tagBDSMMarte's New Set of Challenges 10

Marte's New Set of Challenges 10


Marte's New Set of Challenges 10 "End of an Era".

This story is long, but hopefully worth the read. It involves a challenge Cindy accepts from her friends, as part of a series of challenges. There is exhibitionism and light bondage in the story.

Marte, Terra and Cindy stood in front of the bar, tucked away at the back of an abandoned alleyway. The large neon sign on top of the bar blinked on and off. The sign consisted of one letter and one word, "X Club". Cindy took several deep breaths trying to calm herself. She had never been in a dominatrix club before, much less be a participant. She didn't want to think about or know how Terra knew about this place.

"Well, it's time. Let the challenge begin." Terra said with enthusiasm as she knocked on the front door. A small window opened and a voice asked for ID. The three women slid their driver's licenses through the window. The window quickly closed. They waited anxiously for a few seconds before the front door swung open. The three of them entered with Terra leading the way.

Cindy scanned the room. It looked like a large fitness gym, except their were tables and contraptions instead of weights and benches. There were fifteen or twenty people in the club. Loud, electronic music poured into the open building. Marte and Terra talked to a woman at the counter while Cindy took in her surroundings. She saw women in tight leather outfits controlling men, men controlling women, women controlling other women and even men controlling other men.

Cindy wondered if Marte and Terra would be controlling her or if they would have someone else running the show tonight. A minute later, her question was answered. A fit woman who looked to be in her thirties approached Cindy and took her by the hand without saying a word. Cindy felt a tug and followed the woman who led her half way through the club. The woman stopped in front of a bench, toward the front of the building.

The woman turned to Cindy and started to speak. "My name is Vixen. I will be your dominant partner for the evening. You will do as I say or you will be punished. Are you willing to submit to me?"

After hesitating to answer a moment, Cindy spoke up and said, "Yes."

Vixen continued with her instructions. "Good. This will benefit you as much as it will me. If things go to far, you can stop everything by using a safe word. I will not stop no matter what you say to me unless you use the safe word. If you do speak the safe word, I will stop everything and end the session. Your safe word will be 'Texas'. Do you understand?"

Again, Cindy answered with a simple, "Yes."

"Remove all your clothing and put it in this locker. When you are done undressing, lay on the bench and cover yourself with this blanket. I will return in a minute."

Cindy watched Vixen walk away, then looked around, feeling self-conscious. No one seemed to be paying attention to her, wrapped up in their own fantasy world. Cindy pulled her loose dress over her head, folded it and placed it in the locker. She looked around one more time before removing her bra and thong, placing them also in the locker. She quickly wrapped the cover around her body before shutting and locking the locker.

Cindy turned around and faced the bench that looked similar to one in a fitness center, except it was a few inches wider. Black leather covered the top of the bench. She turned away from the bench and sat down. She could feel the bench was sufficiently stuffed with padding. The leather was cold against her skin. She lay down and closed her eyes, waiting for Vixen to return.

Vixen returned and took Cindy's right hand by the wrist. She restrained her wrist with a handcuff, wrapped in black furry material. Vixen raised Cindy's hand above her head, then raised her other hand as well. Cindy looked up and watched her as the hand cuff wrapped around a metal pole that ran from the floor to the ceiling. The second cuff surrounded her left wrist and clamped shut.

Cindy took a deep breath, realizing she had given up control to a stranger. Her hands were no longer free to move around. Before she had time to think, her feet were also bound to swinging arms on the bottom of the bench. Cindy looked around to see if anyone was watching, then looked into the eyes of her captor. Vixen gave her a devilish smile then removed the cover in one swift motion.

Her body was now bound and exposed to any who chose to watch. Cindy instinctively tried to cross her legs before remembering her legs were bound at the ankles. Vixen took a feather and softly ran it up and down the underside of Cindy's arms. The touch of the feather tickled and Cindy tried to pull away, to no avail. The feather moved down to her armpits briefly before moving down to her chest.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the soft touch of the feather as it circled her breasts then moved to her hardening nipples. Cindy moaned softly when the feather began circling her left nipple. After a few rotations, the feather moved to her right nipple and did the same movements. Temporarily forgetting her surroundings, Cindy enjoyed the sensations.

The feather moved inched down the center of her stomach before circling her navel. Wetness began to form between her legs as she anticipated the future direction of the feather. Vixen moved the feather down Cindy's body and ran it over her inner thighs, past her knees and over the top of her feet. Cindy squealed and squirmed when the feather began tickling the bottom of her left foot. She cursed the feather in her head, as if it were a living being itself. The feather excited her and taunted her at the same time in a sexual and nonsexual manner. After tickling her right foot, the feather disappeared.

Cindy's eyes shot open when she felt a minor sting on her left thigh. She looked down to see Vixen holding a leather whip. Her eyes bulged as she watched the end of the whip begin moving toward her right thigh.

"Ow." She exclaimed as the whip made contact with her skin.

Vixen looked at Cindy and sternly spoke. "You will not speak unless I tell you to speak, you ungrateful wench."

Cindy now felt fear, remembering she was helpless and in control of Vixen. Her heart began to pound in her chest as the whip made contact with her thigh once more, this time a little harder. Cindy pulled against the handcuffs in an attempt to protect herself, only to feel her hands move a few inches.

Vixen moved toward Cindy's head and began to gently whip Cindy's breasts, causing Cindy's nipples to grow hard and ache. Cindy closed her eyes and decided to accept things blindly. The sting of her nipples were quickly replaced with soft, wet lips. Happy the pain subsided, Cindy moaned in pleasure as Vixen alternated sucking on each nipple a few seconds at a time.

Cindy felt pressure and warmth of skin against her waist as Vixen straddled her body. Vixen leaned in and seductively kissed Cindy's bottom lip. When Cindy went to kiss back, Vixen removed her lips. This repeated several times until Cindy gave up quit trying to kiss back. When she finally submitted to her Master, the kisses became wetter and more passionate. The kisses lasted several minutes before moved to the nape of her neck and back of her ear. When Cindy released a moan, the kisses stopped and the weight lifted from her stomach. Cindy wished the kisses would continue, but they did not.

Next, Cindy felt her legs begin to spread. She heard a locking noise and looked down to see Vixen had pushed the arms holding her feet out wide and locked them in place. Cindy was now spread open wide and vulnerable to this strangers every will. Cindy watched intently as Vixen grabbed the feather once again. The eyes of Cindy drifted shut as the feather glided over her labia. Holding back her moan for fear the pleasure would stop, Cindy enjoyed the soft tickling touch of the feather.

Her vagina was now yearning for more. Her clit was waking up as the feather glided over its' hood every few seconds. Cindy could feel her hips starting to rise each time the feather made its way up her slit. The fifth time the feather slid up her slit, Cindy released a moan unconsciously. That was when the feather pulled away.

Cindy feared what would come next. She held her breath with her eyes closed and anticipated the smack of a whip. Instead, she heard a buzzing noise and felt vibrations run up her legs and travel all over her body. The vibrations made her hair stand on end. She started to feel the chill of the air for the first time. Cindy hoped the vibrations would move to her vagina, but the never did. The vibrations covered her entire body, everywhere except where she wanted it most. She could feel the torture of the vibrations tease her and make her want more and more.

It seemed like a long time before the vibrations stopped. Cindy did not open her eyes when she heard movement around her. Next she smelled a strong odor. She opened her eyes to see Vixen was standing over top of her head. The leather barely covering Vixen's crotch was just an inch from Cindy's lips.

"Lick it." Vixen commanded, staring deep into Cindy's eyes.

Cindy closed her eyes once again and slid her tongue out of her mouth. Her tongue made long strokes up the leather, over and over until there was nothing there to lick anymore. Even though she was not making actual contact with Vixen's vagina, the action turned Cindy on even more.

Vixen's finger tips traced Cindy's body, teasing her senses once again. The hands moved over Cindy's fingers to the back of her hands, down her arms, down her ribs and outer legs until they reached the top of her tows. Next the hands moved their way back up, this time on the inside of her legs, over the center of her stomach, across her chest, up her neck and through her hair.

Cindy wanted to beg Vixen to stop teasing her, but she knew their would be consequences for her outburst. Instead, she kept her thoughts to herself. She did her best to keep her moans inside her chest.

Cindy heard a bottle cap open and looked in that direction to see what the noise was. She watched as Vixen took a bottle of clear liquid and poured it all over Cindy's body. The oil felt cold at first contact but quickly warmed as Vixen rubbed it all over Cindy's body.

Movement past Cindy's feet caught her eyes. Her eyes focused on the movement and saw her two best friends sit in two chairs a few feet away. The two best friends had seen her naked many times so she did not feel uncomfortable. In fact, Cindy felt more comfortable now that her friends were close by.

Vixen's hands moved all over Cindy's body spreading the oil generously. Cindy was as excited as she could possibly be. She wondered what would come next, hoping for the best and expecting worse. Soon, Cindy's legs were released from the arms and lifted toward her hands. Cindy felt her stomach tighten as she was folded in half, her feet fastened to the same pole that restrained her hands. Cindy did not like this movement. The muscles in her calves and legs tightened. She was not as flexible as she had once been.

Marte and Terra watched on with anticipation and smirks from afar. Terra had scripted out the entire session so she knew what was coming next. Terra had filled Marte in on the details of the plan earlier as they filled out release forms.

Vixen held Cindy's legs back so her toes were by her own ears. Cindy's ass was now sticking up in the air. Vixen put more oil in her hand and rubbed warm oil all around Cindy's vagina inside and out. Vixen's fingers seemed to concentrate on Cindy's outer lips more than any other area. A long moan released from Cindy's throat. She could not hold back any more. The moan grew longer and louder when the fingers started massaging her clit then sliding inside Cindy briefly. The restrained woman was now receiving what she had secretly yearned for.

Little did Cindy know that each time she started to get what she wanted, it would change. The slippery fingers covered with warming oil suddenly disappeared. What replaced the fingers would be a shock to Cindy.

There was larger pressure pushing against her lips and spreading her vagina. Cindy looked down to see a hollowed rubber toy in the shape of a phallus slide inside her. The phallus pushed in a few inches, rested then pushed a few inches deeper, causing Cindy to moan in pleasure. After going another inch or two deeper, the phallus rested deep inside her vagina walls. Cindy watched intently as Vixen grabbed the bottle of oil and moved it toward the hollowed phallus.

Cindy was in disbelief when the bottle turned upside down and the oil began pouring inside the hallowed phallus. A second later, the warm oil poured inside her inner walls. The heat of the oil filling Cindy caused her to flinch and release another moan. Vixen continued to pour warm oil inside Cindy's vagina until the oil began overflowing. Vixen slowly began removing the phallus and watching the suction pull more oil inside Cindy. Oil squirted out as a dildo pumped in and out of Cindy's vagina. Cindy clinched her eyes closed. Her vagina felt weird. She had never been filled with hot liquid before. She could feel the oil push against her inner walls each time the dildo was pushed deep inside.

The dildo now rested deep inside her. Fingers began rubbing the oil around the edge of her anus and slowly pushing inside. Cindy squirmed, not wanting to welcome the invading fingers. She tried to pull her butt away from the fingers, but was unable to avoid them. One finger became two, slowly pushing their way further and further inside her anus.

As if to distract her attention from her anus, Cindy felt a set of hands rubbing the warming oil over her breast and nipples. It took a few seconds before she counted the hands and realized there were at least three hands. She briefly opened her eyes to see a small, young and petite oriental girl standing by Cindy's side. The oriental girl didn't look to be more than 18 years old. Cindy watched the oriental girl smile briefly before Cindy closed her eyes once more.

The soft, gentle hands expertly rubbed the oil over her breasts and pinched her nipples. The hands momentarily did their job of distracting her as she had not been paying attention to her anus for several seconds. That was until she felt a different pressure pushing inside her ass. A small plastic vibrator slowly glided inside her anus, coated with oil.

"Please, no!" Cindy begged.

Her words went unnoticed. The vibrator continued violating her anus until it disappeared most the way inside. Cindy's anus clinched tight, trying to reject the foreign object, until she admitted defeat.

Cindy's attention returned to the roving hands as they began running up and down her ribs and stomach. The hands felt delicious against her body. They were so warm and loving. The gentle caress combined with the warming lotion delighted all of Cindy's senses.

What happened next took Cindy to another level. Kisses were placed on Cindy's vagina and mouth simultaneously. Cindy felt her hips attempt to jump. Her lips were on fire. She felt Vixen's hands massage her inner thighs while kissing her inner labia. The fingers moved inward and gently circled her clit, making small circles. Cindy moaned deep into the mouth of the oriental girl who was expertly kissing her.

Cindy's anus clenched against the small vibrator when she felt her clit pinched softly. Cindy could feel her body heating up inside. The oriental girl pulled her lips away from Cindy's mouth as her hands returned to Cindy's breasts, kneading them.

Unaware to Cindy, Vixen had grabbed the leather whip off the floor and smacked it against the exposed ass cheek. The waves of joy were now mixed with throngs of pain. Cindy groaned in pain as the whip smacked the other ass cheek. Cindy tensed and awaited another whipping, but it did not come right away. Instead, she felt the dildo inside her begin to pump in and out. Her walls grasped the dildo; oil squirting out. After several thrusts the dildo exited her pussy and slid firmly over her clit. Cindy moaned in pleasure.

Vixen and the oriental girls switched places. Vixen climbed on top of Cindy and began rubbing her clit against Cindy's breasts, grinding against the breasts. Vixen was aroused as well and wanted to fill her desire. Vixen rubbed her clit against the hard nipples, for a good two minutes. In the meantime, the oriental girl turned on the small vibrator inside Cindy's anus. The sensations rumbled up Cindy's insides and surprised Cindy with pleasure.

Cindy wondered if Vixen was going to get off on her nipples. Not that she cared. The feeling of the clit pressing against her slippery nipples felt good. Cindy was disappointed the attention had removed from her own vagina, however.

Vixen's pussy moved up to Cindy's mouth. She heard, "Lick me bitch!" Juices gushed into her mouth. Cindy slid her tongue out of her mouth and began licking Vixen's clit. The smell of Vixen's pussy intoxicated Cindy. Vixen's moans and grinding body made Cindy want to come.

Cindy's hips began rising and falling when the dildo returned, pumping in and out of her vagina. Getting close to an orgasm, Cindy moaned onto Vixen's clit. Vixen reached down and grabbed the back of Cindy's head. "Make me come."

Cindy began to lick faster as the pussy ground against her face. Cindy was becoming close to having an orgasm herself. Consumed by the pleasures of the dildo, Cindy momentarily stopped licking and concentrated on her own pleasure.

"Remove the dildo and do not touch her until she makes me come." Vixen commanded. "She is putting her own pleasure before her master and must be punished for her indiscretions."

Cindy groaned in displeasure as the dildo was removed from her vagina and the vibrator shut off. The hands pulled away, leaving her in a wanting state. She began licking Vixen once again. Vixens moans and grinding hips made Cindy jealous, wanting an orgasm of her own. Vixen's hips began to increase in pressure and intensity. The moans of Vixen grew more frequent until Vixen coated Cindy's face with her love juices. Cindy could not help but lick up as much of the juices as she could reach. She felt the excess juices run down her cheeks. The strong smell of Vixen's womanhood flowed deep inside Cindy's nostrils.

Fingers returned to Cindy's body, sliding inside her vagina and slowly press against her "G" spot. Her legs were freed and spread spread wide while her clit was pulled back. Warm oil poured over her exposed clit, ran down her lips. Cindy's hips rose off the bench. The warm oil felt wonderful against her exposed clit.

Next the hair on Cindy's landing strip were being tugged. She whined in pain. Vixen grabbed Cindy's head by the hair and pulled her hair back, putting it into a pony tail. A dildo was inserted in Cindy's mouth. Everything was happening so quickly. Cindy could hardly keep up with all the movements. Her body was experiencing pleasure in one spot and pain in another, all at once.

A plug pushed into her anus. The tip of the oriental girl's tongue flicked her clit. A vibrating wand started roving around her mound, moved along her groin, so close to her begging clit. A larger dildo was inserted inside her vagina, stretching her walls as it slid inside. Cindy struggled to keep up with all the movement. Her body was responding in many different ways. The pain of her vagina walls being stretched was countered by the pleasures of a flicking tongue on her clit and the teasing of the wand on her mound.

Cindy's hips started to roll when she felt fingers lightly tugging on her labia, causing slight pain. The fingers pulled her pussy walls apart. Pangs of pain fill her upper body when the whip smacked her across her chest once more.

The wand moved to her breasts and rolled over and around her swollen nipples, sending chills through her chest. She could feel her orgasm building once again. She hoped they would finally let her come. Next she felt someone tugging and then pushing on the butt plug in her anus. She lifted her hips toward the sky and quickly dropped them to the bench. The butt plug slipped out of her anus. She prepared for it to be reinserted. To her surprise, it is replaced with the thin, plastic vibrator once more.

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