tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMarion Turns Me On Ch. 03

Marion Turns Me On Ch. 03


You might want to read the earlier chapters for a semblance of context. On the other hand, you know what you're in for here. I hope you enjoy the kink, baby.


"I have a friend who wants to suck your cock, baby."

Marion said this to me late one Thursday night as we lay in bed, preparing to go to sleep. I wore a darling amethyst colored Canterbury knot nightie that had spaghetti straps and eyelet lace top and bottom, and Marion wore a black with white polka dots satin boxer pajama set.

I rolled to my side to face her, tucked my thick, silky, shoulder length sandy blond hair with highlights behind and ear with a manicured finger and said, "Say what?"

"You heard me. I told a friend about you, about your marvelous cock and he wants to suck it."

"Some guy wants to suck my cock."

"That's right, baby. He's a gay friend and I showed him your picture and told him what a fine sword you have and he wants to suck your cock."


"Really. Well, maybe I egged him on a bit. And, truth be told, I want him to. I want to watch him put his lips around your beautiful penis and suck you while you sit there and enjoy the pleasure he gives you."

My heart beat faster. "You do."

"Oh, yes. I really do. He's coming over tomorrow night so get some good sleep. I'd hate for you to embarrass me by not being able to have at least a little staying power because you're tired." Marion pecked my lips and rolled over. She backed into me and wriggled her bottom against me and I put an arm around her and spooned her.

My cock twitched and thoughts drifted through my mind. The surprising journey I was on, the journey that Marion led. I would never have imagined it in my wildest of dreams or fantasies. But it happened, is happening, and to my amazement, I went along and enjoy it.

I had a few bisexual experiences back in college and grad school; let a guy suck me, fucked him a couple of times too, then a couple of really drunk hook ups, don't remember much about those. In fact, other than letting the guy suck me all my male experiences were alcohol fueled.

After grad school I got a job where Marion worked and there were sparks despite our age differences, her being in her late twenties and me in my early twenties. Apparently, Marion saw something in me, liked it and exploited it in the service of her kinks. In return, I got Marion and her, our, kinks. Well, it's not entirely that simple, of course. But as it turns out I am way more submissive and compliant than I ever thought, and she dominant. Plus the other personal dynamics shaped by our personal histories and cravings and longings and relationships. All that allowed me to let Marion lead the way and for me to willingly follow. I trusted her and loved her with all my heart.

We now live together in her two-story high rise condo overlooking a wide, deep river. And when at home, which is two or three days a week lately since it was arranged for me to write a lot of code at home so I wouldn't be distracted by all the office bullshit, I am dressed as a woman. A slender, toned, flat chested woman who is shockingly pretty.

I fell asleep thinking about the road ahead and about Marion, the love of my short life.

Friday. Marion did her makeup magic and I looked stunning, sensual and alluring. I tilted my head and cleared my hair and put in my dangly earrings, big silver hoops tonight, and put on a thick silver necklace with practiced ease. I gathered a cobalt blue stocking with manicured hands, my nails a rich taupe shade, pointed matching toee and pulled the gossamer fabric up my long, toned, hairless leg and my cock thickened. I repeated the act on my other leg and reveled in the feel of my hair, one and one-half inches below my shoulders at the ear, drifting over my face and shoulders, felt the tug of my earrings and the sway of the necklace and my cock thickened.

I put on a midnight blue lacy thong and snugged the extra thick strap tightly against my rear and my cock twitched.

I put on a precious microfiber, taupe colored flutter sleeve dress with an empire waist and deep cleavage. I liked the way it looked and flowed. I felt so pretty and feminine and desirable in it.

Steven arrived on time, after Marion and I cleaned up after a dinner, a delicious blackened salmon and a to die for side of a slice of mouthwatering fresh tomato, olive oil and feta cheese sprinkled on top. Mmm. We were well into the champagne when he knocked on the door and my stomach flip-flopped. He would be the first person besides Marion and a few delivery boys to see me dressed up.

Marion answered the door and ushered Steven into the living area. He was tall, a head taller than Marion even in her heels. About Marion's age. Lean, fit, and ruggedly handsome would be the casting term to describe him.

Introductions were made and Steven said, "Wow, Marion, your lavish words didn't do her justice. You are gorgeous!" he said, looking at me.

"Thank you," I said and tucked my hair behind and ear and my bracelets tinkled and my heart raced.

"I'm really serious. You are. You could walk right down the street and guys would drool over you and no one would know. Unless you walk funny or something," he joked.

I smiled and Marion said, "She's got a great walk. Took to the heel to toe stride like a runway model."

"I know this is awkward, weird even..."

"He knows about my kinks, baby. And I know his. Isn't that right, Steven."

"Yeah, Marion and I go back a ways. And, uh, I have a few kinks of my own..."

"I told him about your magnificent cock and Steven's eyes lit up and I knew his mouth was watering for you."

"Marion!" Steve blushed.

"So, anyway, I offered you up. I hope you don't mind, baby, but I want to see him suck your cock."

I shrugged my shoulders slightly. I would probably do anything for Marion.

"I want to see him on his knees before you, with your cock in his mouth. He'll even swallow your cum, won't you Steven." She looked at Steven, paused a moment and when he didn't respond said, "Answer me."

Steven nodded and she said, "That's a good boy. Come," she held out a hand to him and the other to me. Marion led us to the buttery soft, brown leather couch and gestured for me to sit.

"While we're at this, Steven, we might as well have a little CFNM fun for old time's sake. Hmm?"

"What's that?" I said.

"Clothed female, nude male. Steven here likes a bit of power exchange play, don't you, Stevie." He blushed again and nodded. "You may disrobe."

Steven took off his Tommy Bahama silk shirt, kicked off his running shoes and socks. He unbuttoned his cargo shorts, unzipped them, pushed them down with his underwear, stepped out of them and stood before us naked.

Marion slowly circled him, appraised him and his cock thickened. "Steven, Steven, Steven. Gone a little soft, have we?" She poked his stomach and waist with a manicured nail. "Last time I saw you you were pretty ripped. But look at you now, you're practically a flabby blob." Steven reddened slightly.

I didn't know what she was talking about. He looked in fabulous shape to me.

Marion stood beside him, turned toward him as he faced me. She hefted his cock and balls with her hand and he grew harder. "Well, at least this hasn't shriveled up. Good thing you like men because I doubt this could ever really please a woman." Steven flushed.

I didn't know what she was talking about. It looked like a perfectly normal penis, in fact, it was about as big as mine, maybe a tad longer, a tad thinner, thick enough.

"Time to do what you do best, Steven. On your knees." Steven started to take a step toward me and Marion said, "Aren't you forgetting something?" Steven dropped to his knees and started to crawl to me and Marion said, "Oh my, have we forgotten so soon? This is shocking. Why I think I just might need to punish you so you'll remember your manners without reminder."

Steven turned to Marion, lowered his head and kissed her shoe, her gleaming black five inch strappy high heel shoe. A slight move of her weight and he kissed the other one. "She released him with, "That's a good flabby naked boy, now go suck some cock while I sit over there and watch you please my man."

I wondered exactly what their history was. Steven kneeled before me, reached under my dress, found the hem of my thong and pulled. And in a move I've come to love, a move that makes my pulse race a little faster and my cock thicken, I lifted my rear and Steven cleared my thong and it was off and I was hard.

Steven pushed my dress up. He smiled at me, looked into my eyes and took my cock into his mouth and I moaned. A handsome man sucked my cock and I watched his head bob between my stockinged thighs and his mouth and tongue and hands were practiced and wonderful.

Steven savored my cock, brought me to the edge several times before retreating. I'm sure my moans pleased him and he finally, finally, finally let me come into his sweet mouth.

I sat there panting. Marion said, "Nicely done, Steven. Was it as good as you dreamed?" Steven stood and nodded. His cock was hard. She looked at me. "You're staring at Steven's cock. Go ahead, baby, it's a free country." She smiled and I blushed. "You may get dressed Steven. Will you be available evenings this week?"

"Yes," he said, dressing.

"Good. I'd like you here each night."

"For more of the same?"

Marion smiled and said, "Mmm hmm. For more tasty fun."

Steven smiled, went to her and kissed her offered cheek, did the same to me, said thanks and goodbye and Marion saw him to the door.

Marion led me up the black wrought iron spiral staircase, past the locked door, into our bedroom and fucked me hard with her strapon, fucked me until she cried out and came.

Marion spooned me as we were falling asleep and I asked, "How do you know Steven? You've obviously done some sort of scene together." I wasn't jealous, the past was the past and he'd just sucked my cock at her insistence and I knew Marion loved me as much as I loved her.

"Not in the way you think. He doesn't like to have sex with women, but he does like women to, oh, I guess, dominate would be the right word. He definitely likes women to dominate him."

"And you did that?"

"Mmm hmm. It was fun."

"Like you do with me?"

"Oh no, baby, it was much different."


"Go to sleep, baby. We'll talk about it later." She kissed the back of my head.


"Mmm hmm."

As I did for the following week, I fell asleep wondering if Steven was going to be the one, if that's what Marion had in mind, and how soon if he was going to be the one.

Steven came over every night and gave me a blowjob. Sometimes Marion taunted him, sometimes not. Sometimes on the couch, sometimes in the bedroom. He was handsome. My lingerie was always divine.

Friday night. I looked beautiful. I felt beautiful. My hair brushed sensuously across my shoulders, and my dangly earrings tugged and swayed and I felt lovely and feminine and ever so desirable as I put on the long sleeve, medium square, crotchless fishnet body stocking and high heels with a strap. Marion said it was often necessary for a woman to wear high heels with straps so they wouldn't fall off when she was getting fucked. She put a beaded choker necklace on me.

It was very late when the doorbell rang, Marion answered and ushered Steven into the bedroom. Marion and I were quite tipsy from champagne.

Naked, kneeling between my legs he smiled and said, "It still knocks me out how pretty you are." He took my face in the palms of his hands and kissed me tenderly. I felt his tongue seek entry and I opened my lips and kissed a man and my heart raced and my stomach fluttered I knew it was coming and I was scared and excited and nervous.

Steven kissed me then worked his way down my neck, to my chest, licked, sucked and bit my nipples. He worked his way down, kissing flesh, biting squares of exposed flesh between the netting, he cupped my package then peeled off my thong and it looked sexy, the hem of the crothless fishnet body stoking rising to just above my cock and back down. Steven stroked my hairless balls and took my cock into his soft, hot mouth and sucked me and loved me until I came. He stayed on me and his tongue swirled and he loved me until I was once again rock hard.

Marion urged me to the bed, urged me lay on top of her. She was so wet and I slid in so easily and I moaned and I kissed her and she purred. She wore sheer black thigh highs, pointy high heels, earrings, a necklace and an ankle bracelet. I moved slowly in her. It was an odd feeling to be having sex with my beloved Marion with someone else in the room.

I felt the bed shift and my heart thundered and I saw Marion's manicured hand close around Steven's cock and I saw her stroke his hard cock, so close to me, so close to my red lips. She stroked his cock and took him between her soft red lips, into her soft wet mouth and I moaned and moved slowly in her and she sucked him. She stroked his cock and I felt her hand on the back of my head and heard her softly say, "It's time, baby, time to repay Steven for the pleasure he's given you. Time to take the next step."

Gentle pressure from her hand, almost imperceptible, as if her hand only followed my willing head as my mouth opened and my red lips closed around a man's cock. A flesh and blood cock throbbed in my mouth and I tasted precum and I moved my tongue on him and sucked his cock and heard Marion whisper, "That's my good girl."

My heart raced and my stomach did somersaults as I felt wet fingers on my rear, penetrating me, and I groaned and moaned around the hot, hard flesh and blood cock in my mouth and I sucked the man's cock while my earrings swayed and then the man's cock was gone and my mouth was empty and the bed shifted and Marion said, "I love you, baby. I want you to have all the pleasure in the world." Hands spread my legs, my cheeks. "I want this. And deep down, I know you do too. So take his cock, baby, open up and take it deep inside of you and see how beautiful it feels, how wonderful, so different from my strapon, you'll see."

Marion ground her hips against me. I felt that familiar blunt pressure pushing, insistent, relentless, and I felt my divinely sensitive rings slowly part, slowly spread before that hungry cock and I opened and he was in me and he filled me and I moaned and said, my lips at Marion's ear, "Oh god, Marion, he's in me, he's inside of me." I could feel her supportive smile as she caressed me and the handsome man behind me started to fuck me.

So big, so hot, so hard and soft at the same time, Steven filled me and fucked me and drove me into Marion and it did feel wonderful and beautiful and my emotions were reeling and I pushed back against Steven and his thick hard cock and I thrust forward into Marion and lay on her and kissed her, again and again and again until I heard Steven moan and crash into me and I felt him come and I clenched and came with a man's cock in my ass. I came inside of my beautiful Marion and heard her sigh and we slowed and stopped and disengaged and as odd as it seems, as late as it was, we sighed and purred contentedly and simply fell asleep.

In the morning, not much after dawn by the light leaking in the window overlooking the boulevard and wide, deep river beyond, I woke to pressure at my rear. I drifted awake as Steven's thick, hard cock pushed and pressed into me. Immense pressure, pushing, spreading, seeking and my rings slowly parted and I stifled a moan as he penetrated me and made my sensitive nerves sing. His arm crossed over my chest and grasped my shoulder and that big ruggedly handsome man's rocked into me and oh god how good it felt, so good, so good, so full of thick cock.

He fucked me gently with long, deep, tantalizing strokes, almost all the way out, all the way in and it was glorious when he passed and pressed my prostate, my pleasure center. Marion lay on her side facing me. She woke to the gentle rocking, a smile slowly forming on her beautiful, lazy morning face, her raven hair in disarray. "He's fucking you, isn't he," she said, her voice morning thick. I nodded and pushed back against Steven as his magnificent cock sawed in and out of me. "I'm not surprised. He once told me he really likes morning sex."

Steven rolled to his back and pulled me onto his chest and drove his cock deep into my ass, my legs spread, my head lay against his shoulder, he thrust into me and I moaned. Steven fucked me faster, harder and Marion rose to her knees and took my hard, leaking cock into her soft, hot mouth and I moaned.

Getting fucked, getting sucked, I was delirious with pleasure and groaned and grunted as I let them take me in my wide square fishnet body stocking and high heels, oh my god, they were still on.

Steven fucked me and Marion sucked me and I came in her mouth and she raised her face to mine and I kissed her and took my cum and Steven jackhammered me and roared and came deep inside of me, he came deep into my ass and I kissed Marion and felt him slip away, leaving me empty and throbbing and, god help me, wanting.

We rolled apart, caught our breath and I said, "Whew, now I'd say that's a hell of a wake-up call," and we laughed.

Marion cupped my cheek, turned me to her and looked into my eyes and said, "I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I'm so proud of you, baby." I smiled back and our eyes conveyed our deepest love.

I took off my high heels and earrings and necklace and body stocking. We all did our business then stepped into the large shower together. I never tire of seeing Marion's lithe, toned body and perfect breasts, and she lovingly appraised my toned, slender hairless body and androgynous face.

We all took turns washing one another and Steven didn't seem to mind helping wash Marion, didn't mind touching a woman, though he paid special attention to me. Makeup was scrubbed off of Marion and me and she looked beautiful and Steven said I did too.

Under the cascading water Marion pushed gently on my shoulder, pushed me gently down and I did as she wanted and let her push me to my knees on the white tile floor, water flowing around me, my wet hair slicked back, and I took a man's cock into my mouth. I sucked Steven's cock and my stomach had butterflies at its full feel and I ran my tongue and hand around and up and down and around as Marion had so often done to me, as Steven had done to me, as the football player in college had done to me. I sucked his cock and a peace welled up inside of me, a growing acceptance, a sense of gratitude and I loved Marion for her insight, I loved her with all my heart and through the roar in my ears I heard her say, "That's my good girl."

I sucked his cock and my wet hair snapped across my shoulders and he pulled me up and turned me around and I faced Marion sitting on the bench. I leaned and put my hands on the wall with my rear out and up and I moaned as Steven's thick, hard cock speared me and possessed me, his hands on my hips as hot water rained down and steam encircled us in a swirling sensual cloud.

Marion kissed me and stroked my cock and roughly, mercilessly tormented my nipples and Steven fucked me and I moaned and he fucked me faster and harder and I heard him cry out and Marion leaned in and I came in her mouth and Steven came in my ass, so very deep in my ass and I clenched around him and he moaned.

They broke me in that weekend, oh god, Marion and Steven broke me in, they truly did. Marion had me changing into a new set of lingerie or outfit after each round of sex and I must have changed dozens of times over the course of two days, all manner of panties and fabrics and stockings and colors and dresses and earrings and bracelets and necklaces. It was a glorious orgy of fashion and sex and I opened myself and embraced it, I fully embraced it, I truly did.

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