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Mark & Tara


Tara practically bounced onto the plane. Her stomach was a mess of nervous butterflies, but she was so excited she couldn't sit still. The other passengers returned her ear to ear grin with bemusement, yet she didn't notice. She was somewhere else, in her mind. She'd been waiting for this for so long, and now it was finally happening! She let out a nervous giggle and the person sitting next to her stared, making her blush. Shifting in her seat, she wondered if she'd miss the city that had been home all her life. Definitely not, she assured herself, this is going to be the greatest adventure of my life!


The announcement cracking over the planes PA woke her up from a restless sleep. Tara's entire body screamed with exhaustion – 28 hours on a plane wore her out like she'd never thought. Here she was, thinking she'd land looking as immaculate as when she left, now her hair was a mess from falling asleep on it, and she felt like she really needed a shower. Slowly getting up from her window seat, she did her 'excuse me's and wandered into the bathroom at the back of the plane. Geez! It was worse than she thought. Her eyes were falling out of her head, her skin was pale and tired, and trying to do a sexy smile at herself in the mirror made her look like an alien. Cursing, she brushed her hair as best she could, washed her face in the tiny sink, then went back to her seat to prepare for landing and for the disappointment on her lovers face when she got off the plane looking like a train wreck.


Mark stood back from the throng milling around the arrivals gate. They were all pushing and shoving, waiting for the arrival of long lost relatives or some such, wanting to be at the front. Besides, he wanted to see her, to watch her for a moment, before he greeted her. He was nervous, but did his best not to show it as the passengers started to flow through the gates. Then he saw her. Her long auburn curls were tousled, her face showing a question mark as she looked through the small crowd for him. God, she's even more beautiful than I realised, he thought, stepping forward to greet her.

"Oh!" She exclaimed, almost walking into him, then blushed at the awkward meeting. They stood, suspended in time, his deep brown eyes looking into her cloudy blue ones. Mark snapped out of it first, reaching and pulling her into a breathtaking bear hug.


Tara was a little uncomfortable, sitting in the passenger seat of Marks car. After that hug, from which she still had tingles coursing through her body, he'd been the perfect gentleman and taken her by the hand to get her luggage, which he then carried to the car. But he hadn't kissed her, and this bothered her a little. Sitting as passenger on the right hand side of the car, and driving on the right side of the road was something different too. At least she hadn't embarrassed herself by trying to get in on the left side, out of habit. They made small talk, Mark pointing out various things as they drove along, which she smiled and nodded to, not really taking anything in but the sexy rasp of his voice. She was startled when Mark pulled into an apartment building parking lot. She hadn't realised they'd been driving for so long already. We're here! She thought excitedly, smiling to herself.


After setting Tara's suitcases down in his bedroom, he asked if she was hungry. She looked at her watch.
"No thanks," She smiled. "My body thinks its 3pm in the afternoon... But I'd really love a shower."
"Ahh... of course." He guided her by the waist in a quick tour of his apartment, before leading her into the bathroom. He disappeared, reappearing a moment later holding a fluffy white towel, the sort they have in hotels.
"Thank you."
"You're most welcome."
And with that, he left her on her own. She closed the door, frowning. Why hasn't he kissed me? She wondered.


Mark sat down on his couch with a sigh. It was torture not to draw her body into his, the way he'd dreamt of doing, so many times. He wanted her to be sure she wanted him. He had to wait until she came to him, willingly.
What if she doesn't? He thought, before shaking his head and pushing the notion from his mind. May as well get comfortable while I'm waiting. Taking off his shoes and his shirt, he relaxed back into the couch, turning his television, even though he wasn't able to focus on anything on the screen.


Scrubbed clean, Tara's mind was much clearer. She didn't understand why Mark was playing hard to get. Perhaps he was just being shy. Maybe he wasn't attracted to her, after all. Either way, she had come all this way for him, and she wasn't going to wait any longer to find out. She walked out, wearing her towel, to find him sitting on the couch, looking distracted. Seeing a questioning expression across Tara's face, Mark stood, to see if she was looking for something.
"I put your suitcases in... the bedroom." He said, catching himself before he said 'our'. That was silly. She probably didn't even want him.
"I'm not looking for my clothes." Her gaze met his.


She reached for him, pulling his mouth into hers. She was hungry with need for him, and he kissed her back ferociously, possessively, gathering her to him as close as he could. Feeling her soft, warm skin, he realised she'd let her towel drop to the floor. He groaned into her neck.
Sitting back onto the couch, pulling her onto him, his eyes widened in momentary shock as he realised she must have pulled off his shorts without him noticing. Feeling her smooth pussy, hot against his erection, neither of them could wait any longer. He plunged deep inside her, Tara wrapping her legs around his waist, wanting, needing all of him. It was all so good, too good for her, and he felt her pussy gripping him like a vice, as she cried out his name into his chest, clinging to his body for dear life. Hearing Tara call his name as she came sent Mark over the edge, his body shuddering as he climaxed, spilling into her. They held onto each other, breathing heavily, neither able to speak.


Mark gently lifted Tara off his lap, a low moan escaping her lips as his softening penis left her body. Laying her across his body, he kissed her gently, and gathered her into his arms. She curled up against him and soon feel into a deep, relaxed sleep, a peaceful smile playing at the corners of her mouth. Mark looked down as he gently stroked her hair. She was his.

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