tagInterracial LoveMarni's black submission

Marni's black submission


Reader, this is a story of blackmail of a beautiful blond school teacher, and her eventual submission to her black pupil, and is then introduced to black lesbianism

Marni Dixon was near the top of her personal tree, all the years of hard work, graft, and studying was paying off, the next promotion was the next step, then the world, as they say would be her oyster. And nothing was going to get in her way, this was and still is a mans world, and she was breaking her back to conquer it.

She had recently got rid of her no hope husband, he had been like a parasite on her back, she had tried with him, to take him with her, but he had only gone along for the ride, to see what he could get out of it, it had taken her a long time to realise that he was never going to pull his weight in their marriage.

And in the last year since he had gone, she had rocketed upwards, it seemed as if the people who mattered had waited to see if she could hack it, do it on her own, well she could, and she did! She been given the deputy principal's job at the school she was now joining in the fall, one she had coveted since joining the education system 15 years ago. The next stop was his job.

Her role in life apart from the job she now held was the one that was keeping her in the public eye, and in their attention span. It was also her fervent hope that it would lead her to life in public office; she wanted to reach the top politically. Marni was a resolute and dedicated anti abortionist. She went on rallies, and spoke at meetings; she was being invited on to state TV to give her views and opinions.

She defeated many if not all whom opposed her, the arguments ranged far and wide, and sometimes had little to do with her programme, but she was reported in the press and national TV more and more.

Most of her opponents hated her really because of the way she looked, she could stop a man dead in his tracks at 10 paces, and some women activists were besotted with her too. But she took it all in her stride, she had had enough of men for a while, she had dabbled with women from time to time, but she preferred men.

Marni had short blond hair hair, a lovely golden honey bob, it curled into her neck, she had always worn it long but changed it on advice from her manager, ´short hair and they'll take more notice of you,´ he had said. And it was true too. Her hair was naturally wavy, and would curl around her without coaxing.

Her face was like all beautiful women's faces it was totally symmetrical, her huge wide sea green eyes, with arches that would grace a church, sat either side and above a turned up button nose. Her full blood red lips that didn't always need lipstick were a delight to behold, pouty upper lip slightly fuller than the bottom, teeth and smile that could dazzle a man, and dim the sun.

At 5 ft 8" and 120lbs, her body was soft yet firm, it swept from head to toe, all in graceful curves, no in and swinging out, it flowed like music, down to dainty painted nail feet. And Marni loved to look, behave and act, like the sensual woman she was. She did miss sex with her ex, he was a good lover, but it never compensated for what she really needed the most, love and support.

She knew that out there somewhere was the man she was going to need very soon in her life, she loved the buzz of making love, wild sex, and uninhibited foreplay, waking up in the morning and feeling a woody just waiting for her. She had tried casual sex but it just didn't cut it, if only her stupid husband had risen to the task, she would have given him everything.

There were plenty of admirer's at school, her boss, a couple of the teachers had made it clear they were available for a discreet liaison if she wanted to go that way. And no end of older male pupils had let her know they had the hots for her, including a couple of the girls too.

And in her political life that was beginning to bloom there were many too, offers of assistance here and there, a word in the right ear kind if offer, but she shied away from them, she knew only too well the pitfalls that she would never survive if she did.

She had settled in well and was learning the way the school operated, who was nice, who she could trust etc . She was becoming popular in her new role and that made her job easier, but she insisted on not mixing her two lives together, school was school, her anti abortionist and political life was another.

This weekend she was attending a national rally in a city 200 miles away. Marni spoke for 45 minutes and she went down a treat, she made every headline in the country, her support was growing like wildfire, and so was her notoriety, she was loved by all of her world, but equally hated by her detractors, she received death threats, she was even demonised too.

Matt Drinkwater was sat at home watching the rally on TV, he knew Marni Dixon, but when he knew her it had been Marni Pickard. Matt was a surgeon, and when he had met her it had been in a private clinic when he was training for his doctorate. It made him laugh when he had heard her pontificating about abortion.

Why? Because he had assisted in her very own abortion, one that he was sure no one knew about but him now, she had been 18 at the time, she was now 35, and he knew that the doctor who had terminated her baby was now dead, and the two assistant nurses had gone abroad, maybe she knew that?

He had no views either way on her opinions, people were entitled to hold their own, and as long as no one was hurt, what did it matter? As he was sat watching, his youngest son walked in, sat down and said to his dad. ´Wow dad, look at her, she's going places isn't she?´

´Maybe Luke, maybe,´ he replied.

´She is beautiful ain´t she though, hey dad?´

´She certainly is Luke, she certainly is,´ he said.

His dad then said to him, ´she has a funny political stance though.´

´Why has she?´ his son asked.

´Well maybe I shouldn't say this to you, because you are at her school, but I helped to do an abortion on her 17 or 18 years ago when she was Marni Pickard.´

´You have to be joking me dad?

´No son, I'm not, that's why I think she has an obtuse view of abortion.´ he said.

The 18 year olds mind went into immediate overdrive, he knew his dad had kept a history of his working life in the form of journals, he had always said he might write a book one day of his life as a doctor and surgeon.

The following day when he was at home alone, he went into his fathers study, and opened his shuttered library where he knew he kept his life's history. He was suddenly interested in his deputy principal's life story, what there was in her past he could garnish.

There were scores of books, and all in year and month order. He started off by pulling out the 20th year back, Jan to June, again nothing, next July to Dec 1991, and there she was Marilyn Pickard, he nearly missed it because he was looking for Marni Pickard.

She had entered the clinic in September 1991 and was there for 5 days as a private patient, someone had paid for her. She was 18 years old, DOB was 1972. The baby was aborted successfully and no complications, the medical team's names were all there including his dads. The baby had or would have been a boy. Also listed were addresses and parents names, why he didn't know.

He took the journal to his room and copied the relevant pages onto his scanner and PC, now he had all the info he returned it and left his dads study. He google'd the clinic and saw how they did things what it looked like. And in a sub folder there was a history of it, this gave him everything he needed to know. Next he created an official looking document.

Now he had to decide what to do with it. Should he you tube it and send it viral, no, he decided, that would wreck her and he would get nothing from that. Money No, he had that through his very wealthy dad. Grades at school, now that was a definite option! But if he was going to attempt blackmail he would have to go for it hooks line and sinker.

On the Monday morning he left the headed paper in a sealed envelope on her desk with her name on it. In the letter were all the relevant details of her abortion, giving names and addresses and of her procedure, and asking what she would like to do with the information. No one saw him put it there, also he put a untraceable cell phone number, and a newly created e mail address in the envelope, he would use an internet café to see how things went before risking using his home PC.

That night in the café he received an e mail from her, now he had her private address too. The e mail read:-

Dear sir/madam,

I have no idea where you have got this information, but I assure you it is not me, you are mistaken, and do not contact me again.

Mrs M Dixon.

Luke pondered her reply, he hadn't thought of this sort of answer. So he wrote back, and said to himself, if this doesn't work I'm done for.

Marni, or is it still Marilyn?

We both know who the person in question is, now don't annoy me, I may have to post it all on you tube.

He sat for a further 15 minutes and nothing came back, he was just about to log off and concede defeat when a new message flashed up.

Please, don't do that, what do you want, what do you want from me?

Luke could have cheered, now he had to get his reply right and make her see he was in charge of the situation, and not her.


I am happy we seem to understand the situation, if you didn't promote your self as the saviour of unwanted pregnancy when you have had one yourself there wouldn't be a problem, I don't suppose your anti abortionist colleagues know about this do they?

And at school, they won't be aware will they? Tomorrow in school I want you to wear a white blouse with a gold pendant around your neck to show me you are willing to comply. Do not let me down Marni; you won't like the end result if you do.

Her reply was concise.

I will do as you say, please don't publish this information; just let me know what you want, please?

Luke closed the PC and went home, not realising that as he had stood up, he had a hard on, that was when the idea hit him, he would try to get to her, the teacher every guy in school lusted after, including some of the teachers, and one or two of the girly dyke ones.

Luke couldn't wait to get home so he could jack off imagining what it would be like to have her underneath him as he fucked her senseless, with her calling out his name in throes off unbridled passion. When he did, he shot his load in seconds, he spouted his sperm right up into the air, and it landed on the wall above his head.

Luke was a tall young man, fairly broad shouldered, quite good looking, didn't have too much trouble getting the girls, his short black hair and dark skin was an attraction he was finding out that was useful in seducing some of them. His cock was a good size although in his young age he wasn't yet sure if he was bigger than most or normal in size.

He went to his PC and wrote a letter, and printed it off.

What price do you want to pay Marni, make me an offer, give me an idea of how serious you are about this, and come up with some suggestions for me okay?

This went into an envelope with her name on it, it was on her desk when she arrived. Marni walked into work wearing the instructed white blouse and gold pendant around her slim neck. She looked at the envelope; she knew who it was from. Marni opened it at the first opportunity.

She was aghast at the contents, what does he want from me, she thought? Marni spent the rest of the day deciding what offer to make, what kind. She had a desperate feeling that money wasn't going to be a useful one but she went for it.

That night Luke received an e mail.


Please, who ever you are please don't do this to me; if I have hurt or upset you in the recent past, I'm so sorry. I can offer you up to 10.000 but that's all I have, please let me know if this would be satisfactory.



Luke wasn't a bad lad, and seeing her plea brought a lump to his throat, but he had started this, he had to finish it now. What Marni didn't know was, he had no intention ever of revealing the information he had gained from his father.

He wrote back, forcing his fingers to the keys, he wrote.

Marni that is a very generous offer and it indicates you are aware of your plight. However I don't want money, I want something better than money Marni..

He sat and waited, last night it had been 15 minutes before she had replied, this time it was the same.

I think I know what you are saying, what you are asking of me. Please I am begging you, please don't do this, and don't make me do this?

Luke was overjoyed at her response, but he also felt a fucking heel for his actions, she was obviously bereft at her situation. But he had a huge fucking hard on again now too, his best friend had told him once, ´that a standing prick has no conscience´ and now he knew exactly what he had meant when he had said it.

He wrote straight back.

Marni, I am not making you do anything, this is you telling me? Wear a blue blouse tomorrow and a silver necklace.

He closed down and went home to take care of the monstrous hard on he had.

He left another note for her.

You can call me tonight at 8pm, I will expect your call.

Marni called right on the dot, Luke had tailed her home and sort of cased the joint as it were. She seemed to be operating okay, never saw any sign of anything untoward. No one was coming or going, no visitors to her home. He was reassured; she wasn't involving anyone else, not yet anyway.

´Hello? ´ she asked uncertainly.

Luke took a deep breath and spoke, ´Hi Marni, glad you called, how are you? He asked her´.

´I, I, I, I am okay, I think?´

´Marni take a deep breath, let's chat a while.´ He said.

´Yes whatever you say,´ then she cried down the phone, it was almost too much for him, he nearly cancelled his mission.

´Marni don't be upset, I am not a monster, it's just the way things have developed, I never had an abortion, it was you, and now we need to decide the way forward don't we?´

´Yes,´ came her sniffled response.

´Good, now what would you suggest?´

´Please tell me who you are, or something about you.´ she asked plaintively.

´I am a student in our school Marni, in my last year, but all you really need to know for the moment Marni is I have information, you need it back, you make me an offer?´ He told her.

He wasn't sure if she was recording this so he didn't force the issue, he was attempting not to incriminate himself.

´Yes okay, how about we meet somewhere of your choice, then we can talk and come to an agreement over this?´ She asked hopefully.

´That sounds like a plan, a hotel; maybe you could book a room so we can resolve this amicably?´ He mentioned.

´Oh erm, okay, I can do that.´

He interrupted, 'make it for Friday night, I'll meet you at nine, let me know where and the room number. And Marni, don't make any mistakes this is serious you know?' He was telling her not to involve anyone, or trouble was a certain outcome. He closed the phone so he could breathe properly again, so far so good, he thought.

Again that night he jacked off with her in his mind, hugging him while he fucked her. Telling him what a stud he was, all the things that go through a young mans mind. And again he blew a huge wad of cum over his shoulder.

Marni spent the rest of the week as often as she could checking out the students for give away looks or signs that she was being observed, she never found anyone, she also tried to imagine who it could be. Who was it that had gained this hold over her? She was also very much in fear because of the position she was now in, she should have stopped it some how, but it was too late, she had admitted everything to her blackmailer, and she knew with an unerring certainty that sex was going to be part or all of her quest to free herself, not knowing that she would never ever be exposed by him.

Her other problem was, he had admitted he was at her school, he must be over 18 and younger than 19, who could it be, she had actually looked at Luke but he had appeared normal around her so she had dismissed him. Another thought crossed her mind; I hope he isn't a dork, a geek or a nerd?

The envelope on her desk on the Friday morning said he wanted her to look good tonight, not that you have any trouble looking good Marni do you? Now it was confirmed what he would be wanting and she knew there wasn't much chance of her saying no to him now, he had the control not her.

She booked a double room suite, she had to please him, not antagonise him in any way. And she brought out the little white silk dress she used for the occasional cocktail party, it fit her like a glove, she knew she looked good, she carefully did her make up, stockings and suspenders were worn, thin miniscule panties, no bra. Her soft blond hair was done at the hairdressers, it looked terrific shaped into her long swan neck, a gold necklace finished her adornment. Her heels lifted her to her best height of around 5ft 11".

At 8.30 she was ready to go to meet her doom, she had one last look in the mirror, smoothed her hands over and around her hips, and thought, 'here we go girl, knock him dead!'

Luke had been in his car up the road from her house, he had been there for 2 hours waiting. He had told his parents he probably wouldn't be home tonight and left before questions could be asked. He had a bag with his things in, including a one dozen pack of condoms.

He was trying to time his arrival with her leaving to meet him, he had no intention of meeting her at the hotel, he still wasn't sure of his ground yet, he knew this was the test, the one where success would be gained, or a long prison term.

He knew that driving conservatively would get him to the hotel in 25 minutes, so at 8.35 he knocked on Marni's door, he had a book in his hand, one that he really was struggling with, and if things went pear shaped then he would be there asking her for help, that was the best excuse he could think of.

When the door opened the sight of Marni took his breath away.

She was surprised to see him standing there. She asked him what the problem was. Then she looked at him more closely.

'It's you isn't it Luke, you're the one aren't you?'

He stood there and said nothing, he was holding his breath, he was in awe of her beauty.

'You have had this all planned haven't you?'

Again he never replied.

'You had better come in Luke, you and I need to talk.'

He walked in behind her, then said, 'you had better cancel the hotel Marni?'

Her look was fathomless, 'it's too late for that Luke isn't it?´

He dropped his bag on the floor, he was gearing himself up for the confrontation that he knew was coming, but he was even more determined now to succeed, he wouldn't let her get the upper hand now, no way!

Marni went into teacher control mode, asking him what the hell he thought he was up to, telling him he could go to jail if he didn't stop this; it was a demand not a question. That's when he hit her with his bombshell.

'I won't be going anywhere Marni, you are the one in trouble here, if you don't believe me call the police.' He walked and picked up the phone and gave it to her, 'go on Marni, call them, see what happens, I'm here asking for help with my school work that's all.'

It took the wind right out of her sails, she hadn't expected that response, she had imagined him folding and begging forgiveness. He hadn't buckled at all, it was her that was buckling, he could see defeat in her gorgeous eyes.

'Now Marni, what are we, or rather you going to do about this Hmmm?'

She was beaten, she knew it, and more to the point so did Luke, she would be his very soon.

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