Marvin's Pride Ch. 01

byDon Byron©

Marvin gazed down upon Sherry's young breasts. Pale like the rest of her, nearly seeming to possess some eerie translucence. Small, just large enough to fill his palm, her nipples the color of strawberries and quite nearly being a visual match for two of them as they were puffy with small bumps evenly distributed around the area of her aureole.

Quickly Marvin leaned down, taking the back of Sherry's head in his right hand; he pulled her hair and forced her face away from the sight of his cock and up toward his. He leaned in closer still and kissed her full on the mouth, inserting his long, fat, adult sized tongue into her mouth. He then proceeded to give her one long drawn out kiss. It was a kiss like no other that Sherry had been given, the most immediate and physical reaction from which was a clearly felt gush between the swollen and fat little pussy lips that were now at this time hiding between her legs.

Marvin ended the kiss as abruptly as it had been initiated. He then stood back up to his full stature placing Sherry once again back at eye level with the dragon that had fascinated her so.

Marvin still had his right hand full of her hair and he brought his left hand around the back of her head as well, "Sherry, honey; I think it's high time you found out what it feels like to have me in your mouth."

Naturally, as it felt it should be, Sherry allowed herself to submit. Feeling that submitting to this man would finally give her what she had been looking for. If she could make him happy, satisfy his lust she knew that she would feel a completeness often hinted at in past experience but never fully realized.

She gazed one last time at the monster that had held her imagination captive for all this time, finding herself enthralled and near euphoric at her new found physical proximity to the beast.

Sherry stared in fascination. Stared while realizing just how ugly the animal really was. Ugly, thick, and hot; it's heat emanating across the inches between the two of them. Ugly in it's gnarly thickness as it hung in the air between Marvin and his step daughter as if haughty, vain and confident. A confidence born of it's sheer freakish dimensions. Ugliness manifested in sheer size and sculpture, culminating in and of itself to be seemingly god-like in it's beauty and power.

"That is what it really is." Sherry mused inwardly. A sculpture. A work of art cut from a mold of pure lust and the primal intimidation incarnate to the male figure over the female.

Ugly. But beautiful. Magnificent with it's veins, bumps and ridges in abundanc

e. A cock worthy a god with which to inflict on mortal females.

Instinctively she reached up with her hands to grasp him.

"No Sherry!" He hissed down at her. "No hands. You can handle it later, but for now I just want you to suck it. Put it in your mouth, now." It was what she wanted to hear, needed to hear. She craved this very thing, to be dominated. To be made to satisfy this man.

Once again, instinct took over. Sherry opened her mouth and pursed her lips outward as Marvin leaned slightly forward.

Sherry couldn't believe it but his cum as well as her Mother's juices, their combined coital cocktail was still everywhere. All over his cock, still dripping from his cock but joined now by what she knew to be pre-cum oozing in large portions from the tip of him.

Staring at the thick white drops and the overall sheen on Marvin's cock Sherry became conscience of the overpowering sexual smell drifting toward her from his genitals. It smelled similar to what she had experienced with her past lovers when their cocks were removed from inside of her. It was a smell very much akin to the smell of her own pussy combined with the smell of cock, but it was affecting her very much more than she could recall it's effect in the past as it seemed to be a bit stronger. It was pushing primal buttons deep inside her belly. It smelled of cunt and friction wrought.

Marvin stood with his hands still full of Sherry's head and hair. He began to lean in just slightly bringing the immense shaft and it's crowning glory, his cock head, toward her expectant mouth. As Marvin pushed the first inch of his dickhead into the little girl's mouth, she found herself amazed at how stuffed her mouth was becoming. She was also becoming even more aroused at the thought of where it had just been. She was sucking the head of her Step Father's cock after it had been far up inside of the very birthing channel she had come out of eighteen years ago to the day.

She found this somehow poignant, even symbolic of the journey that she was now heading toward with this man. Her Father, and not yet quite that.

Marvin admired the fact that Sherry was trying to suck him. He didn't think she was a virgin, but he was certain that if she had ever sucked cock before that she had most assuredly not been privy to a cock like his. He was becoming increasingly aroused by the effort his little step daughter was making toward opening her mouth as wide as she could in order to more effectively suck his cock.

Sensing that her mouth was going to require a more drawn out warm up to the task, Marvin elected to change his strategy.

Pulling his prick from her mouth he instructed her to lick all around the surface of his shaft. At once she began slathering his cock with her tongue, retracting it periodically to in swallow the juices that she was collecting. After a short time he brought his dick straight up against his belly with his left hand. Sherry briefly looked into Marvin's eyes before redirecting her oral ministrations to his balls.

Sherry's lips and cheeks were now shiny, resplendent with her parents fuck cream.

As she began licking his ball sac she noticed how full and powerful they seemed to her. Everything about Marvin seemed to dwarf her, most of all his reproductive equipment.

Sherry attempted to suck one of his testicles into her mouth, but try as she might, it was just too big around. So, instead she buried her face into the fat sac of skin as if in some form of supplication to his manhood.

Marvin could not believe his good fortune, nor how much harder and seemingly larger than normal his penis was becoming. Watching Sherry work herself into a lather while trying to suck him was more of a turn on than he could ever have hoped for, as well as her apparent submissive nature that mirrored her Mother's tendencies. It was all a dream come true!

Marvin dropped his prick down onto the top of Sherry's head and sunk his fingers back into her hair at each side of it. He began sawing his cock back and forth across the top of her head as she continued to lick and suck his nut sac. He pulled the sack away from her mouth as he began dragging his cock back across her head and then down her face. He was producing an inordinate amount of precum and as the ultra fat dick head dragged it's way down her face it left a shiny trail. When the head made it across her nose and back to her mouth she instinctively opened up for him to reinsert his manhood. He left it momentarily at the gate of her oral cavity, resting the head on her bottom lip. Her tongue came out and licked at the tip of his cock.

With his cock head once again at her mouth, Marvin marveled at what an incredibly vulgar sight lay before him. His cock appeared to have grown larger than it ever had been before and it was resting squarely in his step daughters face, dwarfing her tiny head. Even more lewd was the vision of her tiny 18 year old mouth and cheeks bulging full of him.

Sherry's eyes were full of cock. Beyond full. She pulled her head away briefly in order to be able to see the precum before returning it to her mouth in order to sop more of it up with her tongue. Marvin's naturally produced lubricant was more sweet to the taste than any of her past lovers, and most certainly much more voluminous. Sherry had a momentary vision of herself as some form of young calf lapping up life giving milk, trying to keep up with the continuous flow.

Sherry felt the grip on her head increase just slightly as Marvin began fucking his cock head over her tongue and into her mouth, or as far as her tiny mouth could take it. Forth and back, her mouth made smacking sounds as Sherry tried valiantly to take more than just the head. She could feel that the head of his cock alone was so big that it was nearly at the threshold of her throat. She knew that she would not be able to take any more than what she was getting now, and by now her jaws were beginning to ache as they were stretched out as far possible in order to allow Marvin to fuck into and out of her sweet little sucking mouth.

Legs slightly spread, his balls nearly as big as a ladies evening purse as they were lightly swinging forward and back with the subtle thrusting of his pelvis, Marvin had set himself on a mission to enjoy the lascivious spectacle playing out at the end of his near foot long and massively thick cock meat. Her mouth stretched to the utmost, Sherry was none the less doing a remarkable job of keeping her teeth out of the way. Marvin briefly wondered if this was her first time performing this act but quickly dismissed the thought. He didn't really care. He knew that he was an exceptional man. He strongly doubted that her mouth had ever been forced open this severely by any other mans reproductive organ.

Marvin pulled his cock from Sherry's mouth with an audible popping sound. She looked up at her Step Father through a veil of lust for his huge dick. She wanted it back.

"Lay back, honey." Marvin said as he went down to his knees on the floor beside the bed. Sherry did as she was told as Marvin grabbed her tiny 26" hips, pulling them to the edge of the bed. Sherry stared at the ceiling in anticipation as she felt her new lover's breath on her puffy, long fat lipped cunt.

Marvin beheld the vagina of his step daughter briefly, taking in the prominent mound; redolent with sopping moisture framed by inch and a half long pussy lips. The labia, already large for such a tiny frame and yet even now more pronounced and fat; engorged and elongated with her arousal and her knowledge that she was finally going to get the fucking she had been seeking, seemingly for her entire life.

Sherry's eyes closed as her Step Father's tongue made contact with her pussy. Marvin was licking her from the stem to the stern, starting at the bottom of her ass and dragging his flattened tongue up across her beautiful little meat sandwich. "That's exactly what it's like." Marvin thought to himself, "A little meat sandwich, maybe roast beef."

He began pointing his tongue and pushing it up between her labia and up into her sweet honey tasting cunt. Sherry's eyes grew wide at the sensation and then the sensation was gone. She looked down between her legs to see the master of her household, and now all the females in it raising his torso back up to an standing position, yet still on his knees. Sherry knew that the most life changing event of all of them was about to unfold between her thighs and up into belly of her womanhood.

Marvin laid his cock down upon her stomach, his balls coming to rest up against the face of her pussy. To Sherry, it seemed as if his manhood weighed five pounds as it rested menacingly upon her body. "How can he ever get all of that into me?" She thought to herself.

"You're not virgin, are you?" Marvin voice just above a whisper. Yet his tone implied a statement more than a question.

"No, not for some time now." She replied.

As Marvin began slowly sawing his meat over the face of her womanhood he said, "On purpose?"

"Yes." A simple answer.

"Why?" Marvin not letting it go just yet, sensing an underlying truth.

"I was looking for something."

"What were you looking for?" Curiosity rising.

"You." She said it simply, as a fact and continued, "After the first time I watched you fuck Mother I wanted to find someone like you, with what you have, what you carry."

"Did you find it?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"I have now."

"How many?"

Looking from Marvin's face back down to his cock she could hear the wet sounds it was making as he dragged it forth and back across her pussy, the constant contact on her swollen clitoris becoming all she could concentrate on.

Without looking back up at him she replied, "I've let eighteen or so of the neighborhood boys fuck me, some of them more than once and three of them many times."

Marvin said nothing. There was nothing left to say. There was nothing left to do save for what he brought her here into her room for and that was to stake his claim and put his mark on the second female of his household. Marvin was now confidant that his life from here on out was going to be an even better place to be.

At this point he pushed Sherry's legs back till they were flush with her breasts with hands firmly wrapped around the back of her thighs. This brought her creamy little mound to attention.

Sherry watched as he dragged his penis back across her stomach one last time before setting his cock head flush against the entrance to her vagina.

He noted that she was more wet than before, knowing that part of that was with the help of his precum.

Everything was wet, hot and slippery. Sherry had an unobstructed view of her Step Father's huge head as it mashed her cunt lips to each side of it. It was time.

Marvin began his initial press in against Sherry's tiny red haired pussy, but there was no progress. He looked to the little girls face to see her eyes riveted on his cock. She had a perfect view of the top of her cunt and the near twelve inch space between their bodies, occupied solely by Marvin's super hard, super thick erection.

Marvin pulled back slightly and then pressed toward home again. Still nothing. The waif's pussy may have had some experience but it may as well have been a virgin cunt as far as he was concerned. He thought the best thing that he could do would be to establish a short rhythm. It was obvious that a simple brute thrust was not going to do it.

His cock harder than ever Marvin began gently pushing the giant head of his cock against the center of her labia.

The battle had begun.

Ten minutes later he was still rocking against her pussy with his cock head and had yet to gain entry. For her part, Sherry had no choice but to take it; willing her pussy to open up, but it would not. It was just too small.

Marvin still had her legs pushed back on each side of her rib cage and he knew that she must be getting tired. He had hoped that he could get himself inside her without outside help, but he decided that he was going to have to do it in spite of that. He took in the sight of his step daughter laying there, her eyes riveted to his cock rhythmically pushing against her font. He noted that she was now in a full lather, sweat beading on her face, running down in rivulets back into her hair which was now matted in places as it lay on the bed.

Marvin released his grip on her legs as he stood up off of her and said, "I'll be right back."

For Sherry it was a relief to have her legs back down, but she wondered where Marvin was going.

Marvin went back into the bedroom where Sherry's Mother was still right where he had left her. He noticed that her pussy was still gaping open although not as extremely as before. He could see that a very small river of his cum was still trickling out from the bottom of her cunt, the sight making him feel a bit of pride that he was still capable of producing sperm in the amounts of which he was accustomed.

Continuing to the night stand he grabbed the squirt bottle of Xtra Silk. Not wanting to waste time he turned and headed straight back for his step daughter's room.

Entering the room Marvin could see that Sherry had not moved from her spot; she lay with her legs hanging over the side of the bed. Marvin couldn't help but notice that in spite of her ass being at the very edge of the bed that her slim, girlish legs only reached two thirds of the way to the floor. Marvin had always been smitten with tiny women despite the lack of luck he had experienced trying to get his penis into them, but this one was going to be different as he had all the time in the world to conquer her little red baby girl pussy.

Sherry watched Marvin as he came back into her bedroom. She could see that his cock was now only half erect. She continued to watch the both of them, Marvin and his cock, as he walked straight up to the edge of the bed. Dropping the bottle of lubricant on the bed beside her Marvin reached under her thighs and pushed her legs back where they had been before. Dropping his man meat onto her stomach he leaned down to give her another open mouth kiss, knowing that doing so would bring him back to full erection. She received his kiss in lustful supplication, enjoying the feel of his long thick tongue dancing in her mouth along with the sensation of his immense prick re lengthening, the contact being lubricated by the sheen of sweat that coasted her small taut stomach. Marvin's cock felt like some kind of giant serpent as it lay hardening on her belly, moving seemingly of it's own.

Marvin then returned to his task, first by once again sawing his cock forward and back across the mouth of her pussy. He picked up the bottle of lubricant and opened it and then began liberally coating the head of his cock and well as the mouth of her womanhood. Once he was satisfied with the level of saturation he closed the lid and dropped it back on the bed. Now with both hands free again he grabbed the back of her other thigh and pressed both of them back to where they were on either side of her rib cage.

Once again Marvin brought his mighty, apple size prick head to the face of Sherry's cunt as his step daughter lay in a pool of sweat, caught up in a swoon created by the contact and friction created by the immense manhood that had been dragging forth and back across her pussy.

His meat at full erection Marvin began to put pressure against the tight opening that lay prone, wet and exposed before him; rhythmically nudging forward. The end of his cock was beginning to make it's way into Sherry's love tunnel, slowly stretching her out. The hardest part was yet to come.

For her part all that Sherry could do was grunt with each thrust, each pressure as she felt her vagina slowly yielding more and more, bit by bit allowing Marvin's mighty cock entry.

And then victory:

Marvin's cock head burst into Sherry's cunt. To Sherry it felt as if something had ripped in the mouth of her pussy, bringing immediate waves of pain; but the waves inexplicably seemed to go straight to her clitoris making her grunt aloud with the orgasm, her vagina gushing juices anew.

The ripping and the pain gradually turned to throbs and waves, each of which were going straight to her pleasure center. Marvin's cock head felt like a fist lodged in her cuntal opening. Sherry opened her teary eyes and beheld Marvin's hands wrapped around her thighs, holding them down to her sides. She noticed that his hands were so big and that her legs were so petite that his fingers met on the other side and then some. Then she concentrated her gaze on the juncture of their loins, Marvin's thick ridged, veiny stalk leading to her pussy hole; her labia stretched to the maximum around the head of his horse cock.

That was all it took. She was taken with another thundering orgasm induced by the sight and sensation of finally having Marvin inside her. Again her pussy spazzed and shot lubrication all around the huge invader of her vagina.

Marvin could feel Sherry's cunt hole convulse around his cock head both of the times that she had cum. He took this as a good sign. Her little girl hole was juicing nicely and this was all that he could hope for.

He had one last thing to do.

"Sherry." He spoke low and evenly.

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