tagMatureMarried Sex and Our Camper Van

Married Sex and Our Camper Van


This is a further tale of the fun my wife and I enjoy in our motorhome, or campervan. We've owned it for over 3 years and it has truly become our passion wagon, helping us to reinvigorate our enjoyment of sex after over 25 years of marriage. In my previous stories "Motorhome Sex" and "Holiday Sex" I wrote about some of our pleasures while out camping and the way in which my wife gets more uninhibited when we are away in it. This latest story is of a weekend just a few weeks ago in one of Britain's national parks. We were on a fairly remote campsite and were the only campers, giving us lots of privacy and superb sea views. We were pitched on an exposed cliff top location and at 7am on the Sunday morning the van was being lashed by heavy wind and rain. When you're secure in your environment and protected from the elements there is something very satisfying about being in heavy weather. We were warm and snug inside our very comfy love-nest and we'd just enjoyed our first sleepy fuck of the morning.

It's a very special time for us, we wake quite early to one of us caressing the other and as soon as my wife gently grasps my morning hard-on she quietly urges me to get on top of her. Invariably she's already wet and just wants me inside her without any fuss or foreplay – that always comes later. She never wants me to take too long fucking her either, just long enough to give her a climax that won't wipe her out and for me to make a nice warm mess inside her as she puts it. After we've both climaxed and slowly uncoupled ourselves she likes me to put the kettle on and we sit in bed with a mug of coffee to re-charge our batteries for what we know will be a longer, more leisurely but ultimately more intense session. As we rarely have sex during the working week our weekend sex sessions are a really big deal for us, especially if we're away in our van.

As we enjoyed our coffee, my wife started telling me about one of her school colleagues whose hubby has just had the snip. I was surprised to hear my wife relate how she'd reassured her colleague that it was a good decision and how, once I had had it done years ago, we'd enjoyed our 'bedroom time' (as she phrased it) so much more. My surprise was because she has always told me she doesn't enter into some of the more colourful conversations that take place among the women staff in her school. She's always amazed at how readily some of her colleagues will share their sexual adventures.

Anyway, as we chatted about how my vasectomy had indeed kick-started our sexlife after having children, she gave me another surprise ..... she told me that she was convinced our first child had been conceived while we were away for a dirty weekend at a country house hotel in southern England. I'm not sure if she'd shared that with me before, and if she had I'd forgotten it, but her mention of it rekindled some very horny memories of a wonderful weekend of sex many years ago.

As soon as she told me I began to get hard again as we cuddled together. She took our empty cups and put them out the way, snuggled into me and felt my erection, giggled and asked if I remembered much about that weekend. I certainly did and I began to relate my still vivid memories to her. As I whispered in her ear about what we'd enjoyed together she quickly made it clear she wanted me inside her again while we shared our memories. I slid into her lovely wet cunt and began a gorgeously slow and languid stroke in and out of her as we recalled our weekend. We'd only been married a couple of years at the time and were still learning the joy of sex.

The hotel was the loveliest we'd ever stayed in and we had checked in early on the Saturday afternoon; it was Valentine's weekend and so the hotel had even more of a romantic feel to it. We opened the door to our room and found we'd been given a delightfully sumptuous suite. I still recall it so clearly, we fell onto the bed together, peeled our clothes off and with little foreplay joined our bodies together, loving the feel of the softest bed linen we'd ever experienced. In those days we lived in a small old house without central heating and our bedroom was invariably cold in winter. We recalled the pleasure of making love in a warm hotel bedroom, on top of the bedclothes and enjoying the sight of each other naked. After satisfying our very urgent physical needs that afternoon we changed into our swimming gear, donned the lovely thick white robes the hotel provided and trotted down to enjoy the warm indoor pool. We reflected that 25 years on, we'd not have the stamina to go swimming straight after an intense fuck!

My wife reminded me how we'd returned to the room from the pool, shared a shower together and then returned to bed for more leisurely sex, much as we were enjoying now in our van. I remembered how we'd spent that late afternoon trying out different positions with complete freedom to move without the confines of bedding to keep us warm. I also reminded my wife of the gorgeous lingerie I'd bought for her that weekend and how she'd prevented me from seeing her putting it on for dinner, locking herself in the bathroom before coming out fully dressed and asking me only to check that the seams of her fully fashioned stockings were straight. She teased me at the time that I'd have to wait to see her new underwear until we returned from the hotel restaurant later in the evening.

As we developed our shared memory of that weekend we were getting more and more aroused in the van and I told my wife how much I loved it when she was this wet and open. Even after nearly 30 years of fucking her I'm still amazed at how the feel of her vagina varies. Sometimes she remains quite tight and then we both prefer less deep penetration. I give her just short strokes, teasing her entrance and pulling out to rub my glans against her neat little labia. It's only the final few strokes that I go deep and finish off inside her. Other times, like now and when she's already had me, she's incredibly wet from the outset and her vagina opens more readily to allow me to go really deep straight away. That's when she tells me how she loves feeling stretched around the base of my cock, being pummeled very hard and she begs me to put my hands under her bottom and hold her tight as I pound the living daylights out of her.

On this morning I was keen to prolong things as much as possible as I knew we were both enjoying reliving a weekend so long ago. I deliberately slowed the pace, prompting her to call me a bastard and I teased her by telling me she'd started it, by reminding me after all this time that she'd most likely got pregnant that weekend. She returned the tease, looking up at me with her bedroom eyes, pulling me down for a deep snog and then told me there was never any doubt in her mind that she'd conceived. She blushed and admitted that she'd had so much pleasure in bed that weekend that she'd always known I'd inseminated her during the repeated fucking we'd enjoyed. We had wanted to start a family at the time but as far as I recall hadn't actually resolved to 'make a baby' that weekend. She'd checked her dates at the time and just knew, in the way that women do.

Back in our van, I needed to rest for a few moments and got up on my knees to sit back on my heels. We find nowadays that I can't thrust away for as long as I once could and so we prefer to take a short time out for me to give my wife a rather special massage while I get my strength back. She remains on her back while I kneel between her open thighs. I like to bend her knees and raise her feet to kiss them in turn, suck her toes and run my tongue along her still shapely legs. She keeps them so smooth for me and I love playing with them. I adore looking down at her when we're like this, the slight distance between us helping to get us aroused again. This is when I find all my senses are working at full tilt, the visual turn-on is huge for me as the position she is in relaxes her completely and allows her to spread wide, offering herself to me and making her most intimate region fully available for our combined pleasure. She loves me gazing at her vagina, she's gaping as I've not long withdrawn my penis from very deep within her, her labia are red and swollen from our union and I very gently peel them open even more. I deliberately avoid her clitoris at this time, as I know that will bring her to a crashing climax and may end our lovemaking sooner than we both wish.

I love seeing her cunt so exposed, particularly now that she has taken to trimming her hair around her pussy and keeps it quite short. I did my own first (at the suggestion of a woman I was seeing at the time I'm ashamed to say), I told my wife I was tired of my long hair down there. She was surprised and I was worried she'd be suspicious as to my motive, but she came around to agree she preferred me trimmed as it made me look bigger especially when inside her. At first she shaved her completely but we have come to prefer the trimmed look and it has made cunnilingus so much more enjoyable. At times like now, when I am examining her intimately, the sight is utterly lovely. Then there is the smell. When she's this open and aroused, the aroma of her pussy is palpable and by now the close confines of the van have that arousing reek of sex, which always turns me on. She used to be embarrassed by the smells and the sounds of sex but is now happy for me to draw attention to them.

As she lies in our nest, warm, comfortable and aroused, she asks me coyly to start rubbing her entrance with the tip of my cock. I'm semi-hard at this point but we both know that such treatment will soon get us both ready to resume penetrative sex - and deep, hard penetration too. She is so delicate down there and she giggles when I teasingly ask her how she can possibly tolerate such a hard pounding. She replies by saying softly that when she's this turned on only the deepest possible penetration will do, so deep that she wants to feel my balls pressing up against her bottom. I tease her a bit further by using her own secretions to lubricate my fingers (she is leaking a lot by now). I use one hand to gently keep her petals peeled apart, the heel of my hand placed reassuringly on her mound, and I use my other hand to penetrate her, inserting first one and then a second finger into her warm accommodating cunt. With the palm of my second hand uppermost I gently curl my fingers inside her and gently massage her g-spot with a slow 'come hither' motion. I love feeling this small area of swollen sponginess on the upper side of her vagina and she gets even wetter and starts panting.

This very intimate form of vaginal stimulation is one example of something I've learned outside my marriage and brought to our bedroom, with wonderful results. My wife climaxes every time I do it and if I combine it with my tongue pressed onto her clit at the end of prolonged cunnilingus then she has her most violent orgasm possible. This time we were both anxious for me to get back inside her so I just applied my fingers to give her another small climax before rubbing my helmet across her clit. There's one other little bit of preparation I manage to have the presence of mind to remember ... I take a moment to plump up the pillows behind my wife so that her shoulders are raised and she can watch what is about to happen down below. We both get hugely turned on by the visual aspect of our lovemaking.

As she watches with a glazed look, her face flushed pink and her breathing getting more ragged, I hold my penis very deliberately to peel back the hood of her clit with my glans. In doing so I get the added sensation of her swollen labia delicately swabbing the underside of my cock, which is just gorgeous. By now my erection is at its peak, my foreskin peeled right back to expose an obscenely enlarged and sensitive head, engorged and purple like an overripe plum, so utterly ready for penetration. I use her entrance unashamedly to bathe my helmet and prepare us both for what we know is going to be the most intense and primal phase of our fucking. We both know that once it starts it won't last very long and will exhaust us rapidly, so the longer we can prolong the build-up the better. I know from experience that she'll want me to enter her completely in one single stroke, so lubrication is really important at this critical point.

My wife by now is crying out to be filled, but I manage to extend the ecstasy a bit further by using her fluids to thoroughly wet my erection. I slip just the exposed glans into her and allow only the tip of my cock to dip in and out of her repeatedly for a few moments. The effect is amazing, and our senses are really wired. We both adore the sight of my helmet parting her pink delicate labia and I take delight in pointing out to her how hard her little clit is, its protective hood fully drawn back. I make a mental note to change position slightly once I'm embedded inside her to ensure her clitoris gets much needed pressure and friction from the base of my penis. In the seconds prior to entering her I share with her an added sense, this time the sound of our coupling. Her vagina is so syrupy that we are making quite a loud wet sloppy noise as my cock dips in and out of her cunt. She gasps that it's obscene but I can tell she loves it as she makes no attempt to stop me deliberately accentuating the rhythmic squelch. The sound of sex turns me on so much but I don't think I've ever heard us making such a loud sloshy sound as this and I realize how wet she is.

Finally, I use my fingers to flip my foreskin forward over my helmet and slip straight into her. That's because we both love the feel of my foreskin peeling back as I enter her, it gives us both a huge sensation and she always tells me when she's felt it flip back. It's a huge trigger for our pleasure, we've discussed it and we both agree it's not only because of the intense sensation we both feel as it pops back, but also the knowledge that my penis is then fully embedded in her and 'configured' to enable me to get maximum pleasure from our union. That's what years of sex with the same person provides – a really detailed understanding of how our bodies perform while lovemaking. We can even recall the first time we stopped using condoms and the revelation of how completely intense skin-to-skin fucking is. My wife is the first woman I had bareback sex with and I remember pulling out after ejaculating and being amazed at how my foreskin had peeled right back. We've never forgotten it and we still both love the way my penis looks after it's been inside her.

Back to the present and as anticipated I was now balls deep inside her in one single stroke and her liquid warmth was breathtaking. The talk of that long-ago weekend had clearly turned us on so much and now we were reaping the benefit. I changed my angle of penetration to ensure my wife's clit was properly treated and I was rewarded with a loud cry of pleasure from her. Completely comfortable in our deep missionary position I encouraged her to raise her legs and bend her knees to open herself even more for me. That's another big trigger point for us and enables me to gain even more penetration, which we're both really into. When I'm this deep I'll tease her and ask if she's enjoying having me pressed up against her cervix. I know it's naughty but if she fails to reply I start to pull out and tell her she needs to beg to have such deep penetration. It's only been in the last year or two I've felt comfortable enough to tease her like this, and she now responds perfectly, urging me to pound her deep and hard. I give her a few full-length strokes, hard and very deliberate, bottoming out each time, both of us enjoying the feeling of my balls pressed against the curves of her bottom.

Being middle-aged we do have to pace ourselves and we love to stay locked together, the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix and both of us just using our muscles down there to stimulate ourselves. We've learned that it's a great way to conserve energy and spin out our pleasure as we look at each other, kiss, caress and whisper our thoughts. On this occasion my wife was lost in her own world, eyes closed, just murmuring "oh fuck, oh fuck" repeatedly as she squirmed her pussy onto my cock and enjoyed the feeling she's told me about before, of being utterly speared and of her labia stretched wide around the thick root of my cock. I knew she could stay like this for a little while and my thoughts returned to that weekend of intense hotel sex.

I recalled how we returned to our room after a lovely romantic Valentines dinner, to find that our bed had been thoughtfully turned down and prepared for a night of pleasure. We were both gagging for sex and I was desperate to see my young wife in her new lingerie. I undid her blouse as we embraced standing by the bed, and unzipped her skirt to reveal her in all her gorgeous womanly underwear. I'd chosen well, the expensive bra, panties and deep suspender belt all in matching grey silk and lace, with fully-fashioned seamed stockings in sheerest grey nylon. The bra was the first thing to go, followed quickly by the panties, which were sopping wet and she lay on her back squirming on the bed while I tore off my own clothing. To my delight she agreed to keep her stockings and suspender belt on while we fucked and I loved the way they framed her hairy pussy while I filled her hard and fast.

In those days I could recover quickly and not long after filling her with cum I persuaded her onto all fours and I stood at the edge of the bed to fuck her doggy style. We put a couple of pillows under her tummy and she buried her face in the bed and groaned as I entered her from behind. Seeing her lovely legs in seamed sheer nylons was a huge turn on and I loved using her full-bodied suspender belt for handholds, to pull her gaping vagina on and off my erection. She felt so sloppy with semen and had probably received two or three loads already that day. My wife's vagina is particularly susceptible to fanny farting, especially in the doggy position. I always loved it, both the sound and the feel, but she would get embarrassed and felt it was gross. Thankfully she was so turned on that night that she was oblivious to it. That was just as well, as her fanny farts expelled several wads of semen and for the first time I experienced the utterly mind-blowing sight of a cum tide-ring around the base of my cock. The sight of this white sticky collar around my penis was enough to trigger my final climax of that memorable night. Ironically, that was the last time we enjoyed truly satisfying doggy style fucking. My wife was never a total fan of it as she felt it was too animal and she disliked not being to make eye contact while I was inside her. After she gave birth she felt physically uncomfortable in that position so we've avoided it ever since.

Back in our van and with me still balls deep in her, my wife opened her eyes, smiled and whispered "penny for them". I couldn't risk a negative reaction by reminding her of my enjoyment of doggy fucking that night, and instead asked her if she remembered how we woke the next morning in the hotel. She couldn't so I reminded her, at the same time slowly resuming a very deliberate in and out motion of my penis. She'd tightened a bit during our 'lock-down' and it was gorgeous to feel her open up again as I stroked her insides with my cock. I'd also softened very slightly but began hardening again as our movement gradually built. She loves feeling me harden inside her and I knew our remaining time was short. I told her how we'd woken to the sound of the young couple in the room across the corridor from us. Our bedroom doors were directly opposite each other and at that early hour on a Sunday morning and with no other sounds in the hotel we could hear the unmistakable sound of their bed headboard banging against the wall with an increasingly urgent pace, followed by loud screams from the girl repeatedly begging her partner to fuck her hard and finally the cries of a rapturous climax from them both.

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