tagMatureMark Returns

Mark Returns

byMr James©

For Mary, September came all too quickly and Mark left for university. They had bid their farewells the night before he left and the next morning Mary had nursed a delightful ache between her thighs and a heavier ache around her heart. Mark had talked of giving up his course at University and finding a job, so that he could be near to her. Mary persuaded him that she would be waiting for him and, reluctantly, he agreed to go.

He wrote a letter to her every week, full of happenings on his course and people he had met. Every letter had a number circled on the last page and Mary would puzzle over the hidden meaning. Every Sunday, after lunch Mary would sit at her dressing table and pen her reply. Sometimes, Mark would describe what he imagined doing with her and she would sit at her dressing table, naked, and caress herself. In her mind she pictured herself writhing in the crumpled sheets on her bed, touching and touched. Those times, she would slip her finger deep within her pussy and sign her letter with her fingerprint, rimmed in the nectar from her pussy.

Eventually, when the numbers on Mark's letters reached single figures, she wrote asking what it could mean. His letter in reply had a simple explanation. The number 3 at the bottom of the letter was ringed and he had written 'Days until I see you again.' Mary realised with a rush that Mark would be back by the end of the week. This would be the end of his first term and he would be back. With this realisation, Mary looked at the calendar and realised that Mark would be back a fortnight before Christmas.

Mary was determined that her Christmas present to Mark would be particularly special. She had an idea. Sitting at the dressing table, she started to compile a list. She had some vital things to do before Mark got back.

The first was to visit a photographic store. There she bought an expensive Japanese camera and a top of the range video camera. The video camera could be operated remotely and was supposedly foolproof. She bought a good quality tripod and had the assistant demonstrate all the features of the video camera. At last she was satisfied that she could operate the video camera and left with her purchases.

Mary's next stop was at a shop on the other side of town. She had found the store from a website that advertised itself 'for lonely ladies'. It sold an extensive range of dildos and vibrators in a bewildering array of colours and sizes. She spent almost the whole afternoon examining the merchandise, with the help of an elegant, mature, sales assistant. She confided to Mary that she had used two particular models for a number of years but, if she had not tried such toys before, Mary might find them a little too much. Mary eventually bought a long slender vibrator in flesh-pink vinyl and a slightly thicker and stubbier dildo. The sales assistant also included a large jar of lubricant, 'in case Mary found the vinyl a little clinging'.

Mary made her way home quickly and almost scrambled up the stairs. She arranged the video camera on the tripod, with the bed filling the viewfinder. Then she plugged it in and fed a tape into the camera. She put the remote, hardly bigger than a credit card, on the bedside table and went into the bathroom to undress and shower. Stepping out, she patted herself dry, before standing in front of the full-length mirror. Inspecting her reflection she checked the pale skin at the top of her thighs. The skin was still smooth and hair free from her last waxing at the beginning of the week and she smiled at the thought of Mark's expression when she gave him his special Christmas presents.

Mary went into her bedroom and unwrapped the new dildo and vibrator. Then she opened the curtains and let the thin, wintry sunlight fall across the bed. Satisfied that everything was set up and ready, she slipped out of her robe and spread herself across the bed. She pressed the record button on the remote for the video camera and began to caress herself. She ran her fingers over the curve of her breasts, pinching her nipples until they became hard and swollen, almost looking bruised as she twisted and rolled them between her fingers and thumbs. She groaned loudly as she tugged at the hard points panting and grunting. Slowly she moved her hand down, over the swell of her belly, to her bare pussy and began to run her fingertip along the bare slit. Licking her other forefinger she reached down between her thighs and opening her pussy with one hand, slid her finger, wet and glistening from her mouth, into the moist opening. Closing her eyes, she ran her finger along the tender lips and then took the erect bud of her clit between finger and thumb, stroking the length of it slowly and gently. Her hand moved faster and she began to buck her hips and grunt harshly. Her whole body convulsed and she gushed creamy fluid over her fingers, before falling back onto the bed. She picked up the vibrator and began to move the smooth plastic over the skin of her loins, gradually the tip moved nearer and nearer the opening to her passage and she brushed the humming tip over the end of her clit. A mini spasm coursed through her body and she took a firm hold of the rod and plunged it deep into her slippery passage. Drawing her knees up she worked her hand back and forth, driving the buzzing toy in and out of her dripping gash. Her body stiffened again and she arched her back, pointing her dripping pussy straight at the camera lens. Here legs buckled and she drew the vibrator out of her pussy. Reaching out with her other hand, Mary took hold of the dildo and slowly pushed the hard plastic into her tender pussy, The plastic stretched the tender lips as it pierced her, thinning them as she gripped the rod. This time she held back from working it back and forth, just pushing it deeper and deeper until she was completely filled with it.

Mary turned onto her belly and raised her bottom. Taking the vibrator, she flicked the switch to turn it off and then placed the tip against the brown star of her anus. Taking a deep breath and bearing down, Mary pressed against the base of the vibrator, forcing it slowly into her rectum. Once it was fully inserted, she flicked the switch on the base, feeling the insistent hum building in her loins. Arching her body she shuddered as she came repeatedly, her ample bosom shaking and her nipples swelling. With a final cry, she pinched her clit and, gushing wetly onto the bed collapsed in a heap. She had just enough strength to press the button to stop the camera recording and ease the vibrator out of her anus.

Mary was fully recovered from her filming on the Saturday when Mark returned. She had waved as he drew up on Cissy and John's driveway. She realised that they would have a lot of catching up to do and she spent the early part of the evening wrapping the videotape she had made. The cameras were to be Mark's present but Mary thought the tape would add spice to his next term.

She had just finished sealing the package when she heard a rapping on the front door. She frowned and padded down the hallway, flicking the porch light on as she peered through the peephole. Mark was standing on the doorstep, his hand raised to knock again. Mary opened the door, almost flinging it open. Mark stepped straight into her arms. Between kisses, Mark told her that John and Cissy had gone to visit relatives and would not be back until the next day.

Mary pressed her lips to Mark's face, kissing hungrily. Mark could barely keep from tearing her clothes from her body. Hand in hand they made their way upstairs to Mary's bedroom. They left the curtains open and, in the moonlight, Mark began to undress her. The soft cotton of her blouse parted revealing the smooth satin of her bra. Marks fingers were deft as he unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it down around her feet, leaving her in only her bra and panties. The clinging material was sticking to her skin as Mark kissed her mouth hungrily, while he reached behind her to unfasten the clasp of her bra and release her breasts. The pink hardness of her nipples caught in the edge of the bra cups, making her groan as the material dragged over the sensitive buds. Mark did not notice the video camera, which Mary had taken from the tripod and left on the shelf. Mary stepped back and sat heavily on the bed. Leaning back, she touched the remote unit and in a flash of devilment, she stabbed her finger down on the record button. Mark was looping his fingers in the waist of her tight panties and tugging them down to reveal her dripping pussy. Naked, she sat up and her busy fingers loosened his belt, pushing his trousers down. Leaning closer, in full view of the camera, she opened her mouth and slowly slipped his hard cock between her lips. Brushing her hair away from her face, so that the camera had a better view, she sucked on his hard cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth. The crimson lipstick was smeared along the shaft and her slender fingers curled about the base as she sucked loudly on Mark's erect cock.

Moving her head back, Mary curled her fingers around mark's balls and squeezed them gently. Her hand drifted along his slick cock working the velvety skin against the hardness underneath. The hood of foreskin drew back to reveal a swollen purple knob that Mary slowly licked, only touching the tip of her tongue to his hot skin. She stroked faster and faster, running her hand the length of his hard shaft and pausing every few strokes to lick and kiss the swollen head. The skin was tight and shiny like a plum and Mary knew that Mark would not be able to strand such torment for much longer.

Mary opened her mouth wide and pointed the slit of Mark's cock at her face, squeezing his shaft a little harder. She could feel the bubbling and jerking within his cock that signalled the sperm beginning to erupt from his heavy sac. Strings of thick sticky sperm splashed against her face and into her mouth, running down her chin. Scalding drops of cum splashed across her breasts and nipples as Mark grunted with every spurt. Mary carefully collected the droplets of Mark's cum and licked it from her fingers, savouring it as though it were sweet nectar.

Once she had licked every drop from her fingers, Mary unfastened Mark's shirt and made him kick off his shoes and socks. When he was as naked as she, Mary took his limp cock and began to run her fingers along the slick skin. Mark stiffened almost immediately and, as she leaned forward to take the head in her mouth, Mary was rewarded with a stiffening of his whole cock and a swing of his hips to slide the shaft over her tongue. He reached down and rolled the hard buds of her nipples between his fingers, tugging them gently. Pinching the hard points he made her groan in anticipation, then pushed her back onto the bed.

Dropping to his knees, Mark placed his hands on the smooth skin of Mary's thighs and eased her legs open. The pink lips of her pussy, still tender from her exploration before he returned, beckoned. He lowered his head and ran the tip of his tongue from the dark star of her anus all the way to the hard kernel of her clit. A warm gush of cream filled her pussy and seeped down the cleft of her ass. She spasmed beneath him and trembled throughout her body as his tongue lapped and caressed her.

"Mark, don't. Just fuck me, I've waited so long for you."

"Mary, I love you, I want this to be wonderful for you."

"Darling it is, but I need you know. I need your cock inside me, in my cunt."

Mark raised himself and, with Mary still perched on the edge of the bed, guided the tip of his cock between the lips of her pussy. Taking a deep breath, He plunged his cock hard and deep into her bubbling pussy. She felt like silk as he drove into her, the skin of his crotch slapping against her shaved pussy. His balls were pressed against her bottom and he was sheathed to his very hilt. The bed gave a little as he held her down, pinning her with his body, impaling her on his staff. Slowly he began to rock and then to thrust sliding easily in and out, the wet slurping sounds of her pussy caressing his cock loud in the stillness of the bedroom. He pounded his cock into her yielding flesh and filled her with his hard young body.

Mary could only grunt with every thrust as Mark spread her legs as wide as he could and held them there until her muscles ached and trembled. She could feel her pussy burning as he drove his cock deep into her, the delicious friction of her dripping pussy making him swell even further as he pounded deeply. The grinding of his pubic hair against her clit was too much and she cried out as her body was wracked with wave after wave of orgasmic release. Her pussy milked the cock buried deep within her and Mark began to spurt uncontrollably, spraying scalding streams of cum into her pussy, filling and then overfilling her passage as she squeezed and milked every drop of the creamy fluid from his member. They both fell onto the bed, passion momentarily spent. Mary had just enough energy to reach up and tap the button on the remote that switched the video camera off.

"Darling, I have a very special Christmas present for you. Even more special than I realised."

"What is it?"

"Mark, you shall just have to be patient. I know you'll like it."

Mary hid her grin by burying her face in marks chest and giving his nipple a tiny, playful bite. Then she snuggled up to him and began the serious business of husbanding her strength for the rest of the night.

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