looked at her. She was smiling mischievously and said, "I need to get a book to read but I think I might have left the cam on."

I looked at her and could see that she was really turned on by the thought of going in there again where one or more of her fellow coders might see her dressed only in a thin t-shirt and panties.

"Do you know if anyone is still online?" I asked.

"Well I just left and both Justin and Frank were working away. So they're still probably online."

I could tell from the excitement in her eyes that she really wanted to do it. And as my member stirred I couldn't say that I was opposed. "I need to see this," I said as I got up out of bed.

"Do you want to watch my monitor so you can see if they're online and whether they notice?"

"Yeah, that'd be great, but I don't want to be seen."

"I know, but I can turn the monitor so you can see it and still be out of view." With that, she went into the office. She hugged the wall as she approached her desk to remain out of view and turned her monitor 90 degrees.

She exited the office and I snuck in the same way to look at her monitor. Sure enough, the guys were still online, actively chatting about some coding issue. They seemed to be in disagreement about whether some method belonged in one class or another. It sounded like they could use a distraction.

I returned to the hallway and we talked about it a bit more. She seemed both nervous and excited. We talked about how it needed to look like we didn't realize the cam was on. She could get disciplined or even fired if they thought she was intentionally letting them see her partially undressed. She understood that she needed to put on a convincing act. I wondered if she could really hide the excitement that she was exuding.

I returned to her monitor while she went to 'get ready'. I didn't know what that meant until she returned and I saw her standing in the hallway. She was just wearing a sexy matching set of black lace bra and panties. I was certain that I had not seen these before. She looked absolutely delectable. I could see a lot of pinkish skin beneath her bra but her nipples were largely hidden by the lace pattern. Her panties concealed everything in the front, but when she turned around to show me her back, I realized that much of her butt was exposed. It wasn't exactly a thong, but only about the top third of her ass was covered.

"New purchase?" I asked.

"Yeah, ya like?"

"Oh fuck yeah. You look fantastic!"

I couldn't believe that Marie was thinking about walking into their view dressed like that. If she followed through they were certainly going to be distracted. A part of me wanted to stop her and a part of me was getting hard thinking about her coworkers seeing her in her sexy underwear.

I was still a bit lost in thought when Marie suddenly walked into the room and flicked on the light. She passed as a blur in front of her desk as she made her way to the bookshelf. She then stood in front of the bookshelf, looking at the books. With her face out of view she asked, "Well?"

I described what I saw. It seemed that the light coming on and Marie shooting in front of the desk grabbed their attention. And now they had stopped chatting entirely and were staring intently at their screens. Marie's webcam was focused on her chair, but Marie was only standing five or six feet away so the image was still clear. They could see her cute panty-covered butt and her long legs. Her ass looked absolutely fantastic and these guys were simply staring at it, memorizing every feature.

Marie took a book off the shelf and looked at the front cover for a moment. Then she turned the book over as if she were reading the back cover. As she did this, she slowly turned around and faced the camera but kept her eyes on the book. The guys were still staring at their monitors and hadn't typed a word since Marie entered the room. They could now easily see the front of her panties. However, she was holding the book in front of her so her bra-encased breasts were largely concealed. When I told her that she was blocking their view of her top she held the book off to the side, providing them with an unobstructed view of her bra. She waited a few moments and then very slowly walked out of view of the camera and back into the hall.

As soon as Marie was safely out of view a huge smile appeared on her face. She immediately came to look at the monitor and could see the guys still staring at their monitors. They were obviously hoping that she would come back in again.

"So they saw me?" she asked.

"Without a doubt. They both stopped working and started staring at their monitors."

She stood there watching the guys staring at their monitors for a few moments, and then asked "Do you think I should get another book?"

"Nah, I think they got their fun. Now, it's my turn," I said as I started pulling her towards the bedroom. We were instantly all over each other as we were both already highly aroused. I kept thinking of these guys seeing my sexy wife in her bra and panties, looking at her crotch and her butt and her breasts. When they saw her at work would they be envisioning her standing there in bra and panties? I know Marie was thinking about it too because she was highly enthused.

The next evening I asked her if anyone said anything about her cam being left on. She smiled and said, "No, nobody said a word. I guess nobody was offended."

"I'm sure they didn't mind at all," I said.

Over the next few days we mentioned the episode to each other several times, usually when we were in bed. We were both finding it exciting and it was clear that Marie wanted to do it again. We knew it couldn't happen too often without looking deliberate, but if she accidentally left the cam on every once in a while, we figured that wouldn't look too suspicious.

A few more days passed before anything happened. It was a Saturday night and we had just gotten back from a night on the town. Marie logged in just to see what was going on and found Wayne online. I was reading when Marie came by me and said, "Oh, poor Wayne is all alone on a Saturday night. I think he could use a little excitement."

I felt the familiar stirrings of arousal as I thought about what that meant. I quickly put my book down and headed to the office with Marie. Marie sat down and chatted with Wayne for a couple of minutes. Then she typed that she was going to "do some reading and go to bed", turned the monitor so I could watch, and walked out of the office.

Sure enough, Wayne was there appearing rather bored. I asked her, "What if he logs off now?"

"Then he'll miss out I guess. I won't wait long."

Marie hurried into the bedroom to prepare herself while I monitored Wayne. He was still there, but looked really bored so I figured that he could easily log off at any time. I found myself hoping that Marie would come back sooner than later.

I was shocked when I saw Marie walk into the hallway. She had on a standard pair of pink panties, and nothing else. As soon as I saw that she was topless I looked down to her hands, thinking that maybe she just hadn't put the bra on yet. There was nothing in her hands. I looked up to her face and her expression revealed both embarrassment and excitement. Was she seriously thinking about walking in there topless? Teasing her coworkers a bit by letting them see her in her underwear was one thing. Letting them see her topless was definitely more daring and I wasn't sure that it was a good idea. I knew if I asked her to stop, she would. But as she stood there I couldn't help but stare at her breasts and imagine Wayne seeing them. I made no move to stop her. Then she started walking into the room.

I felt a momentary panic as I realized what was about to happen. I looked back to the monitor to see Wayne still sitting there with his chin resting in the palm of his hand. He was pathetically bored but I knew that was about to change. Suddenly Marie's bare back and panty-covered butt appeared on her cam as she walked over to the bookshelf. Wayne noticed right away. It may have been because of his disheveled hair, but his reaction reminded me of a dog's when its master returns home: painfully bored one moment and jumping out of its skin in excitement the next. He moved his face closer to the monitor and he ceased blinking.

Marie just stood there looking at books on the shelf while Wayne ogled her body. With only her panties on, there was a lot of skin showing. Her legs and back were totally exposed, and only her butt was veiled by her pink panties. As Wayne stared I gave Marie a play-by-play account of what I saw. After maybe a half-minute, Marie pulled out a book and I knew she was about to turn around. It was my last chance to stop her from baring her breasts to Wayne. I could tell her to hold the book in front of her breasts to prevent him from seeing anything. But I said nothing.

And then she casually turned around, revealing her tits. Wayne's eyes were wide and threatening to leap from his skull. I couldn't believe that he was now staring at my wife's breasts and nipples. He surely must have checked out her tits at work before, and now he was getting to see them uncovered. And Marie was just standing there with her eyes on the book, knowing that her coworker was watching her intently.

Marie turned back around and replaced the book on the shelf. I saw her looking for another book, and her head tilted upwards towards the top shelf. She suddenly took a couple of steps towards her desk and gave Wayne an even better view of her bare chest. She pulled the chair over to the bookshelf and climbed up to retrieve the book she eyed. She then turned around and jumped off the chair, causing her breasts to bounce up and down. As she slowly pushed the chair back to her desk it was like the camera was zooming in on her breasts.

I was blown away by the view that he was getting of her boobs. It wasn't just a quick glimpse, but a prolonged vision of her nubile body. Now her breasts were front and center in his field of view. And I knew that he was likely capturing the images for future pleasure.

With the chair in place, she turned and left the room. As soon as she was out of cam view she broke into a huge smile. I joined her in the hallway and we embraced and kissed. We then headed into the bedroom and started immediately making love.

The next day we talked about it more and decided that we needed to cool it for a bit. Over the next couple of weeks we 'accidentally' left the cam on a couple of times, but Marie intentionally didn't enter the room until morning. One of those nights we stayed up for a while just to see how long her coworkers would wait up for a chance to see her. Frank and Allen had given up after only a half-hour but poor Wayne was still on after an hour when we decided to go to bed. Who knows how long he waited up. Marie was pretty flattered that they were all so interested in seeing her and I could tell that she was looking forward to giving them another show.

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