tagIncest/TabooMarine Major Uncle

Marine Major Uncle


I went to Boston for a summer vacation and stayed with my uncle. I guess I should've told him before I just showed up at his place. I thought it'd be a lot of fun to surprise him. He was always saying I should come out for a visit.

Well, it turned out that he has a really tiny apartment, just one room and a bathroom, what he called a studio. He had been in the Marines but retired the year before, after 20 years. He was taking some graduate courses and "thinking about what to do next" with his life.

He didn't even have a couch. He just had a futon on the floor. He didn't even have a TV. He just had a few boxes of books and half a closet of clothes.

"I don't spend a lot of time here, Vicky Sue. I just come home to sleep and to shower."

I had to pick which colleges to apply to soon and was thinking a lot about Boston College. I had just turned 18.

He took me out to dinner and we rode the subway and saw some of the sights.

When we got back he said, "I guess you're bunking with me."

I giggled. I'd never slept in a bed with a guy before, other than when I was really little and got scared at night and climbed in bed with my mom and dad.

I hadn't brought a nightie or pajamas. I usually just sleep in my dad's big old teeshirts. I went and took a shower and then he did. He had teased me when I came out of the shower in my teeshirt. I don't wear a bra to bed and when I walk without one my double D titties bounce. He whistled and smacked my butt. My dad's old teeshirt only came to less than halfway to my knees.

When he came out of the shower I was already on his futon under the covers. He had on shorts and a teeshirt that said "United States Marine Corps."

He's a good looking guy, for one as old as my dad. I thought, gee, what's it gonna be like, sharing a bed with him for the whole summer?

We were like super careful. I stayed on my side of the futon and he stayed on his like there was a line down the middle that we didn't even get close to.

But then when I woke up a couple hours later, he had his arms wrapped around me and his big strong hand under my teeshirt holding my big bare right titty. His penis was erect and jammed into the crack of my round butt.

He was snoring lightly. I giggled but he didn't even stir. I pushed him off me, and still he didn't wake up.

I fell back asleep again, but when I woke up again a few hours later it was exactly the same. I pushed him off again.

I didn't mind. I knew that he was doing it in his sleep. But the thing was, I had never had a boyfriend or anything before. Our family is Catholic and my mom is very strict. So no guy had ever grabbed my titties before.

When I woke up again in the morning, he was stroking and pinching my nipple and his cock wasn't just in the crack of my butt, it was like borrowed against my pantie-covered pussy. He wasn't snoring this time, but I could tell that he was still asleep because he was mumbling and calling me "Wendy" and saying what a naughty girl I was.

My name is Victoria, although family call me Vicky or sometimes Vicky Sue, after my mom's aunt.

I hate to admit it, but my pussy was very wet, and I thought about just pretending that I was still asleep so that he'd keep touching me. But I pushed him off me again, causing him to wake up.

He mumbled "sorry" three times and rolled over and went back to sleep.

Only now I was all hot and bothered. He was snoring again, so I slipped my hand into my panties and put my middle finger on my clit and squeezed my legs together until I came. He was still snoring, so I kept at it and came two more times.

I know that good Catholic girls don't masturbate, but I was a good Catholic girl about everything else. I always tried my best to stop too, and I always confessed to my priest how often I did it and what I thought about when I did it.

He took me to breakfast and we saw more of Boston. He was living mostly on his savings.

My uncle apologized for groping me and explained that his girlfriend had left him a few weeks before to go back to Israel.

It was funny. He called her "Sharona," and I giggled and asked, "What about 'Wendy'?"

He blushed. Just imagine, a tough, battle-hardened, ex-jarhead major, uncle blushing.

I turned out that Wendy is a girl at his school, a Chinese girl.

I asked, "Is she really as naughty as you say she is?"

He laughed and said, "I wish. We study together, but that's it. She is very traditional and doesn't date."

I teased him. "What's this, Jewish girls and Chinese girls, but no nice Irish-Catholic girls?"

He laughed and said, "Boston is full of Irish Catholics, but as for nice girls . . ."

I could've gotten pajamas or sweat pants, could've worn a bra that night, but I guess I'm not such a nice Catholic girl either.

I woke up and his hand was up my shirt again and his dick was jammed in my butt crack, only this time I didn't push him away.

I lay there enjoying having his arms around me, sort of liking his hand holding my big breast. It wasn't like in the morning when I had been so wet that I had had to masturbate. It was just nice and warm and close. Even his cock jammed against my butt didn't bother me.

He woke up and apologized and went and peed and came back and apologized again.

I giggled and told him that I didn't mind, said that I kind of liked it, said that I had decided not to fight him off anymore.

He snuggled up against me and slid his arm under my head and we lay there talking and laughing about home and our family and about my high school and his time as a Marine major in Iraq and Afghanistan. We were mostly matching up our time lines. When he had been in Fallugah, I had had a wicked crush on my seventh grade obviously very gay math teacher, Mr. Allen. When he had been in Okinawa, I had been best friends with Maria Gonzalez.

When I woke up, he was snoring ever so lightly and stroking my nipple again and his cock was jammed right against my pantie-covered pussy again.

I wasn't wet but sure got that way very fast.

I reached down and put my hand in my panties and rubbed my clitoris. However, I couldn't squeeze my legs together with his cock jammed against me, but I always masturbated by squeezing my legs together, so I couldn't cum from just rubbing myself.

He woke up with a start and shouted something in Arabic.

He laughed and apologized again. He went and peed and brushed his teeth and then I did the same.

It was five ten AM.

We got back in bed and he put his arm under my head again. I took his hand put it on my teeshirt-covered belly and we rolled on our sides so that he was spooned against me again.

He laughed and said, "You better get a chastity belt or we better get another futon."

I said, "I like this. Besides, I'm on the Pill. I thought that I might meet a cute guy on my big Boston adventure and lose all self-control."

He laughed. "On your to-do list?"

I giggled. "On the very top of my shortlist." But I was joking. I was on the Pill for acne and had been since I was twelve. I told him, told him that mom knew too. I didn't like getting periods, so for a year and a half I had been been taking it so that I only got them four times a year, but I didn't tell him that.

We were talking and he just fell asleep almost in mid-sentence. My brother had been in the Marines too, and he did the same thing to me and my parents for about a year after he came back from Afghanistan. He'd do it while sitting up with his head held straight up. He had said that he could even sleep standing up with his eyes open.

After a while his hand was under my shirt again, holding my breast. It was always the same breast, too, my right one, I guess because we always slept on our left side.

His cock wasn't jammed in the crack of my butt yet, but I wasn't horny again either, so I didn't masturbate. It just felt good to have him hold me that way.

I wasn't tired, so I just lay there, enjoying it.

After a while his cock pushed its way into the crack of my round butt and then his snoring changed and he started stroking my nipple again.

I got wet and horny again.

I slid my hand into my panties and stroked my clit and squeezed my legs together.

His breathing changed again and he jammed his penis into the concavity between my legs and my butt so that it was against my pussy, only this time I was too far gone to stop.

I came and he woke with a start again. He let go of my breast and pulled back so that his cock wasn't touching me. He sat up and laughed.

I figured that he knew what I had been doing, so I apologized this time. "I can't help it, Ray. You stroke my nipple when I'm asleep and I wake up all wet and horny."

"You were masturbating?"


"It's okay, Vicky, it's okay."

"You sure?"

He laughed. "As long as I can do it too."

I giggled and said, "Can I watch? I never seen a guy's penis before, other than Billy's when he was four and I was ten." Johnny is my little brother, named after my dad's other brother.

He laughed again and said, "Sure, I guess, just make sure that's our secret, okay?"

He sat up and kicked the covers off us and pulled his shorts off. I rolled over and looked.

It was fully erect still and what seemed like seven inches and thicker than a big unpeeled banana.

"Can I touch it?"

"Sure, but take your shirt off. I've been thinking about your tits ever since I first saw you in just your teeshirt."

I peeled my shirt off and then my panties too.

"Vicky, you shouldn't take them off. I might be the one to lose all self-control."

I giggled and took his cock in my hand and squeezed and stroked it.

"I'm not wearing anything to bed any more as long as I'm here. Kick me out on the street, naked, but no more with the teeshirt and the panties at night." I was still giggling. "You're big dick's knocked at my back door three or four times both the last couple nights. Either come in or stop knocking."

I rolled on my side, facing away from him and said, "I changed my mind. You masturbate next to me I'm gonna call momma in tears . . . about how you wasted a perfectly good woodie."

I started to masturbate again, only this time I used my other hand to lift and then let go of my butt cheek.

He laughed.

"Come on, uncle Johnny, spoon with me."

He got behind me and I took his hand and put it on my breast and he stroked my nipple.

"You sure, Vicky?"

"Why not, uncle Johnny?"

I felt him slide his finger into me. I was completely wet. He pushed his hips forward and his dick was against my pussy and he thrust into me, hard and forceful, like a Marine should.

I felt my hymen tear open and cried out. It hurt and burned. But I had only gotten what I asked for.

He was really squeezing my titties too, switching back and forth while he rammed his big dick into me.

I was crying. He rolled me over and saw that I was but climbed on top of me and fucked me very hard anyway. He looked so excited that he seemed crazy or something.

He said, "I'm gonna cum, Vicky," and I felt him do it. He cried out as he did it.

He went in the bathroom and washed up and sent me in there too to do the same.

When I came back he was hard again. He rolled me on my belly and used oil to put his dick up my ass too. It hurt at first too, but after a while I didn't mind in the least.

He came inside me down there too and dragged me into the shower with him and washed me all over.

In the morning, when he woke up, I had already hung a little sign on the wall over his futon: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

He laughed and we left it up that whole summer.

I'd wake up during the night to feel him pushing his dick into my pussy or my butt, sometimes four times a night. I was sore the whole time, but I was happy too.

I did apply to BC and got in. I told them that my Afghanistan and Iraq-vet uncle lived nearby and that he needed me to take care of him, so they let me live off-campus.

And I did take care of him. Did I ever.

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