tagErotic HorrorMarissa's Big Day

Marissa's Big Day


What a day it had been! Marissa had spent the day shopping for her trousseau with her mother and now she was going to meet her maids of honor for a drink at one of the swankiest bars in the city. The Excelsior Hotel was old, famous, and THE place to be seen. Marissa had just picked up her wedding dress- it was done, finally. All of the alterations were finished and hardly a moment too soon. The wedding was in three days!

The excited girl was bubbling as she fairly bounced down the boulevard leading to the Excelsior. She was a trifle late for the meeting, but being the bride-to-be trumped being a bridesmaid. In fact, the bride trumped all four of her maids added together. They'd wait all right and, thought Marissa, it would be worth the wait because underneath her right arm she was carrying the outfit she intended to wear on THE night. Her fiancée couldn't see it until their wedding night of course; it was bad luck, but there was no prohibition against her showing it to her girlfriends. They would positively drool when they saw it!

Just an hour ago Marissa had kissed her mother goodbye at the seamstress shop, entrusting her mom with the wedding dress and then hailed a cab to take her to Bare Essentials, the lingerie shop which just happened to be three blocks from the Excelsior. Marissa knew exactly what she wanted. It had to be white, of course, and consist of multiple layers- thong panties and demi-cut fine lace brassiere on the inside, the racier the better. On the outside she wanted a kind of... wrapper, something elegant, made of silk and as unrevealing as her real wedding present for her husband was revealing. Buttons, it had to have lots of buttons so that when their special moment came she could play it out, make it last as she slowly revealed herself to the man she loved. To top it off, a full length white silk robe. The entire package, complete with stockings and stiletto heels to match, was tucked under her arm as she slowed to let the doorman open the door of the splendid hotel for her grand entrance. As she walked through the wide opening she saw the doorman's head turn to follow her and then she had to squint and cover her eyes from the setting sun. Evening was coming and she was on top of the world.

The bridesmaids had all been put up in an enormous suite of rooms on the top floor at the Excelsior by Marissa's father and the plan was for Marissa to meet them there before they would all go down to the bar for some chit chat. Then Marissa would head back to her parents', again by cab. Marissa boarded the express elevator to the exclusive suite and then pushed the buttons. While it rose at its own methodical pace, Marissa allowed herself to daydream what it would be like on her wedding night. Max was a hard-working, handsome, loving man who was attracted to Marissa for herself and not her father's money. The courtship had taken over a year before Max had asked her father for her hand and another year planning the wedding. Max had respected Marissa's desire to save intercourse until their wedding night. It was kind of a throwback to a bygone era, she knew, but while she was in Saint Bernadette's prep school in Connecticut she had made a pact with the very same four girls she was to meet in less than a minute. They would stay virginal until they were married. Now she was to be the first to wed, the first of the self-named "Gang of Five" to experience intercourse. The agreement they had made was simple; each girl had sworn to remain chaste until marriage. After some discussion and much giggling it was agreed by all that the strict definition of the agreement was "nothing at all below the waist" or "no letting them get past second base." To the best of her knowledge nobody had broken the pact.

The elevator slowed to a stop and the elevator's metal door slid open to reveal another door, solid and ornate complete with doorbell. Access to this exclusive and expensive group of rooms was closely guarded for obvious reasons. In its glorious past the Excelsior had seen some of the wealthiest and most famous personages in the world sleeping in these beds and when those people booked at the great hotel they expected and paid for privacy and security as well as luxury. Marissa had just reached for the entrance buzzer when the door opened from the other side. "Surprise!" shouted the excited greeters. Marissa stood dumbstruck, totally surprised. Before her stood her four best friends, each clad in her old St. Bernadette's school uniform. The previous year had seen their fifth reunion and it was there that Marissa had broken the news and named each of her four friends as her bridesmaids. Sarah had come up with the idea of the bachelorette party that very same weekend. When they returned home after the reunion each of the girls had dug her uniform out of storage, cleaned it and now had brought it to the wedding. A couple of the girls, including Sarah had to diet in order to squeeze their slightly more mature frames into their old school clothes, but all had succeeded. And there they were, dressed in black patent leather shoes, knee socks, white linen shirts and soft blue and white plaid skirts which due to an inch or two of gained height were scandalously high above the knee.

Each girl had a champagne flute and Sarah had two. Sarah handed one of the slim pieces of crystal stemware to Marissa. "Drink up, Marissa," said the smiling blonde. "It's going to be a long night." Marissa was rushed by the group and amidst the roar of everyone talking or shouting at once Marissa learned that she had been lured to her own bachelorette party and that it was going to be a sleepover. Her parents had been in on it. Her mother had even secretly provided Sarah with Marissa's St. Bernie's outfit. The room had been decorated with "St. Bernie's" banners and signs. Photos of the girls from four years of friendship they had shared together were everywhere. It was perfect.

A few hours and magnums of champagne later the night had fallen and Sarah remembered that she had Marissa's uniform. She went to the closet to get it. "Hey, Marissa," she chirped, "Look what I've got!" She pulled out Sarah's plaid outfit and tossed it to the young redhead and Marissa caught it, beaming. As she rose to examine it prior to putting it on Marissa too remembered that she had brought something special to wear.

"I have something to show you guys too," smirked Marissa as she set down her old school skirt and picked up the small parcel from Bare Essentials. "Take a gander at... this!" she exclaimed as she drew out the white box containing her new intimate wear. She plopped the box on the coffee table and opened it, turning back the delicate tissue paper to reveal the outfit. All at once the schoolgirls rushed the box, each girl reaching in and taking out a piece of the outfit and holding it at arm's length for closer examination. The sound of screeching and giggling signaled approval. Lisa, a short brunette had the thong. Her face blushed red as she turned to Marissa. Lisa's mouth was open wide. "'Riss," she said, "please put it on."

"No way," Marissa replied.

Then the chanting began. "Put it on. Put it on. Put it on. Put it on!" the excited schoolgirls chanted rhythmically. Each time the volume rose until all for girls were shouting.

"Alright, alright," Marissa said in mock surrender, but if any of you let Max in on what he's in for I'll kill you. This has to be a total secret. Promise."

"We promise!" the girls exclaimed. Marissa gathered up the pieces of her outfit, took the shoebox containing the wickedly thin white heels under her arm and went into the bathroom. When she emerged, she was clad in a full length white satin robe cinched at the waist by a long silken cord wrapped all the way around the robe and tied in a bow off to one side. She had taken the time to take down her long red hair and brush it quickly, just for effect, and her reddish auburn tresses made for a stark contrast as they covered her milky white shoulders and ran down her back. The effect was stunning. The bridesmaids issued a collective sigh and Marissa knew that they approved. Max was a lucky man.

Marissa decided to vamp it up a bit. She turned away from her girlfriends and then twisted her neck to look back over her shoulder. Her hair did a flip turn and then rearranged itself while she cracked the thinnest "come hither" smile. She reached down to seize the silken cord and then slowly began to pull it until the bow disappeared and it came away in her hand. Just then the doorbell at the elevator made its familiar buzz. Marissa went from seductress to prude in a heartbeat as she hastily retied her cord and made for the bathroom. Sarah said, "Hold it Marissa. It's alright I just asked for some room service and this must be it.

"But I'm half naked," Marissa replied.

"No, you're not," Sarah insisted, "whatever naughty lacey outfit you have under there is completely hidden by that robe. For cryin' out loud this is a hotel! Don't you think that the room service personnel ever have a guest answer the door in a bathrobe? Take a chill pill, Mar." Marissa realized that Sarah was probably right. She stopped her retreat and inched back into the room, clearly embarrassed at how skittish she had become. Sarah went to the door to the elevator and peered through the peephole. After a moment she stepped back and smiled. It's just what I ordered said the blond in the light blue plaid skirt as she looked back at the assembled friends and put her hand on the doorknob.

When she opened the door all the girls in the room were greeted to not one, but five young male waiters dressed in the hotel's signature blue velvet jackets with red trim. The lead waiter said, "Did somebody order room service?" as he gave a quick wink and an almost imperceptible nod to the schoolgirl side of the assembled coterie. "May we come in and set up?"

"Why certainly," said Sarah and stepped back to clear the path. Slowly the five men entered, two of them wheeling two linen covered silver carts. Under the linen draped over each cart was a large covered container. Each of the three other waiters carried their left arm rigidly and extended, white linen service towels, perfectly arranged, hung precisely halfway between elbow and fingertips. The waiters entered silently and in file until all were lined up in front of the two carts. They pivoted as one to face the young women who were distributed more or less randomly throughout the large room. Sarah was closest, a few feet from the end off the line. The three other schoolgirls were draped over the sofa. Marissa was farthest from the carts, but inched closer. Curiosity had gotten hold of her and her earlier concerns about proper dress clearly were secondary now. All of the waiters stared directly at the twenty-something schoolgirls who returned their gaze, to a woman. These young men were uncommonly handsome, and their uniforms fit them tightly, hinting at what had to be spectacularly muscular frames just below the surface, especially the middle waiter who was a bit larger and noticeably more handsome than his peers, who were themselves uncommonly good looking, judging from how the assembled faux-schoolgirl partiers followed their every gesture. It was if just being in the same room with these uniformed hunks had a mesmerizing effect on them.

Marissa's green eyes focused on the leader. He returned her gaze, intently scanning the beauty. Although he held his head rigidly looking forward, his eyes darted up and down. They were brown, dark brown, almost black. He spoke to the attractive young women and said, "We have prepared a very special evening for you. May we begin?" Sarah nodded and the waiter grasped the linen cover and removed it revealing an enormous, gold serving tray. It must have been worth a fortune, thought the girls as they watched the linen cloth retract. They leaned forward as if by gaining a few inches they would have a better look. Marissa was now just behind the couch standing with her hands delicately resting on the soft velour back.

The head waiter extended his hand to grasp the handle of the elaborate serving dish and said "Ladies, I am delighted to inform you that tonight's specialty of the house is...YOU!" The top was removed and underneath lay, not some delicacy sent up from the five star kitchen fifteen floors below, but a pile of soft silken ropes. The girls weren't quite sure what to make of the presentation. A moment ago they had been ogling the chiseled uniformed eye candy standing before them. Now they were staring at a platter filled with coiled ropes. Was this some sort of bachelorette party act? Were they going to be treated to some sort of show involving these studs? If so, what was up with the ropes?

The four young women dressed in plaid and linen looked at each other hoping one or the other of them might be in on it and would suddenly shout "Surprise!" or something equally silly. Nobody said anything. Their heartbeats jumped in unison preparing them for whatever surprise was next. Marissa stood up straight, sensing peril, but her eyes remained transfixed on the tallest waiter even as he returned her stare, freezing her where she stood. Sarah was the first to speak. "I'm afraid that there has been some sort of mistake. This is definitely NOT what I ordered." Without reply, the four young waiters broke ranks and moved towards the women who, by now had figured out that they were in danger. Sarah was the closest and the first to be seized. In a single fluid motion the dark haired man in the blue and red jacket caught her left forearm with his outstretched right hand and spun the surprised and indignant blonde around, pinning her arm tightly behind her back between her shoulder blades. Before she could utter another word of protest, his left hand had covered her mouth, ending the verbal protest. His heavily muscled arm held her head tight against him like a clamp. She could neither move nor cry out.

The other girls had an extra second to react. They chose to use it to scream or bolt from the sofa. Kim, a thin, but athletically built former runner reacted quickly and shot off the couch, running for the bedroom door. One of the waiters, ropes in hand pursued her and caught up to her in the doorway. As he tackled the fleeing girl she fell forward to the carpet, arms outstretched. She screamed. In a heartbeat her assailant was on top of her. One knee pinned her torso to the rug and the other knee went directly to her neck. She kicked her feet and tried to lift her arms, but she could not turn her shoulders to get any leverage. One by one her arms were jerked behind her back and pinned under the waiter's knee. He was incredibly strong and before long her arms were firmly tied at the wrists. He then turned his attention to her legs which were tied at the ankles and then drawn up and hog tied to her hands. "Untie me you asshole," Kim screamed. His reaction was to lift her skirt above her waist exposing her long legs and her panties. She bucked as forcefully, alternately swearing at her captor and then, in the next breath, begging for mercy. Neither curse nor had any effect. Calmly, knowing he was in total control of his immobilized victim, he reached down grabbed her panties and lifted. Her body rose from the floor as if by levitation. With a display of incredible strength the waiter easily lifted Kim's body. It rose a foot in the air and flipped. With a jerk, one side of her panties ripped at the seam. Quickly repeating his previous action, he tore the other side and ripped the cotton undergarment from the protesting schoolgirl, exposing her pussy and her ass simultaneously. In another moment her soft cotton panties had been stuffed in her mouth and tightly secured with yet another cord. Her sobs, entreaties, and curses were now indistinguishable from one another.

Back in the main room her friends had fared no better. Sarah was already secured to a strong overstuffed wooden chair, also silenced by a gag made from her own panties. Allison, a buxom big boned brunette had chosen to stand and fight for her freedom, all the while yelling and screaming "Help, Help!" It was over quickly as she was pushed back onto the couch by one of the waiters. She fell with a thud onto her back. The strain of the sudden violent stop coupled with the pressure from her huge breasts, split her linen blouse in two, popping all but the lowest button. Her low cut bra barely survived the fall. The waiter leapt onto the couch and immediately grabbed her neck with his outstretched hands and squeezed. As strong as she was for a woman, Allison quickly switched from offence to desperate defense, clutching at the hands that closed her windpipe depriving her of the oxygen she needed to continue the fight. In less than a minute Allison was out cold. In two she was immobilized by a cord wrapped around her neck and tied to her ankles which were tightly cinched behind her back. Her arms, tied at both the wrists and upper arms, extended above her head covering her face as she lay face down on the couch.

Lisa was the smallest of the five girls. Her diminutive frame still fit into her school uniform without the need for dieting. Her daily exercise was more than enough to maintain her 110 pound frame. In the face of the violence all around her Lisa just sat in another overstuffed chair knees up in the air and kicking her legs like a child. She looked like a teenager throwing a tantrum. Her hands covered her eyes as she shook her head like a dog shaking off water. When she looked up she could see her friends defeated by the intruders after barely a fight. She extended her hands and submitted. She was quickly bound with her hands behind her back. With her ankles tied as well, Lisa was functionally immobile. She stood frozen in fear, eyes clamped shut. Her cries for help were barely whimpers as her panty gag stifled all protest.

That left Marissa who seemed not to notice the brief battle all around her. She was too busy staring into the eyes of the head waiter. He advanced and gently took her outstretched arms, not breaking eye contact for as much as a millisecond. In a few seconds her wrists were secured and her arms were over her head stretched taut. She alone had no gag to quiet her screams because there were none, not that it would have mattered. She did nothing to protest and the walls were super insulated for privacy from the noises of the outside world. That meant, of course, that the outside world could not hear what was going on in the luxuriously appointed suite either. At this point there wasn't much to hear. The terrified young women were all bound in one way or another and gagged with their own undergarments. Marissa was in some sort of trance. They weren't saying anything; they weren't going anywhere.

The five men gathered together and admired their handiwork. In turn, the four girls in the blue pleated skirts and patent leather shoes stared at their captors wondering what would happen next, terrified that they had been abducted for ransom... or worse. Had they known what would transpire in the next hour or less their terror would have been multiplied tenfold. In an hour they would all be dead.

The waiters seemed to be discussing something, but in a few moments the discussion was over. Kim was retrieved from the bedroom to join the rest of her classmates. She had been partially untied for transport into the main room. Two of the men escorted her into the room while another cleared off the long coffee table down to the wood. As Kim stood with her back to the table held tightly by her escorts she stared into the face of the same waiter that had run her down just minutes before. He reached out and removed her gag. She shook her head but did not speak, preferring instead to scowl at her captor. Wordlessly he began to remove his own garments. The blue velvet trousers sank to his ankles. He wore no underwear and once Kim looked to his penis, which was semi-erect and rising, she began to shake violently. When her face returned to the upright position what she saw sent a cold shudder direct to her marrow. The half naked man's eyes were no longer dark, but glowed dull red. His fingernails had grown almost an inch and now resembled tiny daggers. Each hand was a five bladed straight razor, sharp and menacing.

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