tagGay MaleMarried Cocksuckers: The Gloryhole

Married Cocksuckers: The Gloryhole


I approached the video booth in the back hallway of the adult book store. I had about an hour leeway from the time that I got off work, till the time that Helen, got off at her job. I was eager that today's session would give me some nice cocks to get in my mouth. That's right. I am married, but I have been sucking cocks long before I met Helen. It started when I got home from the army at an early age, in a time when jobs were scarce. I found that the men on the other side of the glory hole would pay me money to let them suck my cock. I would put my cock through the hole for a couple of seconds. Just long enough for the man on the other side to get a taste of young cock.

They usually stuck a ten or a five through the hole and I had them suck me off then. I could cum several times back in those days, and after three hours or so I had enough cash to do me. I found that I was spending the money very quickly and had to return to the book store more often. I was getting addicted to blowing my cum in an anonymous mouth. As I grew older and had a job I still liked to go to the glory holes. As fate would have it, one day a large cock came through the hole. From the other side came the request to suck it a little before putting mine through. One day that cock came in my mouth.

I spit it out the first few times till curiosity got the best of me and I swallowed. That was the start. For a few years I would visit the glory hole and suck many cocks. A nice large white one or a nice large black one. I was impressed that the black cock felt so velvety. I still preferred a nice white cock, but most of all I liked a cock, period. I started dating and getting some pussy, but every few weeks I would get the urge to suck a hard cock and swallow it's cum.

I met Helen at my job. She worked in the secretary pool in those days. Now she does data entry. We went together for a few months and then we married. I remember it was almost four years after we married when Helen had to go to her mother's home a couple of hundred miles away. I got the urge for some strange cock. The obvious thing to do was to visit the adult book store. Over the years it had turned into an adult arcade and it was easier to get to the booths with out being seen. The long hallway, actually three hallways now, were dimly lit. I would wait for a cock to come through the hole. I now pushed the small, drippy cocks back through. The man would usually leave after such rejection.

I would sometimes just change booths and hope for a better cock. One night I was changing booths and there was this man in his early twenties, I am in my late twenties now. He was wearing cowboy boots and he was slim and even in the dim light I could see a large budge in his jeans. He looked at me and I at him, in the universal language. I went into a booth and before I could close it, he was in the booth with me. I turned around to tell him to tell him to go into the empty booth next door. He dropped his jeans instead. What I saw made me gasp. His cock was long, a little thicker than mine but half again longer. I have roughly seven inches. This guy had to have at least ten. He stood while I sat on the wooden bench. As I reached and held his cock, it erected fully. It was hard, and with many veins popped out along the shaft.

I had never seen such a cock before, white or black either one. I licked at the head and it tasted clean. The only odor was that of a horny male. It got my juices going and made my cock get painfully hard. I slipped my pants down to let my cock free, and started to really suck at this beautiful cock. I let my hands go around his tight butt and I pulled him to me till I felt his cock at the Very bottom of my throat. I had done my first deep throat. With the wall in the way and not wanting my mouth to come in contact with the dried streaks on cum below the hole, I had never been able to do this. I was rewarded with a very large shot of sperm. I pulled back immediately so I could swallow it, and also so I could taste it with my tongue.

My God. It was great. I kept sucking till I had gotten all the cum from his large tube. I was totally emersed in the taste of his cum. "How about coming to my hotel room, and we can get naked," he said. I started to answer him, and agree, when a really nice cock thrust though the hole. I had to look down at it. The stranger sat down and reached for the cock. He took my hard one into his hand too. "Let's suck this one together," he simply stated, and swallowed the new cock. I was right there with him, and we both sucked the cock till it spat in our mouths.

That night in his Hotel room, we did a sixty nine and I filled his mouth with sperm. As I was relishing having cum so great, he felt my butt. "Have you ever had a cock there before." I shook my head. He had me got to the bathroom and use the enema thing he had there. I flushed several times, and went back to him as jittery as a new bride. It took him a while and he used some cream on my anus, but her finally got it in me. All ten inched were well up inside my rectum. I let him fuck me slow at first, and then harder till he came. I don't know why I never tried this before. I would imagine what helen would feel like with this cock in her own rectum.

Helen and I tried every thing we could think of. Anal sex was something that we repeated time after time. We would also pee in each others mouths while we were in the large shower. We repeated this on occasions, usually when we were extremely hot after a very lively fuck session. That night with Ray, he had told me his name, had me fuck his ass also. Except for the fact that he was hairy, it wasn't much different from when I fucked Helen's ass. I finally went home in the early morning, totally satisfied, and thinking about Ray and my wife.

Helen had called my cell while in Ray's room and we had a little sex talk. Ray had his cock up my ass while we did. That got me wanting to see Ray fuck Helen. Or better yet, the two of us sucking his cock together. The next day at lunch I met Ray. It seemed that he was in data entry also and was looking for a job. he had come from a small western city to the big city looking for work. I talked to the person in charge of Helen's department and he was hired to start the next day. When Helen came back she would meet the new hire.

Helen was to be gone two more nights and that night I took Ray to mine and Helen's home. We fucked and sucked in the same bed that Helen and I slept in. We concocted a story about how we met. Over lunch naturally. I would say that I saw him looking over the classified section and could see that he was interested in data entry. One thing would lead to another and I would take him to my company, and have him talk to Helen's boss. I didn't change where he was from. Ray was a real cowboy, and not just a guy that wore the boots. Helen was due back and I would just have to do some adjusting.

It was now one day till Helen got back. I was overjoyed that I could have her wet hot, hairy cunt. I would have her mouth and ass as well. In Ray, I was getting the ass and oral part but he just didn't have a cunt. I was a man with a complexity in relationships. On one hand I wanted a straight life with Helen. I wanted to be able to able to enjoy the sex with a man just as much. That evening Ray and I fucked in mine and Helen's room. I put some videos that Helen and I had made. No other person was ever to see them. Now I sucked Ray's large cock while he looked at the large Plasma screen, where Helen was sucking my cock. In the video Helen was atop me but reversed. I had her ass in my hands as I was shoving my hand halfway up her cunt. I had my tongue rammed deep in her anus and was sucking furiously at it.

"You know that looks real good," Ray said. I asked him what looked good. "Your wife," he simply said. Later I let him fuck my ass while we watched a video of me doing the same to Helen. "That's what I mean Jim," he said as he sunk his entire cock deep in my ass. My anus was on fire around the thickness of his cock. When he ran out of cock he just held it there till the fire was gone. Surprisingly, it was a lot sooner that I had expected. It wasn't long before I began to urge him to match my thrust in Helen's ass. On the video, Helen was moaning as I gave her all my cock. She loved it in her there. I say that if it's a clean one then a rectum is almost as good as a cunt.

"Jim, has Helen ever had another men?" It caught me off guard and without thinking I said the she had played with several cocks and even sucked a few in high school. I almost could predict his next question, "Jim do you want me to fuck Helen?" There it was. Once released never to again return. Did I want to see Helen fuck Ray. Did I want to see his cock in her cunt or her ass like Ray's cock was in me right then.

"I think I do Ray...at first I wasn't sure, but now I am. Having your cock in me while we watch mine in her's, has shown me what it is I really want." I haven't said much about Helen. Helen is twenty six years old. To tell you how to imagine what she looks like she looks a lot like. Helen is right at five feet tall. Since I am only five ten, there is no problem. I like little women. Helen is small, but she wasn't chubby and she wasn't slim. Her skin should have belonged to a redhead. It was pure milk white. The only part that wasn't were small molds strategically place on her body. I wasn't one of those shaved cunt freaks, and Helen had a plush mound of soft dark hair. Around her cunt it was almost wispy.

Before Helen and I married four years previously, she had several boyfriends. She had allowed them to finger fuck her cunt. Then it escalated to her jerking them off. Her next escalation was to lick and suck their sperm from her fingers and hands. She would do this while the guy's watched her. It was a short distance from there to her actually sucking a few of the guy's off. She had gotten the job at my company, and it was there that we met. The rest was marital bliss, that is till I rediscovered my love for a hard male muscle in my ass or mouth.

That night, before Helen, returned, Ray and I did everything imaginable. If either one of us had a cunt we would have fucked each other there. I kept imagining him fucking Helen, or better yet, I imagined the two of us sucking his cock. Ray and I had cum in each other's mouths several times till we finally lay exhausted. "Ray," I said, "I'm not sure how we will do it but I want you to fuck Helen with me." Ray had confessed that he had never had a woman for sex before. He had grown up, almost, in a bunkhouse. The other cowboys were like the two in "broke back Mountain", and had fucked his ass when he was very young. I thought that the lad needed a little taste of pussy, just as I needed a taste of cock.

Helen was quick to tell me about the handsome young man that was working with her. Since she was senior in the department now, Ray was assigned to her for training. I told Helen that I was impressed by his youthful exuberance, I told her that I had met him while at lunch, and saw that he needed a job. Helen said she was glad that I helped him get a job in our company. She also said that there were several women there that would enjoy having a young man around. "How about you...you aren't dead yet?" She said that she was married in case I had forgot. I was glad that she seemed to like him.

I arranged my lunch times to coincide with Ray's. Helen took her's at a different time. This gave Ray and I the chance to go to the bookstore. The original plan was to get in a booth and use it for a cheap hotel room. We both had stripped naked and I was standing up while Ray sucked my cock. That was when I noticed that a very large white cock had come through the hole. Without missing a stroke on my cock, Ray reached for the new cock. He began to switch off on sucking the new cock and mine. I finally eased to the bench beside him, and together we sucked the new cock and then kissed as we swapped his cum between us. We did three more cocks like this, and Ray stood behind me and shoved his curved cock into my ass while he bent over my shoulder and shared the cocks.

Within the next week helen mentioned that Ray was looking for a place to stay, as he wanted to move from the hotel. "Why don't we ask him if he'd be interested in our spare room?" Our spare bedroom was next to our own, and only had a thin wall between them. I was overjoyed when Helen said that it sounded like a good idea. She said that since I went to lunch with him that I should ask him. I asked him the next day as we sucked a large reddish cock through the glory hole. "Can you hear Helen and I fucking from your room?" I knew that he would say yes. He and I both had been waiting for such an opportunity.

The first night I fucked Helen like a newlywed, knowing that Ray had his ear next to the wall and his large cock in his hand. Helen usually took a shower after we had sex at night. She was in the shower at least twenty minutes. Those twenty minutes belonged to Ray and I. I went to his room and we got on the bed and sucked till we came in our mouths. He also was able to taste Helen's cunt on my cock. He said that he liked the way that Helen's pussy tasted. When Helen came from her shower I would kiss her. One thing that Helen and I did was that many times I sucked my cum from her after we fucked. Helen was used to kissing me with the residue of my semen coating my mouth. That night she eagerly swabbed my mouth with her tongue. "Hmmmm Jim...you taste pretty good tonight," she said as we finished kissing before lights out and cuddle up, "Sure you didn't suck Ray's cock and I just tasted his cum?"

My cock got hard hearing Helen joke like she did about Ray. I fucked her again. She was amazed at the spontaneous fuck that she said that she should joke about our new roommate more. A few nights later Helen was in the kitchen in her red nightie raiding the fridge, when Ray walked in. Ray had only his shorts on. Helen chatted with him a few minutes and noticed that his boxers were open a little. She came back to bed and told me about it. " I could see a little of his prick in his shorts," she seemed excited, "He's pretty large." I fucked her again. I knew that Ray could hear every word that was said. I imagined him jerking his large cock.

Our bathroom was connected to Ray's by a door. It made it easier to go from one room to the other. I left the door between the rooms unlocked so Ray could crack the door and look into our bedroom. I had left our door to our bathroom open so he could see. One night I left Helen soaking in a climatic afterglow and went to take a piss. I closed the door. I saw Ray immediately through the cracked door. I knelt and sucked his cock, that was hard from watching Helen and I fuck. I went back to bed with my mouth full of cum.

I immediately got between Helen's legs. I nuzzled her cunt with my closed mouth. I was sure that she thought that I was sucking my sperm from her. Then I crawled up her body and kissed her full on. I let Ray's cum pour into her mouth. Helen thought that it was mine, from our fucking. She greedily swallowed it. "Boy you sure put a load in me that time Jim...I love the taste of your cum lately," she said, "Are you sure you aren't taking something to make it so delicious." I shoved my cock in her cunt and came immediately.

Ray and I were going out for lunch and sucking several cocks through the glory hole. "How would you like for Helen to be here with us sucking these nice cocks," Ray asked me? I had been thinking the same thing. I had sucked off several cocks, some of them very large, at the book store with Ray. I imagined Helen getting fucked by one particularly large cock. I could see her writhing under him as he fucked her. I had caught sight of him as we left the booth one day. he was a very large, muscular chap, at least six five and had to weigh over two hundred. I guess he needed all that meat to support his cock, which was about twelve inches long. He was dressed in a suit, so I knew that he must work in the area. I took a good look at him. He had the kind of cock that Helen was always making jokes about.

Two weeks before she left for her mother's, we were both browsing the web. I clicked on a site that I knew that would go to a male gay site. It was one that was known for pics of guys with huge cocks. Helen clicked past the black ones. She said that a friend at work had made the remark that if she had to have a black cock, then it would be under a horse. There was one particular model that was in his mid forties. he had a little gray hair sprinkled in with the red ones, but his cock was humongous. It looked to be over a foot long and thick too. I told Helen that she could go out with guys that had cocks that big anytime she wanted to. It was my way of saying that she would be so scared of a cock this big that she would never do a thing with it's owner.

Now I realized that the guy I sucked in the booth had exactly the kind of cock that Helen refused to believe existed. It's kind of like the Santa thing. You hoped he existed but you knew that he was a fantasy. I was hoping Ray and I could fuck Helen together, and perhaps suck our cocks with her. I happened innocently enough, which proves that you don't have to plan on things happening. Ray was off work on that day. Helen got off a couple of hours earlier. It was a holiday and people were cutting work. I did too. I didn't tell Helen as I wanted to get home and suck Ray's cock. I walked in the house. Actually I wanted to catch Ray jerking his cock off and surprise him. I had started into mine and Helen's bedroom when I stopped dead still.

I saw my wife, naked as she looked around the door to the bathroom from our room. She had her leg's slightly parted and had, from what I could tell, three fingers in her cunt. Then I looked past her into Ray's room, and there he was, stroking his long cock. I stood in the hallway and began to disrobe, quitely. Helen was watching Ray fist his great cock. I could hear her moan real low. I was getting ready to walk up behind her and put my cock bewteen her buttocks. "I can see you watching me Helen," Ray spoke. Helen stood still and tried to retreat behind the door. "Come on Helen...you know I saw you," he said, "Come on in here and get a good look. I held my breath as she made her mind up. She would either run away or go in his room. She did the latter. I then took her place and peeked at them.

Helen eased her naked body into Ray's bed. He reached and took her in his arms and began to kiss her. Pretty soon Ray took her hand and placed it on his cock. I held my breath again. She kept her hand there as he removed his. My sweet wife was feeling my lover's cock. Then without any warning Helen bent over and consumed half of the large cock. Ray groaned and I did too. Ray had turned Helen around so he could get his mouth on her cunt. I crept up behind them and looked to see Helen's face as she sucked Ray. She couldn't take all of his cock into her mouth. It was then she took her mouth off his cock and began to suck on his fat balls. She was trying to get her mouth past his balls and to the area where the rear of his cock went into his ass hole.

With Helen busy sucking Ray behind his balls. I went down on the cock she still was holding up. My head hit hers as I went all the way down on Ray's cock. Helen startled and just looked at me like she was amazed at me sucking on the cock that she was. I took the cock out of my mouth, "You suck his balls darling and I'll suck his cock." Helen was still staring at me, her eyes wide in surprise. She went back to sucking him behind his balls. "Go on honey...tongue his ass hole like you do mine." Without thinking she simple moved her mouth a little and thrust her tongue up his ass. I moaned as I went all the way down on Ray's cock.

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