tagRomanceMario's Restaurant and Louise

Mario's Restaurant and Louise


Business was doing so well Mario Fabizio (known as 'Fabby' by his friends ) had an extension built to his restaurant with space for another 50 tables making one hundred in all.

All being on account of the reputation he'd built with his quality food.

Regulars were coming back and back always complimenting the chef and trying to find out the secret if his ingredients, what made the delicacies so delicious and appealing, especially for the female fraternity who simply lavished the meals.

And the was word going around about their aphrodisiac effects on many returning couples who formerly were having problems with their relationships but no more! One couple, couldn't have children, that is until they started eating at Mario's and all that changed.

Mario hinted that maybe his truffles were responsible, having a known aphrodisiac quality, well that's what he suggested, but he was wily enough to realise that Louise mattered too, especially to the male fraternity - his brand new waitress of half Italian descent of course.

She was so outstanding in every way - she gave all the guys a glint in their eyes which seemed to give them a new stance in maybe tired relationships with spouses and the like.

With full stomachs and a vision of Louise they would return home with renewed zest which resolved many an ongoing problem and many a mattress creaked again as consequence.

Mario realised the sudden surge in customers eating in his restaurant was not entirely to the credit of his cooking, Oh no! - there was Louise's looks and her 'stunning' personality and besides which as Mario would say -licking his lips making a sound like the proverbial Meer cats in the insurance advert, she had the most perfect saddle imaginable, wearing her tight- as- tight jeans or black waitress dress -knowing just how to wiggle and sway to arouse the dormant urge of many an unsuspecting male, least his own.

Maria, his visiting sister, caught him intensely eyeing up Louise .through the gap between the swinging door which connected from the kitchen to the restaurant.

"Mario, what are you doing?" she quirked knowing full well what he was at.

He turned thoughtfully to her and replied that he had in mind a new sausage recipe.

"Oh! Yes, more like your toad and her ****.I know you, Fabby - but anyway Toad in the hole isn't very Italian.

"Oh! I don't know" he grinned ,his eyes sparkling, "Maybe Mario can give it that Italian flavour, it could even be a combined effort."

"If you're thinking what I'm thinking Fabby, no - and anyway she's not Italian

"Yes she is, her mother was born in Naples!"

Maria knew when Fabby got something in his mind nothing would shift it, she knew at the end of the day - and seeing the lust in her brother's eyes - he meant business, but maybe this girl Louise would not comply...

Soon Maria saw her brother take the new waitress into the back stock room.

Fifteen minutes later Louise showed her head, flushed and very ruffled with Mario following close behind - looking very happy muzzling her hind and whispering into her ear

"So you had your way with her?" quipped Maria later.

"Don't be so frigid, it was simply to discuss a promotion. and anyway, you are just my sister Not my keeper."

"Like giving her more money when she has only been here for a week, I am a partner in your business, remember!"

"You were keyhole spying weren't you, Maria? Anyway, its not that sort of promotion, I am talking new recipes, new delights for our loyal clientele."

"And how is Louise involved?"

"You can be there, you can assist in the preparation of Mario's new toad in the hole extravaganza.. Okay? I have agreed to pay Louise a cool fifty but it is truly a good investment."

But truly Fabby was an attractive guy who fired Louise's passion like it was love at first sight. She could not believe he was unattached and so very amenable - but discovered from his sister that his energy, until now, had been reserved for his business and nothing else, she being surprised about his obvious attraction to her.

Or was it maybe just because of her influence on his takings.

Louise was no pushover. She had come unstuck before - and it was not the money that enticed her, she wasn't like that, she simply adored him enough to want more!

But she was nobody's cheap doll, in the stock room he may have tried it on, but she resisted even though he was so romantic and persuasive.

But she knew he wouldn't stop there and secretly she hoped that he wouldn't. This guy had given her a new opening after her recent divorce to dick -head Jason, she'd left him for good, moved to a new flat on her own and was so fortunate to have seen the advertisement for the waitress on the restaurant door.

"Hope your sister hasn't got the wrong idea about me, Mario" she said preparing breakfast the following day.

"She .likes you" he replied trying to catch a bowl slipping off the edge of the able but failing miserably, or was that just an accident on purpose because she saw he was very engrossed down there.

"Good job the bowl was not earthenware, Mario otherwise it would have broken into so many pieces."

"You will have to spread your feet so I can get to it," he said

Then it occurred to her, why he was taking so long to pick up the bowl, she looked down again and saw that he almost had his tongue out - he was looking straight up her skirt and no messing.

"Mario, you are so naughty!"

"Don't move Louise, just stay like you are for a while more, I do need to make sure I have got a good hold."

"Of what Mario, the plate or what - what are you doing down there apart from looking up my skirt?"

"Louise, you can call me Fabby like everyone does and you can't blame a guy for admiring a nice pair of thighs."

.She held her stance, feeling his warm hand run up the inside of her leg right up to her thigh, closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. Before long Mario's head was up her skirt too sniffing her femininity like it was a meal waiting to be served.

It was of no use trying to resist him, he was simply gorgeous and to have a real man giving her so much attention after the wimp she divorced was a complete tonic.

"Sway for me, baby, give it all you have got.

"Like this, - Fabby" and she rolled her hips in the most seductive way and felt his appreciation as his mouth cradled her femininity so wonderfully.

She held the stead, he rolled up her skirt, she felt his hot breath on her legs he prompted her to bend over the edge of the wide preparation table and simply fondled and explored every part of her behind and down under.

"Okay, Louise, you enjoy Fabby's caress yes?"

"I do, I do!"

"Just hold it there, stay where you are, I will lock the door and get something which you may like."

He returned with a can of squirty cream and little did she know it but she was in for the most fantastic massage she'd had in ages.

For the next few minutes he treated her to the most wonderful build up to their very first union, she covered in cream and - unable to resist - already feeling his grand Italian cock, so steamy and strong and vital! And what a handful it was, but she was so very warm inside and so very wet and lubricated after his long and wonderful oral stimulation it felt just like a wonderful rod of heaven entering her womanhood like she'd never been entered before.

Now she was initiated and she was so very happy sharing her new life with Fabby.

Like the meals he presented to his clientele each day so was his lovemaking and she discovered that there was so much more to making a delicious cock-a-leekie soup and his own contrivance of meatball pasta, she simply loved to go up behind him when he was preparing a dish, dip her hands deep into his pockets and find his masculinity.

"With you we make a great team, Louise baby" and he made her laugh when he threw aside the rolling pin and rolled the suet pastry for a steak and kidney pudding with his long stiff appendage!

"Much better than wood" he grunted, "come, Louise you roll it for me and we shall make the bestest pie ever."

She couldn't believe what she was doing but it was the most bazaar thing she had ever done, in fact the touch of her hands kneading him like that got him going and she saw in his eyes that he did not want for her to stop.

She went down to him, tasted him with suet and flour, and then he spurted his cream and she tried to stop it going over the prepared suet, it was of no use, when Fabby came. he came big time, he had a large sexual appetite and soon they were on the floor both covered in foodstuffs meant for the pudding, it was the most exhilarating fuck she had ever known and that was just the start.

It was a joy to be with Fabby, here she had found her right guy and a right job as well - and when she served the eager diners with the evening meal she felt more feminine that ever before and she was happy to give her all, the way she looked, the way she walked and everything for the good of Fabby's restaurant.

Everybody was happy, and everything for the future looked fine and when Fabby was there, in the kitchen, watching his girl do her bit, he felt proud and so fortunate to know she was his, to realise the lust of those guys out there and their imaginings, when he did not have to imagine any more.

"What shall you do for the weekend, Fabby baby" asked Louise with those so deep penetrating eyes.

"Methinks truffles, how about that with Mario's finest sauce and followed by beef Wellington."

"Does that mean you'd like to have me in boots and black silk undies and the shortest of black skirts, Fabby?"

"Well we must give the customers what they crave for, baby" Fabby smiled.

"And methinks my Italian job too, " Louise laughed heartily.

"Now that's an idea for Mario's special weekend meal ," he replied - "yes, Louise, I shall call it Mario's Italian job!"

Louise's mind boggled but not for long ...

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