tagBDSMMarsha's Outside Adventure.

Marsha's Outside Adventure.


(My thanks have to go to Violetlittle for her editing of this story. A very professional lady, thank you.)


It was a beautiful late spring day and days like these had been long looked forward to all winter. Both the girls had gone on a sleepover at there grannies for the weekend, so the house was theirs. They not only looked forward to moments like this, they made every second count, it was their time and their time was something they cherished greatly. David had toyed with doing other things, but he couldn't ignore the look in Marsha's eyes; to him it was a clear sign.

Early on in their relationship they had come across Marsha's submissive side, even nurtured it since in the beginning she was a little afraid of it. They had both taken it slowly to begin with; David was worried about scaring her. They had both discovered her submissive side by accident, he had tied her wrists with his tie in a moment of passion, when she came she came so hard she thought she was wetting herself. At first she thought she was a freak. That scared her. It took a long and honest talk on both there parts for him to get her to understand she wasn't, more the woman of a strict upbringing. Now of course she enjoys it greatly and although Marsha will never tell him she needs her submissive side to flourish, it doesn't take him long to pick up on the hints and then there is that far away look. Of course they had started off gradually, David had installed restraints onto the bed and after a few hiccups she had really started to enjoy herself and so did he for that matter. After all here was one heck of a hottie with a mind as sharp as her body and that he gets to play with to his hearts content, what sane man could ask for more.

David was sat on the porch just watching the day go by, Marsha had joined him armed with a couple of sodas, he lifted his arm and she snuggled in beside him. He kissed the top of her head and she snuggled in deeper, she would have been content to spend the day like this, but he had other plans. They had talked of outdoor sex, indeed it was mostly Marsha that brought the subject up, but being in the middle of winter there isn't much more to do about it but talk really.

Unbeknownst to her, he had been putting the spring to good use and had found a spot that would be ideal. So when the girls were off on their sleepover for the weekend, all things came together, it was time to broaden Marsha's experiences even more now. David gently slapped her on the ass and told her to get her shoes on they where going for a drive, she had asked where and he had said to the club, she smiled and launched herself off of the porch and into the house.

A few minutes later she had joined him in the car and off they went, he thought it best to tell her they were off to the club, other wise she would have got dressed up and it was undressed, he had his mind set on this afternoon. Once on their way of course, it soon became apparent to her that they weren't going to the club, she was looking quizzically at him.

Eventually he said, "Ok not the club, but you are getting naked,"

It took a few moments to register what he had just said to her. Then a smile beamed across her face and she tried to settle down for the rest of the journey. Now try as she may, David could still see her fidget in her seat. To both of them, today was the start of yet another chapter in there relationship. He continued driving and left Marsha to get used to the idea and as the journey went on he would occasionally glance over to her, the look on her face told him she had not only got used to the idea but was actually excited at the idea of what was to come. They had driven for some time and now well off the beaten track and well away from tourists and hikers, stopping in a clearing they both got out.

Marsha looked around and said "perfect."

It was a small clearing cut off on three sides by thick woods and the fourth had thick bushes so the track was it's only entrance and exit. David had parked the car on the track and walked to the back grabbing the backpack he had put in there that morning when he had taken the girls on there sleep over, Marsha didn't notice him with an extra bag so all of this had been a total surprise for her. They walked hand in hand to the far end of the clearing, an old tree had come down some time ago and was just under waist height, no more than a few feet away was another tree that had a huge thick branch reaching out across the clearing.

He told Marsha to strip and stand totally still, he then turned his attention to throwing a rope over the tree branch and collecting it at the other end, David managed on the second attempt, which was good for him since he was suppose to be ignoring Marsha. Although he could see her out of the corner of his eye getting undressed and standing totally naked, her hands by her side and her head tilted to the floor, so getting the rope in position at only the second attempt was indeed a real plus. He then knelt down and looked around the inside of the bag for the padded straps and blindfold.

David stood walked over to Marsha with supplies in hand. and simply said, "Hold your wrist together and out in front of you."

She complied almost immediately. He took one more step forward and placed the blindfold on her then placed the Velcro straps on her wrists. With her eyes now covered and her wrists bound together he could let his eyes wander her body, she was a true beauty and as naturally stunning as God had ever made any woman. Just looking at her this way made his heart race and his penis harden to the point of being painful in his pants, he hadn't planned to do things this way but lust got the better of him, so he held the straps in one hand and with a firm tug she followed him to the tree.

David walked her to the rope and told her to kneel. She complied and once down, he put the rope through the pin in the middle of the straps tied it off and pulled the rope up so her wrists were now above her head, he then put his foot on the rope so it wouldn't loosen and took another look at her, both hands were now around the rope holding it, her breasts now an oval shape and her nipples even on this warm spring day were hard in anticipation, he could see her rib cage and her breathing had quickened.

He looked further down and smiled to see his beloved Marsha trying to flex the insides of her leg muscles together trying to get some relief from the feelings that must have been running amuck inside her vagina, he could smell her sex now and again he felt the discomfort in his paints that was his now rock hard penis.

David said just one word to her as she knelt there, "open."

With that she opened her mouth, he pulled down his pants and holding her hair guided her mouth onto his solid penis, she gagged slightly as he held the back of her head and made her take all of his penis into her mouth. David then relented. Marsha felt his hand move away and she sucked greedily on his penis, acting on instinct she tried to move her hands but was jolted back to reality by the restraints now placed on her.

The smell of sex was getting stronger from her as she sucked and then run her tongue around his penis wrapping her lips around it and moving her head back and forth. Her nakedness, the blindfold and the restraints on her hands were taking their toll on Marsha now and she was getting very excited. David moved his hands to her shoulders and gently massaged her, all this was getting too much for her and she doubled her efforts on his penis.

It was all getting to much for him as well, he knew he could never hold back from Marsha when she was giving him oral sex, even less so when she was this excited and the massage he gave her shoulders just seemed to add to her pleasure now. She was enjoying herself, a little too much but we both had a need at this moment in time so he forgave her and let her continue, David was trying as best he could to hold back and not come.

Marsha was now in her element and was truly giving her all, the tricks she could do with her tongue and the slurping sounds coming from her were proving harder for him to ignore now. And with one final massage David let go, his hand moved back up to her hair and gripping it he pulled her head onto his penis again, she gagged at the sudden movement from him but, held her calm, they had worked on her control for many weeks now. Mostly because she wanted to and indeed who was he to refuse?

They had had a spell when they first got together, if both of them were naked they would just jump on each other, if both were clothed it took longer but they still jumped on each other, David had told Marsha that she was insatiable once, she looked at him with those big eyes of hers and he could see the hurt in them, they both laid there and he explained what he had meant. Her thirst for knowledge about him and his sexual needs just mirrored what he wanted to know of hers and she should be proud of that, if anything that talk opened her floodgates.

David thought she had realised that she had now found a soul mate, someone that she could share all of herself with and never be ashamed. Or shy about anything and there was David, who would always take her to those limits and test her constantly. Not to see if she would break or shy away, but it was a way for her to test herself and if she herself found she was wanting then they would both explore that again and perfect it for both of them so Marsha could enjoy and of course he would get the benefits of all the practice.

She wanted to make sure she got things right. They had watched a porn movie together once. She had become fascinated how a woman could deep throat a penis, so the bedroom antics that night and for weeks afterwards were just fantastic. David's hand pulled her onto him and Marsha, now getting the chance to deep throat him just sent her over the edge and he felt her whole body shudder in orgasm as she took all of him and he came so hard. The control she had over her body was now becoming quite remarkable as she took all he had to give her, without loosing a drop or even gagging.

As soon as David had finished, he had to get control back over the situation again, Marsha had become comfortable and he now had to put her back on her guard and show her who was in control. He took his slowly limping penis out of her mouth and stood back, grabbed hold of the rope and gently took the strain; she raised herself back to her feet. As she did so he pulled the rope up, keeping her hands above her head, she tried to hide it but he caught the smile that rushed across her face.

It was time to do something about that he thought, David tied the rope off and wandered back to the bag. Since Marsha and he had found a sex shop not to far from them they had become frequent visitors and had some toys that now they had discovered this place, would use here. Some in there bedroom, they would have to make a point of never mixing the two, he took out a toy, it was a small pink plastic vibrator that you insert all the way inside and a cord with a small control box would hang outside.

David walked up to her and nudged her inner thigh, Marsha responded as best she could to open her legs and still stay on balance. The smell of her sex was very powerful now, her vagina was glistening with juices trickling down her leg, he pushed the pink vibrator into her, she gasped and bit her bottom lip, there was five setting on the control box, he set it for number one and walked away, when he looked back she had closed her legs and was getting as much in the way pleasure from the vibrator as she could.

He sat some ten feet away watching her, as the vibrator took her to an orgasm and as she rode that, took pleasure from another one, her body now becoming covered in sweat her magnificent breasts and nipples totally solid and looking very suck-able now. Marsha trying to get some relief from one orgasm rapidly following another uncontrollably through her body then parted her legs as yet another orgasms washed over her, he watched as her stomach muscles tensed as she tried to eject the vibrator form her body.

The vibrator was not giving up its position that easily and continued its torment inside her, yet another orgasm washed over her. Her vaginal lips were very puffy and full of blood now, her clitoris had become fully exposed some time ago and it was taking a massive amount of will power on his part not to go over there and run his tongue over it, such was it's exposure from her looking for its own pleasure. He had been sitting for no more than ten minutes.

I'm sure to Marsha; the pleasure and torment racing through her body at the moment must have felt like an eternity. His penis was rock hard again and had been for sometime, David walked up to her, he could tell by her face she had heard him coming, although he couldn't tell if it was to be relief from the torment of the vibrator or another orgasm that washed over her, he knelt down and without switching it off he then pulled out the vibrator, a rush of air came from her and her head sagged slightly.

David undid the rope and lowered her arms, and then grabbing the restraints he took hold and walked her back to the fallen tree he had been sitting on. He hadn't planned this either but seeing the punishment her vagina had taken over these last few minutes David knew he couldn't inflict anymore. So he stopped her at the fallen tree and jumped over to the other side so he was facing her, with one hand on the restraints and one on her shoulder he guided her to stand were she was and lay across the tree.

He fixed the restraints down with another piece of rope and jumped back across, once behind Marsha he nudged her legs apart and rubbed his hand over her swollen vagina, she was so wet, a whimper came from her lips as she believed he was going to enter her. David continued to rub over her vagina, moving the juices up to her ass and then gently running his fingers back to her exposed clit again, she released yet more juices from her sweat soaked body. He then held both her hips she must have sensed what he was going to do and seemed to try to adjust her body accordingly. David laid his solid penis near her ass and slowly entered her; He heard a plop as the head of his penis disappeared into her.

She gasped and then sighed as yet more emotions over took her, by now David was half way into her ass and he stopped. He went to withdraw, Marsha then tried as best she could to move back onto him, so he moved forward to enter her, he wanted so much to grab her breast now but the bark of the tree had that pleasure. David dug his fingers deeper into her hips and continued his journey into her. Marsha again moved herself towards him and by now he was so deep inside her, He could feel the wetness of her vagina on his balls.

David started slowly at first. Marsha would try to match his thrusts as best she could, another whimper escaped from her and he increased his pace, by now he was thrusting deep into her. He knew that she was showing great restraint now, if we were at home, she would be urging him on both vocally and with her body. So being bent over a fallen tree with your partner going as deep as he could into your ass and trying not making any noise at all, was totally draining for Marsha. For her the most difficult part of the master slave side of there relationship.

Digging deep into his reserves now, trying to hold off from coming for as long as he could, but when your balls deep into a woman like Marsha there isn't a reserve in the world that you could dig into and last that long, such was the physical assets and attraction that was Marsha. So with one final thrust he emptied himself deeply into her, Marsha convulse into a huge orgasm that wracked the whole of her body and even she couldn't hold back a moan of pleasure, David withdrew and left her slumped over the tree panting with exhaustion.

Walking over to the bag and took out a towel and placed it just under the rope, walking around the tree he undid the restraints and slowly let her lift herself away from the tree, she was bathed in sweat and panting deeply trying hard to recover now thinking there would be more to come, David walked her to the towel and as she stood on it.

He stopped her and said, "Sit."

A look of relief washed across her face and she sat crossed legged on the towel, cum from both of them now oozing onto it, David removed the restraints and then the blindfold. Holding her head in his hands he kissed her deeply, the smell of his cum, her sweat soaked body and her own sex mingling as one in the air that surrounded them, and at that moment in time. David truly believed that was the sweetest most sexual smell ever.

That was there first time at the clearing, indeed there first time outside, when they got home both showered and went to bed. Time seemed irrelevant then as they slept in each other's arms, David woke first and placed his hand on her thigh she was warm and very wet. They had both wanted it to be tender there first time back at the house, it didn't last they both had a need. What they had done that afternoon urged them on to more and more. Marsha was now let loose to do as she wished and boy didn't he get to enjoy that evening as well as the day, they were very passionate that evening. Then bathed and fucked well into the night.

There wasn't a hole in Marsha, David didn't go and her breasts got a pounding from him that they had never gotten before. Marsha was just as bad, every time David thought he couldn't get another erection, she brought him back to life, he did think at one stage his penis was going to fall off, by the early hours of the next morning they finally slept totally fucked and well satisfied and above all, in each others arms. On there return from their grannies, the girls couldn't understand why all their parents wanted to do was sleep.

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