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Marilyn Cole and Cyndi Wood


The Pump Room in Chicago was a popular spot for men to eat because, being so close to the Playboy Mansion, it was a popular place for Playmates to eat; even better, when the mansion was full girls were often put up in rooms in the hotel that held this restaurant. Today two beautiful women were sitting at a table for an early dinner and every eye in the place was glued on them. One was Miss January 1972; the other was about to debut as Miss February of 1973, and even though the men gawking at them didn't always recognize them as playmates, each man was imagining what these luscious girls looked like naked. They didn't have to try hard.

Both girls were staying at the Ambassador Hotel, where the Pump Room was, so they didn't need coats for the bitter Chicago winter; instead they were dressed in tight low cut dresses with high, very very high, hemlines. Marilyn Cole, Miss January 1972, wore golden brown silk which matched her sparkling eyes. Her brown wavy hair streamed down her back and bare shoulders. She was tall and stately with a regal very proper British attitude, yet underneath she exuded raw sensuality. In a couple of months she would be named Playmate of the Year. Cyndi Wood, Miss February 1973 was dressed in a soft pink that complimented her light playful spirit. Her light blonde hair was cut stylishly and her hands were in constant motion. She was much shorter than Marilyn but both had full busty figures that strained the delicate fabric of their dresses.

Everybody knew the girls were important; they'd been seated in Booth One which was reserved for celebrities like Frank Sinatra. Right now the two girls had their heads together in a quiet but animated conversation.

"I'm telling you Cyndi, you could be, you should be, Playmate of the Year. All you have to do is play the game. Loosen up, get in the swing of things."

"I don't know, I'm just not the party girl type."

"Look, I've seen you giving that bloke over there the once over. Go over and talk to him." Marilyn gestured with her eyes towards a well dressed young man sitting with two elderly gentlemen at a table about ten feet away.

Cyndi blushed, "Oh, he doesn't want to talk to me!" She etched little circles in the white tablecloth.

"Here now," Marilyn said firmly as she smiled at the men at the other table. "If I bring him over you have to promise to give him a proper shagging."

"Shagging, what's that?" But Cyndi's words were ignored as Marilyn got up and elegantly strutted to the other table.

All eyes in the room were on Marilyn as she moved, the way her hair shimmered and eyes sparkled, the way her breasts quivered slightly as she walked, the way her round bottom rolled in the tight dress. She sat down next to the man. "Excuse me," she said to the two elderly gentlemen, then she rested both her hands on the younger man's shoulder and spoke directly into his ear. "Your bed or mine? Only I do so hope it is mine so that you know where I'm staying and can find me again whenever you feel the urge; besides that's where my toys are."

As she spoke she moved one hand down to his leg and gave it a good solid squeeze.

The man glanced at his dinner companions, then studied Marilyn quietly. His gaze was steady and commanding. He nodded more to himself than to her, "Well, in that case, it's yours," he said softly. Without taking his eyes off of her he spoke to the others. "Gentlemen, I trust you'll understand if we continue this discussion later. In fact, if you call my lawyer in the morning I'm sure all the details can be arranged. He stood up and offered his arm to Marilyn.

She stood up and gave the two seated men a radiant smile. "Thank you for your indulgence. I assure you that this is most pressing business." She put her arm under the young man's and guided him back to Booth One. "We just have to meet my darling friend Cyndi; I do hope you enjoy wild sex, because the poor girl is desperately in need of a good shagging."

The couple joined Cyndi who was blushing profusely and giggling nervously. "Hello there," she managed to gasp out as he took her hand.

"I'm Thomas," he said as he held her hand a little longer that propriety allows.

"Oh, yes, Tom, yes. Well, this is Marilyn."

"And you are?" Now he was sitting in the booth between the two beauties. Marilyn snuggled up close and her hands were under the table. After a beat he gave her a glance with eyebrows arched in surprise. Marilyn smiled like the Mona Lisa.

"Oh, me? I'm, um, I'm..." The pretty blonde was too flustered to speak.

"Tom, this is my friend, Cyndi, who is a very silly girl, who now has to keep her promise to me," Marilyn said with a laugh.

"And what promise is that?" Tom asked, looking at Cyndi kindly. Marilyn was now leaning against his shoulders and kept her hands busy under the table.

"Oh, I don't know," Cyndi tittered nervously, "Marilyn is always getting strange ideas."

"Now really, silly girl. You must have noticed her, Tom, admiring you? I must say I find you quite attractive myself." She glanced down at her hands in his lap. "Quite attractive, indeed. Well, she promised that if I could persuade you to join us that the three of us could spend a delightful evening enjoying each other up in our suite. It has a rather large lovely bed and we don't want to squander it."

As Marilyn spoke Cyndi looked down and saw what the British beauty was doing with her hands. She had opened the fly and her hand was inside his slacks and wrapped around his cock. Her hand was running up and down the shaft.

Marilyn caught Cyndi's startled look. "Well, it is the Pump Room after all," she cooed. With that she pulled the cock all the way out and waved it at Cyndi. Although the tablecloth hid their laps from view it was obvious to all in the room from the satisfied look on Tom that something was going on.

"He seems about ready to burst. Are you ready, Tom darling? There's a good boy. Cyndi, be a dear and finish him off. It will be the first step towards the new you."

Cyndi looked in wonder at the huge red tip that seemed to urge her on; her lips were pressed tightly together but the tip of her tongue darted out in yearning. Without thinking she found herself leaning down and opening wide.

As soon as her lips covered his shaft he let loose a long stream of his seed into her mouth. She had to gulp quickly to take it all in. Marilyn was stroking her hair, "Dear, dear girl," she murmured.

Cyndi finally swallowed all of him and sat up, keeping her eyes demurely on the table; she was afraid to look at anybody after what she did. But she gave a satisfied gulp as the last of him oozed down to her belly.

"Well," Marilyn purred, "That's good for starters but I imagine the main course is best served upstairs. Shall we?"

By now the waiters were anxious to give them the check. Tom wanted to pay but Marilyn insisted on charging everything to Playboy. "It's good promotion after all." Getting up and crossing the room was embarrassing for Tom and Cyndi; he had redone his pants but he felt eyes burning into him as he left the Pump Room with a playmate on each arm.

The elevator was crowded and Marilyn teased Tom some more as she kept a tight grip on his rear. "Tom dear, do you happen to have a set of handcuffs?" she said loud enough for everybody on the elevator to hear. "No, oh well, we'll just have to make do won't we?" She had her inscrutable smile again.

Marilyn gave Tom the key to open the door, "Perhaps you'd best keep it. We can get an extra at the desk." The suite was large and decorated with fine furniture. In deed, there was a huge bed in the center of the bedroom.

"Too bad about the handcuffs, but we'll see." Marilyn practically pushed Tom into a chair. "Now, I want you to sit here and don't move." She spun around and retrieved some wine from the minibar. "Be a dear and open this."

As he was turning the corkscrew Marilyn stood the lovely but shy Cyndi in front of him. She made a fuss of getting her to stand straight with her shoulders back and her chest out and chin up. Cyndi did look beautiful as she smiled bashfully; her nipples stood out under the soft fabric of her tight dress and announced her excitement.

"Now Tom, you are about to get a preview of the magnificent Miss February." Marilyn slowly slid the thin straps of the dress off of Cyndi's shoulders. The silk fell away but clung precariously to the nipples as if reluctant to separate from those delicious morsels.

With a soft sigh that matched Cyndi's shallow breathing the silk tumbled off her mounds and revealed their mouth-watering glory. "Now don't these look stunning?" Marilyn was stroking Cyndi's milky white mounds lovingly. "I could just eat them up." She bent down over the blonde and kissed both breasts. Cyndi bit her lower lip and looked seductively at Tom. When Marilyn picked up her head Cyndi's nipples were glistening from the brunette's wet mouth.

Marilyn stood behind Cyndi and pushed the dress off the blonde's hips. It landed at her feet as Marilyn's hands caressed her body. "She has such a nice belly button." Marilyn stretched around and twirled her tongue in it.

Cyndi cocked her head to one side and absorbed the loving and sensual touch of Miss January. She started to sway slightly as she watched Tom's excitement grow.

With her hand's on the tiny girl's hips she turned her around and knelt down and really dug into Cyndi's navel; Cyndi writhed with pleasure even as Marilyn's hands tugged her panties down and they dropped to the floor. Cyndi rested her hands on Marilyn's shoulders and daintily stepped out of the garments on the floor.

Marilyn peeked around and smiled at Tom. "I know you are looking at the most splendid bum you've ever seen, but I have the most gorgeous little pussy right here in front of me. Oh, I just have to have a taste." Her face disappeared into Cyndi's bush and the pretty young blonde had to grasp Marilyn's hair to stay up as she twisted on to the kneeling girl's eager tongue.

Cyndi's bottom was magnificent, round and pink and plush, and it swayed and rocked in rhythm with Marilyn's thrusting and twirling tongue. The blonde dropped her head in ecstasy.

"Oh, oohhh, that feels so good." She turned around and looked at the man with her large doe eyes. "Tom..." It was barely a whisper.

But Marilyn was up in a flash. "Tut, tut, all in good time." She bounded over to Tom's chair and took the wine bottle from him. Then she rested one leg on his lap and slowly peeled off her silk stocking. Her legs were long and firm and smooth; as she pulled the silk off her toes she brushed it along his face teasingly. Then she stripped the other leg in the same way.

Using the silk stockings she tied his wrists to the chair; he gave no resistance and even smiled at her prim glances. "We have no cuffs so we'll improvise. I imagine this is Yankee ingenuity. Now, you will certainly, in due course, be in full possession of our luscious Cyndi, (isn't she such a delectable treat?) I want her to be fully, you know, fully fucked, but after I've tenderized her a bit. Meanwhile..." Marilyn stood straight up and with two quick gestures pushed her dress off her shoulders and onto the floor.

Her bronze skin gleamed and her body looked like a statue of Venus. Her massive breasts stood firm and full and her dark bush already seemed moist. She chuckled at the look of amazement on Tom's face and the way his tongue was hanging out. "You're being so good. Would you like some wine?" She poured a few drops on her fleshy hard nipple and let him lick it off, then did it again. Soon she was cramming her creamy mounds into his wolfish mouth.

Cyndi sat on the edge of the bed watching Marilyn but in a few moments the tall brunette turned her attentions back to her. "Ah, Miss February is ready for the next course." On her way to the bed the stately beauty picked up something from a night table. Cyndi groaned when she saw it. "Now, now, you know how much you love it." She firmly pushed the tiny girl back down on the bed.

Cyndi's legs dangled down off the end of the large bed giving Tom a view the golden curls of her bush and even a peek at her pussy lips. Marilyn sat next to her and lightly stroked her inner thigh. Suddenly she brought her hand to Cyndi's mouth and had her suck on the fingers. The whole time she was murmuring softly, "So pretty, such a pretty thing, so sweet..." She drew her wet fingers down over Cyndi's chest, circling the bright red nipples and then down the belly until she abruptly plunged two fingers into Cyndi's pussy. "... So fuckable," she said with glee.

Cyndi moaned as Marilyn wet her pussy and spread the lips apart but coming in harmony with the tender girl's moaning was the hum of the vibrator Marilyn had picked up.

The brunette put one hand under Cyndi's thigh and with this hand she guided in the humming tool. She slid her other hand under Cyndi's back and lifted her up so the pretty girl could watch herself get fucked by Miss January.

Cyndi was supporting herself on her elbows and biting hard on her lip as she stared at the hard vibrator pushing into her body. Tom could see the anguish on her face as she writhed into the machine. Marilyn twisted and probed and taunted every inch of her sex.

"Oh, oh god, Marilyn, you feel so good, oh baby, you're so good, fuck me baby." Marilyn was touching herself now and soon both girls were moaning in unison with the vibrator. Each time Marilyn shoved the vibrator in deeper into Cyndi she dug in deeper into her own pussy with her fingers.

But even as she felt almost overwhelmed by bliss Marilyn was still sensitive to Cyndi's passion. She sensed her own orgasm coming so she thrust hard to finish the young girl off.

Cyndi suddenly burst forward with an open mouth and then snapped back flat on the bed. Marilyn fell back with her and their tongues met as wave after wave of pleasure poured over them.

The ecstasy did not diminish Marilyn's energy. As Cyndi caught her breath the brunette sat up and looked at Tom. "Poor baby," she said huskily, "We'll take good care of you."

Cyndi was too weak to resist as Marilyn pushed her off the bed then onto her knees in front of Tom. She even helped Marilyn undo his pants and pull them down. The blonde took the cock in her mouth almost like a pacifier. Marilyn stood behind her and was kissing him wildly as Cyndi sucked him. At the same time she was kneading Cyndi's rear, then with a firm grip on her victim's hip, Marilyn shoved the vibrator into the young girl's ass.

Cyndi screamed even with the cock in her mouth but in moments she was rocking back and forth in rhythm with the vibrator. Marilyn reached under and hunted for Cyndi's clit. At the same time she rested her own pussy against the hand holding the vibrator.

Tom shot into her mouth and Cyndi swallowed greedily. She sank back as the frantic taunting of Marilyn's hand on her clit met the thrusting of the vibrator in her ass. She gasped and rattled before collapsing at their feet.

"Poor girl, all worn out. But I certainly hope you're not." Marilyn straddled his lap and took hold of his shaft and stroked it until it was hard enough to stab into her pussy.

She took her time, undulating like a wave over his body, rocking her body over his cock and letting it twist and probe inside her. She lifted her round breasts and rubbed them in his face and let him feast on her moist flesh. She covered his face and neck and ears with kisses as she ran her fingers through his hair.

She was dancing to a music only she could hear and she sang along with her groans. 'Mmmmmm, so good, mmmmmm, oh yessss..."

Tom's cock swelled and pulsated as she tightened and loosened, pumping his cannon up to maximum velocity. She felt him start to come and let herself go, flowing over him with the hot juices of her climax, as she came she dropped back until she was hanging upside down with her legs wrapped around his waist. Her head was next to Cyndi's and she pried open the pretty blonde's mouth and devoured her sweet tongue as the last of her orgasm pulsed from her clit to her skull.

She slithered all the way to the floor and hugged Cyndi, "I hope you don't mind but after all you sucked him off, twice by my reckoning, and now, when he's in you he'll take a long long time to fill that sweet little box of yours up."

The girls sat on the floor and sipped wine until everybody had recovered. Finally Marilyn sprang up and clapped her hands like a school master. "Now it's time for the coup de gras!" She waved Cyndi towards the bed and the blonde got caught up in her Marilyn's enthusiasm and eagerly pulled the bed cover off to reveal the satin sheets. She climbed in and piled up some pillows and leaned against them and waited for what she knew was coming. Her feet were flat on the bed and she was slowly, and dreamily opening and closing her legs.

Marilyn untied Tom and quickly stripped off the last of his clothes, then led him to the bed. Cyndi looked up at him with one finger hooked into her mouth. Her eyes were flashing with light and she spread her arms wide to great him. He climbed between her legs and covered her body with his. He braced himself on his arms and let Marilyn kneel behind him and stroke his cock until it was hard enough to rub against Cyndi's pussy lips.

With Marilyn pressing against his back the head of his cock slid into Cyndi's hot flooding sheath. He had to pause because she was so deliciously tight. She looked at him with her doe eyes in gratitude. "Oh Tom," she moaned.

Marilyn was enthralled by the look of bliss on Cyndi's face. She spoke to her with encouragement, "I love the feeling of the first stroke of a new lover's cock. It says so much more than the first kiss; in fact,..."

"Shut up and let me fuck him," Cyndi gasped and she thrust her hips up into Tom and hugged him tightly with her arms. The feel of his rock hard shaft ramming into her shot a rocket to her skull and she had a brief spasm of thrashing. He closed his eyes for a moment just letting the sweet grip of her pussy pulsate through his entire body. He started pumping in and out and Cyndi joined him, swaying to his gentle rhythm.

She covered his face with kisses and murmured in his ear.

"Oh that feels so good. So sweet. Oh yeah, I loved when you came in my mouth, did you like it baby, it felt so good, burning down my throat, will you come in me again, but not now baby, no, not now, now I want this, in and out, so nice, so good, ooooh, that was nice, do that again, yeah, right there, oh, oh, OOOHH YEAH, baby, I love it, I love your cock, give me your cock, oooohhhh yeah."

In and out he pumped slowly and deeply as she writhed and moaned with pleasure. "Yeah, baby, I love you baby, I love you Tom, do you love me, love me, love me, oh, oh, oh god, oh fuck, oooooh."

The pace gradually got faster and soon she was thrashing and bucking wildly. Rockets kept shooting up her spine as small orgasms gripped her and joined together to create a tsunami of bliss. Marilyn pushed him down and his cock reached further into her than anything had ever reached before. Her body seemed to explode as her climax burst over him, forcing his seed to flood her sheath. She swooned as the heat of him filled her up.

"Ohhhh, ooohh, come in me baby, come on baby, I'm coming for you, I'm commiiing!!"

The two lovers kept rolling into each other slowing down but not stopping; they fucked themselves into a dream and curled around each other in bliss.

Marilyn watched the two sleeping lovers for awhile then went to the chair and had a glass of wine.

She sat thoughtfully for a moment then picked up the phone. "Hello Room Service? What would be the quickest thing to order? Good, I'll have that. And please, could Juan deliver it?"

About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Room service."

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