The bed is pushed up against the east-facing window of the small bedroom, so it was no surprise – only an annoyance – that I awoke to sunlight in my face as the bright rays of golden light passed through the narrow gap in the curtains and bombarded my closed eyelids. The sun was shining so brightly already that even before my eyes were open, I practically felt blinded. This was not the first time such an occurrence had been the cause of my unwanted awakening, as evidenced by the quick, deft ease with which my hand reached up and pulled the curtains closer together to at least lessen the intensity of the sunlight upon my face.

But I figured that I should at least make a token effort of waking up and getting out of bed to start the day, so I rolled to my back... and was pleasantly surprised to see my girlfriend just returning to the bed, wearing nothing but a smile and a heavy coating of red upon her lips. "You were supposed to stay asleep a little longer," she said with a mock pout, "so I could awaken you in a special way today."

"Sorry," I said as she pulled the covers aside and slid into place beside me. "I apparently did not read the memo on that subject."

As she pulled the covers back over her, I pulled her against me, allowing her to shift to a comfortable position with her head on my shoulder and a hand gently stroking my chest. For several long minutes, we simply lay together like that, mutually naked under the heavy, warm covers.

My girlfriend wrapped in my arms and the bright sunlight no longer shining in my face, all was right with the world, and I began to drift once again into sleep. After the late night at a favorite local club, I definitely needed to sleep a bit longer.

However, she had other plans.

Pulling down the covers, she exposed my bare chest to the slightly-cool air of the bedroom. She lifted her head, and began to place countless kisses across my chest, occasionally pausing to tug at a nipple with her teeth. It was very quickly quite evident that my body was not going to return to sleep anytime soon, not with such a beautiful young woman seducing me in such an unusual manner, so I simply closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations. Even before she finally slipped a hand down my body, my manhood was already quite erect. She stroked me gently, tenderly, lovingly, as she continued to kiss me all over my chest, leaving innumerable red imprints of her lips upon my skin. I idly wondered how I looked at that moment with my chest covered in red lip marks, and secretly wished that we could have had a mirror installed above the bed.

Eventually, we left the bed for good. Since we typically shower (often together) at night, we got dressed and went out to a favorite French restaurant for breakfast before launching into our previously-laid plans for the day. From time to time throughout the day, I would think about the many red marks upon my chest; covered by my sweatshirt and jacket, they were visible to no one, yet all day long, it seemed as if whenever my girlfriend looked at me, she looked not at my face, but at my chest... and she did not seem at all ashamed of her open stares at the area below my collarbone.

"I don't know why you keep staring at my chest," I finally whispered as we waited for the next subway train to arrive and take us back to her apartment. "After all, your chest is much more interesting than mine!!!"

After a light dinner, as I finished drying the last of the dishes, my girlfriend disappeared for a moment. When she returned, she held the same color of lipstick in her hand. "Mark me," she pleaded softly.

I raised a questioning eyebrow. "You want me to put on lipstick and then kiss you all over your chest, just like you did with me this morning?" I asked for clarification.

She nodded, a slight smile curling up the edge of her lips. "You seemed to be even more radiant today, more playful with me when we were out and about today. I believe that the markings upon your chest were in large part responsible for that. I just want to test my theory."

"I see." I leaned back against the kitchen wall for a moment, contemplating her request and her theory. "But there was also the element of being out in public today, so just how do you intend we test that aspect?"

She thought for a moment. "Perhaps a stroll through the park is also required for this test."

Minutes later, I sat on the edge of the bed as she applied the lipstick to me. I had performed in several plays in high school and college, so wearing make-up was definitely not a foreign concept to me. But never had I needed to wear lipstick for a play, and having it applied to heavily gave me mixed feelings. But, for her, I was willing to do anything, including wearing lipstick in public if I was unable to kiss it all away upon her chest.

I had her undress for me (and was treated to a sensual strip tease and a brief lap dance) and lay upon the bed. Then I followed her actions from the morning: kissing her chest, using my teeth to tug at her nipples, and lovingly playing between her legs. Some time later, she dressed, and we headed out to the park.

The sun had disappeared from the sky when we arrived at the park. With the final rays of daylight retreating to the western horizon, the lamps had all been automatically activated along the park's many footpaths. We strolled arm-in-arm, chatting softly about everything and nothing. And she was right about her theory: She seemed to glow, and her comments were definitely more playful than usual. She laughed more, and seemed even more alive.

I do not even know if anyone noticed my painted lips. She was so captivating that if people stared or made comments about "that guy wearing lipstick," I was entirely unaware of them.

But what really made that evening stroll all the more special was the simple fact that my girlfriend and I were both marked.

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